Detroit: Killed by Socialism?

Libertarianism truly is applied autism. From time to time, a post shows up at that reminds me just how strange these bedfellows of ours truly are. Gary North has a doozy up today entitled “Health Care and Detroit: Killed by Government“. He truly believes, without a shred of self-awareness, that Detroit’s decline and fall is due to “socialism”. He doesn’t even mention white flight or crime, because they didn’t cross his mind.

As far as he knows, Whites who attempt to live in downtown Detroit are intimidated by intrusive bureaucrats, mugged by excessive taxation, raped by inflationary reserve policies, and murdered by disincentivized medical professionals. It’s a boggling demonstration of ideological tunnel vision and a necessary reminder that many of these people are loyal to their abstractions, not their countrymen.

He doesn’t even realize that Detroit has an entirely different population now than it did in its golden age*. This is consistent with the final, terminal, stage of libertarianism, in which every last human is abstracted into an atomic unit of economic interest. Race, nationality, ethnicity, religion, culture, and character are little more than transactional inefficiencies. As with libertarianism’s evil twin, Marxism, the entire human experience is reduced to money.

I’m for limited government, sound money, humble foreign policy, and civil liberties. Most White Advocates are. But these issues are secondary to our identity – to who we actually are. The problem with Detroit is rooted in race – not economic policy. Downtown Detroit feels more like Mogadishu than Stockholm, despite the fact that Mogadishu is a libertarian paradise and Stockholm is quintessentially socialist. White Americans fled to the suburbs to escape ethnic street gangs, forced busing, and crumbling infrastructure. They also fled the spiraling taxation, but even that can be described as an interracial transfer of wealth.

Government didn’t kill Detroit. Our inability to accept and react responsibly to racial reality killed Detroit.


North does mention that Detroit is now 82% Black, but only in relation to dismissing the potential that employer discrimination was the root cause. He also mentions “flight”, but neither the who or the why.

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More libertarian lulz courtesy of Political Cesspool: Detroit in RUINS

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  1. “He doesn’t even realize that Detroit has an entirely different population now than it did in its golden age.”

    “Detroit has been killed by flight out of the city.”
    “The media say nothing because they are caught in a dilemma. If they say that the local government’s welfare programs are not really to blame, what does that leave? The unmentionable issue: 82% of the city is Black” Gary North, from the article

    Gary North, from the article

  2. I don’t like ad hom and I don’t mean it that way, but the Autism analogy makes sense. It seems like these guys care more about abstractions than people.

    I also noticed that our recent Libertarian visitor played a bit of a game with us. When we challenged him on libertarian-ethnopatriotic grounds to remain consistently libertarian, he punted; he said “that stuff’s dumb.” Not, “that’s not libertarian” or “racists should not be afforded liberty.” He didn’t deny us our rights, he just refused to acknowledge them. He dodged the question by using personal value judgements, rather than argue the matter honestly. He just didn’t have the balls to be honest, but he couldn’t totally sell out his principles either.

  3. I’m for limited government, sound money, humble foreign policy, and civil liberties. Most White Advocates are. But these issues are secondary to our identity – to who we actually are.

    Yup. I’ve seen my race raped by big government, foreign adventurism, and hypocritical “civil liberties” that mean whites don’t get to determine the composition of their communities, so I’m especially averse.

    But they’re second to our survival, I’d say.

  4. I notice the comments on Free Republic have been getting more critical of blacks lately. Apparently you can make comments to the effect that blacks are the main problem with Detroit as long as you limit it to one sentence and don’t elaborate or suggest doing anything about it.

  5. I don’t think these guys have cognitive dissonance, I think they’re just too afraid to say anything honest about racial topics. They know what’s going on around them come on.

    On another note, it annoys me when I read comments on conservative sites and they bring up Martin Luther King and Thomas Sowell. For example people were commenting on an article about the racial discrimination in the health care bill, and saying things like:

    “What about what MLK said, that we should judge people on the content of their character, not the color of their skin!!”

    Or they use Thomas Sowell to fight their battles for them, as of to say “see how non-racist I am, I like Thomas Sowell! and he agress with us and he’s black!”

    White people are embarrassing. Get your heads out of the sand. The anti-White leftists haven’t cared about what MLK said for decades you idiots. Fight you own battles, with your own ideas and stick up for yourself as a White person. Don’t hide behind Thomas Sowell and MLK because you’re afraid to have a pro-White opinion.

