OD: One Year Anniversary

Year One

It is a special day for Occidental Dissent.

I resumed blogging exactly one year ago today. Over the past year, OD has grown from a defunct ghost town (Spring 2009) into a small one man show (Fall 2009) and finally into a thriving multi-contributor White Nationalist blog and community (Spring 2010). I can say without exaggeration that OD is one of the Top 5 racialist blogs online.

Consider what we have done: 22 contributors, 845 blog entries, 28,972 comments, 99 forum members, 1,394 forum posts, 7 RFV podcasts. This website now has a Wiki. We have a burgeoning social media presence on Digg, Delicious, Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, and YouTube. In the months ahead, we will plunge into video, audio, and photos.

In the United States, Occidental Dissent has an Alexa rating of 67,383. Within the last week, OD broke into the Top 100,000 sites on Quantcast. We reach approximately 22,900 people a month. In April, OD had 25,850 unique visitors. We’re on track to exceed that number in May.

This website has exceeded my wildest expectations. Since January, OD has received almost 20,000 comments, a sign of things to come. In five months, about 20 people signed up to become new contributors here. We’ve seen a dramatic improvement in our performance on search engines. The forum was successfully relaunched and has been steadily growing.

That’s only part of the story. OD has a physical headquarters in Charlottesville, VA. There are four of us living here. We do things in real life now like the Knob Creek Gun Shoot, Amren 2010, and the Gravelly Point Park Gun Rally. We’re planning to build a racialist social network in Virginia, North Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee, Maryland, West Virginia, and DC. This involves getting people out from behind their computers and meeting up with their peers in real life.

A year from now, I can’t imagine where we will be. The SPLC must be trembling at the thought. There is so much to be done. There are so many ways we can improve. There are so many things we can cover. And what we have done so far has been accomplished without raising a dime!

What do you suppose we could do with actual resources?

Note: For a week now, I haven’t been online much. I returned home to Alabama and enjoyed my stay there. I’m now back in Virginia and ready to return to my normal schedule.

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  1. The feature I would most like to see would be a way to anonymous donate funds.

    I realize that this is a fringe need – most supporters will be able to use conventional means, such as zogbucks.

    Rather than a technology-intensive solution, the best answer might be to find a trusted cutout who would be compensated to maintain the anonymity of donors. The problem with this solution is that it does not scale, but it would be a stopgap measure.

  2. Congratulations, and thanks for the info on Greg Johnson and TOQonline. I knew that Dr. Johnson was leaving TOQ from a letter included in the last issue of TOQ, but I didn’t know anything else.

    I’m not entirely surprised by this development, but I think it is for the best. I often enjoyed G. Johnson’s writings, but he seemed better suited for more direct activism than the editorship of an academic journal. TOQonline’s tone and material often clashed the scholarly mission of TOQ. I never would have guessed that they were closely related except by the name.

    Occidental Dissent seems to have occupied TOQonline’s niche perfectly. I agree that you should give TOQ’s website an overhall and emphasize the Journal’s material.

  3. Great job, Hunter. We need something that lasts years. Orgs come and go, movement personalities come and go. We need something that persists, because only by lasting a while will it be able to accomplish something. WN’ism is kind of like the old saying, “A rolling stone gathers no moss.”

  4. Sorry I didn’t follow up on your offer to meet on your drive back to Virginia. We’ll meet eventually.

  5. Congrats, and a few simple suggestions:

    Get your graduate degrees first if that’s what your working on. In other words, remain anonymous.

    Avoid all debt; no debt equals independence and the ability to create wealth.

    Three spend a few hundred bucks and make and sell t-shirts and signs that are edgy but not totally offensive for use at rallies, protests, Tea Party events, things like that.

    Four, have real life meetups from time to time with select members of this forum. Real interaction is important.

  6. “This website has exceeded my wildest expectations.”


    Every bit of your success is well deserved, Hunter.
    All the authors here, without exception, are first rate. That in itself informs us as to the likelihood of an even brighter second year.


  7. Of optimism, the WN intellectual core is as least as large and intellectual as the Left’s core of script writers. The “Costume” re-enactors have largely been pushed aside gently, given a handshake a gold watch and a cardboard box in which to clean out their desks on their way to retirement.

    On the slightly pessimistic side we are till a tad reactionary. And this shades our work when dealing with the “News and Jews.”

    See the above work on Kagan, it is in no sense revolutionary, and in no way will the Left have to respond beyond more of the same, “you anti-semite whowantstokillsixmillionmorejews.”

    We need them on the defensive, and I hope we take up the offensive and start winning, because I know millions of “conservativves” are looking for an alternative to the reactionairies who have taken their money for decades only to see those same “leaders” in their rearview mirrors.

  8. Congratulations, Hunter. The best compliment I can give you is to say that your site is never boring. I think social networking has great potential. I’d suggest a reading group, and a “Tea Party reachout/recruitment” group. I’d also suggest reaching out to other existing groups, like National Alliance, American Free Press, CoCC, John Birch Society, the hard-right gun groups, FAIR…all of these groups have leaders who might have something to teach about what to do or not to do, as well as individuals who might be interested in Occidental Dissent but have never heard of it. I’d say a reasonable goal ought to be “x” number of new writers, and “x” number of new regular commentators in the coming year. Don’t know what that number is, but I would think in those terms. Another thing that might help: reassure everybody about confidentiality, and make sure that there are no flaws on your end in the current system that could result in contributor confidentiality being violated.

    Macdonald is an ambitious man, and hopefully he’ll get the hard copy edition of TOQ on solid footing. I’m sure he has a lot of ideas on how to do this. I know we live in a paperless, internet age, but there is something substantial and permanent about an actual bound journal full of long-articles that you just don’t get with internet postings. He should look for advice and encouragement to whatever has kept the Mankind Quarterly going for all these years.

  9. That is a very hopeful situation and exciting also.
    TOQ has had very important articles and to make the website a repository that all can read, gratis can only extend its value. Activists NEED information of a high quality and I do believe TOQ provided that.
    The OO and OD are valuable additions to the tool box of White survival.
    Is it just me or does it not appear as if all sorts of GOOD THINGS are happening now, as if everything we’ve all worked for over the years is starting to manifest, even if in its most nascent form.

  10. A minor suggestion for the next year.

    It would be nice if someone could find a way to bring a little bit more editorial control over the comments, so that trollish behavior can be isolated and discouraged. Given the number of comments that OD attracts perhaps the best way of doing this would be through a rating (and/or flagging) system that OD participants could use. But I am not really sure what the answer is.

  11. AHX,

    Never underestimate the ability of WNs to sabotage their own best efforts. This whole TOQ Online situation has been unfolding for two months. It is still going on. I’m thankful this soap opera hasn’t played out in public view.

    The important thing is to build upon what was created last year, not nuke it all over the perennial problems that have always hamstrung this movement. If one of the contributors became unhappy with what we are doing here, I would encourage him to start his own site. We could add another star to the banner of pro-White websites.

    If WNs adopted three simple commandments, I don’t think any obstacle in our way could stop us.

    1.) Get along.
    2.) Work.
    3.) Build.

    I’m through quarreling with people. Every time I have done so I have come to regret it.

  12. Thanks for everything you do at OD. At least their is one more site where White issues are not racist.
    Keep up the good work.

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