Exchange with anti-white Sally Kohn

I found Sally Kohn’s article interesting because it brought up the old leftist favorite about “white and blacks unite against the plutocrats.”

This doesn’t actually work in reality, because it’s very easy for the plutocrats to buy off the Blacks. Whites would give them the choice to work; the plutocrats offer welfare and political rights over Whites. Most Blacks go for the latter without a second thought.

Blacks aren’t idealistic and energetic about work projects, which is what Whites are all about. It would be impossible for Whites and Blacks to do a successful work project, unless the Whites were the bosses and leaders of it. On an equal footing, it ain’t happening. Blacks don’t work if they don’t have to. I dont’ say that to insult them, it’s just a fact. So that’s the 100% refutation of the Trotsky-ist race-class “black and white unite against the bosses” fantasy.

I posted to Sally’s “Movement Vision Lab” and got a reply:

Rob says:
April 1, 2010 at 6:05 pm


The problem with your Trotskyist race-class critique is that the races are too different to “unite on economic interests.” Whites and blacks cannot unite, because we are incompatible. We work at different paces, we have different lifestyles, we want do things differently.

It’s the multiracialists who are keeping everyone down by forcing diversity on all of us. Homogeneous societies are able to resist the capitalists and have strong unions and economic protections. The Bosses love multiracialism, and they thank people like Sally Kohn for jewstifying multiracialism and blaming the victims.
sallykohn says:
April 2, 2010 at 8:10 am

Wow, Rob, I’m really thrown by your comment. Thanks for busting out our common assumptions that Right wingers are pro-segregation and pro-capitalism and Lefties are pro-multiculturalism and pro… well, who knows what economic vision we have but that’s another post…

I’m genuinely torn as to whether to take down your comment or not. But I believe in free speech, so I’m gonna leave it up.

Suffice it to say, I think your analysis here is utter crap. Apart from the cultural and social benefits of multiculturalism (which we don’t put a price tag on but should value quite highly), it’s the diverse urban areas and states that are faring the best economically while the segregation-prone parts of the US are suffering. I would point you to this analysis:

You’re regurgitating a red herring argument that poor white folks use to blame people of color for their plight rather than the reckless capitalist systems and rich white folks, who they’d rather admire than blame. Truth is, diversity is our greatest ally in uniting to fix our common problems. Your analysis is yet another obstacle to liberation.

I replied to her reply, but it isn’t up yet. I don’t know if she’ll let it go up.


Are you sure your correlation is causation? Are Blacks and Hispanics on welfare really creating economic prosperity? Or is it just that their Section 8 Housing places are plunked in areas with high tech industry?

I became a White nationalist during the high tech boom of the late 90’s early 00’s. I lived in the Harbor Point apartment complex in Dorchester, Massachusetts. I paid 1300 a month for my apartment, while my Black and Hispanic neighbors paid nothing for their apartments and didn’t work at all. They called me “rich white boy.” I said, “I’m not rich . . . I have to work and you don’t.”

What I noticed about Boston is that to live there, you have to be wealthy or welfare. They squeeze working people who aren’t on welfare really hard. The reason is the welfare people take up a lot of housing, and thus drive up the rent. If it wasn’t for the welfare people, middle class professionals could afford to live in Boston.

I wrote an article about my experiences at Harbor Point:

One recent immigrant woman who actually had something of a work ethic wanted to learn computers and so I taught her basic IT skills — enough to go get herself an affirmative action job in downtown Boston, a mere 3 T stops away. But her husband warned her that if she gets a job, she loses the vast array of welfare benefits.

I have seen what you leftists do — you rig the system against White people in every possible way, and pat yourself on the back for doing so! Not to mention the many useless or harmful fake jobs you give yourselves such as “affirmative action officer,” and “diversity coordinator” and “housing monitor.” What a joke! I definitely hate Leftists way more than colored people, who are merely your pawns that you use against us.

However, I have had plenty of social interaction with Black and Hispanic people. They have very different habits of life that are incompatible with the better sort of White people. Blacks and Hispanics are low investment parents, and it’s totally insane to be subsidizing their reproduction, while taxing White parents like myself. Also, Black males consider it a ” genocide score” when they impregnate a White girl with a mulatto, thereby ruining that girl for White men. The Blacks have no intention of helping the girl raise the mixed race kid – they just want to help Leftists like you, Sally Kohn, to commit genocide against the White race.

Over at Occidental Dissent we have a Movement and a Vision too, Sally. That Vision is to see the day when insane and dysgenic policies of funding Israel on the one hand, and an army of welfare rabble and their enablers like you on the other, are ended, and we Whites once again control our own destiny. We don’t need people like you to tell us how to live, Sally. We reject your tikkun olam. You people can’t fix a tire, much less “the world.” You are destroyers, and history will plot a direct relationship between your power and the decline of the USA.


  1. No, Kievsky, you’ve got it wrong. Dont’cha know that true white men throughout history have always mailed their invasion plans to the enemy 2 weeks before the go date? The Only Way To Be White, Itz.

  2. In other words act like Jews.

    You know what, you’re right! We should act like the opposite of Jews, to prove our whiteness.

