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  1. All right, I just dumped a whole statement so here the short of: it go look at their video work


    The ( their) winning video makes it clear why we have people at work like Painter; whites can not be allowed to see themselves as a people but rather only as part of a diversity.
    This is Genocidal.
    More young people with camera and audio gear, more spies sneaking

    in a getting the inside scoop.

    OH, super video of the enemy rally!!!!

    many other of the video’s on 2050 have been pulled but knowing that they exist and perhaps something about them will allow them to be found somewhere on the net…..mmmm, I bet there is some yummmy stuff in some of them.

  2. Disturbing stuff.

    That video is an anti-Hispanic immigrant propaganda goldmine.

    Many thanks to YWC for cobbling it together.

  3. I wonder if rising left wing star wise ass Robert Erickson was among the crowd. Clearly a young man on the make in the realm of performance politcs.
    If you are not looking for him I bet he is looking for you.
    The readiness is all.

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