Richard Barrett Murdered

Richard Barrett, a well known White Nationalist leader, was found beaten and stabbed to death yesterday at his home in Pearl, Mississippi. Vincent McGee, a black neighbor, has been arrested. After murdering Barrett, McGee reportedly set his house on fire.

WLBT reports:

McGee was released from Parchman State Penitentiary in February after serving five years for assaulting two Rankin County officers and grand larceny. “He should have remained in prison until December of this year, but because of jail overcrowding and other issues he was released,” said Rankin/Madison Counties District Attorney Michael Guest.

What was the motive for murder?  Sheriff’s deputies could not say.

“I thought he learned his lesson, but you never know,” said McGee’s stepfather Alfred Lewis.  According to Lewis, the 22-year-old was angry over money.  He said his stepson was hired to do lawn work at Barrett’s home in Utica on Wednesday.

The two traveled the roughly hour-long trip each way together.  After six hours of work, Lewis said Barrett paid McGee $26.

“He thought he was at least going to get $60 or $70 for the work he did.  He was kind of upset for $26,” said Lewis.

Family and neighbors did not know what kind of relationship Barrett and McGee had, but they call it odd.

“I have been out here ten years.  He ain’t never asked a black to work for him.  Am I right or wrong?” Henderson Craig asked his fellow neighbors.  “Why you pick this young black man who just got out on parole to work for you?”

This sounds incredibly fishy to me. Let’s suppose that Richard Barrett was a white supremacist hypocrite guilty of making a buck off cheap black labor. Would such a man hire a convicted negro felon who just got out of prison for violently assaulting two police officers? Would he have been so dumb as to rip off such a dangerous individual? He couldn’t possibly have been that stupid.

Barrett had a long history in the White Nationalist movement. He served on George Wallace’s presidential campaign staff; campaigned against integration and communism; challenged the Voting Rights Act; protested the Martin Luther King holiday; defended the Confederate flag; supported Byron De La Beckwith who was convicted of killing Medgar Evers; protested the Jena Six; opposed the replacement of Colonel Reb as the Ole Miss mascot. He was best known as the founder of the “Nationalist Movement.”

An elderly gentleman, Richard Barrett wasn’t a crazy and ignorant white supremacist as some on the Left made him out to be. He was a decorated Vietnam war veteran. He had a bachelor’s degree from Rutgers in American history and government and a law degree from Memphis State University. Barrett was a member of the National Rifle Association, Veterans of Foreign Wars, the American Bar Association and Who’s Who in the South.

In his book The Commission, Barrett explained why he became a White Nationalist: “Nausea hit me in the pit of my stomach. Fear of my country overshadowed me,” he said, remembering his thoughts after he heard about the Brown vs. the Board of Education decision, which ended segregation in the South. “Nature not men decreed that Negroes were different,” he wrote. “Those who mingled with colored were as much an aberration as the unwanted bluebird in the redbird’s nest and every bit as disruptive of natural and societal disorder.”

Personally, I never knew Richard Barrett, although I have long known of him through reputation. Like many of the “old guard” White Nationalists, he had amassed a number of enemies over the years. Jim Giles despised him. If memory serves, Giles and Barrett dueled in court several times. It should be interesting to hear what Giles has to say now that one of his arch enemies has been savagely murdered in his home by a negro criminal.

I think the lesson to be learned here is clear: in the Obamanation, none of us are safe. It needs to be said: “There are niggers at large who will rob, rape, and kill you. The threat level is high and rising.” Jim Giles was ominously prescient on this point.

Violent crime isn’t a South African problem. This could easily have been Jared Taylor, Sam Dickson, or Greg Johnson. Whether you liked or despised Richard Barrett, his death shows that we all have targets on our backs, and that racialists need to become more outspoken defenders of Second Amendment rights.

Note: Here’s the relevant discussion at Stormfront.

Update: Liberals celebrate Richard Barrett’s murder at Democratic Underground.

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  1. …Vincent McGee, a black neighbor, has been arrested. After murdering Barrett, McGee reportedly set his house on fire.

