The Last Man Against Time

Not only had Adolf Hitler done all he possibly could to avoid war, but he did everything he possibly could to stop it. Again and again — first in October, 1939, immediately after the victorious end of the Polish campaign; then on the 22nd of June, 1940, immediately after the truce with defeated France — he held out his hand to England; not the hand of a supplicant, still less that of a man afraid, but that of a farsighted and generous victor whose whole life was centered around a creative idea, whose program was a constructive program, and who had no quarrel with the misled blood brothers of his own people, who saw in them, despite their hatred of his name, his future friends and collaborators.

The fact that all Adolf Hitler’s efforts to avoid war — or to end it speedily and victoriously, at least honorably — remained fruitless, proves by no means his inefficiency as a statesman or as a strategist. It only proves that the forces of disintegration — the coalesced forces of our dark age, embodied in all-powerful, international Jewry — were, in spite of his insight, in spite of his genius, too strong for him; that it needed a still harder man against time than he in order to break them; in other words, that he is not the last man against time.

He knew it himself, from the early days of the struggle. And nothing shows more clearly how aware he was of his own place and significance in history than the words he addressed Hans Grimm in 1928, in the course of a conversation that lasted an hour and a quarter: “I know that some man capable of giving our problems a final solution must appear. And that is why I have set myself to do the preparatory work (die Vorarbeit); only the most urgent preparatory work, for I know that I am myself not the one. And I know also what is missing in me (to be the one). But the other one still remains aloof, and nobody comes forward, and there is no more time to be lost.”

The One Who Comes Back

“When justice is crushed, when evil rules supreme, then I come. For the protection of the good, for the destruction of the evil-doers, for the sake of firmly establishing righteousness, I am born in age after age.” – Bhagavad-Gita 4.7-8

The last incarnation of He Who Comes Back — the last man against time — has many names. Every great faith, every great culture, every true (living or obsolete) form of a tradition as old as the fall of man has given him one. Through the eyes of the visionary of Patmos, the Christians behold in him Christ, present for the second time: no longer a meek preacher of love and forgiveness, but the irresistible leader of the celestial white horsemen destined to put an end to this sinful world and to establish a new heaven and a new earth. The Mohammedan world is awaiting him under the features of the Mahdi, whom Allah shall send “at the end of times,” to crush all evil through the power of his sword — “after the Jews will once more have become the masters of Jerusalem” and “after the Devil will have taught men to set even the air they breathe on fire.” And the millions of Hindustan have called him from time immemorial and still call him Kalki, the last incarnation of the world-sustaining power: Vishnu; the one who will, in the interest of life, put an end to this age of gloom and open a new succession of ages. I have called him here by his Hindu name, not in order to show off an erudition which I am far from possessing, but simply because I happen to know of no other tradition in which the three types of manifested existence — above time, against time, and in time — which I tried in these pages to evoke and to define, have so obviously their counterpart as in the Hindu trinitarian conception of divinity.

A few words will make this point clear.

The well-known Hindu Trinity — Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, so masterfully evoked in Indian art — is anything but the blending of three inseparable gods into one; anything but the triple aspect of one transcendent and personal god. It symbolizes something by far more fundamental, namely, existence in its entirety: manifested and unmanifested; conceivable, visible and tangible, and beyond conception. For existence — being — is the one thing divine. And there is no divinity outside it; and nothing outside divinity.

[Image: Bust of Trimurti (“having three forms”) in the caves at Elephanta]

Now Brahma is existence in und fuer sich — in and for itself; being unmanifested, and thereby outside and above time; being, beyond the conception of the time-bound mind, and thereby unknowable. It is significant that Brahma has no temples in India — or elsewhere. One cannot render a cult to that which no time-bound consciousness can conceive. One can, at the most, through the right attitude (and also through the right ascetic practices) merge one’s self into it; transcend individual consciousness; live above time — in the absolute present which admits no “before” and no “after,” and which is eternity.

Vishnu — the world sustainer — is the tendency of every being to remain the same and to create (and procreate) in its own likeness; the universal life force as opposed to change and thereby to disaggregation and death; the power that binds this time-bound universe to its timeless essence — every manifested being to the idea of that being, in the sense Plato was one day to give the word idea.

All men against time (all centers of action against time, in the cosmic sense of the word) are embodiments of Vishnu. They are all — more or less — saviors of the world: forces of life, directed against the downward current of irresistible change that is the very current of time; forces of life tending to bring the world back to original, timeless perfection.

Shiva — the destroyer — is the tendency of every being to change, to die to its present and to all its past aspects. He is Mahakala — time itself; time that drags the universe to its unavoidable doom and — beyond that — to no less irresistible regeneration; to the spring of a new Golden Age and again, slowly and steadily, to degeneracy and death, in an endless succession.

The truly great men in time — men such as Genghis Khan — reflect something of his terrible majesty. The greatest men against time also — inasmuch as they all must possess (more or less) the qualities of character that are specially those of the men in time; the qualities in which is rooted the efficiency of organized violence. For Shiva is not only the destroyer; he is the creator — the good one; the positive one — also to the extent all further creation is conditioned by change and ultimately by the destruction of that which was there before. He is — as essence of destructive change, as time — turned toward the future. And, on the other hand, Lord Shiva himself — time personified — is also (strange as this may seem to the purely analytical mind) above time. He is the great Yogi, whose face remains as serene as the blue sky while his feet beat the furious rhythm of the Tandava dance, amid the flames and smoke of a crumbling world.

In other words, Vishnu and Shiva, the world sustainer and the world destroyer, the force against time and time itself — Mahakala — are one and the same. And they are Brahma, timeless existence, the essence of all that is. They are Brahma manifested in time (and automatically also against time) and yet timeless. Hindu art has symbolized this metaphysical truth in the figure of Hari-Hara (Vishnu and Shiva in one body) and in the famous Trimurti: three-faced Brahma-Vishnu-Shiva.

In the manifested universe as we experience it at our scale, no living being embodies that triple and complete idea of existence — the everlasting, universal law of constant change away from, and of untiring aspiration toward and ceaseless effort back to, original perfection and the ineffable inner peace of timelessness, inseparable from it — better than the everlasting and ever-returning man against time; He Who Comes Back, age after age “to destroy evildoers and to establish upon earth the reign of righteousness.”

The man in time has hardly any of the Vishnu or, as I have called them, sun qualities.

The man above time has hardly any of the lightning qualities of Shiva, the destroyer.

The man against time — who lives in eternity while acting in time, according to the Aryan doctrine of detached violence — has Vishnu’s faithfulness to the original pattern of creation, Shiva’s holy fury of destruction (in view of further creation), and Brahma’s fathomless serenity which is, I repeat, the serenity of all three: timeless peace beyond the roar of all wars in time.

Yet no hero against time has ever expressed that triple aspect of immanent divinity with absolute adequacy, and none will, save the last one.

That last, great individual — an absolutely harmonious blending of the sharpest of all opposites; equally sun and lightning — is the one whom the faithful of all religions and the bearers of practically all cultures await; the one of whom Adolf Hitler (knowingly or unknowingly) said, in 1928: “I am not he; but while nobody comes forward to prepare the way for him, I do so”; the one whom I have called by his Hindu name, Kalki, on account of the cosmic truth that this name evokes.

Contrarily to Adolf Hitler, he will spare not a single one of the enemies of the divine cause: not a single one of its outspoken opponents but also not a single one of the lukewarm, of the opportunists, of the ideologically heretical, of the racially bastardized, of the unhealthy, of the hesitating, of the all-too-human; not a single one of those who, in body or character or mind, bear the stamp of the fallen ages.

His companions at arms will be the last National Socialists; the men of iron who will have victoriously stood the test of persecution and, what is more, the test of complete isolation in the midst of a dreary, indifferent world in which they have no place; who are facing that world and defying it through every gesture, every hint — every silence — of theirs and, more and more (in the case of the younger ones) without even the personal memory of Adolf Hitler’s great days to sustain them. They are the ones who will, one day, make good for all that which men against time have suffered in the course of history, like they themselves, for the sake of eternal truth: the avenging comrades whom the five thousand of Verden called in vain within their hearts at the moment of death, upon the bank of the Aller River, red with blood; those whom the millions of 1945 — the dying, the tortured, and the desperate survivors — called in vain; those whom all the vanquished fighters against time called in vain, in every phase of the great cosmic struggle without beginning, against the forces of disintegration, co-eternal with the forces of life.

They are the bridge to supermanhood, of which Nietzsche has spoken; the last battalion, in which Adolf Hitler has put his confidence.

Kalki will lead them, through the flames of the great end, into the sunshine of the new Golden Age.

We like to hope that the memory of the one-before-the-last and most heroic of all our men against time — Adolf Hitler — will survive, at least in songs and symbols. We like to hope that the lords of the age, men of his own blood and faith, will render him divine honors, through rites full of meaning and full of potency, in the cool shade of the endless regrown forests, on the beaches, or upon inviolate mountain peaks, facing the rising sun.

Excerpted from Savitri Devi’s Lightning and the Sun, 3rd abridged edition (Wellington, NZ: Renaissance Press, 1994), 74, 82-83. First published in Calcutta in 1958. The title above is editorial, courtesy of


  1. I posted this controversial excerpt by Savitri Devi in honour of the Hero’s birthday because I feel that it should be more widely read.

    I posted it without consulting any of my co-bloggers, and the material does not reflect the view of anyone at OD other than myself.

    There is already an open thread here in which readers can express their reservations about Hitler (Greg Johnson is doing a fine job defending Herr Wolf over there), and this will not be a second one. If you disagree with the premise of the excerpt I’ve posted, simply move on to the next entry and ignore it. Please observe some common decency by respecting the fact that many of us view this as a holy day.

  2. “Invisible in the blue sky above the little frontier town, the stars formed, on the 20th. of April 1889, at six o’clock eighteen in the afternoon, a definite pattern marking the return to earth of Him Who Comes Back; of the divine man “against time,” — the incarnate collective Self of superior mankind — Who, again and again, and every time more heroically, stands alone against the ever-accelerated current of universal decay, and prepares, in hard, bloody struggle, the dawning of the following Time-cycle, even if He be, for some years or decades, apparently bound to fail.

    For the newly born Babe was none other than He.” L&TS

  3. “It was the German Schutzstaffel who, one way or another, without the need to declare it, caused the resurgence of the path of the Externsteine; the Great Spear extended from Wewelsburg to the sacred stone of Westfalia, symbolizing the route of return. In the great gathering hall in this castle of Armanenschaft Initiation, where the symbol of the Black Sun was inlaid in the floor, there hung from the ceiling, in suspended animation over one of the portals, a great stone from the legendary Temple of Externsteine.

    At the end of time, our Volk Leader will return for the Wild Hunt [Wildes Heer], with His Final Battalion, astride a White Horse, Sleipnir, his eight-legged steed. He will be the Last Avatar, also known as Wotan and Vishnu-Kalki. This time He will come to conquer and to judge.” – Miguel Serrano 20 April 111 YF/2000 a.y.p.s.

  4. Dr. Johnson pasted this on the Open Thread, and it’s worth cross-posting:

    “Some Thoughts on Hitler”
    “Hitler” as Multiracialist Propaganda
    The argument advanced by some racial nationalists that any defense of Adolf Hitler, in light of the hostility and even revulsion that his name now evokes, risks alienating mainstream Whites is plausible on its surface and should receive a respectful hearing. But it is still on balance mistaken.

    Although most nationalists in the United States and even in Germany do not consider themselves national socialists, multiracialists and anti-White Jewish advocacy groups call each and every one of us a “nazi.” It is an undeniable fact that in our contemporary political climate any white nationalism, as recent events in the Balkans amply demonstrate, will be labeled Hitlerian and will summon, in breathless media presentations, “the specter of the Holocaust” and anguished fears that “it” might just happen again, if the goyim get too restless. That, after all, is the central lesson taught by the countless Holocaust Museums sprouting up, like noxious toadstools, throughout most of the West: that White racial consciousness is literally lethal and must therefore be actively combated, a lesson which we have now enshrined, in deference to Jewry, at the Holocaust Museum in Washington, a national memorial to our White wickedness.

    We are thus obliged, like it or not, to live under Hitler’s shadow. Our enemies have ensured that any expression of White racial consciousness, however innocuous, will be officially pronounced hatefully Hitlerian and “nazi,” whether we admire Hitler or despise him. It is therefore incumbent on us, as a simple matter of self-defense, to arrive at a balanced view of Hitler and the movement he founded.

    Anyone who doubts all this should recall the abuse that Pat Buchanan received at the hands of the controlled media and the organized Jewish community during his campaigns for the Republican nomination. Buchanan is not, by any stretch of the imagination, a national socialist, nor even a conscious racialist. He is, instead, a traditional Christian conservative, with all the virtues and liabilities that entails. But he was persistently labeled a “nazi” nevertheless. His 1992 speech at the Republican National Convention, Jewish columnist Molly Ivins opined, “probably sounded better in the original German.” Her meaning was clear: She was identifying Buchanan as a “nazi,” delegitimizing his nationalism and social conservatism with the most potent weapon in the Left’s rhetorical arsenal.

    So as racial nationalists we can either manufacture false “anti-racist” credentials by claiming to hate Hitler just as much as Abe Foxman does, a subterfuge that I very much doubt will convince anyone, least of all Abe, or we can tell the truth.

    The truth is that the maniacal Hitler of popular demonology is a World War II propaganda fiction, and the principal purpose of the fiction’s incessant repetition more than fifty years after the war is to stigmatize any nationalist movement, NS or otherwise. Hitler now represents not a specific historical figure and the political party he led, but nationalism of any variety, from timid anti-immigration conservatives to angry White-power skinheads. The System’s anti-Hitler orthodoxy, invoked almost daily, is in effect tacit propaganda for multiracialism and a potent device to keep all nationalists perpetually hiding in closets, too afraid of labels like “racist” and “nazi” to openly say what we sincerely believe. We have, therefore, a real interest in demythologizing Hitler, and we have no hope of escaping our association with what he now represents. We can’t run away from Hitler, however much some of us want to.

    Let’s Notice the Obvious
    The crucial facts about World War II are uncomplicated and readily available in mainstream sources. NS Germany had limited war aims: the recovery of territory taken from Germany at Versailles, the acquisition of living space for the German people in the East, and the destruction of the Marxist Soviet Union, history’s most brutal regime. Insofar as the United States had any stake at all in the outcome of the war, it would have been to help Germany and her Axis allies, including thousands of Russian patriots, accomplish the latter. Absent the campaign conducted by the Western democracies to save Stalinism by defeating Hitler, the Soviet Union would have collapsed.

    Since America had no national interests in the conflict in Europe, our government deliberately lied about German war aims in order to manufacture the perception that we did, claiming that Hitler had global territorial ambitions, a plan for “world domination.” Over fifty years later most Americans still accept the lies.

