California: Whites vs. Mexicans

Our fellow citizens?

As the young gentleman in the video says, “it is all about Mexico.” Some good White men in California disagree. We say deport every single one of these invaders back to Latin America.

Now let’s get started.

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  1. Even most Mexicans are not purely “white” (they are generally “mestizos”); a lot of them are white. only in the US there exist this movement that is spreading in Mexican-Americans mind the idea that their identity is native american.

    Mexican culture is as “western” as US American one spanish-speaking (a western language, from Spain in western Europe); the religion is catholicism (western religion; based in Rome, Italy)

    The wish of making latin cultures non-western because they don’t fit in the stereotype of the Anglo-saxon culture (the fist latin cultures are in south-western Europe and make the historical heart of western civilisation: Italy, Spain, France, Portugal); when Anglo-saxon culture have been “westernized” later (after the fall of the roman empire). What makes Anglo culture different of latin cultures is because they are not in the historical heart of western civilisation but are issued of nordic cultures (teutonic or germanic) that have been lately “westernized” (spread of christianism with the frank empire domination)

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