  6. E Michael Jones details the destruction of Detroit and Philadelphia in his masterful “The Slaughter of Cities: Urban Renewal As Ethnic Cleansing.” The WASP/Yankee elite in those cities knew exactly what they were doing when they encouraged blacks to move into ethnic white neighborhoods.

  7. Across Difficult Country is a great blog. I also like to use his “Crying racism is the first refuge of the moron” line. It works beautifully on liberals who immediately invoke racism to explain any disparity between blacks and whites.

  8. Matt, good essay. I too saw the North headline on Lewrockwell, but didn’t bother reading the article. The title was just too much, a real laugh out loud moment. My thought was simply: “Libertarians, what a bunch of loons.” Really amazing stuff: take the quintessential Negroid city in America, and blame the resulting chaos, misery and suffering on “socialism.” I mean, damn.

    These are our opponents? This is what they have to offer in the ideas department? Lew Rockwell finds such nonsense fit to publish?

    The only reason these cockroaches thrive is because, under the yoke of politically correct orthodoxy, no “mainstream” source can point out Gary North’s utter imbecility.

    I also remember, some years ago, North dropping another doozy. He described his youth in an era of segregation. He complained – complained – about segregation on the basis that the white school that he had to attend was further away from his home than the nearest black school.


    Unfuckingbelievable. The reality is that a then sane society provided him with a safe, white school in which he could get a sound education. Now the loon complains about it! I believe it was in the same article (or maybe another article a few years ago) where he said something to the effect that some white parents wanted their kids to go to the black school, because the white school had “too many drugs.” LOL! What a friggin loon. He should have been on Laugh-In; the guy’s a riot.

    As I said on another thread, we will have some measure of justice when these loons are required to live amongst the non-white hordes. I realize that engaging in flights of fantasy does us no good, but I’ll have to say that right about now I would enjoy immensely the prospect of escorting Mr. North across the border of the new white nation and into the wonderful joys of diversity. And let us not forget a final kick in the pants across the border as some small recompense for my troubles.

    I’m sure the resulting antics would provide a true and proper education for imbeciles like North. You know, the “education” that a sane and reasonable society once denied him.

  9. Swedish Fish – post number 8 – I DETEST Whites that “Cite The Respectable Negro”.

    I always and I mean always call them out. I elucidate, in extensive detail, (cause you all know, by not, that I can go on and on and on) all the ways in which they are hopelessly pathetical, ans cosmically lame. I rain acidic scorn.

    It’s fun. The stunned expressions are……just….priceless.

  10. ATBOTL – post 6 – you stil dassn’t say a whisper of a word regarding Our Bestest Pal Ever, in the MidEast, on the Freeprs site, though…That guy goes mental.

  11. “Libertarianism truly is applied autism.”


    So … conserva-tards say “liberal” because they are too cowardly to say “Jew”. You know, “liberal” media, “liberal” ACLU, “liberal” Democrats, etc.

    So … is “Detroit” the new code-word for “low IQ blacks”? Or is the new euphemism “socialism” – as if Sweden has a problem with “socialism”?

    Con-tards are riled up about “socialism” because they are afraid of being called racist if they say “black”.

    Just like the so-called pro-white “new right” (itself a euphemism for neo-conservative, yes?) can’t say “Jew” to save their lives.

  12. Gary North also believes that the free market does a better job of preserving North America’s indigenous plant and wildlife species than the federal government.

  13. ATBOTL

    “I notice the comments on Free Republic have been getting more critical of blacks lately. ”

    Yep, but any comments critical of Jews are strictly forbidden still.

    But this is what white people will be allowed from now on – it’s ok to make fun of the very lowest people on the totem pole. Congrats, you are now allowed to complain about low IQ blacks.

    But still, don’t say Jew.

  14. Another memory to relate. North writes quite a bit on the financial system, of course, and precisely one time I emailed him in response. He had made a claim about our banking system (I can’t remember precisely what it was, but it had to do with fractional reserve banking), and I saw a fundamental error in his reasoning. My email was civil and almost deferential, as I freely concede that he knows more about the subject matter than I do. But I know enough, and I spotted what I believed to be a significant error.

    In any event, I simply hoped for a short and cogent explanation as to “what I was missing.” It would have probably taken a line or two, and I could have taken it from there. I made it clear that I was not expecting to burn up his time. Well, I did get a line or two, but no answer to my question. Instead, I got the sage advice that I should pursue it on his for pay site. LOL!

    Somehow, the idea of paying a person that I believed to be in error wasn’t terribly appealing. I’ll also note that, while I can’t remember the issue precisely, I was in no way asking for free advice that would result in my making any sort of profit or personal gain. I have no problem with people charging for that sort of advice.