    The predictable result of the Allied victory and the German defeat was Stalin’s occupation of half of Europe. A war that ostensibly began to restore Polish sovereignty ended with Poland, along with the rest of Eastern Europe, being handed over to the Communists. And in quite concrete terms no American would have died in Vietnam if Hitler had destroyed Soviet Communism, arguably the central objective of his political career; American soldiers fought in Europe so that their sons could die in Southeast Asia.

    None of this should be the least controversial. It is a symptom of the effect of persistent propaganda that so many of us fail to notice the obvious.

    It is only a slight exaggeration to say that multiracialism itself, along with our servile deference to Jewry, is founded on the mythical image of Hitler as evil incarnate, Satan’s secular counterpart in modern history. Remove the false, childishly simplistic Hitler myth, and a significant ideological justification for multiracialism would collapse. The simple question, “Were Hitler and NS Germany really as evil as everyone says?”, therefore has huge repercussions, and an entire machinery of propaganda — ranging from Hollywood films and “Holocaust education” in the public schools to off-hand comments in the controlled media (”better in the original German”) — has been designed to discourage anyone from even contemplating the obvious but heretical answer.

    National Socialism
    Hitler defined his own national socialism as a uniquely German movement:

    The National Socialist doctrine, as I have always proclaimed, is not for export. It was conceived for the German people. (Hitler-Bormann Documents, Feb. 21, 1945)

    In other words, German National Socialism arose at a specific time in a specific place under the pressure of a unique set of historical circumstances, none of which could ever be precisely replicated elsewhere. In particular, the autocratic Führer state, central to NS Germany, would never be acceptable to Americans; our republican political culture and belief in individual rights are, thankfully, far too strong. Hitler was a dictator and his government authoritarian; Americans prefer their political and civil liberties.

    Which doesn’t mean that NS Germany was a police state. It had in fact fewer policemen per capita, and far fewer secret police, than either modern Germany or the United States, despite the misleading image most of us have of legions of sinister Gestapo agents kicking down doors in the middle of the night.

    The basic principles of national socialism are, nevertheless, universal: that God (or Nature) has assigned each of us to a racial group and has endowed each group with distinct qualities; that a nation is not simply a geographical concept, a set of lines arbitrarily drawn on a map irrespective of the people living within them, but instead derives (or should derive) its political institutions and national objectives from the character of the people themselves; that a nation organized to preserve a race and develop its distinctive character is therefore “natural”; that the strength and social cohesion of a nation derives from its sense of a common identity, of which race is the most important determinant; that in addition to our individual rights we have larger social obligations, not only to the present generation of our nation but to its past and future generations as well; that the primary purpose of a nation is not economic, but the preservation and advancement of its people, economics being subordinate to the volkisch (racial/national) objectives that should be a nation’s core reason for existing.

    ”The [Nation-] State in itself,” Hitler wrote, “has nothing whatsoever to do with any definite economic concept or a definite economic development. It does not arise from a compact made between contracting parties, within a certain delimited territory, for the purpose of serving economic ends. The State is a community of living beings who have kindred physical and spiritual natures, organized for the purpose of assuring the conservation of their own kind and to help towards fulfilling those ends which Providence has assigned to that particular race or racial branch” (Mein Kampf, I, iv). [Image: NS Propaganda Poster — “The NSDAP Protects the Racial Community.”]

    In the generic sense of the term national socialism is (arguably) not inconsistent with democratic institutions, despite Hitler’s own view of the matter; its true antonyms are multiracialism and capitalist, one-world globalism. Nor is national socialism inconsistent with an American “melting pot” view of ethnicity, provided that the various ethnic groups that comprise the nation are sufficiently similar that each can see a common identity and common destiny in the others — that is, insofar as they, despite their ethnic differences, are branches of the same race and can, therefore, be effectively acculturated to a common set of national ideals.

    I consider Hitler less a model to be followed than an avalanche of propaganda we must dig ourselves out from under. Never in human history has a single man received such sustained vilification, the basic effect and purpose of which has been to inhibit Whites from thinking racially and from acting in their own racial self-interest, as all other racial/ethnic groups do. Learning the truth about Hitler is a liberating experience. By the truth I mean not an idealized counter-myth to the pervasive myth of Hitler as evil incarnate, but the man himself, faults and virtues, strengths and weaknesses. Once you’ve done it, once you’ve discovered the real Hitler beneath the lies and distortions that have buried his legacy, you’ll be permanently immunized against anti-White propaganda, because you will have seen through the best/worst the System has to offer.

    Originally posted in 1999 on the old Stormfront listserv. For discussions of related subjects, see The Enduring Allure of Hitlerism, Roosevelt’s Secret Map Speech, Internet Censorship and Jewish Destiny, Media Myths, and (off-site) The Danger of Historical Lies.

  5. Adolf Hitler: Prophet of Honour By David Myatt

    On April 20th we celebrate the birth of the greatest man of all time: Adolf Hitler. We celebrate his unique Triumph of the Will – his creation of a noble, idealistic Movement and his achievement in leading that Movement to victory against a powerful, evil enemy, using only his own personal character. For it was only through his own will, his own courage, his own nobility and his idealism that he – an unknown but honourable person – succeeded, against all the odds.

    We celebrate the values which he upheld and which he himself, every day of his life, lived by – the Aryan values of honour, loyalty and duty to the folk. Above all, we remember him on this special day as the champion, the prophet, of the Aryan idealism which is personal honour.

    For it was Adolf Hitler, and Adolf Hitler alone, who has made us aware of what is valuable and important about our own lives: it was he, and he alone, who showed us the way we can and must live if we are to fulfil the Destiny which we, as Aryans, have. It was Adolf Hitler, and Adolf Hitler alone, who for the first time made conscious what it means to be Aryan. His own life is an example to us all of what it means to be Aryan.

    So it is that we shall gather on this special day and remember and celebrate the goodness, the nobility, the courage which Adolf Hitler possessed and which he was a shining example of. Thus shall our dishonourable, evil enemies wail, curse and gnash their teeth as we, the followers of Adolf Hitler, gather once again worldwide- be it in small groups, in large groups, in private, in public, or as individuals – to honour the greatest man of all time.

    With every passing year our numbers grow as we keep alive and spread among our people the truth about Adolf Hitler and his idealistic and Aryan movement. So it is that this year, as in the years gone by, we shall raise our right arms in our Aryan salute and shout our immortal battle cry: Heil Hitler!

  6. The Past is what has been, an ever-receding horizon . The Future is what will be, an ever-receding horizon. The Present that infinitesmal moment when Future becomes Past. The next Man against Time will understand the Secret of Time, and use it to transform the world. Hitler, almost, understood it: “All of life…is a struggle against death.”

  7. Why I Admire Adolf Hitler

    By David Myatt

    I admire Adolf Hitler because I know he was a good man – a noble, idealistic man who strove hard to create a better way of life for his people. I have seen past all the lies which have been told and are being told about Adolf Hitler – and I know he was not the person his ignoble enemies have portrayed him to be.

    I admire Adolf Hitler because I know he gave back to the German people, whom he loved and cared for, their dignity, their honour and their freedom. I admire Adolf Hitler because he created and lead to victory a revolutionary Movement whose ideals were and are important not only for the German people, but for all Aryans: for all who are Caucasian by race.

    This Movement which he created and led lives on today. It lives on in we who are proud to call ourselves National-Socialists. I am a National-Socialist because I want we Aryans, as a race, to win back the freedom we have lost. I am a National-Socialist – a follower of Adolf Hitler’s National-Socialism – because I want our Aryan peoples to live in a noble, honourable way in a noble and honourable society.

    Adolf Hitler and his National-Socialism are not what their enemies have made them seem to be. The truth about Adolf Hitler and his National-Socialism has been obscured and suppressed for over fifty years. I know that National-Socialism represents something noble and good. I know that National-Socialism is a movement for Aryan freedom and honour, and against the politically-correct anti-Aryan tyranny of the present.

    In my own life I have known and experienced beauty and harmony. This beauty and harmony has been conveyed to me, for instance, in sublime and civilized music, such as that written by J. S. Bach. It has been experienced on a warm sunny Summer’s day in the English countryside when I have walked over moors and heard larks singing. It has been conveyed to me by the warm smile of a vivacious Aryan woman and the trusting gentle smile of her young Aryan child holding her hand tightly as they walked one Autumn’s day by the banks of a river. This beauty has been conveyed to me as I stood listening to a boy’s choir singing the Church music of centuries past in an ancient Cathedral …….

    In the many such moments of my knowing and experiencing such beauty and harmony I have sensed that this is how life should and must be: that life can have and should have such goodness. And in many of these moments I must admit that I, a man, have often been moved to tears, captivated by a noble vision, an innocent enthusiasm, just as I have sensed that there is an order, a purpose, to life itself.

    To me, National-Socialism can make this noble vision real. To me, National-Socialism is a means to create a better world, a more noble, more just, more fair way of life. I understand National-Socialism as a practical means of taking us beyond the mundane world we now live in: a practical means to alleviate or end the suffering, the badness, the unfairness, which now afflicts our present society and the world itself.

    Of course, many will say that I a rather naive, impractical idealist. And, of course, I am. But I have at least tried to make my noble vision, my noble dreams real, as I know that I must continue to try – despite the difficulties, and despite the lies which have been told and which are being told about the man I admire and his Movement which I belong to.

    I know the majority of my own people believe these lies. I know they do not understand National-Socialism as representing something good and noble – something civilized. I know that, because of the lies they have been told, they do not associate National-Socialism with a yearning for freedom, for fairness and for the harmony of order.

    I also know that they are unlikely to be convinced or persuaded by such words as these which I now write. But I must try. I must seek to convey what I know and understand to be true, for by doing so I keep alive the passion for Aryan freedom and Aryan honour which lives within my own heart. By writing and speaking such words as this I express the essence of National-Socialism itself – beyond the political slogans, beyond political programmes. I give voice by my words and life to the noble idealism that inspired Adolf Hitler and his National-Socialist movement, and which still inspires all those who call themselves National-Socialists.

    Fundamentally, I admire Adolf Hitler, and am a National-Socialist, because I desire to live, among my own kind, in a flourishing civilized Aryan society which is dedicated to freedom and to fairness. I desire to live in a society which values and upholds honour and which has an evolutionary, noble purpose, and which thereby continues the work of Nature and so creates better, more evolved individuals. Such a society would be in harmony with Nature herself.

    I am a National-Socialist – a follower of Adolf Hitler – because I dislike and often intensely hate the decadent, unfair, ignoble world of the present with its crime, its drugs, its squalor, its pettiness, its materialism, its lack of idealism, its total lack of understanding of the noble, evolutionary purpose of life itself.

    In essence, I am a National-Socialist because I care about my people and the civilization, the noble Aryan culture, they have created. And I want my people to survive, to flourish, to be noble and to live in freedom.

  8. Esoteric Hitlerism
    Idealism, the Third Reich and the Essence of National-Socialism

    By David Myatt

    In respect of the future of National-Socialism – that idealistic, noble, but mis-understood way of life – it is important to understand that National-Socialist Germany was only a beginning of the practical implementation of National-Socialism. That is, a complete National-Socialist society was being worked toward, but was never fully achieved because of the circumstances of the time – in particular the advent of the First Zionist War (commonly called the Second World War) with the need for Germany to fight a total war in order to try and survive. In many ways, Adolf Hitler (as he himself admitted, for instance to Leon Degrelle) had to make several compromises in order to not only achieve power, but also to keep power in the face of external and internal problems.

    The truth is that many Germans of the time were not National-Socialists – that is, upholders of the ethic of personal honour who strove to live by the ideals of duty to the folk and absolute loyalty to their comrades. Many Germans supported the political principles of National-Socialism for their own reasons, but had not changed themselves into honourable, idealistic individuals; that is, they had not achieved an inner, personal, revolution – a triumph of the will – based upon NS ideals. Similarly, many Institutions of time (one particularly thinks here of the Officer corps of the Germany Army) were not National-Socialist in nature.

    Thus, while NS Germany (what it was, not what Zionist hate propaganda has made it appear) should be considered as an inspiring model for us and future generations, it should not be looked upon as the perfect, ideal, National-Socialist society. That ideal society was being built, through organizations such as the SS and the Hitler Youth, but was never achieved due to the triumph of the ignoble Zionists. In effect, NS Germany was but the prototype of the ideal society which it is possible for us to build, given a genuine revolution – that is, both an outer, social revolution, and an inner personal revolution among the majority of individuals.

    It is our task – and that of future generations – to lay the foundations for this complete National-Socialist society. To do this, we must expound pure, idealistic National-Socialism, untainted by any compromise with the societies of out time. That is, we must expressly state what National-Socialism is and involves, however “impractical” or idealistic it might seem, and however unpopular.

    It is not our task to simply win over, through the propaganda and rhetoric of a political movement, a majority of the people of a particular nation or society in order to try and win some sort of political power. This is not our task because such political power is transitory – and easily destroyed by our enemies – unless those people who have been won over are dedicated, idealistic National-Socialists.

    We do not need political propaganda – such as stirring speeches, rallies, marches, strident appeals – which only ever appeals to the fickle emotions of people. Instead, we need reasoned literature; factual stories of National-Socialist heroism; and living examples of National-Socialism in action, both individual and communal. That is, we need to show the idealism, the truths, of National-Socialism by personal example – through our own deeds and projects, and through the deeds of those who struggled, and often died, for the cause of National-Socialism.

    We need to do this because our aim is to create a new way of living – a totally new order – without any compromise whatsoever. Our aim is not to win (or worse, try to seize) some transitory political power by any means where, through compromise or lack of the right people in the right numbers, we sow the seeds of our own future downfall.

    Our way must be the natural, organic way – to grow slowly, but securely, from small beginnings; to root ourselves deeply within our own people; so deeply that no storm of our enemy can uproot us. To root ourselves in such a way we must rid our cause of all the dishonourable, political, trappings our Cause has unfortunately acquired since the defeat of NS Germany. We must also do away with all the political trappings, all the emotive rhetoric, all the propaganda, all the compromises which Adolf Hitler and his NSDAP had to use in order to win power and begin to create a true National-Socialist society. That is, we must step out from the past and concentrate on the future, while still retaining our links to this past which is both our heritage and our inspiration.

    We must understand and then expound the essence of National-Socialism, the eternal truths and wisdom of National-Socialism – and not continue to use, or rely on, the tactics which were once used, and had then to be used, in order to try and make this idealistic essence real in a particular society at a particular time in history.

    The Essence of National-Socialism:
    The essence of National-Socialism can be expressed in three words: honour, loyalty and duty. Personal honour is the basis for the morality of National-Socialism; it is our guide to how we should conduct ourselves. Loyalty is one important practical expression of both personal honour and duty: our honour means that we are loyal to both our duty, and those to whom we have pledged our loyalty.

    Our duty is to strive to aid Nature: that is, to strive for personal and racial excellence, for according to National-Socialism race and individual, noble, character are manifestations of Nature – of Nature striving to evolve toward higher forms, toward more Order. That is, our duty is to strive for a personal Triumph of the Will and a folkish Triumph of the Will. Our honour demands that we strive to do this duty in an honourable and loyal way – in accord with the ethics, the morality, of National-Socialism.

