Letter to Jeffrey Imm

Dear Jeffrey,

I see now that you successfully held your “public awareness event” at the Lincoln Memorial on March 28. For over a month, I had been planning to attend with several Occidental Dissent supporters, but we assumed you had cancelled the event on account of the weather.

It wasn’t worth making the 240 mile round trip from Charlottesville to Washington, D.C. on the off chance that you might show up in the rain. You should have posted a brief update on R.E.A.L. to definitively let us know the event was still on.

OD had considered holding a “public awareness event” of our own about Ariele Love’s unsubstantiated claim to possess psychic powers. The public and previous clients need to be informed about Ariele Love’s use of fraudulent credentials from the J.B. Rhine Center and her financial ties to Responsible for Equality and Liberty (R.E.A.L.).

Like you, Occidental Dissent believes White Americans have a “responsibility.” In the words of David Lane, “we must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.” Unlike you, White Nationalists don’t care about African countries like Sudan. In your honor, I have created a Facebook group called “I Don’t Give a Damn About Darfur.” People of all races and religions who are sick of these agitators are welcome to join it.

Another matter: I have no objection to your description of Occidental Dissent as a “White Nationalist” group, but I would like to be personally referred to as a “Neo-Confederate.” Some other favorites are “secessionist,” “disunionist,” and “Southern nationalist.” I have stated that my ultimate goal is the creation of a White ethnostate in the American South. I don’t foresee this ethnostate including Washington, D.C. Most of us would prefer to cede that cesspool to the present multiracial regime.

In the future, I would be happy to correspond with you about our activities so you can more accurately describe our agenda at your “public awareness events.” In your words, we are trying to “rebuild a network of hate,” which is not far from the truth. Occidental Dissent is going through a major expansion into social media: podcasts, photo sharing, video, social networking, and social bookmarking. We are doing a lot of research into this and plan to exploit social media on an unprecedented level as a racialist website.

Your biggest fan,

Hunter Wallace

Update: Red Jeffrey responds at R.E.A.L.

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  1. The whole “Darfur” hysteria is a cynical ploy of the usual suspects to deflect attention away from Israeli oppression of the Palestinians. They have been trying this (with small success, fortunately) for several years now.

    It takes a chump or stooge like Immp to go along with the charade.

    Selective morality at work.

  2. Don’t waste time on Imm. Imm needs us more than we need him..in fact,we don’t need him at all. It is obvious that Imm is a nonentity looking for atttention. He is a defective White male that nobody pays attention to. He is also a bore.

  3. Unlike you, White Nationalists don’t care about African countries like Sudan.

    For myself, I wouldn’t say that I don’t care about African countries at all whatsoever. It’s just that I care about them less than I care about my own country and people. Have to take care of one’s own first, and if there’s any resources left over, I’d be glad to give a helping hand to others.

  4. *Apparently Imm still needs a haircut.

    The whole “Darfur” hysteria is a cynical ploy of the usual suspects to deflect attention away from Israeli oppression of the Palestinians. They have been trying this (with small success, fortunately) for several years now.

    Don’t forget as well that ‘thar’s oil in dem dar(fur) hills’ … ‘black gold’ … and guess Joo want’s it??

  5. A letter to Hunter Wallace:

    Dear Hunter,

    Two of my great-great-grandfathers served in the Confederate Army at age 15, defending South Carolina against Sherman’s 1865 invasion.

    I got to know their son/son-in-law, my great-grandfather, when I was a little boy. The grace and dignity with which he conducted himself were amazing to behold. Although the war had destroyed his family’s wealth and impoverished his native state, it could not stop him from being gentlemen.

    I can’t possibly imagine him (or Lee, or Stonewall Jackson) creating a crude and heartless group named “I Don’t Give a Damn About Darfur”. Our first responsibility is to our own people, but this does not preclude sympathy for all human beings.