    You know there is a real problem in America when a White ethno-nationalist patriot has to be next-door neighbors with not just a Negro — but a criminally savage one at that.

    O Tempora! O Mores!

  2. This so soon after Terre’Blanche, tragic and eerie.

    Lesson #1: Don’t hire niggers to do work for you.

    Lesson #2: If you live around niggers you should know how to defend yourself and be prepared.

    My condolences to Mr. Barrett’s family and friends.

  3. “Those who mingled with colored were as much an aberration”. And yet he died mingling with the colored. Go figure.

  4. I am truly saddened by the loss of one our brothers, and I will not forget him or let his memory go in vane.. My heart felt prayers and wishes go out to his loved ones.

    The G will more than likely not charge this Orc with a hate crime. Which will only push more whites towards us; on the other hand if this Orc is charged with a hate crime it will be unprecedented, and I believe the first time an Orc has been charged with a hate crime involving Orc on White.

    Which will have profound implications, not only will the usual suspects go ape sh*t, i.e. Sharpton, Jackson, Farrakhan, Wright, etc.. I know the Talibama and Holder will not be able to contain themselves, and will either say something stupid or try and step in to get the hate crime charges dropped against the Orc. Which would only further disaffect and radicalize whites.

    We have to keep up the noise as much as possible on this tragic loss, sound has a profound effect, and if we cause enough agitation we can get this heinous Orc on white crime brought to the MSM. I recommend everyone here tries to call and email one of the big 3 national radio talk shows, Rush, Savage, and Hannity. IMO Savage would be ideal, as he is the most vocal about Affirmative Action, black on white violence, and every other race double standard, etc..

    Let’s all pull together and not let Mr. Barrett’s death go in vane.

    Savage (800) 449-8255 M-F Between 6-9PM ET

    Rush (800) 282-2882 M-F Between 12-3PM ET

    Hannity (800) 941-7326 M-F Between 3-6PM ET

  5. Of course the press will treat this with indifference and that he somehow deserved what he got.


    ”Nature not men decreed that Negroes were different,”

    Can’t say it any plainer or better than that.

  6. Very similar to the Terre’Blanche cover story. I wonder if this is the beginning of targeted assassinations of White nationalists. If that started to happen, we’d have to do what the Jedi did at the end the 3rd serial — disburse and go into hiding in foreign places, hopefully out of the reach of targeted assassination. It’s hard to say what a safe place would be. I can tell you one NOT SAFE place, and that’s Denmark, because Denmark lets itself be a host for spies from all around the world.

    I highly recommend reading true spy memoirs. Not fiction. Only memoirs by real spies — Suvorov, Ostrovsky, Platonov. And learning foreign languages. We may have to become international dissidents, or a “resistance in exile.” Living in other countries might actually be good for us for a while. At any rate we’d be thrown out of our comfort zone and have to learn to fend for ourselves and be a Diaspora.

  7. It remains to be seen if the black murderer is telling the truth. Did he make up a story about some work? Maybe, maybe not.

    It would not surprise me that the murderer is telling the truth as for as the work and payment goes.

  8. Very fishy indeed. There is an inconsistency in the story in that nigger murderer McGee is a “black neighbor” yet traveled an hour to Barrett’s house to do chores. Didn’t know neighbors could live an hour away.

    I’m beginning to think this could be part of a coordinated plan to murder well known white nationalists around the world. A second murder of a WN involving an alleged dispute over payment of farm or lawn services seems too coincidental for me.

    There’s more to this story than we know. Any WN’s who receive a lot of publicity should have a loaded gun handy at all times.

  9. I’m beginning to think this could be part of a coordinated plan to murder well known white nationalists around the world. – Mr. Dithers

    An entirely reasonable assumption given the overall trend.

  10. “I’m beginning to think this could be part of a coordinated plan to murder well known white nationalists around the world.”

    FFS, no wonder racialism is marginal, the wacko conspiracy theories… ET was on his way out, RB was about as marginal as they can get.

    The race mixing “nazi” Maynard (“Melcur”) just killed his ex-wife (non white) then himself. Another murder huh?

