ARA-tards attack Tea Partiers

It’s wonderful to see the enemy make a big mistake.

We don’t have to inform the Tea Partiers of their implicit Whiteness; the ARA is doing that for us! I’m sure the ARA actions will change the minds of the Tea Partiers and they’ll go home and embrace multiculturalism and communism now!

It sounds like Daryl the Barrel badgering these earnest conservatives. Good job Daryl! If I didn’t know any better, I’d think you were working for us!


  1. That was hilarious. I loved the part where that guy told him if he lived in Africa he would be living in squalor with AIDS and that blacks sold other blacks into slavery!

  2. This is exactly how I think the Tea party will become an explicitly White movement. I know for a fact a lot of former Minutefolk got so fed up being called racists no matter what they did they finally just said fine, them I am a racist.

    I know that’s a part of my journey to explicit Whiteness.

    And our opponents can’t help themselves and once the Tea Partiers are exposed to the genocidal hate of our civilizational opponents it will open their eyes. The thing is, and why the Tea Parties are so great is that the vast majority of these people would never attend one of the May 1st amnesty tantrums, or an anti-war protest and see that hatred in person and the media bends over backwards to never show it, but when confronted with genocidal hatred I believe (hope) that many Whites will smell the coffee.

    Again, this was all very much a part of my journey.

  3. Daryl and his ARA friends don’t care about their results; they only care about how their actions make them feel. Screaming at these hapless conservatives gives them a great rush of righteousness . . . and plays right into OUR HANDS. Bwa hahahaha!

  4. So are they trying to goad Tea-Partiers into saying something stupid to give the MSM some desperately wanted proof of “hate” or what?

  5. The “Left” is killing the middle ground. It will soon force a point in American politics where you can only be Anti-White or pro-White Preservation. They will not allow a ‘middle ground’ or neutrality.

    They are trying to make it non-White Nationalism vs. White Nationalism. And the irony is that Leftist Whites are willing to push for self-suicide (for the race and potentially even their individual selves), while also helping the ARA-types get rid of race neutrality.

  6. The Tea Parties are so mild and so politically correct, yet they still get viciously attacked by these anti-Whites. They are doing our work for us. At some point, even the dimmest Tea Partier is going to realize that “racist” simply means “White.”

    Plus, the ARA is using that Buffalo Springfield song “For What It’s Worth” not having a clue that the song isn’t about protesting the Vietnam war, it’s about a protest against shutting down a NIGHTCLUB due to zoning restrictions in LA! The guys who wrote the song hated draft dodgers!

    The *entire* age of Television is fake – everything, from the 1950s on, is not what it seems. But white people just have an unlimited capacity to believe any bullshit they see on TV. Sometimes I wish I just didn’t know, sometimes it’s an unbearable burden.

  7. Wonder who the coontard behind the camera was? Daryl Lamont Tyrone Jenkins perhaps? I love how OPP is all about tolerance yet they do nothing but attack white people 24/7. They’re simply a rag tag collection of black and brown supremacists and their white/Jewish enablers.

    The best part was when one tea partier boldly stated that American blacks would be stricken with aids and living in squalor were they not living in America. Ouch! Didn’t know conservatives had it in them to fight with fire for a change. That factoid probably never dawned on Daryl and his she coon sidekick since they’re such fanatical haters of all white people.

    No matter how much economic and political progress blacks collectively make they still harbor a hatred and distrust of white people. Their is no solution other than complete racial separation.

  8. I found the video disturbing in the fact that only one white man defended whites. Shame on all the other cowards in the crowd. That has got to change for us to survive. Know your history – and theirs!

  9. The last sentence of my post should read:
    “There is no solution other than complete racial separation.”

  10. It’s funny how Daryl is playing “politically correct police.” The more he does that, the more likely people will get used to him and simply laugh at him, along with the rest of them. They definitely come off as mentally ill. And yet mental illness is Nature’s Comedy.

  11. Unbelievable. Three of the four who were killed in 1970 were Jewish. The filmmaker puts the gentile last in the list, presumably because he’s less important than the Jews.

  12. It was worth watching just to see a White man show some guts and stand up to that incredibly obese and obnoxious third-world African, and listen to Daryl’s voice get higher pitched and agitated when the White man told him the truth about black Africans. The White man didn’t go far enough IMO, but good effort anyway.

    The radicalism of the Left only helps us. They are trying to push conservative Whites to the Right, they want them to join us and be White nationalists, excellent!

  13. VVD,
    Thanks for the info on “FWIW”. What a great tune, and it’s good to know it has no Leftist baggage.

  14. What the “anti-fascist” and “anti-racist” groups define as fascism and racism is Celtic/Germanic/Slavic peoples expressing their ethnic identity in any way or trying to defend their ethnic concerns in any way politically. The anti fascist/rascist groups are hate groups. These leftist hate groups always attack Celtic/Germanic/Slavic peoples. Never black or hispanic or Jewish people(Despite the fact that Israel has anti-miscegenation laws and groups, separate schools for Arabs and Jews, jewish only roads, or that black Africans have a long history of slave ownership, or that Hispanics were deeply involved in the slave trade.

  15. 8 VVD and 15 bt: “For What It’s Worth” was written by Steven Stills, about the teen riots following the Fire Marshal’s closing of Pandora’s Box, a club on Sunset Blvd in L.A. That’s all true, but Stills was (is?) also a left wing, drug addled hippie, not an enemy of draft dodgers. I don’t doubt that he’s proud that it’s become a leftist anthem.

  16. The globalists have finally divided us and conqoured us! Go Alex Jones….he is the only one thats able to see exactly how and what is really happening to us all. (wwwPRISONPLANET.COM)

  17. It would interesting if some one would post information on how these thing are done technically. How they can be done better. These were cellphone cameras? Mini cameras? What would a good field kit would look like? How to work in teams

    What equipment options are there; can you shot live and send at the same time, etc, etc ?, Get it out before you could loose it.

    What is the state of the art of street level documentaries? How to manage a public event beyond doing it as a cinema verite?

  18. @ what me worried
    videois getting simpler all the time. Kodak now has a relatively inexpensive – $180 – small handheld video that makes high resolution video. The trick is learning how to hold the camera to get the best shots, keep it stable, and be in the best lighting. Video is very cool. How about an online course in revolutionary video? A central site that receives these videos and edits them and publishes them? We are at the very beginning of the video revolution that will use the internet to help spread the message. We need thousands of savvy video folks out there who can be in the right place to shoot the videos.

  19. We now have in the United States various classifications of citizens. There are African Americans, Latino Americans, Asian Americans, etc., and then there are just plain ole’ Americans.

    Yeah. We all know who they are.

    From the time we are born we are taught to vote and act in accordance with the interests of ALL Americans while non-whites are taught their interests are unique and advocating for those interests is acceptable, even encouraged, without the slightest sense of hypocrisy from the hate groups that do so. So is it any surprise white people, along with their culture and heritage, are being methodically dispossessed? Is it mere coincidence those whites who object to this dispossession and seek to stall or even reverse it are reviled as wretched, irredeemable racists unfit to walk the earth by the main stream media and our sellout politicians.
    We are all aware of the double standards. There is no denying it anymore. Whites who advocate for their own interests are demonized while La Raza, NAACP, and other minority groups exist without media or political recrimination and yet openly advocate for their own ethnic interests.

    Whites everywhere, including those in the tea party, need to wake up.

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