    After 6 months interacting with online White Nationalism, I am heartily sick of the moral crudity produced by the anti-Christian influence of Nietzsche, Evola and the Hitler admirers.

  6. Its a waste of time to pity other people, especially in the situation we are in. We have so many problems of our own to deal with – why should I care about a bunch of backwards savages? I don’t want them to suffer, but I know that only the force of nature itself or perpetual babysitting by whites will do anything to help them. Face up to reality.

  7. The above should not be taken to imply that I don’t care about the situation of Whites in African countries like Algeria, Kenya, Congo, Zimbabwe, and South Africa.

  8. I befriended a Darfurian refugee while working a temp job a few years back. He was attending college for a CompSci major full-time, working full-time, caring for his growing family, and very active in his church. I was very direct with him about my politics, which he respected. He admitted that he wouldn’t imagine his own country adopting such suicidal immigration policies and agreed that ethnonational sovereignty was the only fair and lasting solution to both America’s immigration problem and Darfur’s genocide problem.

    There was a hilarious episode where his brother, another Darfurian refugee, was teased by the illegals at the plant about homosexuality until he threw a tantrum and threatened to stab the next person who said another word about anal sex. It was a hilarious immigration/diversity fail.

    I respect the common humanity of all humans and Jews the world over. I felt sad when I watched Hotel Rwanda. But how could anybody watch Hotel Rwanda and then be like “That’s so terrible, let’s bring those people to our country to share a neighborhood with our children.”? Our first priority is to rescue our kin from the nightmare in Africa. But if there were a way to help Africans without either disempowering indigenous elites or harming ourselves, I would support that. I don’t know if there is.

    I’m generally with Whites Unite, but at this late stage, we’re really not in a position to help Darfur. Except, of course, by delivering a well-educated, highly-motivated, and good-natured family guy back there to help out…and his passionately homophobic brother, too.

  9. Why does he say we are attacking “private individuals”? He went to the Lincoln Memorial and denounced us in the name of his public organization. Then he wrote about it on his website. Of course we responded.

  10. Disunionist? Never heard this term before. Have Confederate types (back during the Civil War days) used this term? Just curious. It actually sounds kind of cool in a post-modernist way sort of.

    P.S. What if we deported USA Blacks to Darfur? Would that help? 🙂

  11. It’s good to see Matt separating those two disparate categories: “humans and Jews.”

  12. Rober – I noticed that exact same distinction, in Matt’s post. You beat me to the punch, in an accurate assessment.

    Humans – and Jews.

    John 8:44.

  13. I’m generally with Whites Unite as well. I don’t agree with what’s being done in Darfur and do not believe that any group of people should be murdered or violently attacked for no reason.

    That said, I’d be lying if I said I thought about it every day. This doesn’t mean I actively wish them ill, it just means I’m more concerned about more relevant situations.

    There’s never a protest about the slaughter of Afrikaner farmers or even condemnation of the murder of ranchers right here in the United States on REAL. I certainly care far more about those situations. That’s the whole point of Red Jeffrey. He’s not a consistent champion of human rights — he just promotes every PC cause and leaves whites (and Palestinians) to the dogs. He could care less if whites are butchered in the most brutal fashion.

    The only thing that makes me hostile to the Darfur cause is when it is used as a club to beat whites, as it was here. They would take the protest to the Sudanese embassy if they really care.

  14. I actually don’t care about any-one in Darfur. No one has ever brutalized Blacks as brutally, and savagely, and grotesquely as other Blacks.

    The Black population is exploding, largely due to White largesse, and “tolerance” (and mass insanity).

    Every Black child (as well as all non-White kids) I see represents a threat, to the very existence, of every White child I know, and love.

    I am a woman.

    That is what I see. This is what I think.

  15. “Don’t forget as well that ‘thar’s oil in dem dar(fur) hills’ … ‘black gold’ … and guess Joo want’s it??”

    That’s for sure.

    This whole situation is Darfur is the fault of the Mossad and CIA for backing the Anti-Sudanese Rebels, and constantly pressuring them to refuse peach deals.