    This means that whatever we do, we should strive to be honourable – that is, fair, courteous, reasonable, resolute and prepared to defend ourselves, and those to whom we have pledged loyalty. The morality of National-Socialism also demands that we uphold freedom, and truth. Both freedom and truth arise when strong individuals – individuals of moral character, guided by honour, loyalty and duty – do what is right and strive to create a noble way of living for themselves, their kin and their folk.

    On the practical level we must accept that National-Socialism does not involve any kind of racial hatred, racial prejudice or racial intolerance. Rather, it expresses a concern for and love of, our own folk and desires our folk to live in a free and honourable society. Most importantly, National-Socialism expresses the desire for other races to be free, and for all free races to co-operate together for their mutual advantage, well-being and development. Correctly understood, National-Socialism is an affirmation of our humanity: a way of living applicable to all races, not just the Aryan race. It is an affirmation of our human diversity and difference, created by Nature on whom we all depend. This affirmation was evident, for instance, in the SS, which accepted members from individuals of non-Aryan cultures and which was certainly not composed of bigoted, intolerant “racists” who hated other cultures or saught to destroy them. The SS were modern warriors, with a warrior’s way of thinking and being: strong, proud, respectful of bravery and valour in others (including “the enemy”), honourable, given to humour in adversity, loving of their own kind, and open-minded and exceptionally tolerant of other cultures.

    What has hitherto not been very well understood in respect of National-Socialism, is that it is not race which defines our humanity – it is honour and reason. Race is our relation to Nature: how Nature is expressed, is manifest, in us. As such race is important and indeed vital; but so is honour. It is the combination of an acceptance of both race and honour which is National-Socialism. An affirmation of race without an affirmation honour is not National-Socialism, just as an affirmation of honour without an affirmation of race is not National-Socialism. It is this living, organic, dialectic of honour and race which defines National-Socialism itself, and a National-Socialist is an individual who strives to do their honourable duty to both their own race and Nature herself, of which other human races are a part. That is, a National-Socialist must always be honourable, whatever the consequences, or the perceived consequences. Quite often, this means a National-Socialist is faced with what seems to be difficult choices and difficult decisions, although in reality if National-Socialism itself is properly understood, there is no conflict, no moral dilemma and no difficulty in doing the right, the honourable, thing.

    Thus if something, some act or deed, seems to affirm race – or be beneficial to one’s race – but is dishonourable, then that something is not something a National-Socialist should do. What honour does is define our duty to our race and other races – it prevents us from committing hubris: that is, prevents us from “overstepping the mark”, from being insolent toward Nature and “the gods” (or God).

    It is this understanding, this wisdom, these truths, which we must defend, speak and write of, and which we must use to form the foundations of that New Order which we, and all honourable people of all races, desire to live in. Anything which contradicts this understanding, this wisdom, these truths, however beneficial, necessary or advantageous it may seem in the short term, must be rejected as a denial of our honourable duty.

    Our enemy is not some other race (or races) – and not even the Zionists. Our enemy is ourselves: our lack of understanding; our lack of honour; our lack of reason; our inability (often out of laziness) to change ourselves for the better by using our will. We cannot blame our problems on someone else, on some race or races, or even the Zionists. What is now, came to be as it came to be, through the workings of life, of Nature herself and if we desire to change what now is, we can and will if we strive in the right way – in accord with the truths, the wisdom of life itself.

    To achieve what we desire to achieve – to express our humanity, to work in harmony with Nature and so continue our evolution – we must achieve our own Triumph of the Will by striving to be honourable, by being loyal, and by striving to do our duty to Nature in an honourable way. It is as profoundly simple as that.

    A Personal Learning:

    Like many National-Socialists who live in the post First Zionist War world, I have in the past, out of desire to at least do something, used both the rhetoric and the tactics employed by the NSDAP in the hope of gaining some kind of political power. Thus, my older writings – and the propaganda I employed as leader of the now disbanded National-Socialist Movement – contain much strident rhetoric and appeals for political action of one kind or another. I have given all of my adult life to striving to aid the Cause in one way or another, as have many other National-Socialists.

    In the past thirty or more years, I have used every tactic I could, some covert, some overt, some dubious and perhaps dishonourable, to further our noble Cause, as I have, on occasion, used deceit to try and deceive our now powerful enemies. In the end I and those others who have used similar tactics have achieved nothing because the tactics, and sometimes the intention, were wrong, as I have slowly and painfully learned from experience. This post First Zionist War world is very different from the world which Adolf Hitler and the members of his NSDAP knew and many people – myself included – have in past mistaken some of the rhetoric of the past for the essence.

    We have concentrated on fighting perceived enemies, and on somehow taking over the status quo, to the detriment of what is fundamentally important. We have perceived our duty as fighting these perceived enemies, and taking part in some war, whereas our real duty is to be and to strive to be a becoming, a continuation of our folk and of evolution itself – to belong to our folk; to be honourable; to express our humanity through our Nature-given talents and abilities; to create genuine folk communities in harmony with Nature.

    We have been caught up in the new species of time which has been brought into existence in the world by the defeat of National-Socialist Germany, whereas we need to return to the time of our own being, of which National-Socialist Germany was but a brief but glorious glimpse: a striving toward. This time of our being is the time of honourable humans; of folk communities valuing ancestral customs; of striving for a balance with Nature, where what is sacred is understood and respected. This time is the way of individuals working together, slowly, over many decades by valuing what is right and doing only that which links them to the past, the future and Nature herself.

    The time of this present world is the time of hubris; of arrogance; of a pride unrestrained by honour, loyalty and duty; of a meaningless but terrible and costly war between abstract ideas and abstract values. For this present world is the inhuman world of a burgeoning, culture-destroying world-wide tyranny. This time is the time where societies strive against one another; where political parties vie for power using whatever means they can; of political campaigns and the desire to win votes or some kind of power.

    We cannot fight the world of this modern abstract time without becoming of this time – without corrupting and losing the essence of our way; without losing our very being, as honourable, folk-aware, Nature-aware individuals in harmony with Nature and the cosmos beyond. Instead, we must just simply be what we are – or rather, strive to be what we should be, and let this world of this modern time continue as it will continue, toward its inevitable destruction. There is thus no external war to fight; no perceived enemy to struggle against; no political action. There is only a slow, necessary, building of the future based upon the wisdom of National-Socialism. There must be Blood and Soil, a homeland of individuals bound together through tradition, way of living, of being, and understanding, of love of the homeland, before there can be Conquest and Exploration.

    The world of the slow time of Blood and Soil, of deep, wordless love of homeland, of a dwelling where Nature was understood and respected, of personal honour, of respecting folk traditions and ways, was what was brutally destroyed by the First Zionist War and the terrible, ignoble persecutions which followed.

    What is the essence of the understanding now required – what is our correct way of being – is to transcend our own ego, our own personal lives; to see ourselves as a nexus between the past of our folk and its future. We must transcend our own personal concerns; even our own personal feelings and personal desires: the anger we may feel; the sadness. For it is this transcendence of ourselves, this seeing of ourselves as a nexus between our folk past and our folk future, which is the essence of true human understanding: the tremendous and revolutionary insight which National-Socialism brings and which is the time of the being we should strive to dwell in. We belong to our folk, to Nature and the very cosmos. Honour, loyalty and duty are but a means whereby we can dwell as we should: as human beings capable of evolving still further.

    To dwell in this modern world with its modern abstract time, its politics, its contending societies, its egotism, its pride, its misplaced hatred, is to dwell in the realm of barbarism where our very humanity is at best denied, and at worst, lost.

    Instead, we must cultivate the insight of ourselves as a living link, a nexus, as we must cultivate the understanding this insight brings. Thus, we should not seek to be of the societies of this modern time, but rather seek to build our own, new, societies, imbued with our own time – the time of Nature; of the folk community; of personal honour; of understanding the nexus which we are. Thus, and only thus, can we make real some time in the future, the essence of National-Socialism.

    Until then, we can remember with fondness the world which has gone – glimpsed in the faded photographs of pre-war Germany; briefly captured in the epic Triumph of the Will; and recalled whenever we remember the sacrifices of those who perished fighting for the noble way of life we treasure and understand without the need for words.

    DWM, JD2451706.007

  9. The secret of Adolf Hitler

    By David Myatt

    What was Adolf Hitler’s secret? The secret that enabled an unknown soldier, with no money or influence, and only a few friends from his Army days, to triumph against all the odds and become the leader of Germany after only 14 years of struggle? What is this secret which we in these dark days for our race might learn and use to help us in our own struggle?

    His secret was really very simple. His secret was that he genuinely cared for, and loved, his people in a selfless way. So it was that he devoted the whole of his adult life to his people and lived by the principles which he, and the political organization he created and led, propounded in public.

    In his own private life he was frugal; he was always spontaneous with people and never once tried to cultivate or uphold any sort of ‘public’ image. He really was “a man of the people”.

    He triumphed against all the odds because over the years of his struggle more and more of his people liked him, and felt he was a good man who had their interests at heart. He did have some extraordinary gifts – such as his ability to speak in Public; his resolute determination and his superb memory. But most of all he was a simple, unspoilt and uncomplicated man. He won his victory because of his own personal character, and the foundation of his personal character was this simple love of his people. Indeed, his very reason for living was to care for and help his people.

    The love which Adolf Hitler felt and expressed for his own people is what made him so popular and so loved by the German folk of the time. And it is the truth about and memory of his love that his Zionist enemies have striven so hard to destroy with their ignoble and hateful lies about him, his Movement and his Government. If we want to express the truth about Adolf Hitler we must express the genuine and selfless love and concern he felt for his own people.

    The secret we can and indeed must learn from him is this simple, uncomplicated and genuine love for our people.

    This love comes before any political programme. This love comes before any rhetoric and before any ‘propaganda’. This love comes before any political demonstration. This loves comes before any thought or mention of “hating enemies”. Above all, it is this simple, genuine and uncomplicated love for our own people which should and must motivate us to act in a political way.

    If we feel and try to express this love, this concern and care for our own people we can and will win. For it is the lack of this love which has made us fail for the past sixty years.

  10. The spiritual significance of Adolf Hitler

    By David Myatt

    Adolf Hitler was born at approximately eighteen minutes past six on the evening of the twentieth day of the fourth month of what was, by the calender of the period, the year one thousand eight hundred and eighty nine. The place of his birth was the Austrian border town of Braunau, situated by the river Inn.

    His family background was modest. Although his father worked as an official for the Austrian government, he – like the boy’s mother – was descended from those who had worked on the land. As a youth of thirteen, Adolf’s father had left his home to seek to learn a trade in Vienna. At this, he was successful – but unsatisfied. He aspired to something better, and resolved to become a government official. In this, he was also successful, at the age of twenty-three.

    The young Adolf possessed a similar determination – for at any early age he had decided for himself that under no circumstances would he become an Austrian government official. Instead, he wanted to be an artist, and he stood resolutely by his decision, despite the misgivings of his father, who wanted his son to follow him and become an official of the Austrian government. The young Adolf even began to neglect some of his studies at School so that it would be impossible for him to become an employee of the Austrian government – for it had become clear to him, even as a youth, that his loyalties lay with the German people and not with the multi-racial Habsburg Empire. Moreover, School studies bored him; he was restless, eager to be part of a more adventurous world. Even in his young days he was different from his school-fellows; more determined; more intuitive; more aware of life’s deeper meaning. Stories of adventure and war filled him with enthusiasm.

    So it was that, after the death of his father, and at the age of sixteen, he moved to live by himself in Vienna. He had dreams of being a great artist; but perhaps his greatest love at this time was music. Music – often Wagner – inspired him, and seemed to express his own inner feelings, and his intimations of Destiny. For he felt even then, at so young an age, that life had, or should have, a higher, a noble, purpose. Through art, the young Adolf felt, he could find, and express, this purpose.

    But his life in Vienna forced him to face what was, for the majority, the hard reality. He himself had to live in poverty, in vermin-infested tenements. He came to know the sufferings, the hunger, the desperation, of the poor, as he came to understand the real causes of the sufferings, the desperation and the degradation he found around him. As he himself said, it was a hard school, in which he learnt many things. During these years he became determined to act, to do something for his people, for he was often roused to anger by the injustices he found as he was often moved to try and express his hopes and dreams for a better, a more noble, way of life. These years of suffering brought him a deep, abiding understanding of the true purpose of life – for they enabled him to gave shape and form to the feelings, the vision, within him. He came to desire, more than anything else, to make his vision real. This vision was of a new world, a new type of society, where people worked together, in harmony and joyfully, for the common good – and where they strove to continue the upward work of Nature.

    But Adolf Hitler was not an impractical, romantic or mystic dreamer. He knew people, as he knew what stood in the way of making such a vision real. He also knew what was necessary to make this vision real. But perhaps most of all, he knew that it could be made real, and was determined to try and make it real. It was this combination of vision, will, knowledge of people and insight which truely made Adolf Hitler unique. He was self-disciplined, resolute, visionary, intuitive and selfless. And he possessed genuine charisma.

    At the time, having left Vienna for Munich, he was considering how he could begin to make his vision real when the First World War began. He enlisted in the Germany Army, volunteered for one of the most dangerous assignments, that of messenger, and showed great courage and devotion to duty, spending almost the whole of the war at the Front Line in the trenches. He was wounded, and was awarded the Iron Cross First Class for bravery.

    Toward the end of the War, he – like most Germans who fought at the front – came to realize that many ordinary German citizens had developed a defeatist attitude about the War. Strikes, organized by the Bolsheviks, were common, and, perhaps worst of all, those returning from the front line were often not accorded respect. Minor Bolshevik revolutions broke out throughout Germany toward the end of 29 yf, and after the Armistice, which marked Germany’s defeat, armed insurrection became a way of life in many parts of Germany as the Bolsheviks strove to create a revolution.

    The majority of those who had served at the front were appalled by what had happened to and what was happening in Germany. Adolf Hitler was no exception, and it was during this period of turmoil that he decided to become involved in politics. Almost a year after the War had ended, he attended a meeting of a pitifully small patriotic organization, the German Worker’s Party. But Adolf Hitler soon realized what such an organization, properly led, could achieve – it could be the instrument to rescue Germany from the terror and slavery of Bolshevism, win power and create a new way of life for his people. He felt and believed he could make his noble vision real by leading such an organization to victory.

    So began the struggle for power, which he pursued with indomitable determination and selflessness for over 13 years. Ordinary Germans came to respect and love him, for they knew or felt that he was sincere – that he was working to provide them with a better way of life. The Movement that he led – the NSDAP – embodied their hopes, their aspirations, for a better world, as this Movement came to embody the noble idealism he believed in. A genuine spirit of classless comradeship was developed, where the common interest of the folk came before self interest. Adolf Hitler inspired others – making them aware of the true, noble purpose of life. He gave them back their vision, their dreams, their yearning for a golden age. He raised them up out of the quagmire of selfish materialism and petty concerns by revealing to them the inner meaning of life. He made them joyful, determined, and noble. He captured and expressed something beautiful and sublime.