    I wasn’t in it for the shekels, I was in it because I believed (and believe) that if we are going to have a real future we must address the issue of what sort of financial system works best for a society. What we have today is insane, but I digress.

    The point is that it was purely an intellectual exercise on a policy issue, and one would think that if North cared about “liberty” he would want another friendly on his side. But nope…just looking for another buck, all the while spewing inaccuracies.

  15. Trainspotter, good posts.

    I laugh my ass off at them too. Gary North and his ilk are so absurd it is beyond belief. The problem is, the young professional/college guys get fooled by them and buy into their snake oil. That is the only reason why we must address these idiots from time to time.

  16. Mr North may have received another sort of Email tonight, detailing, in uncharacteristically brief verbiage, precisely what critical element killed Detroit.

    In no uncertain terms.

    I’ll let you know if I learn of a response.

  17. SSSS – I see open criticism of Negroes, in FR, and anwhere else, as “the crack in the dam”.

    Jews are next up in the line up. It’s coming.

  18. Government didn’t kill Detroit. Our inability to accept and react responsibly to racial reality killed Detroit.

    Government most certainly did kil Detroit, by loosing hundreds of thousands of free-range negroes on it.

  19. OMG. I’ve heard that a person can really spend time and imagination, in a vivid, jam-packed with info, yet pithy, Email – and get a shockingly lame, trite response.


  20. The comment above to the effect that comments regarding “jews” are still unacceptable is only partly true. Criticizing “jews” en masse, when in fact your point is to criticize the actions of Israel, is equivalent to criticizing “rednecks” when your point is to criticize the actions of the State of Mississippi. The curious thing is, increasingly — and this is very significant — if you make a rational argument and avoid ad hominem logic, criticism of Israel is becoming acceptable. I have both seen and had a number of my own comments critical of Israel on mainstream media sites recently. The key, of course, is to make sure your comments are rational and reasoned, rather than hateful. Curiously, it seems libertarians are far better at presenting such arguments than most. Perhaps it is their Objectivist heritage.

  21. I just posted the following comment over on TOQO, figured I’d re-post it here:

    Blacks destroy any and all cities they inhabit, not just Detroit. Why? Because Sub-Saharan Africans are tens of thousands of years behind Caucasians and Asians evolutionary terms, and they haven’t yet evolved the ability to function well in urban areas as most White and Asian groups did a few thousand years ago.

    Blacks have only been thrust in to large cities in the last 150 years or so — before they they of course lived almost exclusively in villages or small/medium-sized towns, or maybe a medium-sized city here and there (which was likely less of a city as we think of it and more just a larger collection of huts and houses in a general area).

    Blacks do well in villages and small-towns based centered around extended family and when working in localized agriculture, ranching, hunting, and gathering — but they begin to degenerate rapidly when they are massed in cities. Simply put, Sub-Saharan brains are just not evolved enough in a ‘biosocial’ sense to handle the sheer complexity of modern urban living, most of it related to low-impulse control, inborn territorial instincts, and so on. Think about it: Blacks were taken from the darkest primitive jungles all the way to hyper-industrial Detroit in the span of a few hundred years — thus it’s no surprise they suffer in modern cities. These people still have their jungle instincts deeply embedded in them, still very fresh on their brains, and you expect them to thrive in modern cities?

    I’d also argue that even many Whites and Asians aren’t fully evolved to tolerate urban life yet…I mean, they tolerate it well enough, but it still causes all different kinds of degeneration in the long-run: physical, psychological, social, etc. Hence we see that nearly all modern degeneracy flows forth from mass-cosmopolitanism, with the cities exporting as much cultural sewage as they do physical sewage to the surrounding countryside and small-towns they tower over.

    It goes without saying that Jews are urban dwellers par excellence, and have been for a very long time — hence all of the virulent degeneracy which flows from them and the cities they control.

  22. Gary North is more on point than any comments I’ve read on here. The reason libertarians are gaining momentum is their willingness to confront alpha whites — liberals, progressives, and “compassionate conservatives.” To dwell on black deficiencies is a sure sign of beta status. And the comments about Jews on this post are irrelevant to the question “who killed Detroit?”. There was no significant Jewish presence in Detroit. It was the WASP elite who chose to set a match to Detroit — allowing black migration — rather than surrender power to the city’s Catholic ethnic neighborhoods. You can’t win a war if you don’t know who your enemy is.

  23. Travis,
    I’ve stated multiple times, prominently, that I believe the simplest summation of our situation is that “Our elites have betrayed us”. One can recognize the impact of Black criminality and recognize their direct causation of Detroit’s decline without being a “beta” or being appropriately characterized as “dwelling”.

