Imagine 2050: Federal Troops Should Occupy Arizona

Federal Troops Occupy Arkansas

Imagine 2050 wants the National Guard deployed to Arizona to protect illegal aliens and drug traffickers from “organized racism” and “border vigilantes.” In their words, this is about “civil rights,” not “national security.” Apparently, it is a “civil right” now for foreign criminals (including thieves, rapists, and murderers) to break into America, squat on American soil, and terrorize U.S. citizens.

The precedent of President Eisenhower and the Little Rock Nine is invoked. Imagine 2050 wants troops sent to Arizona to “serve as a warning to other states” that “the nation will not stand for individual States dismantling and treading upon the Constitutional rights of its citizens.”

“Racist activity” must not be allowed to “stand in the way of democracy.” This is a reference to the 70% of Arizonans and 57% of Americans who support the new Arizona law. The Tennessee House recently passed a resolution congratulating Arizona for cracking down on illegal aliens.

In related news, 58% of Floridians support Arizona. The new Arizona law has become a hot issue in Florida which hosts the third largest population of illegal aliens in America.

Unfortunately, President Obama is too astute of a politician to follow Imagine 2050’s insane advice. A military occupation of Arizona by the federal government would ignite the Tea Party movement like never before. The Democratic Party would be annihilated, not merely shunned, in the midterm elections.

Obama is already losing the battleground states. His net approval rating is -6.5, Colorado;  -2.7, North Carolina; -7.8, Ohio; -5.0, Nevada; -3.0, Pennsylvania; -28, Arkansas; -13, Indiana; -11.5, Missouri; -3.0, Iowa. Obama was -19 in Louisiana and -1.7 in Florida before the Gulf Oil Spill. In Arizona, Obama was -18 two weeks ago. Obama is even -2.5 in Wisconsin and -3.5 in Michigan. In Virginia, Obama is also in negative territory, but I can’t find any recent numbers.

I wish Obama would send troops to Arizona to defend illegal aliens from locals. He would lose all the Red States, every battleground state in America, and several of the Blue States (Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania) that are in his column. The credibility of the Democratic Party in the South and West would be destroyed for a generation.

The world Imagine 2050 envisions is already rejected by a broad majority of White Americans. All we need is an overt act by the federal government against the states to get the White Nationalist movement rolling again.

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  1. Let’s enact the President Eisenhower policy on illegals. He launched ‘operation wetback’, which DID use ‘racial profiling’ to sweep through the southwest, rounding up every illegal they found. At this point, most of them got the message and went back to Mexico on their own.

  2. In a sane country the mayors and administrators of so-called “sanctuary cities” would be arrested by the FBI for violation of federal laws, but here the very highest federal officials have themselves been ignoring laws and violating their oaths to protect and defend the country from invasion.

  3. I have fantasies of being a stewardess on Con Air. We’re flying back illegals back to their nation of origin and we’re playing white power music over the loudspeakers. I and other flight attendants are dancing around with a confederate flag wrapped around my butt.

    Then if any illegal decide to try to cross the border while we’re flying across I could man the machine gun (I forgot the term where you’re bolted on the helicopter) and snipe a few trying to run across the border.

    Then I’d install landmines on the border. One red spray of illegals would certainly act as a huge deterrent to any other border urchin.

    I’m a terrible person I know. I’m probably going to hell. I have a bad attitude.

  4. I don’t agree with slaughtering people trying to exit a hellhole. But, an America that is healthy and true would invade and occupy a bordering country that had allowed a national security threat to fester and spread like an infection.

    Instead, we’re suffering the cost of this civilian invasion and paying for foreign adventures thousands of miles away from home again.

    The people leaving are a persistent symptom of an ongoing disease. The leadership in both countries is rotten enough to be called parasitic and treacherous against their own and against one another’s.

  5. Reading articles like this, the only idea that comes to mind is “enemies … domestic.”

    The Constitution says “our posterity” not theirs.

  6. There is Letter of the Law and there is Spirit of the Law. When you have a nasty, selfish agenda disguised in a happy humanitarian clown costume that completely contradicts the Spirit, you can always play Letter games to win.

  7. Are you going to vote for Dale, HW?

    Ha, that guy’s great, only the South!

    Here’s what some limp-wristed Yankee said:
    HA HA! Thanks for reminding me what morons they? are in the South. So happy I am a latte drinking, north eastern intellectual with a BRAIN. Please secede from the Union. Pretty please.

  8. Here’s news: Barky IS sending 1,200 troops to Arizona. At this point it is not clear whether they are going to help enforce the border, or escort illegals, coyotes, and drug-runners across the border. I suspect the latter.

  9. And, omg, Rand Paul now admits to the msm that he’s opposed to birthright citizenship. The talking heads shake with furious indignation, and the people of Arizona and Kentucky yawn. The time to capitalize on the shifting political tide is at hand. The Rad Right is going mainstream, baby! And we owe much of it to the black man in the white house.

  10. Now…to get the ball rolling on all that pent-up political potential. Any ideas, Hunter?

  11. Who – whom? The leftist MO. Every law on the books has the potential to be abused the way the leftists assume the new Arizona law will be abused. No, that’s not what they’re concerned about. They’re concerned about it being enforced as stated.

    Leftists could make a case against every law on the books based on the “inherent racism” of “disparate impact.” Of course they know better than to open that can of worms, but still.

  12. The precedent of President Eisenhower and the Little Rock Nine is invoked. Imagine 2050 wants troops sent to Arizona to “serve as a warning to other states” that “the nation will not stand for individual States dismantling and treading upon the Constitutional rights of its citizens.”

    Imagine 2050, and leftists in general, don’t give a rat’s ass about the Constitution. If they did, they’d know better than to talk about “Constitutional rights” because the Constitution isn’t about rights, it’s about powers. All powers not granted the feds in the Constitution are reserved to the States, or the people. That means the States, or the people, have a sovereign right (or power, IANAL) to freedom of association, which Imagine 2050 manifestly denies because, as is obvious, Imagine 2050 wipes its ass with the Constitution.

  13. Svigor, I was just about to post (yes, I know I’m doing anyway) and say that the only parts of the Constitution they need to know is Article 1, Sect 8, and the 10th Amendment. Read it and weep, commies. Not that anyone’s cared about about those parts since before Lincoln, but still…

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