    Year after year his popularity grew, with the NSDAP gaining success after success until it could be longer be denied power. Then, on January 30th 44 yf, Adolf Hitler became Chancellor of Germany, enabling him to make his noble vision real. Thus he began to make Germany a joyful, cultured, harmonious, stable country where noble values were once again ideals to be aspired to. Rather than persecuting his enemies, he converted most of them – and those who could not or would not change themselves or understand his vision he allowed to leave Germany. He became a true leader, not a dictator – for the majority of Germans loved and trusted him and gave him authority to transform their lives for the better. Not once in any way did he abuse this trust and authority. He was always modest in his personal life; he was always genuine and spontaneous with others; he was always kind to those around him. But perhaps above all, he was selfless. He truely was a great man who inspired others with his noble ideals. He truely was more gifted, more highly evolved, more genuinely human, than others.

    In a few short years he had solved the problem of unemployment; created better, more just social conditions; and brought about a noble revolution in people’s attitudes. It was as if a new Golden Age had dawned. People came to realize and understand that they could change themselves for the better, and so develope – thus continuing the glorious work of evolution.

    But there were some who did not like this, for it threatened what they had achieved, and what they wanted to achieve. They feared this vision of a new age might spread, and so undermine their influence, their power, and their own dark dreams. These were the ones who had created, fostered and used the twin powers of Marxism and International Finance to control and subvert nations. These were the ones who had a vested interest in maintaining in others only lowly material goals and desires. So they used the twin doctrines of Marxism and International Finance – both of which are different forms of gross materialism – in their quest to dominate, and bring about the type of world that they desired. This was a world full of materialism; replete with egotistical individuals fulfilling selfish, petty, animal desires. This was an ignoble world in disharmony, where the glorious diversity of Nature – produced over thousands of millennia – was gradually undermined and destroyed by reducing everything and everyone down to the lowest common level. It was a world ruled by abstract dogma which saught to control and disrupt Nature. This was the world over which this group of people wanted to rule – for such a world, with such selfish, slavish individuals lost to nobility, would provide them with wealth, luxuries, and power. These people saw this rule as a god-given right, their messianic destiny, as they saw all other peoples as merely means to be used so that this destiny could be achieved, whatever the cost. Adolf Hitler, and his followers, were the greatest threat this group of people had ever faced.

    For Adolf Hitler saught to free his people from this twin slavery – this gross materialism. He represented everything this messianic group detested and feared. So this group saught to discredit him, his followers, and the beliefs behind his Movement, as they saught to physically destroy this Movement from its very beginnings. At first, and in Germany, they failed – they could not prevent Adolf Hitler achieving power as they could not prevent him from transforming Germany into a noble society. But they were relentless in their opposition, using all their power, all their influence to spread lies about National-Socialist Germany.

    Covertly and overtly they agitated for a war to destroy what Adolf Hitler had achieved, and such was their cunning and mendacity that they succeeded, rallying all those countries influenced or controlled by them or their nefarious doctrines, to fight on their behalf. Such were their nefarious lies that they persuaded these countries to fight a savage, unconditional war to destroy National-Socialist Germany, Adolf Hitler and his followers. So began the savage destruction of Germany and its people – for the messianic cabal wanted and needed a dark revenge.

    This cabal wanted to ensure that what Adolf Hitler had achieved would be forgotten. They wanted to ensure that his noble vision would never be a threat to them again. So they created the shameless, ignoble, lie of ‘the holocaust’ to enslave the minds of those they wanted to rule over, hoping thereby to discredit for all time the noble idealism of National-Socialism. So did they fabricate lies about Adolf Hitler and his life, as they used all their power and influence to make these lies known in an attempt to destroy his numinous significance and the inner meaning of National-Socialism.

    But they have failed. For the inner meaning of National-Socialism lives on. The spiritual significance of Adolf Hitler is increasingly understood.

    The spiritual significance of Adolf Hitler is his noble vision – he has made us aware of what is possible. He has made us aware that we can evolve further; we can create and live in a noble society dedicated to high, cultured ideals. We can make real the beauty, the numinosity that some classical music tries to capture and express. We can express in our own lives the greatest beauty and the greatest joy, as we can aspire to greatness. He has made us aware that we can work in harmony with Nature – we can celebrate and uphold and extend the glorious diversity which Nature has produced, and which is evident in race and individual character, as we can extend this still further in a noble constructive way. He has made us aware that we can live in a way which expresses our true humanity – accepting our difference and diversity as a species and using that as a basis to evolve still further.

    This noble vision raises us up from the pettiness of egotism; it raises us up out of the squalor and dishonour of materialism. It and it alone enables us to fulfil our potential as human beings.

    Adolf Hitler has given us a unique legacy. He has shown us that we can, by the power of our wills, transform ourselves and those around us in a positive, noble way. We can undertake and complete an inner transformation. He has shown us the goal, as he has shown us that this goal can be achieved. He has shown us that our life, as individuals, does after all have a glorious purpose.

  11. The Divine Revelation of Adolf Hitler

    By David Myatt

    The divine revelation of Adolf Hitler is expressed in the religion of National-Socialism. This religion is outlined in my The Religion of National-Socialism, to which this present work is a companion volume.
    These two works form a practical guide, or handbook, to the religion of National-Socialism.
    D. Myatt, Oxford, 106 yf


    The National-Socialist religion is pantheistic and thus pagan. That is, the supreme or suprahuman Being – which National-Socialists call ‘the cosmic Being’ – is manifest, and thus exists in, all of the cosmos, and is especially manifest in Nature and we ourselves, as thinking, rational, civilized, honourable beings. Thus, all of Nature is held to be a manifestation of the divine, and is thus treated with respect.

    Furthermore, we ourselves are this Being made manifest in a special way. A simplistic (and somewhat inaccurate) analogy would be to consider Nature, and all of her creations, as containing the ‘heart’ or spirit of this Being, and we ourselves, as human beings, as possessing a part of the mind or consciousness of this Being.

    The laws or processes of Nature – and the reasoned insight we possess as thinking beings – are the means whereby this Being can be understood. In a fundamental sense, this Being is the order of Nature, and the order which we, because of our evolution, have brought to our world as thinking beings. Race is one of the means whereby this Being is made manifest, for race is how we have evolved to be who we are; it is how this Being has made us what we are; it is the essence of our humanity, as outlined in The Religion of National-Socialism. In the personal sense, the ideal of honour is how this Being functions or exists in us. Thus, an honourable individual is a religious individual, undertaking or doing the will of this Being.

    Our purpose, as individuals and as a species, is to continue to evolve, as distinct races, by pursuing or striving for excellence for ourselves and for our folk or race – for thus we appropriate and understand more and more of the divine and bring a reasoned order to chaos. This creation of ‘reasoned order’ is civilization. Our ultimate purpose, and ultimate Destiny, lies in bringing order to the cosmos itself – in exploring, discovering, colonizing and thus appropriating to our consciousness, the vastness of the cosmos. For by doing this – by creating galactic and supra-galactic civilizations – we are doing the divine will of the cosmic Being. What is evolutionary, honourable and ordered, enhances this Being and thus we ourselves, who are part of this Being. What is anti-evolutionary, dishonourable and chaotic, undermines and harms this Being and thus undermines and ultimately harms us, as a species. Thus if we aid this Being – if we aid Nature and the process of evolutionary change toward higher forms, higher existence – then we ourselves, as individuals and collectively as a race or folk, will benefit and prosper. If we do not aid this Being, then we ourselves, our folk and our descendants, will inevitably suffer. Wisdom is understanding or knowing that our own good fortune, that of our descendants and that of our folk and race, depends on aiding this Being, and in understanding or knowing that misfortune, for ourselves and/or our descendants and our race, will arise from not aiding this Being.

    Expressed simply – by aiding this Being, we create a future for ourselves, our race and our species; by not aiding this Being, we deprive ourselves, our race and our species of a future.

    The National-Socialist religion is not a religion of meekness, and neither is it a religion of prayer or supplication to an all-knowing, all-powerful deity. It is basically an acceptance of our own role ‘in the cosmic scheme of things’; an understanding of how we can fulfil our purpose in life and aid evolution and the cosmic Being. It is a knowledge or insight of this Being itself – of how it is beyond us, as individuals, how it exists and lives and how it can be harmed. There is not and cannot be any ‘rituals’ or any magick which can appropriate, presence or summon forth the ‘power’ of this Being. There is not and cannot be any prayer to this Being as there is not and cannot be any meek humbled reverence before this Being with ourselves cast as ‘sinners’. Similarly, this Being does not ‘know’ everything in the sense that a monotheistic God is supposed to ‘know’ everything. These things are not and can never be because this Being is not separate from us, as a living entity, anthropomorphic or otherwise, which exists by itself in some ‘heaven’ or wherever. We are this Being, and this Being is us, in a way which we cannot, as yet, conceptualize but can only experience or feel.

    Moreover, this Being cannot do ‘miracles’ which contradict the natural order because this Being is the natural order; this Being is Nature and the patterns and order which govern or control the cosmos.

    In a very important sense, the National-Socialist religion expresses all the wisdom which we have attained over thousands of years because we are thinking beings who through a striving for excellence have continued to evolve. This religion also expresses in a profoundly spiritual and practical way, what is necessary for us to continue to evolve toward and into higher beings. It is crucial to our survival as a thinking species.

    I: The Revelation of Adolf Hitler

    The unique, divinely given, Destiny of the peoples of this world was revealed by Adolf Hitler. This unique Destiny – given by the cosmic Being – is to civilize: to create order from chaos. Or, expressed another way, to bring the light of the cosmic Being into the world.

    According to the religion of National-Socialism, the cosmic Being has endowed our human species with those qualities which are necessary for a higher, more conscious, order to be created here on this planet. These qualities are the ability to be inventive, and noble character. Fundamentally, civilization – the creation of a higher, conscious order from a primitive, more chaotic way of living – means individuals who possess noble instincts who have the capacity to be heroic, creative and inventive.

    Our Destiny to continue with our civilizing mission – to create new, and more advanced civilizations, by creating noble societies dedicated to high, numinous, ideals. Our task, our purpose in life, is to learn, explore, discover, invent and bring order to chaos. Part of this involves creating a new Galactic civilization by exploring and conquering that final frontier which is Outer Space.

    To enable this Destiny to be achieved, our human races and their separate cultures must firstly be preserved, and secondly, extended. That is, people must dedicate themselves to living in a National-Socialist way so that a more noble development of all races can take place. To fulfil our Destiny we need to continue with the upward work of Nature by creating new races of higher beings. Only by doing these things can we aid the cosmic Being and thus the natural order which this Being is. In a fundamental sense, a noble race, living according to the National-Socialist principles of honour, loyalty and duty, are the eyes, and the consciousness of this Being – the means whereby this Being can create more order and become more aware. Each noble individual is this Being made manifest, and it is the duty of every person to live in such a way that this divinity is preserved, honoured and extended. The pursuit of excellence, by noble individuals and a noble societies, is the means whereby this divinity can be extended. We, as individuals, are the cosmic Being made manifest.

    The National-Socialism of Adolf Hitler is a practical means whereby we can honour and extend this divine Being by striving to preserve and extend our unique races. National-Socialism is a means whereby we can create a divine society, here on this planet, dedicated to continuing the upward work of Nature.

    To live in this way, there has to be a spiritual revolution. Noble individuals will have to struggle to create a New Order, for at present the majority of them live profane, decadent, lives dedicated to ignoble materialism. The majority of people today have little or no awareness or understanding of their unique heritage and their unique, divinely given Destiny, as they have allowed themselves to be enslaved by those who, for their own dark ends, are the enemies of nobility and honour and thus the enemies of the cosmic Being. These enemies represent disorder, and chaos, as honourable individuals upholding the importance of race represent order and the divine Being.

    For the Destiny of our species to be fulfilled, there has to be a holy war against all those who oppose National-Socialism, for only by winning victory in such a war can a National-Socialist society be created. Those who oppose National-Socialism are – whether they are aware of it or not – undermining our very humanity as they are undermining and destroying order and civilization. As such, they are trampling upon and trying to destroy everything which is divine and sacred.

    Individuals aware of their Destiny – and thus followers of Adolf Hitler – will never compromise with such enemies, for the triumph of the enemies of National-Socialism will mean the destruction of racial diversity itself, and this cannot be allowed to happen for this would mean a return to the darkness of chaos.

    II: Why National-Socialism is a Religion
    1) Because the life and death of Adolf Hitler were a revelation of the supra-human cosmic Being. They were a means whereby the cosmos revealed, and made conscious, our Destiny to continue the upward work of Nature by creating new, higher, races of beings and a new Golden Age, a divine society, here on this Earth.

    2) Because National-Socialism is a practical code of individual living; a means of inner transformation. It is an all-encompassing spiritual Weltanschauung, or ‘philosophy of life’, transcending the political.

    3) Because it is numinous and archetypal – possessing the power to inspire, to transform individuals, make them aware of what is divine, and because it represents what is numinous.

    4) Because the blood of its many martyrs, who died for it, has created a sacred bond among its present-day adherents.

    5) Because it offers us, as individuals, a means to achieve Immortality if we give our lives to aid its divine mission.

    Religion is defined [Oxford English Dictionary] as: “Belief in or sensing of some superhuman power or powers; a system defining a code of living…” Fundamentally, and unequivocally, National-Socialism is a modern, living, religion, of vital importance to our future as a species.

    The enemies of National-Socialism already treat National-Socialism as a religion – they continually express their concern about places connected with Adolf Hitler and his German followers becoming ‘shrines’ or places of pilgrimage for National-Socialists, as they do try to have destroyed or they have destroyed these places, such as the Berghof and Spandau prison.

    All present-day States where Aryans are in the majority, actively persecute National-Socialists, as many States have draconian legislation which allows them to imprison National-Socialists for simply avowing National-Socialism. No public display of National-Socialist emblems or banners is allowed, as National-Socialists cannot assemble to celebrate their festivals. Public meetings and gatherings by National-Socialists are banned or broken up by the authorities, as any person found to be or who admits to being a National-Socialist, is harassed and intimidated and risks losing their employment. Anyone thought to be sympathetic to National-Socialism is so treated, and a total censorship has been imposed, so that only items, books, programmes and so on critical of National-Socialism are allowed to be produced.

    Basically, all these States fear National-Socialism and its Aryan revelation, as they are all committed to waging a war to try and destroy National-Socialism by whatever means they can. National-Socialists have become a persecuted, religious, minority in these countries. The majority of these States have made it illegal for National-Socialists to try and gain converts. National-Socialist literature is banned, and anyone found to have such literature in their possession can be sent to prison.