    Race is absolutely pivotal in understanding what happened to Detroit, and Gary North blew that off in favor of very superficial prattle commensurate with his libertarian ideology. Sure, there’s a cause behind Blacks moving to Detroit. And there’s a cause behind why the WASP elite are intent on doing that to us. And there’s a cause behind that. Getting angry at every post which fails to address your pet issue is classic beta.

    In fact, you are sexually inferior to me for having this difference of opinion.

  24. I grew up in Detroit, was there for the riots, have paid attention to it from a safe distance my whole life. I’m not sure that ANY whites had much to do with it’s downfall. There were a lot of rich whites in Detroit, and they didn’t want their neigborhoods destroyed. But after the blacks got to a certain size it was game over. There were race riots in Detroit in the 1940s and the 1920s. So the riots of 1967 were the final signal that it was time to get the hell out. It was a classic example of a violent, hostile minority winning a victory over a disorganized majority. Of course the fact that there were nice places to move to, that the jobs went with the whites, meant, in the end most people didn’t see it as a big loss.

    My point is by the time of the 1960s Detroit was too black to save. The riots were the exclamation point that made that clear to even the most dense. There were no liberal whites in Detroit after the riots. Everyone left.

  25. To dwell on black deficiencies is a sure sign of beta status.

    Right, so what you are saying its ‘low-status’ then to ‘dwell’ on the truth.

    This ‘logic’ certainly makes sense in modern-day AmeriKwa.

  26. alpha whites — liberals, progressives, and “compassionate conservatives.”

    OMG, only a dorky beta, nay, an ‘omega’ ‘him’self would even remotely think of these idiotic White traitors and status-seeking nancy-boys as ‘alphas’! LMFAO 😀

  27. Lew Rockwell tends to shy away from the subjects of race and immigration. A long long time ago (mid-90s, if memory serves) he actually published two columns by Jared Taylor – and then it stopped, and Jared’s columns were expunged from the archives at As Jared later described it to me over dinner one night, he had been “excommunicated” from It’s actually a shame given Murray Rothbard’s own realism around the subject of race. Lew Rockwell didn’t even bother to mention that the 2010 American Renaissance conference had been shut down by Leftism terrorism.
    By the way, I found American Renaissance – and my path to white racial consciousness – by way of Karen de Coster via At some point, many white libertarians and conservatives will encounter Jared Taylor or John Derbyshire, and then that’s where it begins. My advice is that if you meet a white person who describes himself as a libertarian, conservative or constitutionalist, make sure you don’t drive them away by trying to explain too much at one sitting. I make sure that they have links to vdare and amren, and then let nature takes it course.

  28. Gosh Karl. I started right in, on Stormfront. Dove right in. It’s all about verifiable information, with me.

  29. According to Dr. Michael Jones, in his book The Slaughter of Cities: Urban Renewal as Ethnic Cleansing” it was the Protestant and Jewish elite encouraged by Rome.

    “Jones argues that the established urban neighborhoods did not deteriorate simply because of economic crises or demographic accidents. Rather, from the 1950s on, a combination of misnamed redevelopment programs and malicious social planning turned these areas into war zones, and finally, depopulated deserts. … He insists that what motivated such experiments as busing and scattered public housing, presented as urban renewal, was at least partly a disdain for urban ethnics … . Protestant elites and their Jewish liberal allies never hid their contempt for the white ethnics who resisted their plans for thrusting underclass blacks into ethnic Catholic neighborhoods. Nor did the urban reformers whom Jones examines, such asLouis Wirth and the Blanshard brothers, conceal their intention of mainstreaming Catholic immigrants and their descendants, whom they viewed as a threat to their notion of a ‘pluralistic America.’ … Jones correctly understands the overshadowing role of ethnic hatred in political life. … Jones demonstrates that anti-Catholic Protestants have also contributed to this manipulative revolution from above, carried out in the name of fighting ‘prejudice.'” Paul Gottfried, Chronicles Magazine.

  30. The addition of large numbers of Blacks to a city is bad, whether it’s caused by market forces or managerial elites. It’s not either/or. Mogadishu is an anarcho-capitalist prototype, and it’s shitty. And the root cause of Detroit’s Black migration was ultimately attraction to free market jobs, not bureaucratic schemes. Detroit was hit particularly hard because it succeeded in the market, not because it was exceedingly socialist or because its Protestants were particularly hostile to Catholics.