  11. It seems that Curt Maynard did murder his wife and then off himself:

    LAKE JACKSON — A 42-year-old Holiday Lakes man who killed his ex-wife outside her Lake Jackson home Wednesday, then shot himself and wrecked his car with police in pursuit, apparently was angry about the couple’s bitter divorce.

    Curtis Maynard had said many derogatory things about Melissa Meza, both online and through e-mail, police said, but they found no indication that he previously made threats on her life.

    But at 8:20 p.m. Wednesday, police say Maynard shot Meza, 34, several times outside her home in the 100 block of Post Oak Street.

    Maynard showed up at the house, shot Meza in the front yard, then went upstairs and shot his 16-year-old former stepdaughter in the face, Detective Paul Kibodeaux said.

    The 16-year-old was in stable condition at Memorial Hermann Hospital on Thursday.

    Police say after shooting the girl, Maynard went back outside, where a wounded Meza apparently had tried to hide behind a bush. He then shot her again several times before leaving the house, Kibodeaux said.

    Online accounts, apparently written by Maynard, recount the couple’s ugly divorce about a year ago, after a lengthy relationship and 2005 marriage.

    Tonya Taylor, a friend of Meza, said Maynard frequently threatened and bullied Meza and was openly racist.

    Taylor described Meza, a Dow Chemical Co. engineer, as a good mother, a help to those in need and a strong woman.

    “She was finally trying to get her life back,” Taylor said. The two had been divorced about a year.

    A friend had just left Meza’s house when Maynard arrived Wednesday, Kibodeaux said.

    Several neighbors heard gunshots and ran outside to see the the couple’s 12-year-old daughter running away from the home, carrying their 2-year-old daughter.

    “She was running just as fast as she could, yelling, ‘Help! Let us in,’” Jouett Gardner said. Gardner and her husband, Gary, live two doors down from Meza’s home.

    In an attempt to hide, Meza had moved behind bushes in the yard. Maynard found her and shot her several more times using an SKS assault rifle and a shotgun, Kibodeaux said.

    Maynard pulled his car out of the yard, where he had parked the vehicle, and drove away, Kibodeaux said.

    Gary Gardner ran outside with a gun and tried to stop Maynard from leaving by standing in the road, but Gardner quickly got out of the way when he realized Maynard was not going to stop, he said.

    Another neighbor followed Maynard until police caught up with the two and Maynard turned onto Highway 288, Kibodeaux said.

    After a short pursuit, Maynard apparently shot himself in the head before hitting an SUV parked on the side of the road near the Lake Jackson city limits on Highway 288, Kibodeaux said. The woman

    in the SUV pulled over when she saw the three police cars following Maynard.

    The woman and two children in the SUV were taken to Angleton Danbury Medical Center as a precaution, but were unharmed.

    Maynard’s car stopped in the left shoulder, Kibodeaux said. Maynard was found dead at the scene.

    As police followed Maynard on 288, emergency vehicles converged on Meza’s Lake Jackson home and emergency medical personnel brought the injured 16-year-old girl outside, Gardner said.

    It took some time for them to find Meza behind some bushes, he said.

    Meza was found dead with five gunshot wounds to her face, shoulder and leg, Kibodeaux said.

    Maynard’s online accounts indicate he sought custody and child support for the children, but his requests were denied. Maynard was a nurse and said he had been a stay-at-home father for his youngest daughter.

    Taylor, Meza’s friend, had been happy to see Meza leave the marriage, and she was shocked to hear she had been killed.

    “Even knowing both of them, I never would have thought he would do this,” she said.

    The neighborhood is still reeling from the events.

    “We’re not used to this in our neighborhood,” Jouett Gardner said. “We don’t expect this.”

    The Gardners live across from O.M. Roberts Elementary.

    Children played in the school’s playground Thursday as investigators walked in and out of Meza’s home with evidence.

    “It was a lovely place to bring children up,” Jouett Gardner said. “I thought it still was.”

    Meza’s and Maynard’s 12-year-old and 2-year-old daughters are staying with grandparents and a family friend.

