Liberal Noblesse Oblige Supremacists in Vermont Culturally Insensitive To Somalis

First they bring Somalis to northern New England, and then they get all touchy when Somalis continue their well known cultural practices such as forced sex with underage females and Female Genital Mutilation.

WCAX, which bills itself as “Vermont’s Trusted News Source,” reports that

Abdi’s lawyer argued that the case has to be viewed as different from others, because Abdi comes from a different cultural background

“I would venture to say this community views this crime differently than our own community would,” Smart told the court.

Prosecutor Susan Hardin argued that cultural differences do not excuse a crime.

“It is critical that the Somali Bantu community and all the others in Chittenden County be sent a very clear message: if you sexually assault our children, there will be severe consequences,” Hardin said.

Irony of ironies! The golden-hearted liberals who brought the Somalis to Maine and Vermont, are now holding them to imperialistic Western cultural and legal standards! The Bantus are being persecuted anew! This guy is going to sit in a prison at taxpayer expense for doing something that isn’t even considered a crime where he’s from!

Of course, evil “racists” had said this all along., and a movie called “The Letter” was made, starring myself as one of the villains who dared mouth a discouraging word about Somalis moving in to northern New England. A memorable line from the time by one of the spokesmen for the Somali community, “Maine is crazy cold, but da welfare is great!” Indeed!

Multiculturalists use the purse strings to play with Somalis like puppets and use them as weapons against Whites, “come here Somalis, take housing and welfare in 99% white Maine so we can spit in the face of all the implicit racists and laugh! Oops, you raped a 9 year old Somali girl? Bad Somali! Rolled up newspaper for you!”

Bad Somali!

If liberals intend to “train” Somalis not to do FGM and rape underage girls, then they are certainly supremacists. Who are you to say that Somalis have an inferior culture after all? How are you different from a missionary bringing Jesus to the savages? If you aren’t training the Somalis not to do these practices, but plopping them into our clean White country so they can rape and do FGM as they please, then you liberals are beyond question criminals.

It’s a little of both, actually. The goal is to spit in the faces of Whites, without regard for the consequences.


  1. Quite a coalition they have, over educated effite white libs and primitive backwards non-whites versus whites in general. Just finished Suvarov’s “Culprit” and what was hammered home was the strategy of that era, “Strength against weakness”, meaning now we need to find the anti-white coalition’s weaknesses.

    Such disparate coalitions seem to be chock full of weak points though.

  2. Kievsky’s post and Simmons comment segue nicely into me bringing up Tom Baugh, author of Starving the Monkeys. I haven’t read the book, but his interviews on The Political Cesspool and also his talk at the Free State Project’s 2010 Liberty Forum in New Hampshire (on YouTube) are highly informative and enjoyable. He also has articles at Liberty Radio. I think Baugh has identified the anti-White coalition’s main weakness: they need us, but we don’t need them.

  3. I think Baugh has identified the anti-White coalition’s main weakness: they need us, but we don’t need them.

    That’s true enough, but they control the chokepoints.

    The reason the enemy controls the chokepoints is because everything is CENTRALIZED.

    The CENTRALIZATION is very energy intensive, and requires an infinite growth economy. It is a machine, but a poorly designed one. It sputters along, but for how long we don’t know.

    When CENTRALIZATION fails, we are on our own. A decentralized society will be very liberated, but the transition from human lab rats to field mice will be brutal.

    Those who survive will be able to control LOCAL CHOKEPOINTS.

  4. It’s truly amazing how race-stupid most of these Anglo-Whites, in many northern, basically all-White areas, really are. How would I know? Believe it or not, I actually live among them, and witness their racial inanities daily. They essentially have it made, in basically all-White communities, yet continue to try to foul their own nest! Their sense of racial and ethnic identity is low to nil, and they are in a constant state of race-denial. They are PC as can be, and worship at the altar of their grave digging, historical “proposition nation” icons. The essential lesson here is not the number of White people out there, or whether they live in White areas, but whether they are racially cognizant. Racial and ethnic identity, and explicit consciousness of it, are essential for survival.The racially blind leading the racially blindsided, is what these folks are. Unless Whites are racially awake, we are ultimately a walking dead nation.

  5. Well said Kiev, Suvarov concluded his book that he thought Stalin knew his dream of world conquest was over within a week of Hitler’s invasion. Stalin knew his slave state must conquer all or perish eventually.

    One of the weaknesses of the anti-white coalition is that they never ask the Africans, Asians or Jews if they want to “assimilate” and disappear.

