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  1. This video needs to be spread around as much as possible! The discourse poisoning to shine the light on Liberals as the hypocritical, ignorant, and genocidal bloodthirtsty monsters they are.

    This video also proves why I’m in no way a “White Supremacist”; the only people I truly hate with the fires of Hell are white Liberals.

  2. Hey, Denise,
    If this Robert Beck guy’s single, why don’t you invite him to come to U.S. to meet him and see if he’s a good a man as he seems? I bet if you decided to marry him and brought him to U.S., he’d be a wonderful asset to White Nationalism — he’s got military experience, he’s savvy of the reality of Blacks, and he’s obviously intelligent and good-looking — must have good genetics. Your babies would be beautiful.

  3. Hunter,

    The following is also an excellent documentary in three parts, made way back in 1978, that warned what would happen, if the ANC took power in SA. It shows how the ANC terrorized the non-violent black population with necklacing and forcing them through fear to participate in the ‘liberation struggle’ (sic), how non-violent activists were assassinated and eliminated by the ANC. It really is a good documentary, its called ANC: VIP’s of Violence.

    Part 1:
    Part 2:
    Part 3:

  4. The Afrikaaners have and continue to be their own worst enemy. The former Afrikaaner run government and Afrikaaner private citizens built an economy based on cheap black labour. In their personal lives, the Afrikaaners would hire black nannies, black maids, black gardeners and a huge amount of black farm workers. The Afrikaaners believed that they could have a society that ran on black manual labour, but excluded the blacks from any political power. This was a disaster waiting to happen. The Afrikaaners refused to do their own manual labour, becoming addicted to cheap black labour. And don’t forget, its was the Afrikaaner led National Party that built hospitals in the black areas which decreased the infant mortality rate among blacks which created a huge growth in the black popluation. And now we see the results.

  5. I would like to be one of the first to propose we give the white South Africans, San Francisco, as a primary site for political asylum. The liberal citizens there can go to South Africa to take their place.
    The white South Africans are also welcome on my American street as neighbors……..anytime.

  6. Phil,

    Your argument is accurate, and is something that South Africans have stated, I encourage you to share it with South Africans; maybe they will hear you, where they do not hear their fellow SA’s. Many farmers have reduced black labour significantly moving over to mechanizing or hiring a few whites. Mathew Phoza responded by accusing Farmers of firing millions of black labourers, causing those labourers to be so angry about losing their jobs, that thereby justified farm murders. So your argument is correct, and consider making that argument, when you are a small minority and nothing you say matters, to the 80% majority, because you are the scapegoat for all their problems.

  7. White Refugee,

    From what I’ve read, the Afrikaaners had a paternalistic feeling towards the blacks, seeing the blacks like children that they(Afrikaaners) had to take care of. They didn’t seem to understand the hate that black African men had for them-maybe because the Afrikaaners had only black women in their homes as nannies and maids.

    The influence of their Protestant religion seems to have rendered some of them easily influenced by the ideas of “social justice” for black South Africans, at the expense of their own Afrkaaner people. The Protestant religion appears to also have stripped them of their ethnic identity as Germanic people. The Afrikaaners refer to the stories of the Jewish Old testament as if it is their own history. Germanic tribes in Europe have a history of almost 40,000 years, with their own stories, sagas, law, and culture, which the Afrikaaners don’t seem to be connected with.

  8. To respond to Wesley’s suggestion (comment #5) that we grant white South Africans asylum here, the U.S. government won’t let white SAs immigrate. They only let African Negroes immigrate, the more the better, because the aim, as is known, is to change the U.S. from a white to a Negro country:

    http://www.davidduke.com/general/us-immigration-and-naturalization-service-favors-somalis-over-white-south-african-refugees_3686.html .

    The video in the present log entry mentions plenty of examples of the sort of horror whites in South Africa would love to be able to flee. For example, just down the street from where the video’s narrator was staying in South Africa the Negroes torture-murdered an old man by ironing him to death with a hot iron: see the video at the 8:50 minute mark. This is what the white South Africans are facing at the hands of the Negroes, this sort of horror constantly stalking white men, women, children, infants, and old people there who aren’t rich enough to live in gated compounds surrounded by private armed guards — and the U.S. government refuses to let them in. Well, what else would one expect under the post-‘60s Jewish hegemony here? American Jews are probably gloating over what is happening to the terrified white South Africans today – the Frank Riches, the Barney Franks, are you kidding? They’re positively gloating.

  9. It’s unbelievable to me how openly Frank Rich gloats at the demise of WASP America… he does this obnoxious victory dance same as Negroes act after an NFL touchdown.

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