Radio Free Virginia: Whites of Africa

RFV returns as a podcast:

A tribute to Eugene Terre’blanche:

“Piet Rudolph has more patriotism and integrity in his little finger than de Klerk has in his whole fat body.”

“What greater privilege is there than to stand in front of your own people and to be able to say, after all the years, you were faithful. And that you are still faithful and thankful to be able to stand and know that you have never been a traitor to the path, the truth or will of the Volk.”

Conservatives … can you say the same?

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  1. Thanks Hunter! BTW, I’m very impressed by OD. You’ve got a great team of bloggers here. I found this site through Kievsky.

  2. Welcome.

    We’re doing new stuff every day now. I spent most of yesterday afternoon hiking Sharp Top Mountain and snapping photos. We did the podcast when we got home. OD is expanding into a multimedia site.

  3. I didn’t notice the tribute video when I listened to RFV yesterday, so I posted it again by accident, but I just deleted the duplicate.

    Terre’Blanche was interviewed a couple times by “The Right Perspective” in NYC:

    Interestingly, the two hosts of TRP were the original co-hosts of Hal Turner’s show, years ago, before he left far-right conservatism for his FBI gig. They recently did a show on that subject:

  4. More reasons to be careful using Fakebook:

    “Ronen Bergman, an Israeli expert on intelligence and author of Israel’s Secret War with Iran, says monitoring social networking sites is the very minimum you would expect from his country’s intelligence services.

    “Israel is using the personal information that is put in massive amounts on the internet to identify the people who can maybe help Israel,” he says.” —

  5. WP

    “More reasons to be careful using Fakebook”

    Or perhaps more reason to start data mining Fakebook ourselves. Jews are doing it openly and telling us; you can bitch about them or compete.

    The take-away point – they have the info, you do not.

  6. “Conservatives … can you say the same?”

    Perhaps you could clear this up for me. You are constantly referring to right-liberals as “conservatives”. Eugene Terre’blanche considered himself a conservative, yet he cannot be regarded as a liberal in any sense. Surely you must acknowledge that conservatism has nothing to do with liberalism. The closest thing to authentic conservatism in the United States is paleoconseratism, but even that is itself is merely watered down liberalism. Conservatism as a movement is nowadays unheard of in the UNited States.

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