Gai’a in the Gulf

I sure hope we puny humans manage to stop this thing. The mass media and gov’t are in “avoid public panic” mode. Every article spins optimistic and “there have been worse.”

I spray my seedlings with a fish/seaweed solution, and they thrive. We need the ocean. It’s not an optional part of our biosphere. It is the only source of all the trace minerals we need from one source. A drop of ocean water contains all the trace minerals that life requires.

Schwarzenegger changed his mind about “drill baby drill” off the coast of California. Deepwater drilling was THE solution to Peak Oil. Look out below.

If they don’t manage to plug Gai’a’s gusher within the next few weeks, the news will be “all oil spill, all the time,” like the O.J. trial.


  1. The lamestream media spins for Obama, if his handlers need a bogeyman they will produce propaganda to make “big oil” look bad, if Obama needs something else they will produce something else.

    I personally think it is a bit hyped, but then again I do not live near the coast and won’t take a direct hit to my life.

    What is Obama gonna do stop drilling in America’s only production growth area for crude oil? Heck, half his political base screams “racism” if one little non-white immigrant cannot live the American Dream of getting and having which is built on petro use.

  2. At this point, and in saying so I must struggle to control my overwhelming compassion for individuals of whatever race – Vietnamese shrimp boaters, for instance – I think that ANYTHING that damages the ZOG political economy is, on balance, a good thing. Next up: Yellowstone caldera explodes.

  3. This is tragic.

    We should have developed alternative energy sources long ago. The southwest is a vast, sparsely populated desert. We could have filled it with solar cell arrays, with only a fraction of the money we have spent bombing people. There is sufficient geothermal energy just north of San Francisco to keep it aglow with energy indefinately. These and other possibilities remain unexplored, however, while hoards of border-crashers carry placards insulting us in our city streets.

    We have squandered our patrimony.

  4. realVercingetorix,

    The consumerist system, the economic growth system, is definitely a model of society that has gone past its expiration date. it’s time for the next thing.

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