  6. Liberals ARE supremacists. They do expect that Somalis and everyone else will assimilate to liberal norms, and they expect that the others will want to. They think that what everybody really wants, when they’re stripped of ignorance, is to be liberals like them. No doubt they believe that their culture is superior to that of the Somalis – but part of it is that they would never say so. And it’s so superior that they think everyone else will assimilate towards it with no force involved (maybe excepting a little force in egregious cases like this). What they really mean by multiculturalism is different races with different clothes, music, and cuisines, but all fundamentally buying into liberalism. Not really multiculturalism at all.

    Liberal supremacy mostly worked on whites. They had to use a bit of force in the South, but mostly everybody has gone along with them just because the TV says it’s the thing to do. But they have a special loathing for the remaining holdout white non-liberals – we don’t have the excuse that we grew up chopping off clits in Mogadishu.

  7. I wouldn’t lose sleep over female genital mutilation of moslem/african/arab girls in USA when for sixty years doctors have been slicing foreskins off of millions of white baby males.

  8. Yes, the weak point. If every non-White and non-Gentile disappeared from the North American continent, we’d not only still have a country, we’d have a much smarter, healthier, safer, cleaner, better educated, less bureaucratic, greener country. But without us, the place goes down in flames.

    Think of our current distress as cancer, and think of the cure as chemotherapy. Chemotherapy does a lot of damage to healthy cells, but much worse damage to evil, twisted, perverted cancer cells. Restoring our nation will cause a lot of damage, but we can recover. Our cancer cells will not.

  9. One of the worst practitioners of immigration madness: The Catholic Church.

    When I went to Notre Dame in Paris there were only black priests conducting the service.

    Christianity: an anti-white religion for 2,000 years.

  10. We have plenty to worry about, alright….but the Jew-orchestrated enemy coalition has more. The only real glue that holds it together is group-entitlement payoffs financed by debt. And that glue won’t hold for much longer: best essay I’ve seen so far on this is “Warning Signs of Full Spectrum Collapse are Everywhere”, new at “”.

  11. “It’s truly amazing how race-stupid most of these Anglo-Whites, in many northern, basically all-White areas, really are.”

    I think some of you are starting to wake up to the awful reality. I, myself, always assumed that I could do as I wanted and there would be enough people staying faithful to our bioculture, that it didn’t matter. I came to the horrible realization that I was wrong just last year after moving to diverse triangle NC, taking a trip to mixville Miami, watching a friends videos from a frightfully sad 2009 D.Duke conference — and later falling out with his new anti-white Danish wife, who thought I would be sympathetic to her stupidity. That reality is that: There are very few ethnoracially conscious whites. Maybe .5% of the European population. Maybe 1/20 female/male. That as the US becomes more diverse, and as white males are purposely demeaned and discriminated against — reducing there status value and therefore attraction–there will be fewer and fewer total whites. And that there are numerous anti-Euroethnoracially whites and nonwhites.

    And realizing this is a good thing. Because it tells you what you need to do. Your major job is to find those people out there, bring more people in — when I play Axis & Allies online, you bet I guide conversations and try to direct those kids to Altright — to build up a white establishment, and to find a way for whites that are spiritually alive to communicate with themselves in the meantime. I was just lost recently, when driving about, and had to stop to ask for directions — the kid I asked seemed like a nice fellow, but was he a zombie? Was he possessed by some autophobic animosity. Maybe he was one of those doppelgangers. So I decided to put a volk Asatru sticker on my bumper and in my car — and just leave it at that. It’s a rather unfortunate situation, though.

  12. If you import inferior people, you will destroy the USA. Period. ALL 3rd world immigration must stop. The genocide of hope, freedom, and truth must stop. The church must stop their insane and destructive corruption based on the massive lie that we are all the same with the same destiny.

    Any more, it seems the churches are full on the side of destruction based on massive lies. Arent they supposed to be following the higher path? Isn’t the point of the church to deliver us FROM evil, not TO evil? Wow.

  13. Chuck,

    I’m more optimistic. Multiculturalism is only built on growth economy, which is sputtering out right now. End of the growth economy will be the end of the multicult.

  14. Thanks for the link to the sobering article @, C.F.
    The system is coming unhinged financially, and most WN’s, along with the clueless White middle are woefully unprepared.

  15. I think Baugh has identified the anti-White coalition’s main weakness: they need us, but we don’t need them.

    In essence thats the whole multicult summed up right there.

  16. “I’m more optimistic. Multiculturalism is only built on growth economy, which is sputtering out right now. End of the growth economy will be the end of the multicult.”

    Liberalism is based on a growth economy — and liberalism allowed for multiculturalism. But multiculturalism is something different; with an economic contraction, given the level of indoctrination, the dispossession of Europeans from their historic identity, and the media control as it is, you will just go from ethnic-traditionalism — to liberalism — to multicultural “it takes a village” collectivism.

