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  1. Second Stronza’s suggestion, and you can also just take an ordinary tripod, pull the legs down, and attach a weight for a functional steadycam.

  2. A day without Mexicans, a day without negros and their obnoxious jungle music, and a day without a filthy Asian restaurant on every street… how could we cope??

  3. Well, since this Day Without Mexicans was so successful, I suggest they try a week next time. We should start a “Week Without Mexicans” campaign and try to build momentum in the Latino community. All Mexicans can disappear for a week and see if we miss them.

    I’m telling you, this could have a future. If the Week works, then we can have a Month Without Mexicans and work from there!

  4. Imagine a day without Mexicans:

    *a day without being called a “gringo” in my own cab

    *a day without seeing Mexican flags flying up and down main street

    *a day without hearing Spanish spoken by more than half the population

    *a day without having to read about the family of a drunken illegal, who drowned himself in 4 feet of water, being given a million-dollar tax-paid settlement to take back to Mexico with them

    *a day without being handed a $10 bill marinated in gin

    *a day without looking at women who are wider than they are tall

    *a day without looking at bi-lingual signs

    *a day without hearing any tico-taco music

    *a day without the usual gang violence, and other wetback robbing, raping, murdering….

    ….Actually, for any of this to happen, we would have to have a day, a month, a year, even forever….without Jews.

  5. A day without mexicans. Nirvana. How about a lifetime without mexicans, one only could only hope.

    I have a few more months in California to tie up loose ends and I’m outta here. If I never saw another non-white again in my life it would not bother me at all.

  6. Jews are not remotely involved in any of the things CF mentioned. I thought they were only controlling the media and government, not Mexicans.

  7. Hey, Annie. Glad to hear from you. Just don’t run in panic. Try to have as much of a plan as reality will allow. 🙂

  8. I’ve been without Mezkins since New Year’s, or longer. I am thankful for being able to live a healthy life among Healthy Blonds.

  9. Jack: organized Jewry, by way of the bought-and-paid-for Demicans and Republicrats, took down our immigration laws during the 1960s then starting legalizing illegal (Mexicans) during the 1980s. Why? More clients/votes for more government….and long-term construction of an anti-white black/brown/yellow majority controlled by the Chosen. Kevin MacDonald explains it better than I can: go to occidentalobserver.com.

  10. Nordicreb – I’m extremely organized and a little bit OCD. I’ve got everything down to a timeline. I may be on the road 6 months. I might even stop in the south and help bake pies with the ladies.

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