  16. This whole situation is Darfur is the fault of the Mossad and CIA for backing the Anti-Sudanese Rebels, and constantly pressuring them to refuse peach deals.

    Right on, Reginald.

    Darfur as Strategic Distraction

    Israel advocates had hoped the Save Darfur movement would do more to renew the Black-Jewish alliance that went back to the civil rights era in the US. However, on Sept. 29, after a pro-Israel rally in the wake of the Lebanon war, an organizer identified as a “Jewish official” admitted to New York’s Jewish Week “that all the Jewish support for Darfur, trumpeted in Jewish newspapers earlier this year as a harbinger of a renewed alliance between Jews and blacks, proved to be a bust. Jews continue to be the backbone of the Darfur rallies but at the Israel rally, he said ‘there were speakers who were black but there was not a concerted black turnout.'”

    According to Hishaam D. Aidi of Columbia University’s Middle East Institute, writing in the Spring 2005 issue of the Middle East Research and Information Project (MERIP) journal, “Israel and Zionist organizations have long been interested in issues of race and ethnicity in the Arab world.” Israel has been accused of arming the Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) in southern Sudan, and more recently, through the SPLA, rebel forces in Darfur. Both the SPLA and Israel deny the charges.

    But a Washington Post story of April 17, 1987 claimed: “Recent visitors to [SPLA leader John] Garang’s headquarters at Boma in the southeast reported seeing crates of weapons supplied by Israel. Israel aided an earlier generation of southern rebels during the 1955-72 civil war as part of a policy to destabilize Arab governments.” The SPLA also received 20 million in “non-lethal” aid from the US government in 1996. According to his BBC obituary following his death in an air accident last year, Garang was also trained in the US at Fort Benning, GA.

    Israel has also reportedly trained Kurdish fighters in northern Iraq. Both the southern Sudanese and the Kurds were seen as local ethnic groups facing Arab imperialism. Aidi writes that “the Zionist concern for minorities in the Arab world is strategic: by focusing on how Arab states (mis)treat their minorities, pro-Israel scholars can shift the spotlight from Palestine, highlight Arab double standards, demonstrate how the subordinate status of minorities in the Middle East necessitated a Zionist project to lift Middle Eastern Jews ‘up from dhimmitude’ and show how Israel protects minority rights better than any other state in the region.”

    Charles Jacobs: Anti-Slavery as Political Stratagem

    The divide on the Darfur issue has roots that go all the way back to 1993, when long-time Israel advocate Charles Jacobs first started to target Sudan, over the issue of slavery. Almost immediately, Nation of Islam (NOI) leader Louis Farrakhan denounced Jacobs as a “Jewish consultant,” and took Sudan’s side, questioning whether there really was a slavery problem. At the time, the NOI received millions of dollars in support from Libya, which was then collaborating with the Sudan regime and was even implicated in the importation of slaves. Jesse Jackson and others who participated in the 1995 Million Man March with Farrakhan were reluctant to alienate him, and Jacobs and columnist Nat Hentoff both charged Jackson’s refusal to alienate Arab states also caused his silence on Sudan.

    Another Jewish supporter of Jacobs’ efforts was Barbara Ledeen, wife of prominent neo-con columnist and political operative Michael Ledeen, and director of a conservative think tank, the Independent Women’s Forum. Ledeen charged, “The fact that Farrakhan is a player, protecting the government of Sudan and the government of Mauritania, sends a message to other African-American leaders that they better not mess with this.”

    Another early supporter of Jacobs was right-wing Israel advocate Jeff Jacoby, a columnist for the Boston Globe, and a speaker at the 2004 convention of the pro-Israel media watchdog, the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America (CAMERA).


  17. Rober – I noticed that exact same distinction, in Matt’s post. You beat me to the punch, in an accurate assessment.

    Humans – and Jews.

    John 8:44.