    Katlynn Lanham covers Lake Jackson for The Facts. Contact her at 979-237-0150.


  12. Giles is on the air discussing this. He claims that the FBI was on the scene following Richard Barrett’s death, which Giles sees as evidence that Barrett was an informant.

    Giles also says that a Rankin County investigator called him from the crime scene to discuss Barrett.

  13. “I’m beginning to think this could be part of a coordinated plan to murder well known white nationalists around the world.”

    FFS, no wonder racialism is marginal, the wacko conspiracy theories… ET was on his way out, RB was about as marginal as they can get.

    Since Whites are so thoroughly disorganized and indoctrinated, they simply can’t comprehend that there are groups in society that do, in fact, coordinate their activities and these activities are often illegal.

    If a drug gang murders a witness, no one would call it “wacko conspiracy theories” – but if a well dressed white collar mob offs an informant, well that’s just wacko.

    Guys in ties committing murder as part of an international conspiracy? inconceivable!

    The NSA doing warrantless wiretapping? Wacko conspiracy theories. Everyone knows NSA doesn’t exist!

  14. on the other hand if this Orc is charged with a hate crime it will be unprecedented, and I believe the first time an Orc has been charged with a hate crime involving Orc on White.

    You mean the first time it’s been reported in the press. (btw, I’ve seen at least one reported in the press, couple years ago)

    It’s useful to keep the difference in the forefront of your mind.

  15. My local newspaper, which usually won’t allow any comments on stories of black on white crime (when they even bother reporting those crimes – usually has to be a murder) is allowing comments on Richard Barrett’s murder. Even when they do allow comments, they’re known to remove individual comments they don’t like. But there’s quite a bit of cheering being allowed there right now.

  16. Faggot Nigger Fukbots and Miscegenaturds Are Killing ‘Our’ Great Bowel Movement Leadersheep

    Let’s see. SkinheadDick Barrett killed by its pet nigger faggot fukbot on Wednesday or Thursday and now Curt ‘the Miscegenator’ Maynard shooting hisself when chased by piglice Thursday after plugging the beaner bitch which got some of his Aryan input and squeezed out some mudlet abominations.

    Why can’t none of them have the good sense of a Jimmy Swaggart and simply masturbate over a plug-ugly paid whore telling them about her pubescent daughter? Then we would have had these worthless dead bastards still alive, claiming to be whigger nutsionalists and followed by idiots and ZOGbots as fine examples of our burgeoning bowel Movement.

    Well, I have a number of thangs to say, but let’s start with how it was all for the best. Shame it didn’t happen sooner, in fact.

    I don’t believe in not saying anything bad about the dead, because as Shakespeare wrote in Julius Caesar, “The evil that men do lives after them; the good is oft interred with their bones.” SkinheadDick Barrett was a particularly twisted and treacherous faggot lawyer who went after better men in the ZOG korts; Curt ‘The Miscegenator’ Maynard was a race-traitor. As a matter of fact, I am thankful that they are dead, and found their ‘contribution’ to White Nationalism not only suspect, but almost always counterproductive.

    There are certain people in the White Nationalist bowel Movement who are better off dead, the sooner the better, and I don’t believe in doing anything but being happy and gloating when Justice, too often delayed, strikes these criminals dead in the most undignified way possible. The vast majority of ZOGlings, be they whigger or mamzer, are a total waste of hide, and things can’t fall apart and The Great Tribulation kick into high gear fast enough to suit me, cf. Rev. 6:10.

    Curt Maynard had some redeeming qualities. Richard Barrett, absolutely none.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

  17. There have been a lot of rumors about Barrett. I have my suspicions about some things, as do many others.

    Anyway, white people need to stop hiring non-whites to work for them.

  18. I’ve heard internet rumors over the years that Barrett was homosexual but almost every pro-white leader has been smeared with that charge. As such it’s tossed around so much by the ADL, SPLC and other leftists that you can never be too sure of its veracity.

  19. Let’s not forget he was born in Yankee territory. So all you Southerners who detest us Yankees just remembers some of us defend the South more than you do!!!