    All modern States fear National-Socialism because all modern States are profane; they are either (1) controlled, overtly or covertly, by those who are opposed to the divine ethnic policies of National-Socialism; or (2) they are dedicated to selfish, decadent, materialism. All these States are thus anti-evolutionary as their profane policies encourage chaos at the expense of order. As such, they are all detrimental to the cosmic Being – to what is sacred and divine. Progress, and evolution, lie in overthrowing, or destroying, all these profane States and structures and replacing them with an entirely new type of society based on ethnic foundations and the noble principles and ideals of National-Socialism. Anything other than National-Socialism is, at best, a decadent compromise, and, at worst, harmful to our species. Anything other than National-Socialism is profane and will assuredly undermine and then destroy our very humanity.

    Fundamentally, there cannot be any compromise – there is either a genuine National-Socialist society, Reich, or State, or there is chaos and disorder. This is either civilization – or there is barbarism.

    National-Socialism is a religion because it totally rejects any compromise with the profane decadence of present-day living. That is, it upholds and teaches a spiritual way of life – revealing to individuals the meaning of life. According to National-Socialism, the purpose of individual life is to strive to continue the work of evolution: to strive for personal excellence and to strive to preserve and extend one’s unique and important race. This striving is civilizing and human. Anything else is barbaric, inhuman and profane.

    III: The Problem of Evil
    Since National-Socialism considers the cosmos to be a unity, there is no problem of evil in National-Socialist cosmology or ‘theology’. What exists, is either evolutionary, or anti-evolutionary. Evolution is a change toward increased order. What is anti-evolutionary is a change toward disorder or chaos.

    Evolution may be considered to be positive, and anti-evolution, negative, and while evolution and thus order is beneficial to us, as beings who exist on this planet in our particular solar system, it cannot exist without what we describe as its opposite. Order arises out of chaos, and it returns to chaos in a natural way. However, it has to be understood that in the cosmic sense there is no division – one is necessary for the other; one creates the other, or makes the change of the other possible. There is a fundamental dialectic involved in this process – order arises; this order declines over time with the intrusion of chaos; and from this decline, further order arises.

    National-Socialism has a concept of the cosmic Being – it understands Nature, and the cosmos itself, as a type of Being, something which is alive; which has existence, and which creates, or causes, or gives birth to, other beings, such as ourselves.

    The cosmic Being is a striving to create and maintain order from the natural chaos which exists and which would exist without this cosmic Being. The order or life which exists in our physical universe is an expression of the very life of this cosmic Being. We ourselves are this Being made manifest in our particular physical form, and we have evolved because of this cosmic Being. Over vast aeonic spans of time we have evolved consciousness.

    Our consciousness is a means to maintain and increase order and thus intervene in the natural, unconscious, process of the dialectic of change. Consciousness gives us the ability to enhance order, and thus continue with the work of the cosmic Being. Fundamentally, civilization like race, express order – they expresses a higher form of existence.

    We are inextricably bound with this cosmic Being; we are this Being, and we can either aid this Being, or harm it. The vitality, or essence, of this Being is the creative force, or energy, which produces order and which thus causes evolution. The existence, the health, the future change of this Being depends to some extent on us because we are the very eyes, the very consciousness of this Being. We are also its soul – we express the desire of this being to continue with evolution; we are the desire of this Being to improve ourselves, to expand outwards into the universe and explore and discover and so increase the knowledge of this Being, bringing order to chaos.

    We represent – or rather we should represent – order. Our unique Destiny as beings is to create order from chaos; to be creative, inventive, discovering, evolving beings. Furthermore, of our own species, we Aryans are special and unique because we have special qualities – we at present possess more of this divine Being than other races; we are more advanced; more capable of fulfilling the Destiny of this Being. Indeed, this being has made us special and given us a unique Destiny – to civilize; to strive for excellence and so bring order to the cosmos itself. We have evolved, or been created, to do this. However, to create order, there must be struggle – a striving – for otherwise the natural entropy of chaos will bring about the decline of order and its ultimate destruction. While this decline often produces even more and higher evolution, even better order, if there is a total destruction, a new order cannot possibly arise. There would be only and forever chaos. Thus, while evolution and order arise from chaos, and change and decline follow from this order, with often a new, higher, order arising because of this decline – this renewed intervention of chaos – were every form of this order to be destroyed, were what produces that order to be destroyed, there would be no future order, only permanent chaos. Hence, while chaos is natural and indeed necessary, it is also necessary and indeed vital for order to continue.

    For example, it is natural and indeed necessary for us to create order – a particular civilization – and for this particular civilization to decline and be destroyed over time. This decline and destruction re-vitalizes, creating opportunity for more order; more vigorous change. But if race, and the living, vital, culture which derives from it through a triumph over adversity were to be totally destroyed in some way, such future order would be impossible, and chaos would finally and forever triumph because what could create order from that chaos – culture with its honour, excellence and triumph over adversity – would have been destroyed.

    In a profound way, we as different races – with our different cultures – can make future evolution possible; we can keep the cosmic Being alive and so keep alive the possibility of future order. This requires us to quest for excellence, to struggle for order; to fight against chaos: the tendency within ourselves to do what is selfish, ignoble and wrong.

    Were we to cease to quest, cease to strive for order, cease to strive to do what is honourable and cease to forbid what is dishonourable, then chaos would return, with future evolution made impossible. Without us – without our understanding of honour, reason, excellence and identity – the cosmic Being would die. We, when we are true to ourselves as civilized human beings, are special because we are the very essence of this Being. This brings us great gifts – but also great responsibilities.

    Fundamentally, evil, as an abstraction, does not exist. What does exist is chaos. Chaos can be described as the primal, or primitive, state of existence. Evolution, or order, arises from chaos, as it naturally returns to chaos over causal time, if there is no further creative, or evolutionary, input, or energy.

    For us as beings, what increases or enhances order are individual character and ideals. Character means an individual will being channelled by a noble instinct or a noble ideal, and the most fundamental means whereby order is enhanced in individuals is honour. Civilization – or order on a large scale – itself derives from honour; it is honour made manifest in a practical way; it is the creation of a society based on the noble ideals deriving from honour.

    What is good is what is honourable; what is bad is what is dis-honourable. What is honourable creates or enhances order and evolution; what is bad undermines or destroys order and evolution.

    In the abstract sense, what is ‘true’ and real is what is observed, or what is established by observation; what is known or discovered by reasoned observation. In the personal sense, what is ‘true’ is what is honourable; what is false is what is dis-honourable. Thus it is honourable to be truthful and honest; dis-honourable to be dishonest and lie.

    By being honourable, by upholding noble ideals such as duty and loyalty, and by striving for excellence, an individual enhances the vitality, the life, of the cosmic Being itself – they uphold order, and participate in the evolution of the cosmos. Thus they are fulfilling that which they were born, or created, for. By being dishonourable and by ignoring duty and loyalty, a person is actively undermining order, and causing chaos – they are harming the cosmos itself.

    IV: The Duty of National-Socialists Toward Other Races
    National-Socialism is special because it is a manifestation, here on Earth, of divine wisdom: an expression of the will, the truths, of Nature and the cosmos. Part of this divine wisdom is the truth about race, and the culture which different races produce. A National-Socialist strives to make this truth real in a practical way by aiding and seeking to preserve and extend their own race and culture.

    This, however, is not a license to subjugate, abuse, hate, manipulate, or destroy, other races, whatever the type and state of their current society and culture is. Neither is this truth an excuse to consider some races as superior, and some inferior. Rather, it means we National-Socialists have a duty to guide and lead other races toward the divine revelation of National-Socialism – that is, towards (1) the spiritual importance of race; (2) an understanding of the importance of striving for excellence; and (3) a striving to advance each race. This is essentially a civilizing mission – it does not mean ‘patronizing’ other races, as it does not mean interfering in their affairs. Rather, it means each race developing its own unique ethnic society, or State, under its own leadership, with this society being independent, free, and firmly based on the National-Socialist principles of honour, loyalty and duty. Given the creation of such a society by noble, idealistic leaders among a particular race or ethnic group, then that particular race or group can evolve of themselves.

    It is a fundamental tenet of the religion of National-Socialism that all of Nature’s creations have the capacity or potential to change and evolve – for that is the nature of living beings. We, as a species, are unique because we can decide to change – we can creatively intervene in the process of existence. Fundamentally, civilization means being or becoming aware of those things necessary in order to live life in a higher, more evolved and thus more noble, way, and implementing these things on the practical level by creating a new way of living. This, in essence, is the civilizing mission of National-Socialism – making others aware that we can evolve, and showing them how it can be done in a practical way.

    Furthermore, no one race has a monopoly on goodness, or creativity. There is a good and bad in all races, just as there are inventive people in all races.

    National-Socialism desires each race to have its freedom – its own honourable society – where its unique culture can be safeguarded and extended. Each people must create a National-Socialist society of their own.

    Aryan National-Socialists

    For example, what is vital for Aryan National-Socialists, is to create our own Aryan National-Socialist society by converting other Aryans to our cause and by partaking in the holy war that is necessary to overthrow the present profane System which exits in all Aryan countries. What is urgent and necessary is for us to preserve our own endangered Aryan race, and free our people from the perfidious slavery they now endure at the hands of our profane enemies. Once we have this society, and once its existence is secure, then we can turn our attention to other things of importance to our future development. One of these is an alliance with other nations or States for the mutual benefit of both – and the future creation of a federation of independent National-Socialist ethnic homelands. This ideal of a federation is of the races of this planet, having created their own independent ethnic homelands, co-operating together for the purpose of securing the existence of these homelands so that the next stage of our development, as beings, can take place. This stage involves the pursuit of the ideal of a Galactic Empire. This ideal is the means whereby we can continue our upward evolution. It and it alone provides us with the challenges which can create many new races of higher beings. But in order to do this, in order to implement this ideal in a practical way, we need first to create an Aryan National-Socialist homeland.

    It has to be understood that one of the things necessary to ensure the creation of our own Aryan National-Socialist society is the understanding, by Aryans and other races, that National-Socialism means independent racial or ethnic States and not the subjugation or destruction of other races. National-Socialists have to make it clear that their religion means and implies the preservation and extension of race, and that race, and racial separation, expresses the will, or workings, of the cosmic Being. Furthermore, it has to be made clear that the future striving or struggle that is necessary in order for us to continue to advance and evolve, can and must be done in a positive, idealistic way as befits the conscious understanding, or wisdom, we have now attained due to thousands of years of civilization. This positive, idealistic striving – appropriate for our future as thinking warrior beings – is the striving to create a Galactic Empire: the exploration, conquest and colonization of Outer Space.

    All National-Socialists should strive to treat members of other races with courtesy and dignity, and thus behave in a noble and honourable way toward them. It is one of the tasks of the religion of National-Socialism to make individuals aware of honour, and build new societies based on this most noble of ideals. Ultimately, National-Socialism seeks to create a totally new world of ethnic homelands composed of individuals who strive to uphold noble ideals and who strive to live in an honourable way. This requires a holy war against those things and those people, of whatever race and creed, who uphold and champion decadent, profane and dishonourable ideas and ways of living.

    Such a striving, such a war, not only gives meaning to the life of the individual – it is the meaning of the life of the individual. For striving and the quest for excellence is never done; through it, life is enhanced, and the cosmic Being made manifest. Through it, we can attain to another realm of existence, so achieving immortality.

    The first task of Aryan National-Socialists is to create an Aryan homeland, and thus a National-Socialist society or Reich. The second task is to secure the existence and future of this homeland, and thus secure the future of the Aryan race itself. The third task is to begin to pursue noble, idealistic goals and thus extend the Aryan race itself, continuing the glorious work of Nature by creating a new type of person, a new race of higher beings. The fourth task is to revolutionize this world by converting other races to the glorious, divine wisdom which Adolf Hitler has revealed to us – the spiritual importance of race, and the civilizing power of noble personal character – thus enabling them to create their own ethnic homelands dedicated to civilization. The fifth and final task of National-Socialism is to seed ourselves through the Galaxy, bringing order to chaos, so beginning the task of revolutionizing the very cosmos itself.

    All of these require individuals to live in a National-Socialist way by upholding the nine fundamental principles of National-Socialism as they require those who are already National-Socialists to actively convert others and actively work for the practical implementation of National-Socialist ideals.

    V: The Question of God, and Gods
    The cosmic Being which National-Socialism upholds as the suprahuman power guiding or controlling our lives and thus giving us our Destiny, is not God as the term ‘God’ is normally understood. The term ‘God’ now signifies the male, anthropomorphic, monotheistic deity or power associated with the Occidental, life-negating religion of Christianity. Accordingly, this term cannot be used and should not be used to describe the suprahuman power which National-Socialists believe in.

    The term ‘Cosmic Being’ accurately describes and names the divine presence of National-Socialism. This supreme Being is manifest in the creations which exist on this planet of ours – in Nature, and in we ourselves. It is also potentially manifest in the cosmos – it exists, as yet without consciousness, in the stars of our galaxy and other galaxies; in the planets around some of those stars and in the creations which exist on some of those planets.

    This Being cannot be conceptualized. It can only, at present, be experienced or felt in one or more of its manifestations. It is manifest in the living pulse of life – it is this pulse, this energy of existence which causes change and thus brings evolution and order from chaos. It is manifest in the numinous, the beautiful; in what is excellent, and what reveals or makes known the unknown – knowledge and discovery themselves. For all such things are this striving for order made manifest.

    Because of this, what exists naturally – and what comes into existence through a conscious striving for what is numinous, beautiful, and excellent – is divine. Thus by reverencing, upholding and enjoying the physical creations of Nature, we are upholding and partaking of this cosmic Being. There is no division between the ‘physical world’ and the spiritual world, as in other religions like Buddhism and Christianity, with the physical often regarded as sinful and a hindrance to the attainment of spiritual progress. Thus, these religions have only an incomplete concept of the cosmic Being, possessing no genuine understanding, no genuine revelation, of the divine, as is so evident in their complete disregard of the spiritual importance of race, in their disregard of the noble values like personal honour and in their disregard of reason and discovery as a means whereby the cosmic Being can create more order from chaos.

    Quintessentially, the revelation of Adolf Hitler is a most important revelation of the cosmic Being: of the purpose of the cosmic Being. We have been given a unique mission by this, our cosmic Being. To create a Golden Age, so continuing the work of creation, and so taking ourselves out into the cosmos itself. We are the means whereby the cosmos can evolve – for we, as conscious, rational, civilizing, beings striving for excellence, are the means whereby the cosmic Being lives. By creating order here, in terms of civilization, and by taking ourselves out among the stars, we create a type of life that did not exist. We are, when we do these things, the growth of the cosmic Being itself.

    What there is beyond us – that which we as a species have yet to discover and know – does exist, but it does not have this special type of conscious life which we, as a species, are and represent. It does not have our consciousness – our perception. When we strive, when we explore, when we discover, we are expanding the consciousness of this cosmic Being because we are this Being; we are the very essence of this Being. Without us, this type of Being would not exist.

    Perhaps there are other types of cosmic beings, somewhere among the stars. When we chance upon them, or they find us, there will be a new type of life born because of the coming-together of these unique types of Being – and so the evolution will continue. Perhaps there are other, negative, types of cosmic being which await us among the stars. When we chance upon them or find them, then perhaps there will be a struggle for dominance. But from this struggle, something new will emerge or be created – and so change will continue to occur.

