Black Labor, Social Class and Trade War

I have a long time friend from Georgia who is a very solid and loyal White advocate. I can tell he feels our dispossession and destruction on a very visceral level. Every mixed race couple, every mulatto he sees, is like a punch in the gut for him. He’s a a true knight of the White race, in the best sense.

I finally got around to asking him, apropos the murder of Eugene Terre’Blanche, “Why do Whites in hot places rely on Black labor? Does life in hot climates make Whites lazy? Are the Rebs a bunch of layabouts who can’t bring themselves to work outside? Do Whites have to live in the cold North to be invigorated to live by their own hand?”

His answer was unexpected. He said that the South is very divided by social class, and the White upper classes get a “double bonus” in hiring Black labor. They get to make poor Whites “disappear,” and they get to pay lower wages to their Black or Hispanic laborers. I am interested to hear what others have to say about this answer.

If this is the case, I urge the lower class Whites to start waging in “trade war.” Trade war is a term I heard on Reason Radio Network in a Tomislav Sunic interview with Dr. E. Christian Kopf. The quote was:

Plutocrats hate most of all a trade war.

I thought that was very profound, and I took it to mean, “an attempt by the masses to resist the plutocrats control of the economy by trading in ways with one another that does not benefit the plutocrats.”

Americans can do trade war. We have acres and acres of land that we control in the form of suburban houses. We have incredible know-how. The power is all in our hands, if we get off our asses. All the money that flows in to your community, keep as much of it in local trade as possible — farming and second hand trade and repairing things like bicycles to be as good as new and resold locally. Deflate the profits of the plutocrats, withdraw from the System. It’s an old mantra; it’s still 100% true.

With so many of us going unemployed, we need to make our own “social insurance.” Medicare, social security, pensions — GONE, baby, gone. It’s going to have to be like Russia in the 1990’s with old and young growing food at the suburban “dachas” to sell in the cities to try to make a buck.

This will be forced trade war. And there will be attempts to co-opt and enslave the productive. We must resist this. We have a strong culture of ownership and independence in this country. We will have to make the most of this cultural trait in the times that are coming.

They say the pen is mightier than the sword. I believe the silver coin and the tilled field shall be mightier than an extractive, confiscatory and violent police state.


  1. Matthew Dunnyveg, I’m not sure how the first part of your post is different from what I said. We both said that most of the ancestors of Southerners were not the actual Cavaliers themselves, but English people of common birth.

    This whole concept of the “Celtic” South is bogus. It is a lame attempt to claim victim status and disassociate from the deposed former elite(ie Anglo-Saxons). The South is overwhelmingly of English ancestry. There may be more German ancestry than Scottish ancestry in people who consider themselves Southerners today.

  2. #51:

    “The South is overwhelmingly of English ancestry.”

    Upon what do you base your claim?

    I’m not sure if I see the difference between your claims and the claims of the open borders types who deny the existence of the historic American nation. You too are denying not only the existence of an entire ethny, but denying their culture as well.

    You can deny me and my people all you want. But we’re not going anywhere. As far as the “victim” claim goes, it sounds to me like another unsubstantiated bit of wistful thinking. I’m not aware of where, when, or how Southern Scots-Irish have asked for “victim” status. It’s news to me.

    I’m not sure that even most of the plantation owners were English. Do you have any figures on that?

    If you don’t like the tone of my message, consider it mutual. I don’t care for people who would deny my very existence. I have to wonder what you’d do to people like me if you ever got the chance.

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