    At the end of the day, EMJ is an advocate for his oligarchy (Catholicism) against its principle competitors: Jews and Protestants. He’s a great example of why White Advocates need to be a bit wary of the most passionate anti-Semites: because they’re often hostile or indifferent to our own interests as White Americans. The Jews have benefited from these internecine struggles between our indigenous elites for centuries, and they’ll continue to at this rate.

  31. And the root cause of Detroit’s Black migration was ultimately attraction to free market jobs, not bureaucratic schemes.

    They may have been attracted by the jobs in Motor City, but there was no guarantee, employers would hire or unions accept blacks until FDR legislated.

    At the start of the war, blacks were systematically excluded from many of the most desirable blue-color jobs, by both management and labor unions. As government orders became a substantial portion of factory orders, the federal government got leverage with which to change this…Under threat of public demonstrations, he signed Executive Order 8802, integrating defense plants. This was later strengthened through further executive action, though Congress killed funding for the Fair Employment Practices Commission, which would have overseen the process…In June 1941, on the eve of World War II, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signs Executive Order 8802 prohibiting government contractors from engaging in employment discrimination based on race, color or national origin. This order is the first presidential action ever taken to prevent employment discrimination by private employers holding government contracts.

    Interesting reasoning. EMJ is “a most passionate anti-Semite” and must be disregarded. Is that because of the Giles interview?

  32. Desmond,
    E. Michael Jones is anti-racial and anti-racist. I never heard the Giles interview.

    I didn’t say that EMJ should be disregarded BECAUSE he’s anti-Semitic. I said that one should be a bit WARY about him because his motives and goals are not the same as ours. Tons of WNs eat the whole box of anti-Protestant, anti-Masonic, and anti-American cereal from these intellectuals to get to the Jew-wise toy at the bottom.

  33. The following is my comment to James Edwards’ blog posting,titled “Steve Crowder Is A Racist”,on the Political Cesspool website.I’m posting it here because James has yet to post this comment on his blog !?!

    In your essay,or described more accurately,your lengthy “hit piece”,you expose Mr.Steven Crowder as the phony he is, and you back your arguments up with facts–you did your homework,I will give you that.I am sincerely embarrassed for the man after reading your piece-–looks like you are taking a few pages out of the ADL/$PLC playbook? That aside,what is so glaring to me is that you lose sight of the big picture.It would appear that the neocon Steven Crowder had you so consumed with anger,so riled up,you were unable to think too clearly.Big mistake.

    Now,I know that you are fully aware that neoliberalism,or the “New” Left and also neoconservatism are Jewish ethnocentric political movements at their core,and are like Kosher Trojan horses.These political movements intend to further and advance Jewish interests and establish Jewish hegemony in America,Europe,Middle East-–It’s well documented, and I know that you are aware of these facts,but I will paste a few Internet links for reference,particularly in regards to Jewish Leftist/Liberal activism in America.

    Jewish political activism and political movements are about “what’s good for the Jews?” and ONLY what’s good for the Jews,NOT what’s good for White Euro Americans,or African Americans for that matter–-what was the Black crime rate,the Black illegitimacy rate before the Civil Rights movement and the NAACP? That being said,Jewish groups and Jewish political movements,ALL of them,must be treated with great distrust,and ALL must be harshly criticised.Actually,I think there is more of a case for treating Liberalism and the Left with a greater criticism than neoconservatism,for the fact that it has been around for a much longer time–still alive and well–than neoconservatism and obviously has had a much,MUCH more subversive and damaging effect on American culture–-would there even be such a thing as neoconservatism if there hadn’t been neoliberalism or Leftism in America to begin with?

    The fact remains that any and all Jewish political groups/movements are completely subversive and pernicious to the interests of non-Jews,there is no lesser of evils here.Yet you seem to think so,you are hung-up on the neoconservatives and neoconservatism,atleast in this essay you are.You actually defend,repeatedly,the American(Jewish)Left! All for the sake of an angry rant against one man!

  34. The Rockwell gang has a verifiable history of racism. Please Google vdare Lew Rockwell or Tom Palmer Lew Rockwell for various exposes into the sordid past of the Rockwell gang. Basically Rockwell and Rothbard started paleolibertarianism, a variant of paleoconservatism, that embraced white separatist liberty oriented ideals. Rockwell eventually ditched PL in order to gain more mainstream acceptance, however many still believe that racism runs deep and true with him and his crew.

    Racism is the most primitive form of collectivism and is difficult to reconcile with Libertarian ideology, however a Libertarian will concede that racists are entitled to their thoughts, even if they do not agree with them or choose to associate with said racists.

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