    Yeah I thought that was pretty good. I’m often tempted to use this construction, but resist because lemmings can’t handle that level of truth, even if Jews did create that construction (by using one word for themselves, and another, “gentile,” for humanity).

    Recently a poster, here I think (it was probably one of those Resisting Defamation guys), suggested referring to Jews as “non-gentiles”. I think that’s hilarious, and a good idea. We’re “non-Jews,” and they’re “non-gentiles.” Perfect!

  18. At the time I write this, the “most commented” article at Imm’s site has 0 comments. Just food for thought.

    More food for thought is that Imm’s choice of articles seem very pro-Zionist pro-War-on-Terra. This is Imm’s biggest weakness: he’s an “anti-racist” who assents (“silence is assent,” as the leftists say) to Jewish racism, Jewish-Israeli supremacy, etc. He can’t even use the Tim “nobody here but us evil white folks” Wise fig leaf that he’s only concerned with domestic American issues because he’s obviously obsessed with evil Muslims in the Middle East, as evidenced by his choice of articles.

  19. Here are some categories from Imm’s sidebar:

    Coptic Oppression
    Hizb ut-Tahrir’s Supremacism
    Radical Islamic Supremacism
    Reports on Iran and Democracy

    The Palestinians? They’re nowhere to be found They can go **** themselves I guess. Wouldn’t want to have any Jews canceling their checks I suppose.

    Here’s the context for how “Palestinian” gets used on Imm’s site.

    site:realcourage.org Palestinians

    Starting to get the picture?

  20. I wonder how long the lemmings on the left are going to tolerate their leaders and money-men being Zionists or Zionist stooges.

  21. The more I look at those links, the funnier (in a morbid sort of way) Imm becomes. They seem to have 3 recurring themes:

    1) Arabs/Muslims are bad (abusing Palestinians, Coptics, etc., denying the holocaust, etc.).
    2) Europeans are bad (Racists talking about Palestinians, racists denying the holocaust, etc.)
    3) Boilerplate from the MSM (e.g., the Israelis and Palestinians might hold talks soon, etc.)

    The Israeli abuse of the Palestinians is ignored.

    It couldn’t be any clearer that Imm is 100% Zionist stooge if he was goose-stepping around in an IDF uniform, carrying an Israeli flag.

  22. I also think I’ve decoded Imm’s favorite message:

    “Choose love, not hate. Love wins.”

    Love=Jews/Israelis. Hate=Palestinians.

    So that translates as:

    Choose Jews, not Palestinians. Jews win.

    Now his behavior makes sense; just like the rest of the left, once you decipher the code, they start to make sense!

  23. From my understanding, the AmRen conference got cancelled because because some people made death threats to the hotels, not because of Mr. Queermo’s efforts. I highly doubt he or his ilk even have the balls enough to do such a thing, unlike these ARA punks who are the most likely culprits.

  24. HW, what about adding some pertinent info to your articles about Imm?

    Former FBI employee, former FBI contractor working on “anti-terrorism” with a number of FOX TV appearances, member and presumably financed by the ADL.

    As far as I can tell these are the only interesting facts about him.

  25. NGB – The JDO has claimed credit for obliterating the Amren 2010 Conference.

    Taylor has not seen fit to mention this fact, though…….

  26. Red Jeffrey wakes up in the morning, washes his face, …

    Red Jeffrey should also start washing his hair as well.

  27. To Whites Unite:

    I’m sympathetic to your feeling, but we’re all inevitable products of our time and station…I don’t see a need to try to recreate ourselves as earlier Southern aristocracy.

    Your Southern gentlemen forbears (I have some of those too) might have not said “I don’t give a damn about yankees,” but I’m sure plenty of Confederates in the ranks said that.

    And the hyping of Darfur is part of the battle against us just as surely as the yankees once were, since it replaces real concerns with an ersatz concern, and is part of the ongoing training to attach our compassion to every sort of human being other than our own kind.

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