    In a sense, the gods and goddesses of some old, pagan, religions expressed some of the nature of the cosmic Being. With National-Socialism, this Being became, for us and itself, a conscious Being. Before the revelation of National-Socialism, the cosmic Being was striving through such means to acquire a consciousness and an understanding. It was striving to learn, to grow.

    Adolf Hitler was the cosmic Being making itself manifest in a practical and conscious way, and thus a means whereby its consciousness, its life, could be made known to us. In a fundamental sense, Adolf Hitler was a practical manifestation of the conscious of this Being. Because of this revelation, this Being can now live on – it can grow, and fulfil the promise latent within it. Before this revelation, this future, of growth, was uncertain; before this making manifest, this Being itself was unreflective; it was ‘primal’; it was young; without a real awareness. It was instinct or ‘spirit’ embodied in creation. Because of us, there is a knowing; an identity.

    In fact, before this revelation, this making manifest, the cosmic Being was in danger. Had it not been for Adolf Hitler, it was possible that this Being could have perished – that the divine light would have gone out, with perpetual darkness enfolding us and the cosmos itself. This revelation has assured the well-being and life of the cosmic Being – for the moment. We have been given a chance – to transform ourselves, create a new, higher civilization, and so seed ourselves among the stars. We have been given the opportunity of attaining immortality.

    It is up to us whether we take this opportunity.

  12. Hitler Rising
    Hitlerian Essays In Defiance Of Tyranny

    By David Myatt


    All ancient Aryan societies – that is, those societies based upon Aryan customs and upholding the Aryan ethos(1) – instinctively recognized that there are three natural castes, or types, of Aryans. Indeed, such societies were often based upon such a division. In simple terms, the three natural Aryan types – the three natural types of Aryan personality – were once called warriors, craftworkers and priests/priestesses. Included in craftworkers are such individuals as farmers – those skilled in what used to be called “the husbandry of the soil”. The religious type were often concerned with knowledge itself, and with healing. In such ancient societies, the work appropriate to each type was respected, rewarded and considered necessary for the proper functioning of the society as a whole.

    A better – because more conscious – description of the last two of the three fundamental and natural Aryan types are Folk-worker and Apollonian. A Folk-worker is someone whose main interest, motivation, talent or duty lies in productive work or employment which is of benefit or value to the folk as a whole. This includes such people as farmers, and mothers, and in many ways the Folk-worker is the mainstay of, and vital to, a healthy and natural society. An Apollonian is someone whose main interest, motivation, talent or duty lies in discovering, exploring, understanding, utilizing or making known, the reasoned order of the cosmos. This includes such people as scientists, engineers, explorers, teachers and those involved in the medical profession. The word Apollonian itself is derived from the name of the ancient Greek god Apollo – the god of reasoning, healing, and knowledge.

    The three fundamental Aryan castes thus are: the warrior caste, the Apollonian caste and the Folk-worker caste. In effect, the work or duty of each caste reflects the three fundamental types of Aryan individual, and if an Aryan undertakes the work or the duty appropriate to a particular Aryan caste, then they will generally be more content and more healthy than they would otherwise. This is so because the work or the duty appropriate to each caste reflects what it natural and healthy for us, as Aryans, and we as individuals are more healthy if we live our lives in such a way that we use and develope our innate or natural abilities and talents. Furthermore, if we do this, we are also enhancing, or evolving, ourselves, and contributing to the evolution of our Aryan culture and thus our Aryan race itself. In other words, we are fulfilling the true or natural purpose of our lives.

    It is the purpose – and thus the duty – of each individual to develop themselves and their own race: to aid and assist in their own personal development, and to aid and assist in the further development of their race, and thus their own culture. They can do this by undertaking the work or the duty of the Aryan caste which is most suited to their own character, and by striving to create an evolutionary society – or Reich – which is based upon this natural wisdom of duty.

    In order to create a truley evolutionary society – a society where civilized values obtain, where culture flourishes and where upward progress is made and better, more civilized individuals produced – the three basic types have to be accepted as the starting point(2). This means that the ethos and duty of each type, or caste, is not only recognized but also forms the basis for education and training in such a society or Reich, with the work, or employment, of each such caste respected and rewarded. In general, such a Reich would seek to dignify and reward all work done by the individuals of that Reich, where such work benefits or aids the Reich. Thus would all of those who did their duty be respected and rewarded.

    In such an evolutionary society, the individual will develope their innate, or natural talents, and their innate natural character, by choosing to join one of these three castes. The education of children will be geared to teaching the fundamentals and the ethos of each caste. Thus, there will be warrior, or military/adventure type training, as there will be training in science and culture. There will also be training in more practical skills which a future Folk-worker might need. The fundamental, or overriding aim, of such an early education will be to produce children of noble character, well-versed in their own culture and in the arts of civilization in general(3). From such essential foundations – common to all – the individual can choose further training in one or more of the guilds, associations or Institutions created to oversee the work involved in each of the castes. Thus will the individual be able to develope their own innate talents and character in a natural and productive way, and thus will such a development benefit them personally, their folk and their society itself. In this society, high standards will be set and maintained by the professional associations, guilds, and Institutions created, with such groups dedicated to the welfare of their members.

    It is important to understand two things about such a caste structure, and the organizations based upon such a division. The first is that such a structure only exists to nurture, develope and use – in the service of the folk – the natural talents and natural character of the individuals of the society, or Reich, with individuals having the fundamental right to make an informed choice for themselves about which caste is best suited to them, and thus being able to train to undertake the work undertaken by such a caste should the individual meet the standards set. There would also exist the possibility of individuals – should they possess the necessary aptitude or skills or whatever – to transfer to another caste, and thus join another guild, association or whatever, and be trained by such a guild or association. Thus, the structures created are flexible and human – designed to develope individuals in a natural way. What can ensure such flexible and human structures – and indeed what ensures such an evolutionary society works at all – is the pursuit of noble ideals by the individual members of such a society. That is, individuals are aware of their own duty to their folk, as they strive to live in a noble and honourable way. It is one of the fundamental aims of such a Reich to nurture such civilized, honourable individuals and to have only such individuals in positions of authority and influence.

    The second thing which must be understood about such a caste structure, is that such a structure is necessary to ensure the well-being of individuals. Individuals themselves are only truely healthy if they possess a sense of purpose. For most, this means useful, interesting, rewarding and productive work. What is interesting and personally rewarding for most individuals is work or employment which makes good use of the natural talents and abilities of those individuals – and which allows those individuals to develope those talents and abilities to the full. Society must provide such work or employment, and thus provide individuals with the respect and the rewards necessary. Thus, a flexible, and thus human, caste structure is a means of creating and maintaining both healthy, happy individuals and a healthy and prosperous Reich.

    Since this caste structure reflects Aryan character – and since a society based on such a caste structure is a means of evolving this character in a civilized way – it is important to realize that the diverse work or duty involved in such castes is all equally necessary and equally important. That is, no one caste is fundamentally “better”, or more Aryan, than any other, just as the work of one particular caste guild is not more important than the work of another guild of the same caste. An evolutionary society, or Reich, is fundamentally an entirely new type of Aryan society where the three essential aspects of the Aryan ethos are made conscious and combined together to produce further development and further evolution. Such a society is a willed and conscious manifestation of the Aryan ethos, and thus a natural, positive and creative intervention in evolution. Such a Reich is an organic society – a living, growing society where every individual part is just as important and just as necessary as every other. The whole organism only works and is only healthy and flourishing if all the parts willingly co-operate together for their own greater good. Thus, not every individual member of such a society is suited to being a warrior. Furthermore, not every member of such a society should be of the warrior caste. What is important is maintaining the correct balance which is necessary for the society, and the individuals within it, to be healthy and grow. What is necessary for such a human balance to be maintained are noble, honourable individuals who possess a conscious understanding of the natural wisdom which has been made manifest in an evolutionary society. This natural wisdom made conscious is National-Socialism itself. Thus, it is National-Socialists – individuals possessed of wisdom and noble character – who can not only build or create such an evolutionary society, but who can maintain it.

    However, before such an evolutionary society can be created – and thus evolution continued – the present society must be destroyed. This present society is fundamentally anti-evolutionary and anti-Aryan, as those who control it and who maintain it are dedicated to eradicating the Aryan ethos itself, and making Aryans into tame domesticated slaves. For the present System to be undermined and destroyed, radical and revolutionary measures are necessary, and the ideal of the Aryan warrior must be championed above all other ideals – for these other ideals, however Aryan and however necessary for future evolution, will mean nothing and cease to exist if the Aryan race which created these ideals, and which alone maintains them, is enslaved and then becomes extinct.


    The simple truth about National-Socialism – which the enemies of National-Socialism have striven hard to hide for over seventy years – is that National-Socialists are fighting to free their people from the tyrannical, anti-Aryan societies which have been created in Aryan countries. National-Socialists are fighting for freedom and justice for Aryans – for a homeland or homelands where Aryans can live among their own kind, according to their own unique traditions and customs(4).

    These Aryan traditions and customs have been taken away from Aryans – they have been outlawed, and made illegal. Tyrannical societies have been created, for the most part slowly and quietly – by stealth, by deceit and by subterfuge. For instance, it was an Aryan custom – a fundamental right – for individuals to carry weapons to defend themselves, as it accepted, by tradition, that a person could use such a weapon in self-defence, if necessary injuring or even killing his attacker, without that person being arrested by some tyrannical, bullying Police force, and without that person having to stand trial accused of committing some ‘criminal act’.

    Of course, the majority of people are unaware of the tyranny which has been created – because those in control, and in power, have tried hard to keep the majority reasonably materially well-off and reasonably contented. That is, they have worked at pacifying the majority – at providing them with creature comforts. They have created a basically materialistic System, a materialistic society, as they have striven hard to convince the majority to accept basically materialistic values – that is, to accept that life means ‘getting on’ and acquiring material possessions. Those who have created these materialistic societies, and who maintain them, have striven hard to use and manipulate the natural desire most people have to provide a better, more secure future, for their children. The result of all this is the present System we have where the majority are virtually ‘salary-slaves’ – tied to jobs or work they dislike, for life, in order to provide themselves and their family with a home and with creature comforts. What is important and valuable about life and living has tended to become lost or obscured in this materialistic, mostly pacified society. For the majority, apathy and/or salary-slavery, have become the norm.

    This anti-revolutionary apathy, this ‘salary-slavery’, is exactly what was intended. For decades, the various governments – both of the ‘Left’ and the ‘Right’ – have introduced and enforced social laws whose aim has been to create a particular type of society. In effect, these social laws, and the policies of the various governments, have ‘socially engineered’ a particular type of society. Quite often, the intent of such social laws has been to compel, or try to compel, people to change their attitudes, beliefs and behaviour on pain of imprisonment. Furthermore, opposition to this socially engineered society has been made illegal – it has been outlawed, due to other laws created and passed by the various governments. Many people who have opposed this socially engineered society, many people who have simply spoken out, in public, against this type of society, have been arrested and imprisoned. Furthermore, many others who have simply written things critical of this type of society have been arrested and imprisoned.

    A party political game has been created, which continues to dupe the majority into believing they have some choice, some freedom to choose the type of government they want. The truth is that all the major political parties are committed to the socially engineered society which has been created, as they are all committed to the laws which make opposition to this type of society illegal. What is more, they are all committed to making and enforcing ever more laws to change still further the attitudes, beliefs and behaviour of people, on pain of imprisonment.

    What, therefore, is the type of society which has been created by the social laws and social policy of successive governments? It is basically a multi-racial materialistic society. It is a society which is not concerned about, and in fact is against, the culture, traditions, customs and well-being of the Aryan majority. It is a society which has outlawed the customs, spiritual values, traditions and way of life of the Aryan majority. It is a society which increasingly favours the non-Aryan ethnic minorities which have settled, and which are increasingly settling in, Aryan countries.

    The simple truth is that the customs, spiritual values and well-being of the Aryan majority are represented by National-Socialism – for National-Socialism is simply a modern practical expression of these customs, values and well-being. It is a means whereby Aryans can live healthy, free and fulfilling lives. National-Socialism desires to create an entirely new, more spiritual, way of life – it is dedicated to the genuine freedom of folk-democracy, as it upholds the noble principles of natural justice and honour which are necessary for civilization. In brief, National-Socialism represents and expresses real freedom and real justice, whereas the societies of the present represent and express a real tyranny and a real injustice for the Aryan majority.

    Naturally, this is not how the majority of Aryans today view National-Socialism. This is so simply because those who have created and who maintain the present tyrannical System have a vested interest in trying to discredit National-Socialism – the one real threat to their tyrannical power and the tyrannical society they have created. Thus have the enemies of National-Socialism striven hard to discredit National-Socialism, as they have striven to persecute and imprison National-Socialists. Thus have they created an ‘official’ version of events for the period 50 – 56 yf (1939-1945) as they have created an ‘official’ view of National-Socialist Germany and Adolf Hitler – no dissent is ever allowed or tolerated, and in many countries it is actually illegal, a criminal offence, to criticize these ‘official’ versions of events.

    Furthermore, the tyrannical System unjustly considers all National-Socialists, and all National-Socialist organizations as either ‘subversive’ or ‘terrorist’, and it is using its vast resources (including the Secret Police, MI5) and its vast powers to try and silence National-Socialists and to try and disrupt and destroy those organizations actively fighting for Aryan freedom and Aryan justice. In effect, the System has declared war on National-Socialists and it is prepared to use whatever unjust and tyrannical means it can to save itself.

    It is the duty and the right of every one to fight such a tyranny in whatever way they can. As Adolf Hitler once said:

    “The judges of this State may tranquilly condemn us for our conduct… But History – the goddess of a higher truth and a better legal code – will smile as she tears up this verdict and acquits us all of the crime for which this verdict demands punishment.

    But History will then also summon before its own tribunal those who, invested with power today, have trampled on the law and justice, condemning our people to misery and ruin, and who, in the hour of their country’s misfortune, took more account of their own ego than of the life of the community.” ( Mein Kampf, II, XV )


    Until recently, it was possible for a forceful, strong, Aryan – that is, someone with character, or personality – to gather around them a loyal band of followers and by using their natural talents, their natural genius, to win or seize power, or at least create a homeland, a territory or a kingdom for themselves. This was the case with all the Aryan chieftains, heroes and commanders of the past – they were truely free, and could win fame, glory and territory for themselves and their followers by using their own prowess, skill and cunning and by exhibiting valour in war.

    So it was with Adolf Hitler. He, because of his charisma, courage and strength of will, gathered around him a loyal band of followers, as he led those loyal followers to victory in a battle with their enemies. At the time, his followers could still fight their enemies – on the streets – on equal terms, as Adolf Hitler and his followers still had access to weapons to defend themselves, with Adolf Hitler himself allowed to carry a gun for his own protection, and allowed to have bodyguards, who often were armed. He, and his followers, could still gather together in public, even if sometimes they had to physically protect their own meetings, as they could still hold their rallies and marches, and so convert and inspire others. Adolf Hitler himself could for the most part speak openly in public – “from the heart”, without having to worry whether his words were “provocative, insulting or inciting”. It was still possible, in those days, to write and speak the truth – about race, and about the Zionist enemy of our Aryan race.