    Jews stick together, so we should never cooperate; that would be too Jewish.

    Jews lie like rugs, so we should never deceive them, or anyone else, in return; that would be too Jewish

    Jews are wealthy, so we should be poor; to be rich would be too Jewish.

    Jews are educated, so we should be ignorant; to be educated would be too Jewish.

    Jews think “is it good for the Jews,” so we should never think “is it good for the whites?” That would be too Jewish. Instead we should be thinking, “is it good for the non-whites?”

    Jews have an ethnostate, a homeland just for themselves, so we should never try to have a homeland just for whites; that would be too Jewish.

    Jews win a lot, so we should lose a lot; to win would be too Jewish

    I wholeheartedly endorse Mark’s Plan:

    We should never cooperate with fellow ethnopatriots; we should never lie; we should be poor and uneducated; we should make our first question, “is it good for the non-whites?”; we should oppose the idea of separatism of any kind, much less pursue living space or a state for ourselves; we should lose whenever possible.

    I’m stoked! Except, this whole reading a blog and thinking about politics out loud thing is a bit too Jewish. I expect Mark not to post any more, after reading this and realizing the truth of it.

  3. Svigor

    “true white men throughout history have always mailed their invasion plans to the enemy 2 weeks before the go date? The Only Way To Be White”

    Gentlemen do not read each other’s mail.

  4. They’re always the arbiters of whiteness, and their whiteness is always noble and doomed.

    Kind of a mirror of a certain type of liberal. They know pursuing many aspects of liberalism will lead to disaster – but they do it willingly – a kind of martyrdom.

  5. You know what, you’re right! We should act like the opposite of Jews, to prove our whiteness.

    That’s exactly what we tried almost 400 years ago. It was called the Enlightenment.

    Out of the Jewish intellectual milieu of Amsterdam came an intellectual movement of atomization – the ultimate individualist strategy – the absolute worst strategy we could adopt if we were to face subsequent competition with the Jewish or any other competing group. This was perhaps the ultimate in the “culture of critique”.

    In short, the Enlightenment came to define itself, Mr. Sutcliffe argues, as the antithesis of all things Jewish.

    Discussion of Judaism & the Enlightenment

  6. Great riposte @ 55 Svigor.

    I have been corresponding with Aservant offline and have been forced to elaborate on what I mean by Taqqiyah. I don’t mean going around flying rainbow flags and endorsing multiculturalism.

    What I do mean is getting involved in your community, which often entails “going behind enemy lines” and just keeping your mouth shut. Liberals have all kinds of crazy tax funded programs going on. WN entrepreneurs need to get in on it so they can make some money and meet new people, some of whom won’t be liberals.

    All of us really need to get out more. Maybe someone will meet a rich woman who will fund the Movement? Maybe you’ll get a contract for your business that’s such a big contract, it’s all you need. Maybe you’ll get something you didn’t even know would benefit you. There’s opportunity out there. Put on your protective shield of Taqqiyah, and go forth!

    Taqqiyah is really good for raising WN children too. It counters the multicult brainwashing agenda, because the child pretends to agree with the teacher, and thus does not get singled out, but the indoctrination attempt fails. As someone wrote to me recently — the multiculters don’t realize how ridiculous they sound.

    Taqqiyah doesn’t mean you endorse the enemy agenda; it just means keeping your mouth shut and smiling at the enemy. It is a shield of protection. Then, if you want a sword to go with that shield, learn NLP. You can surreptitiously drop torpedoes of doubt in peoples’ minds without them realizing it.

  7. Svigor’s comments were not ripostes, they were straw men. But who cares about misrepresentation and lies when you have your buddies to pat you on the back!

    Our people are capable of being successful, wealthy, and saving our race without resorting to the Semitic way of thinking and behaving. It seems though that some are so obsessed with Semites that they eventually become them. They acknowledge their superiority, it’s really envy.

    I didn’t describe race as an “imaginary line of kin,” rather it is what people perceive as their race. The two are not always the same.

  8. Mark seems like a really nice guy and smart too. He is right. If you want to prop up this system as it is, you contribute to the genocide of whites. Good luck with that. I do not want to contribute. The only answer is to be an agent of destruction if you are smart. I myself am not even smart enough for that, so I chose to meet a mate, bug out and have kids, no credit, no cares. What’s the problem with knowing yourself? Knowing yourself, your limitations, your strengths is much better then trying to struggle to pretend to be something you are not.

  9. It must have been in “Wealth and Democracy”, at any rate one of Kevin Phillips books, where he alluded to the fact that fat cat Republicans, the eternal core of that party, play the race card just enough to get a sizeable portion of white middle and working class votes. (The also play the Right to Life card for similar reasons).
    Once in office they vote themselves 15% capital gains tax rates.
    The Jews, the enternal core of the Democratic party, play the class warfare card to get enough middle and working class whites to vote themselves into office. Once in office they vote themselves aid to Israel, more immigration (Jews become almost unnoticeable among a plethora of minorites) and what ever else they desire.
    I’m not surprised a girl named Kohn approves of diversity.

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