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The OD Forum has been redesigned and relaunched. You can access it through the tab in the header. I don’t think the spambots will be a problem anymore. We’ve had over 21,000 unique visitors this month. With that amount of traffic, I think we should have sufficient demand to host a forum. H. Rock White will be the point man for this project.

The blog went through several iterations before taking off. Maybe the third time will be the charm for our discussion forum. I’ve been incredibly pessimistic about forums over the last few years, but the success of White News Now and The Apricity has convinced me there is still life in this medium. A forum is also a better medium for coordinating activism than a blog. Now that vBulletin forums have trackbacks, permalinks, social bookmarking, and tagging, they have begun to regain some of their lost competitive edge.

Everything about the OD forum is explained in the Mission Statement and Moderation Guidelines. It is a community building tool that will be used primarily for activism, networking, and special projects.

Note: When registering an account, be sure to select a unique password for security reasons.

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  1. I am pleased that you decided to relaunch your forum, as it represents your attempt to try not to control everything that you can’t really control, i.e., the wildness that is White Nationalism.

    I also notice that you got a whole bunch of rules, probably the most ambitious set of rules trying to keep unruly White Nationalists and those who like to pretend to be White Nationalists in line. I think you would do better to not bother and let things be as they really are. Anyone who is in rebellion against ZOG/Babylon don’t do the rules thang very very well.

    But I am pleased that you reopened up your forum and here is hoping that it will last longer than your previous attempts have, especially when the denizens involved showed that they didn’t seem to think that you owned them, and would run riot.

    Perhaps you will give me permission to republish the private message you sent me in which I go into greater detail.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

  2. I’m hoping this will be a different type of vBulletin forum. We have lots of White Nationalist discussion groups that cater to various audiences, but no forum that specifically focuses on DOING media, networking, and practical activism in a defined geographic area.

    We’ve started covering local events in Virginia, North Carolina, Maryland, DC, West Virginia, Kentucky, and Tennessee. I must it admit that it has become addictive. Once you get a taste for it, you want to do more, and that’s what we intend to do.

    The forum will allow us to locate people in our area and get them involved in activism and citizen journalism.

  3. Hunter, do you think that the forum could end up taking brainpower that could be better spent writing articles on the main site? The strength of OD, in my mind, is in putting out many good and relevant articles per week that could be side tracked by the forum.

  4. No, I don’t.

    1.) I’ve been blogging consistently for over a year now. I much prefer this medium to forum posting. It is much easier to reach a wider audience with a blog than a forum because of trackbacks, rss feeds, and permalinks.

    2.) There hasn’t been a rush to the forum. Most people prefer the blog. Even Kievsky who posted on forums for years. I’ve noticed that blog people don’t like forums and forum people don’t like blogs. I expect the forum will attract a different audience, namely, those who don’t like the blog. That already seems to be happening.

    3.) The forum has its advantages:

    – Everyone who registers uses an email address that gets put into the database. It is far easier to send out mass emails with the forum than with the blog. WordPress doesn’t have this mechanism.

    – It is easier to network through the forum.

    – It is easier to post newslinks that aren’t worthy of blogging about.

    – It is easier to coordinate activism out of the forum.

    – You can split off-topic material into their own threads.

    – It is a better community building tool than a blog.

    3.) If the forum becomes a distraction from the blog, I will shut it down. The blog will always be the primary thing we do.

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