    In brief, there still was, even in such relatively modern times, the chance for a man of genius to win against all the odds; there was still the freedom for such men of action to “make their mark on history”.

    Today, however, this freedom no longer exists. Our Zionist enemies have learnt at least one lesson from recent history, and have created repressive, tyrannical societies in Aryan countries. Thus they have used their influence and their power to have the governments of Aryan countries introduce laws restricting what can be said or done, in public, as they have had laws introduced forbidding or restricting the sale and possession of weapons. [In Britain, Race Relations Acts; Public Order Acts; Criminal Justice Acts and so on.] These Zionists have done two further things in order to try and stop any men of action, or any organization devoted to action, from gaining influence and power. The first was to persuade and influence governments to make such organizations of action – such “para-military” organizations – illegal, and the second was to introduce social polices and legislation designed to tame and emasculate Aryans. These basically Marxist social policies and laws were designed to undermine and destroy individual character, or personality, as they were meant to create a mediocre materialist society full of materialistic mediocre men and women.

    What has happened, over the past fifty years or so in this, and every other once Aryan nation, is that Marxism has been introduced by stealth, by deceit and in the name of “parliamentary democracy” (for which read the “Zionist con-game of party politics”). Aryan ideals have been replaced by Marxist doctrines such as that of “racial equality”. The pursuit of excellence, greatness, glory in combat and valour has been replaced by the pursuit of equality, happiness, material possessions and a selfish, cowardly desire “not to get involved”. Aryan boys, for the most part, no longer fervently desire action; they no longer lust after combat; they no longer aspire to be like Alexander, Caesar, Napoleon, Jim Bowie or Scott of the Antarctic, but desire instead to be “sports stars” or “pop stars” or materially well-off. What matters, for the majority of Aryans today, is “getting-on” and working or scheming to provide material security and material possessions. Dreams of exploration, adventure, conquest and glory – and notions of racial duty – have given way to the petty practical realities which today pass for “life” and “living”: there is a concern about “pensions when one is old” rather than a desire to forage in foreign lands for the wealth of booty; there is a concern about the “weekly shopping”, and clothes and maintaining one’s dwelling or house or car. The days of the romantic, daring adventurer – prepared to take a chance and prepared to join others in the hope of reward and adventure – have almost gone. The healthy, strong, “happy-go-lucky” Aryan man of action has been replaced by the drab “officer-worker” or the “shop-worker” or the “factory-worker” or the self-indulgent, prideless, often flabby sub-human cowardly thief or anarchist. In brief, the free, energetic and still partly wild but honourable Aryan has been replaced by the tame domesticated worker or the listless, pleasure-seeking sub-human.

    The dreams of today, and the social attitudes and ways of life of the majority, are those which have been made for us by our new Zionist masters, as these dreams, attitudes and ways of life reflect either the Jewishness evident in Marxism and Christianity, or the Jewishness evident in selfish usury-capitalism. The Jewish religion of Christianity, with its unhealthy and unnatural concept of sin, the psychology of Freud and the Jewish-created doctrine of sociology have been used to undermine and destroy our natural and healthy Aryan racial instincts – the instincts of the strong, the noble, the adventurer and the warrior. They have all been used to undermine and destroy the ideal of excellence, and the Aryan ideal of individuals of character triumphing by the aid of their genius, their heroism or their will. We are now expected to toil, for life – or be dishonourable and cheat and steal – in order to obtain the basic necessities of life, whereas in the past the strong, the gifted, the adventurous and the free obtained, or took, these by force of arms or by being rewarded for acts of valour and heroism in war. Our society has ceased to reflect Aryan ideals and instead reflects, and is based upon, Jewish ideas and Jewish-created doctrines.

    In the case of Freud, for instance, we have been brainwashed to believe that we, as individuals, are not in control of ourselves, and can never really be in control of ourselves, because we do not really know what is going on “in our perverse unconscious”. In fact, we have been led to believe, or are taught, that we need and must have some Jewish doctrine, or some Jewish psychologist, or sociologist, to “interpret” things for us – to aid us to understand ourselves and the world. In the case of Marxism, we have been led to believe that it is mere economics which determines our fate and our society – not the power of an individual person of genius, their heroism or their will. In the case of Christianity, it is all “the work of the Lord” and so on. History has to be “interpreted” for us in the light of Marxism, Freudian psychology or whatever, as even the great Aryan heroes we once admired are now said, by these Jewish doctrines, to have been “flawed” or controlled by some “perverse unconscious urge” or some “mania” or have some “personality disorder”.

    Hence the flood of books – mostly written by Jews – about that modern heroic man of action, Adolf Hitler and about National-Socialism itself, that pure, conscious expression of our own Aryan will and natural instincts. These books have such titles as “The Mind of Adolf Hitler”; “A Psychiatric Study of Hitler”; “The Psychology of Nazism”; “The Roots of Racism – A Study in Psychopathology”. The childhood, the youth and the adult life, of such men of action, of such Aryan heroes as Adolf Hitler, are studied to find some “explanation” for their beliefs and deeds – other than, of course, nobility of character, heroism or idealism – and when nothing deemed suitable can be found, it is invented. Men of genius, deeds of actions, are thus trivialized, condemned as “perverted” or “psychologically disturbed”, or explained away as resulting from some economic or psychological cause. With such Zionist character-assassination complete, all most Aryans have left to admire and try to emulate are the role models produced and propagated by the Jews – the Christian pacifist; the materialistic capitalist millionaire, the drug-addicted, sex-obsessed “pop star”; the race-mixing socialist; the grey-suited, flabby, dishonourable party-politician; the contented worker living in the multi-racial paradise….. Aryan men today are supposed to be home-loving and contented at home, whereas they should be out seeking adventure, glory and doing deeds of honour.

    We must totally reject this present society, and the values and the goals which our enemies have made for us to try and tame us and keep us domesticated. We should proudly and defiantly praise and follow our own Aryan values and instincts – the values and instincts of strong, war-loving, aggressive men of action.

    We must not be afraid of stating, in public, our commitment to another way of life other than the materialistic sub-human one of the present. This other way of life is the way of adventure, of war, of conquest and Empire; of freedom-and-adventure-seeking groups of men who live by their own warrior rules of honour and who scorn and reject working like slaves, in some factory or some office, for the rest of their lives.

    The values we must champion and uphold are the values of exploration and of conquest – they are the values of forthright men of action, who prefer deeds to words, and who often cannot be bothered to discuss things. Such men prefer not to talk about themselves as they often prefer to settle disputes with their fists rather than by “negotiation”. Such men scorn sickness, in themselves and in others, as they would prefer to get drunk, or have a good fight, rather than talk about any “problems” they might have. Such men can hate, as they can kill – in both cases without the slightest guilt and without any remorse.

    For too long we have gone on about political change or political programmes – seeking to get others to agree with our political aims, and seeking their support on behalf of some political group or movement. The truth is that we have lost sight of what really needs to be done – which is to make our people live and act like Aryans again so that we and they can create and live in a truely Aryan society. Anything less than this total revolution will not work and will not, in the long term, defeat our Zionist enemies and their poisonous, anti-Aryan doctrines.

    If we champion and uphold our own unique Aryan values, then we can and will create the revolution which is necessary to undermine and destroy the present System, and which can thus finally end the Zionist control we are subject to. The first stage in any real revolution is an inner one in the person who seeks revolutionary change – for the real revolutionary is a person who has wholeheartedly committed themselves, in body and in soul, to the aims of the revolution they seek. This means a “revaluation of all values” – a re-making of themselves according to a revolutionary ideal. That is, it means an inner transformation in the person.

    If we return, in our hearts, to our own Aryan values then we are already free where it matters, with the System for all its lackeys and all its power unable to do anything. When we change ourselves, through an act of will, in accord with our own Aryan values, we have already defeated our enemies, and when we actively live accordingly to these values, they can do nothing to stop us furthering our cause. Even if they imprison us or kill us, they have lost – for then we ourselves become heroes to others of our kind: an inspiration for other revolutionaries. We then become the ideal for others to follow, and the more our enemies try to destroy such Aryans who are pure Aryans in character, the more inspiring they become for others.

    Our task now is to teach and show others of our race these Aryan values and convince or persuade them to change themselves by accepting these values. This inner change – this re-learning of what it means to be Aryan – is fundamentally what the National-Socialist revolution is all about. Having become Aryan again, we can create a National-Socialist society, or Reich, and so fulfil the aim of National-Socialism itself – a new, higher, breed of Aryans.

    Thus, we need to champion what is truely Aryan, as we ourselves need to strive to become or champion the ideal type of Aryan man which is now necessary to restore what it is we have lost – this modern now necessary ideal is the warrior; the man of adventure; the man of action. In brief – the forthright dedicated National-Socialist revolutionary who is not afraid of a fight and who enjoys and prefers the company of men such as himself. Fundamentally, we need to change people – to make them Aryan again and into real National-Socialists. In brief, we need real revolutionaries, not party supporters or members.


    Just as it is the duty of most able-bodied Aryan men to fight for, and on behalf of, their race and their own family, it is the duty of most healthy woman, of child-bearing age, to bear Aryan children. Furthermore, it is also the duty of most healthy, able-bodied Aryan men to father Aryan children, just as it is the duty of most healthy able-bodied Aryan women to – if necessary – actively fight for and on behalf of their own children and their own race. Aryans who accept the honourable duty they have, to their race and thus to civilization and its future, are living in a human – or more than human – way, while those who shirk their duty, from whatever motive, live in a sub-human way. Those who live in a sub-human way have renounced what makes them human and what raises them up from animals – duty, honour and loyalty. For without duty, honour and loyalty Aryans cease to be Aryans and descend down to the sub-human level with its decadence and its selfish, self-indulgent barbarism.

    This two-fold duty Aryan women have comes before any self-interest and before any desire for a career. It is the duty of most honourable Aryan women of child-bearing age to bear Aryan children – however difficult if might be to do this duty, and however inconvenient – just as it the duty of an honourable healthy and able-bodied woman to actively fight, if necessary, on behalf of her race. An honourable person is prepared to do their duty and take upon themselves the responsibilities which come with this duty. A dishonourable or ignoble person always find some excuse to explain away their neglect of their duty.

    Just as Aryan men have today largely forgotten what is means to be Aryan, so have Aryan women. Just as the natural and healthy ideal for Aryan men is the noble warrior or the dedicated explorer who has sons who are proud of him, so the ideal, or archetypal, Aryan woman is the noble mother of spirit who has daughters who are proud of her and the service she has done for her race. It is just as necessary, and just as vital, for Aryan women to uphold this ideal of Aryan womanhood as it necessary and vital for Aryan men to uphold the ideal of Aryan manhood.

    What has often not been understood, however, is that this National-Socialist desire for women to bear children does not involve women “knowing their place” and being only “house-wives”, or mothers tied to their home and their family. Rather, it involves women being just as adventurous and self-disciplined as men, as it involves them in learning to fight. It also involves them – should it be necessary – in actually fighting. National-Socialism does not desire to create a breed of weedy “stay-at-home” women who cannot stand the sight of blood and who could not defend themselves, if necessary. Rather, National-Socialism desires to create women of strong character – women who are proud, honourable, capable, resolute, self-disciplined and aware of their duty to their race.

    For this reason, a future National-Socialist Reich would create National-Socialist female youth organizations designed to encourage and create such women, as it would also create one or more exclusively female military Battalions or Units for Aryan women who actively wish to serve and fight for their race. The National-Socialist ideal of a new breed of Aryan men is matched by the National-Socialist ideal of a new breed of Aryan women – together, this new Aryan man and this new Aryan women will create a new race of higher beings.

    This new Aryan women, however, is most certainly not the strident, sometimes lesbian, often race-mixing Marxist-loving woman, or career-minded, selfishly aggressive woman that modern “feminism” desires to create, for such “feminist” women have no notion of racial duty, no honour, no love of Aryan culture and certainly no genuine Aryan spirit.

    It is no coincidence that those at the forefront of the campaign for so-called “feminism” are Marxists and Jews. Indeed, the whole “women’s liberation movement” was the creation of Jews, derived as it was from Marxism, the social theories of Marcuse, Durkheim and Mauss, and the abstract ideas and dogma of Boas, Benedict, Friedan, Abzug and others. This whole campaign was and is an attempt to undermine and destroy the noble Aryan ideal of womanhood – to make Aryan women feel guilty about wanting to be mothers first and foremost, and to try and emasculate and weedify Aryan men by describing strong, forthright, healthy, courteous men as “male chauvinists”.

    We National-Socialists have to state this Aryan ideal for women in a forthright way, as Aryan women themselves have to once again accept and strive for this ideal. We must reject the Zionist myth and illusion of “sexual equality” – a myth and an illusion which, like that of racial equality, has been used to both create a repressive, unnatural, society and to give Aryans unhealthy, unnatural and sub-human goals to strive for in place of healthy natural Aryan ones.

    The truth is that there cannot be and should not be such a thing as an abstract “equality of opportunity” between men and women because each have their own separate and important duties. However, what is equal is the separate duties and responsibilities of men and women – that is, these are of equal importance for the race as a whole. What is important and necessary is that a woman strives to do her duty, and a man strives to do his – the role of a woman, so doing her duty, is not of lesser importance than the role of a man, doing his duty. The woman who so does her duty should be respected, and appropriately rewarded. Indeed, it is one of the aims of a National-Socialist society, or Reich, to restore honour and respect to women by, for example, honouring and rewarding them for bearing and nurturing Aryan children.

    If Aryan women do not seek to uphold this Aryan ideal, and do not strive to do their duty, then they are allowing their lives, and themselves, to be controlled by Zionists to the detriment of Aryans and civilization itself.


    A certain intolerance is natural and healthy – a sign of a strong, vital, individual. It is natural and healthy to be intolerant toward something which makes us sick or which may kill us. To be ‘tolerant’ toward someone who might kill you, is to give in, to submit – to be weak; to behave like a fool and be a grovelling coward.

    Strong people are intolerant of what seeks to make them unhealthy and which may destroy them. Only weaklings and unhealthy individuals practice and avow ‘tolerance’ of what is dangerous to health, life, and liberty.

    The same applies to hatred – it is also natural and necessary, and an essential part of being human. It is natural and necessary to hate those enemies who wish to destroy us, or subjugate us. To preach and try and practice ‘love’ toward vicious enemies intent on murder is both stupid and suicidal – as any reasonable and healthy person knows. One either fights – or one grovels. There is no middle way.

    It is also natural and necessary for a folk or a community to hate and feel intolerant toward those people who are undermining, destroying or trying to enslave that folk or community. Hate is simply a strong passion directed at enemies in order to try and ensure survival. It needs repeating that there is nothing fundamentally wrong or harmful with being intolerant and with hating enemies. Indeed, it is harmful not to be intolerant of and harmful not to hate those things or those persons which can harm, enslave and destroy you. Someone who tolerated a disease which was making them sick, and who did not wish be cured of that disease because they felt it was somehow more ‘humane’ to ‘love’ the disease, is a stupid person.