    This is why, just waiting for the system to break down will not work. As I said, elsewhere, people will only choose an option if they know of it, and if it does not seem too fanatical. Otherwise they will act according to what’s available.

    Imagine a track that starts with a left and right switch and proceeds up a mountain. Now imagine a train that came off the right track and proceeded straight up the mountain. When that train runs out of fuel it will begin to roll backwards, but if the right track has been switched off, you are not going to get what you want, rather quite the opposite.

  17. Your post has it right though. Liberal Multiculturalism needs to be critiqued from the standpoint of political liberalism, where political liberalism means the freedom of individiuals to do what they will and value what they want — which basically is Libertarianism.

  18. Western history and western literature has for the most part been eliminated from school and college curriculum. Black studies and black history has been incorporated instead. You can even get a degree in those subjects. When you think about it that must leave a lot of down time in those classes.

  19. Kievsky,

    A poster at altright put it well:

    “I understand that you are an anarchist, Mr. Preston, so you may one day win. But I know for sure now that ethnic nationalists, like myself, have no hope whatsoever for success. Sure, we may eventually have some minor victories. For example, immigration, affirmative action and political correctness may one day come to an end. But whites are only a little over 60% of the population of this country and right now almost half of all births are to non-whites. Therefore, racial separation is the only way to save white Americans in the long run. And there is now absolutely no hope for this. Why? Because basically every white person that I know has a non-white friend, acquaintance, co-worker, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, etc. Needless to say, there’s no way that you can ever convince whites who have non-whites important in their lives to support racial separation. In other words, assimilation has made racial separation impossible. And of course there are a million other reasons why racial separation will never happen in America…”

  20. I think Chuck is being excessively negative.

    Those Black friends, that he claims postracial Whites hold in such high regard, are themselves exceedingly ethnocentric at heart, irrespective of Whites’ lack thereof.

    WHEN the economic crackup comes and Whitey is no longer a source of nutrients to feed upon, we can fully expect the diversity-buddies’ poorly suppressed, for the moment, ethnocentrism to resurface with a vengence.
    At which point, to demonstrate their solidarity with their own homies, The Diversity will tell their token White friends to run along now, and, if T.W. refuses to go quietly, will emphatically restate the request from behind the business end of a gun.

    At which time token Whitey, who realizes that lone wolfs die, will join us out of desperation — or at least ask to. The REAL question is, ought WE to take him back?

  21. While Clan of the Cave Bear is not exactly classic literature, I do think that Auel is prescient in her telling of Ayla’s story.

    Ayla is a White, blonde woman, sort-of accepted by non-Whites, for a while, cross-breeds with them and is, not surprisingly, eventually booted, leaving her half-breed behind.
    Just as with Ayla, I think the same fate awaits our race-crossers.

    WE, the White Nationalists, may not be too likely to persuade them to our side, but, luckily, we can count on the Others to do it for us.

  22. “Why were these nutrients provided in the first place?”

    Aye, excellent question.

    My hypothesis is, White people have a long history of domesticating other creatures. The best way to get an animal to do what you want is feed them.
    Some creatures, it turns out, however, like the Przewalski’s horse, cannot be domesticated. Ah well, one must learn the hard way.

    Hypothesis: PC Multiculturalism was a misguided domestication effort that backfired horribly.

  23. “I think Chuck is being excessively negative.”

    Let me ask, how many pro-white people do we think there are in the US. How many that would be willing to devote energy to building something like the Jews have? I’m guessing under 1 million.

    I ask, because I think it’s important to have a realistic perspective, so that the time you devote to this project is worthwhile and produces something.

    For example. If you could get 100,000 people to relocate to an area and establish a defacto European community, that would be remarkable. And That is a realistic goal to work for. And an important one.

    In terms of ethnostate that’s not going to happen in the US, barring a major collapse — the extent of which is not likely. So what are the realistic options?

    It’s really hard to have any because there is no white community to speak of. You can’t send a message out to all European that say: “everyone relocate to Canada, en masse demand citizenship. overwhelm through democratic vote.” In the 30’s Jews were in a much better position, which is why they were able to carve out a piece of land and make it a homeland.

  24. Chuck is right. Physically relocating to one area would give us control at least at the local level and some influence at the state level. It would also help WN economically as they would be less subject to economic attack and provide a base for WN run businesses. Perhaps we could work with other separatist minded groups and locate in one state and separate and then split up the state between the different separatist groups. Perhaps we should reach out to conservatives and explain to them if they ever hope to live under a conservative government then they better realize they’ll need a white voter base to do so. Personally I’d like WN from many countries to relocate to a small population country like Iceland so we could eventually take it over. Then we can pull all sorts of stunts like giving voting rights to WN who don’t even live in the country.

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