  20. I’ve heard internet rumors over the years that Barrett was homosexual but almost every pro-white leader has been smeared with that charge. As such it’s tossed around so much by the ADL, SPLC and other leftists that you can never be too sure of its veracity.

    Mr. Dithers,

    As usual with these congenital liars, and to be expected, in consideration of the long-established tradition of their Babylonian-Bolshevist ancestors.

    …almost every pro-white leader has been smeared with that charge. As such it’s tossed around so much by the ADL, SPLC and other leftists…

    All that we can accurately say to this calumny on their part is:

  21. Listened to Giles on the Barrett murder and he keeps railing about the “nigger media”. Last I checked the mainstream media is overwhelmingly in Jewish hands, so I hope he has a follow up show and acquaints us with all the negro media barons.

  22. Sorry to hear about this murder.
    I met Richard Barrett once ~ 20 years ago, when I was searching WN organizations after witnessing hell New York City late 80s, early 90s…

    To be honest, Richard Barrett was more than a little bit scary, he wanted me to spend the night at his place and I sensed strong homo tendencies so I took a pass and got out of there.

    That said, he did take the White side on many issues and I honor this.

    No one is perfect and lots of our people have certain flaws.

    Here’s hoping the Black perp is punished in a strict, fair manner.

    For our people.

    14 Words

  23. That fact that Barret’s website was festooned with homoerotic pictures of shirtless young skinheads didn’t help his reputation.

  24. Unfortunately the accused Negro states that Barret made sexual advances against him. If that’s the truth or just something a smart shyster came up with, remains to be seen.

  25. That’s the same thing that the killers of Terreblanche said. Initially a wage dispute, then the Blacks murder the WN, then the Blacks claim that the older WN guy made passes at them and they killed him in self-defense. These stories are like mirrors of each other.

    Also, Barrett was 1/2 Jewish by his father. He always denied it.

    And in Barrett’s case, it definitely looks like the guy was queer as a 3 dollar bill. What’s weird is the Black is saying he killed Barrett in self-defense after Barrett made passes at him, but the Black himself looks gay as Hell.

  26. No loss there. The man was sick and stupid, an embarrassment to all. Anyone who’d welcome Dick Barrett to table would be in serious need of reschooling in good taste, honesty, and sanity.

  27. Richard Barrett was a Vietnam Veteran decorated with two purple hearts, a Supreme Court winning attorney, author, publisher, activist and friend. There is no evidence what so ever that Richard hired McGee at all or that he was gay unless you believe the black, murdering gang member let out of prison early who killed Richard. -And the only reason he is saying it of course is to skate on the hate crimes charge.

    The Southern Poverty Law Center is an anti-White hate group whom Richard Barrett beat in court on multiple occasions and who seeks to slander him in death in a way they would never have gotten away with while Richard was alive. They’re always for the hate crimes charge unless it is a black person killing a white person such as this case.

    Marxist liberals have forced “homosexual rights” on the majority for 50 years always saying they can do anything anyone else does, but their greatest lie is saying that there are many in the white nationalist side who are gay. It really is a pipe dream of theirs after all. I mean they hate us in public but have always longed to lick our boots…

    The SPLC sides with black murderers, like the US Supreme Court, I side with Richard Barrett.

  28. I’ve been doing some Internet searches of late, gathering material for a major broadside attack against the entire WN movement. I will name names and I will call for expulsions. Had Barrett lived, he would have been one. By all accounts, this freak was a cock-gobbling faggot of the worst sort. That his last sight on earth was the tip of a negro’s cock pumping in and out of his filthy throat just before he died says it all.

    When my new website opens, it will feature the most inspiring WN vision ever seen.

    But…it will also permit every newcomer to see the WN freak show for what it is, be it Duke, Black, Strom, Gliebe, and more.

    Look for it.

  29. Erich Gliebe has always struck me as a fine fellow whenever I have spoken with him. Strom is the one who destroyed the NA with his abortive putsch after Dr. Pierce’s death. Strom has subsequently served a prison term for trafficking in child pornography.

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