    A society full of tolerant, peace-loving people who saught to be tolerant of, and loving toward, those things and those people who were destroying them or enslaving them, is a sick society; a diseased society full of weak, diseased people. Such a society would be doomed to die, sooner or later.

    Those who run our present society, and those responsible for creating this society, want us as individuals to be weak and tolerant, as they want us to feel guilty about our natural and healthy instincts. They want these things because they seek to enslave us – to make us docile and tame, and have us accept without question or rebellion the type of tyrannical society they wish to impose upon us.

    In fact, this tyrannical society already exists – and we now have to accept this society, this System, on pain of imprisonment or on pain of ‘re-education’. Those behind this System have made it a criminal offence for anyone to speak out against their deadly, diseased, policies. Those responsible for this repressive System have made it a criminal offence for us to act and behave in a healthy, vigorous way toward those things which are already destroying us.

    Those behind this tyrannical System want to create a multi-racial State whose citizens are docile slaves. Those behind this System want ultimately to down-breed the vigourous, noble, White race through race-mixing because a strong, healthy, White race composed of individuals who are intolerant toward their enemies can never be enslaved. Those behind the present tyranny need and must have a docile mongrelized breed who have had their natural healthy instincts – the spirit to resist – bred out of them. For then those behind this present System will have total control, and a revolution to overthrow them will be almost impossible.

    Well, some people refuse to submit. Some people refuse to grovel. Some people are still healthy, vital and strong – and have not been weakened by the propaganda of this System, by the propaganda about ‘love’ and ‘tolerance’ toward enemies. Some people refuse to be brainwashed by the race-mixing propaganda of the System and refuse to feel guilty about being intolerant toward and hating those things which are enslaving them and trying to destroy them.

    These people are National-Socialists. National-Socialists possess the spirit to resist the present tyranny.

    We all have a simple choice. We can be docile, and believe all the propaganda of the System about how ‘bad’ hatred and intolerance are – or we can resist, and support and aid National-Socialism because only National-Socialism represents what is natural, healthy and strong. Only National-Socialism can build a vigorous society full of free, healthy, vigorous and strong individuals.

    Our simple choice is to either endure oppression – or resist.


    The National-Socialist Legal Code is the basis for legislation and ‘law’ in any National-Socialist society or Reich – that is, in an independent Aryan homeland or State based on the principles of racial separation, and racial and individual excellence. This Legal Code is founded on the eleven fundamental Aryan customs, on the principle of personal honour, and on the duty, or obligation, of an honourable individual to protect and defend National-Socialism and a Reich established to implement the noble ideals of National-Socialism. [The fundamental Aryan customs are given below.]

    The most fundamental principles of this Code are the following:

    (1) The right of individuals to self-defence – including the right to use lethal force, if circumstances demand it.

    (2) The right to possess weapons, including firearms, and to bear them in public.

    (3) The right to kill sworn enemies of the Reich, a public declaration having been made of those considered to be sworn enemies of the Reich.

    (4) The right of an individual to defend themselves, in public, of any accusation or charge made against them.

    (5) The duty of an individual to protect and extend their race by marrying among their own race and by producing, or helping to nurture, healthy children.

    (6) The duty of an individual to protect and defend their race, National-Socialism, and a Reich established to implement the noble ideals of National-Socialism, by serving in the Armed Forces of that Reich, or by public service in the Institutions or organizations of the Reich.

    (7) The duty of an individual to tell the truth, once having a sworn an oath, on their honour, to tell the truth.

    National-Socialists understand the real meaning of justice(5) – for ‘justice’ depends on and is derived from, personal honour. It exists in, and only in, fair, honourable individuals. What makes the instinct for fairness which noble individuals possess by nature more conscious – and thus the foundation for a system of real justice – is: (a) a code of honour; (b) a striving by individuals to uphold this code; and (c) an understanding of how important individual character is – and in particular, how important honourable, fair, individuals are for maintaining and administrating justice.


    (1) The right to possess and bear weapons and to use those weapons in self-defence.

    (2) The right to protect oneself, one’s family and kin by using force if necessary – including using lethal force.

    (3)The obligation to be loyal to those one has sworn an oath of loyalty to.

    (4) The obligation to tell the truth, once having sworn an oath to do so.

    (5) Never to break an oath, once having sworn one.

    (6) The acceptance of the right to ‘trial by combat’ to prove one is innocent of an accusation.

    (7) Accepting that any person accused of anything had the right to defend themselves, in public, and that those making the accusation or laying a charge had to make that accusation in public before the accused for that accusation to be seriously considered.

    (8) Accepting that anyone found guilty of some offence, including killing someone else, could, as their sole punishment, be exiled or outlawed.

    (9) Accepting that those found guilty of some offence, such as killing another person, could, as their sole punishment, have to compensate the victims family in goods or in money. (This compensation was called Wergeld in Germanic and Anglo-Saxon societies.)

    (10) Accepting that disputes between individuals, and between rival or disputing factions, could be settled through single combat, or a fight, between those individuals or between two champions, each such champion representing one of those opposing factions, with each person or each faction accepting that right was on the side of the victor of such a combat or fight.

    (11) Accepting that everyone had the right to challenge the authority of someone, or those in authority, and that this challenge should be made through single combat between the challenger and the person whose authority is so challenged, with the person defeated graciously accepting the authority of the victor in such a combat. As explained elsewhere(6):

    ” An Aryan, National-Socialist, system of justice is a system created for, and maintained by, honourable individuals. These individuals are fundamentally warriors, who uphold a warrior ethos and who live by a code of honour. An Aryan system of justice is based on personal honour, and thus the right of the individual to defend themselves, and their honour, by trial by combat – or have someone champion their honour. Such a system is healthy, natural, civilized and for honourable individuals.

    To create such a natural system of justice – or rather to return to it – the present system will have to be totally destroyed. This requires a revolution – particularly in people’s attitudes. There has to be a return to valuing personal character; to upholding honour. There has to be a return to a warrior ethos, a warrior society. There has to be an understanding of what justice really means. The present impure society has to be completely overthrown. In brief, there has to be a National-Socialist revolution and the practical implementation of the ideals of honour, duty and loyalty. Anything other than this total revolution is uncivilized, and a compromise with tyranny.

    Of course, creating an entirely new system based on individual honour, and allowing for individuals to defend their honour in a practical way, by such things as trial by combat, is difficult. But it is not impractical. The obstacles which exist are only there to be overcome. And they can and will be overcome given Aryan inventiveness, Aryan determination and a desire to implement noble ideals in a practical way. All that is required – all that is ever required in such circumstances – is a ‘triumph of the will’. ”


    Crime is made by politicians – for it is politicians who make laws. It is politicians who thus decide what is legal, and what is illegal or “criminal”. Someone doing what politicians consider to be is “illegal” – and which they have made “illegal” by making some law – can be arrested for committing an offence and if found “guilty” can be sent to prison.

    Furthermore, it is politicians who decide how long a person can be sent to prison for committing what those politicians make a “criminal offence” – for it is politicians who decide what “punishment” can be inflicted when someone transgresses a law those politicians have made.

    Politicians can thus make ordinary people into “criminals”. It must be understood that what politicians make a “criminal offence” is not necessarily wrong and that someone committing such a “criminal offence” in not a criminal. Indeed, such a person may be doing what is morally right or just – for many of the laws made in recent decades are bad laws based on social ideas and political dogma, and not on what is morally right or just.

    For decades, politicians have tried to blur the distinction between moral laws and social laws. Whenever they have made a social law – designed to change society in accord with their own political dogma – they have tried to convince people that such a law is “right” or “necessary” or “just” or whatever. They have done this either because they were stupid and naïve – and seriously believed such detrimental social laws were “just” or “necessary” – or because they basically did not care, and wanted to advance or enrich themselves by playing the party political game. Politicians no longer understand – or ignore – the real meaning of morality. Fundamentally, morality is what enhances the life of an individual and the order and life of the community or people which that individual depends on to a greater or a lesser degree. What is moral is what is right for an individual in the context of the relation of that individual with their family and the community they are a part of. That is, genuine morality depends on living relationships, not on abstract and lifeless abstractions, be such abstractions derived from religious, social or political sources. A living community represents an ordered way of life, and the thread which binds such a living ordered community is the thread of common customs. Such a thread gives rise to a common culture where there is a common aspiration to protect, preserve and enhance that order which enables individuals to thrive and prosper within the context of their community.

    The truth is that the law once was, and always should be, moral – that is, an instrument to aid and advance the people of a particular living community, nation, or State. As such, laws were and always should be an expression of the will of the particular people of that community, nation or State – the desire of a particular community, people or race to survive, flourish and prosper. This will of the people is expressed in and represented by the customs and the heritage of that people or race, and thus in moral laws which protect and advance the order they have created or inherited, and their own race and its culture. A moral law is a reflection and expression of the will of a living, or organic, community or State, and thus reflects and expresses the culture of that community. A moral law thus is based on the natural customs of an organic community or State. In contrast, a social law is a reflection and expression of the will of those who rule the artificial, abstract and lifeless society created by social dogma. A social law thus expresses and is based on a lifeless, abstract idea.

    To be living – or organic – a society or community or State has to be composed of individuals off the same race and thus the same culture, for such a sameness of race is what makes a society or community or State living. When there is no longer a sameness of race – the same aspirations and culture – then what results is always artificial and lifeless and unrepresentative.

    Thus, in essence, a moral law expresses and represents what is good for, what protects and what aids a particular race who live together in particular community, society or State. A moral law represents or enhances the natural, living, order such a racial community create or inherit from their ancestors. Furthermore, an individual has a moral duty to uphold such moral laws, for such duty is the main means whereby the order of a living community or society is maintained and enhanced, thus enabling that individual to benefit from such an order. What has happened is that all modern law has ceased to represent and protect a particular people – and ceased to represent what is morally right for that people – and become instead a representation of the social dogma and social beliefs of an unrepresentative minority. This unrepresentative minority are modern politicians.

    A whole new System has been constructed to enforce, administer and police the social dictates made by this unrepresentative minority. Modern politicians are unrepresentative of the racial community their government is supposed to serve and protect because these politicians are no longer concerned with the welfare and advancement of their racial community since the social dogma and social beliefs of their political parties are totally opposed to the culture and heritage and customs of their own race. The so-called morality these politicians have devised for themselves and for others of their kind is the abstract, lifeless, morality of abstract, lifeless ideas, and the ultimate consequence of trying to create and maintain a society based on these ideas will be the destruction of the natural order that all living societies create and represent. This destruction will mean the creation of more and more basically “rootless”, uncultured, selfish, individuals who have no understanding of morality and no concept of their duty to uphold the order of their community – because there is no real, living, community for them to be dutiful to, just a lifeless, abstract idea and just a “neighbourhood” composed of different individuals who just happen to live near each other. The human, connected, life of the living racial or folk-community – sharing similar aspirations and the same culture and customs – becomes replaced by the artificial, soulless, multi-cultural life of the sprawling city and the town. This is exactly what is happening now.

    People have a moral duty to ignore and fight any and all social laws, as they have a moral duty to observe moral laws. The greatest moral duty we have is to preserve, protect and enhance our own race, our own unique racial culture and the natural order we have inherited from our ancestors. For it is these things and these things alone which define us as individuals and which enhance or which can enhance our own lives as individuals. We have no moral duty to anything or anyone else, and certainly not to some abstract, lifeless, society created by unnatural social laws. We need to re-discover the natural wisdom we have lost – or rather, which has been taken away from us by the abstract, unnatural, social ideas politicians and their lackeys have forced upon us in recent decades.

    This natural wisdom expresses the most fundamental truth of our human existence – that we, as individuals, belong to our race, our culture and the ordered community our ancestors evolved to expresses and enhance their race and culture. Further, this wisdom expresses the truth that our lives have no ultimate, abstract, purpose beyond this belonging. We must discard the unnatural, lifeless, abstract ideas which deny this wisdom and which state that the purpose of our lives, as individuals, is to “be happy” as isolated individuals, or “transcend to some heavenly paradise” as isolated individuals, or selfishly enjoy ourselves while we live. These unnatural abstract ideas all treat the individual in isolation – they all abstract the individual out from their community, their race and the natural, community, order or heritage which such a race creates over time. The truth is that an individual is an indivisible link between the past of their race and its future – they are responsible for that race; they have a duty to further enhance, or protect, that race, for by doing so they are fulfilling the meaning of their lives. Life has no meaning beyond this, and anyone who believes otherwise has fallen prey to the unnatural, abstract, ideas which politicians and their kind are trying to trick us into accepting. Furthermore, if we do our natural, moral duty we are increasing our own vitality, our own joy, in a way which is impossible otherwise. We are living more intensely, on a higher level – we possess a real sense of belonging, of meaning, and thus can in effect live better, more healthy lives. By so connecting ourselves to our racial past and our racial future we possess a Destiny, and the power of greatness and glory which our ancestors can give to us. They can give us such things – such strength – because they in truth still live in us, and we only have to become a part of our living race, by doing our duty, to have access to such strength, glory and joy. Compared to all this, the unconnected, selfish life of a person who devotes their life to abstract ideas or selfish pleasures is pathetic and irrelevant. By so striving to fulfil this racial meaning – by so striving to do one’s moral duty – one’s own life is enhanced and made glorious in a way which is impossible otherwise.

    It is our foremost duty to protect our own race and to uphold and champion our own culture and our own customs. Our present society has made this duty a crime, as it has outlawed many of our natural and healthy customs. Accordingly, it is our duty to rebel against the System our present abstract society and its politicians have created. For it is this System and the politicians who have created it and who maintain it which is, and who are, immoral. It is these politicians – and everyone who aids them or the System they have created and which they maintain – who are the real criminals.

    Compared to their crimes, and the crimes committed in their name by those who enforce the laws and the dictates such politicians make, the everyday ‘crimes’ of ordinary people are petty and irrelevant.

    1. Aryan customs, and the Aryan ethos, are described in the article “The Arts of Civilization – Aryan Culture and the Importance of Honour, Curiosity and Conquest” ( contained in Vision of a Future Golden Age). See also the following works:(1) National-Socialism, Aryan Culture and Aryan Freedom; (2) Aryan Freedom – Heretical Essays in Praise of Aryan Culture; (3) Future Reich – National-Socialism, Order and the Triumph of Individual Will; and (4) National-Socialism, Morality and Justice.

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    In respect of Aryan customs, see ‘The National-Socialist Legal Code’ below, and National-Socialism, Aryan Culture and Aryan Freedom.

    5. Justice, and penal reform, are outlined in ‘National-Socialism, Morality and Justice’.

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  13. It’s nice to see a pro-Hitler post. In spite of all his faults, real or imagined. I still think of Hitler as a great hero of the white race who had far more foresight than any of his contemporaries.

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