America Besieged!

There’s an overwhelming amount of data supporting race realism and confirming that our interests are innately White racial interests. Despite our being few in number, we can point to an impressive library of research, analysis, and political theory supporting our worldview. Unfortunately, most investigators just end up overwhelmed. The movement would benefit greatly from a project which brings it all together into a simple and persuasive survey of the major facts, figures, and arguments for White Advocacy.

Ideally, it would be free for anybody to view and download, filled with links for people to follow up on specific issues, and loaded with images, charts, tables, and lists. It should be easily readable by anybody with a high school education, like a “White Nationalism for Dummies”. I’ve read an early draft of America Besieged! and I believe it’s all that and more.

America Besieged!

Here’s an introduction from the workgroup…

The first volume is now available in draft form here.  We are asking for everyone to download it, read it through, and offer suggestions and comments.  What needs to be improved?  What problems are there?  The more feedback the better, dont pull any punches, just fire away with any and all commentary.  The end goal is a book that any normal person, even grandma and mom, can read without being scared off or offended, which will clue him or her in on the most important information every White American should know.  So at this time, please download and read through it, and ask those you know to do the same (especially those you are trying to persuade to become White Nationalists).  For all passages that you see as problematic, write them down and write a suggested fix in the website comments.  If you have other great articles, pithy statements or photos/illustrations, forward them along also.  Everything will be read, carefully examined, and greatly appreciated.  We are hoping to create the definitive introduction to WN here, and want to create a very high-quality work, so your comments are essential.

This is part of a broader effort by multiple workgroups to educate and inform a wider audience. We hope to develop an online study program that would be like a virtual book club. We hope to add more materials. According to the workgroup, this is only the first volume. The second volume will address the Jewish Question and other more advanced and controversial issues. If you have some time to set aside, help them by downloading and reading the draft and offering your comments on its progress.

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  1. Matt,

    This is a very worthwhile project, and may be adaptable to youtube as well. The conventional spelling of “run amuck” is “amok.”

    “seriously gone on the wrong track.”

    Up to page 3, looks very good so far as a primer. Good selection of graphics as well.

  2. I gave it a quick glance. The project has some very good material. Unfortunately it seems disorganized. Quotations are uncited. There seems to be a lack of a cohesive “vision.” It needs a table of contents and a bibliography.

  3. Matt, you have accomplished a lot in a short amount of time, almost a 200 page book! I’ve downloaded it, and will read it and offer my comments, as requested. Congratulations on the effort.

  4. @Kievsky and Junghans,
    Thanks for downloading the document. I am assisting with editing the book. Richard Hoste and others have reviewed it and given some very encouraging feedback. As you are two of the astute writers here at OD, we really appreciate your comments and ideas.

    There are hyperlinks to all quotes, although they are not available in this version of the .pdf. A table of contents will be added. The organization is an introduction, followed by 7 chapters:
    1) Immigration (how the US is being overrun)
    2) Race Differences (why minorities shouldnt be here, crime and social problems).
    3) Africans and America (why Africans are a disaster in any nation)
    4) Hispanics and America (why Hispanics are a big problem)
    5) Europeans and America (we are the reason America is successful)
    6) Our Human Nature (about ethnocentrism, why people separate)
    7) Multiculturalism and America (why diversity is a disaster, and ethnic conflict).
    This is followed by a section on what the reader can do to help turn the situation around. This covers the main problems faced by Whites, which is being overrun by immigration, and not being organized politically along ethnic lines like all the other groups. There is a second volume that will get into the JQ.

  5. Matt,

    I’ve been reading the e-book and so far it looks excellent. The section on Black on White crime was especially well written and handled, I think.

    The first two mistakes I’ve found so far are on page 125.

    The first mistake is that you say:

    “One of the amazing facts in world history is that those of European descent have been responsible for just
    about every significant invention or discovery in every field of human endeavor for the past 1500 years,
    from the age of Homer to our own time.”

    When Homer was actually from about 2,900 years ago.

    And then:

    “This astounding fact was investigated by eminent researcher
    Charles Murray in 2006 in his book Human Accomplishment. Employing statistical techniques, Murray
    compiled a list of the 4002 most accomplished men and women of world history He found that 72% of the
    world’s significant figures in arts and sciences have come from Britain, France, Germany and Italy alone.
    Murray shows that overall, male Europeans and North Americans are responsible for about 97% of
    scientific accomplishment from 800 BC to 1950, even though they have always been a small minority of
    the world’s population.”

    As you can see, there’s a missing punctuation mark between “men and women of world history” and “He found that 72%…”


    Thanks for the acknowledgement!

  6. Reginald,

    I would love to take credit for this excellent book, which I’m toiling to get into a regular web-based format this weekend. But I’m not the author. I’m just covering the monkey work. Those issues will definitely get fixed, though.

    We could use some help with the project if you’re up for it and have the time.

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