Vampires v. Werewolves: The Archetypes of Our Struggle

Vampires vs. Werewolves

Reading Solzhenitsyn’s “Two Hundred Years Together,” I found it interesting how the Provisional Government of the February Revolution (Kerensky) managed to raise millions of roubles from a “Freedom Loan” from global Jewry. Some big names figure prominently – Schiff, Ginsburg, Rothschild. The 1917 revolution was certainly a Jewish, not a Russian revolution. Solzhenitsyn mentions that rich Russians did not subscribe to the “Freedom Loan,” except for a few prominent merchants in Moscow who were hedging their bets.

Because Jews have such an efficient system of concentrating wealth, they are able to deploy this wealth as a weapon when it’s badly needed to accrue or maintain their hold on power. Theirs is the “Vampire” model – they are vampires 100% of the time, whereas werewolves (Folkish-Nationalists) are upstanding citizens most of the time, and periodically go on a murder spree. Unlike the werewolf movies, or Spielberg and Lantsmann’s attempts at cinematic historical fiction, when John Q. Public turns werewolf, he has a damned good reason for doing so. The vampires have sucked too much blood, and J.Q. Public takes notice and transforms into a werewolf. The irregularity and unpredictability of the werewolf nature is why it is attributed to the waxing of the moon – some explanation is better than terrifying unpredictability. “When the Saxon began to hate” by Kipling is about the werewolf in us.

Vampire psychologists have given up on trying to understand werewolves. As Freud said, “Psychotherapy doesn’t work on the Irish.” Since we can’t be “cured,” we have to be exterminated or otherwise incapacitated from turning werewolf.

Here the concept of “ecology” is important. Ecology is about a balance of nature. Nature has herbivores, omnivores and carnivores; predators, scavengers and grazers, and combinations thereof.

Vampires will always be with us. There’s no “final solution” to the Vampire Question. But now we have the vampires looking to exterminate the werewolves. Anti-white policies such as miscegenation and Third World invasion into werewolf countries is an attempt by the vampires to make a final solution to the Werewolf Question.

In the stupid old days, we tried to kill all sharks as a moral good. We also exterminated wolves. We didn’t see any value in keeping a top predator around. Now we know better. Top predators are Nature’s finest creatures, and are integral to a healthy ecology.

White people are the top predators of humanity, and therefore, of the planet. The anti-white Marxist view conflates our being top predators with being destroyers of the planet. Of course, this is a dishonest conflation. The whole concept of “ecology” and “environmentalism” came from us, and if we go extinct, the rest of humanity will use our technology to devour every last fish and soil base and bird.

Looking at history, you notice that vampires consistently defeat werewolves. Why?

Because vampires are vampires 24-7-365; werewolves are “weekend warriors.” Most of the time, werewolves are upstanding, productive citizens. When people look at the history of lynching, they remark at how “these were fine upstanding citizens; except that now and then, the fine upstanding citizens would take someone believed to have committed a serious crime, and have a picnic and ceremonially kill that alleged criminal whom they believed needed killing.” The whole “let’s have a picnic and hang someone” aspect really disturbs modern sensibilities, including, I admit, my own. In the extremely unlikely event that I ever have political power, I would outlaw the death penalty and strongly forbid lynching, but I would require convicted able bodied criminals to be net positive EROEI (energy returned on energy invested).

Despite the distasteful nature of celebratory public executions, this is not a reason to exterminate all werewolves. The vampires have racked up a far higher body count and misery count. The vampires have no qualms about programming children for death, or unleashing huge, high tech wars of choice such as Iraq. Vampires simply have more effective public relations than werewolves. They like to show lynching postcards and Holocaust movies, but they don’t show the birth defect babies in Iraq from depleted uranium munitions. I don’t like lynching one bit, but it is a much lesser evil than mass poisoning of millions of people by depleted uranium, which has the fingerprints of the vampire all over it. Werewolves make some effort to distinguish innocent from guilty; vampires will inflict the most horrible cruelties on perfectly innocent children if it serves their immediate interests.

So how can we dormant werewolves solve this problem of perennial defeat to the vampire tribe? The WN 1.0 solution is well known – transform into werewolves and paint the world red. Dr. Pierce was all about the awakening werewolf.

However, it hasn’t worked. I don’t think it’s going to work the next time either. It might be very satisfying, but if we lose in the end, it’s no good.

Our disadvantage is that we are weekend warriors and not full-timers. How can werewolves become full-time beasts, and take on the vampire tribe . . . effectively this time?

The answer is . . . drum roll please:

Dormant werewolves (aka upstanding citizens) need to become full time students of vampirism. We can’t go through life as mere mortals, shaking our baby fists, “someday, vamps, we’re going to turn into werewolves, and then . . . !” Yeah yeah. That’s totally WN 1.0, aka, perennial defeat.

Mind-Weaponization is how werewolves can emulate the vampire effect, just as soy phyto-estrogens emulate human estrogen. The Culture of Learning and Tribal Entrepreneurialism that sees production as a weapon is how we can neutralize the vampire’s perennial advantage.

A vampire sees a weapon in a factory, a bank, or a corporate farm that he controls. The vampire sees, and wields, his weapons everywhere, all the time. By contrast, the werewolf most of the time is going about his business as an ordinary citizen, using tools but not weapons. The werewolf thinks of a weapon as something to be used occasionally, in an extreme situation such as a war or a confrontation with a violent criminal.

Production is a weapon. The vampire knows this, the werewolf does not.

And so we dormant werewolves must make a daily study of Vampire 101. Our lives must be designed around this struggle. In my case, farming, and organizing people to do farming, is how I do Vampire 101. I’m trying to help the mere mortals, and the Werewolf Tribe worldwide, to neutralize the perennial vampire advantage.

Status jockeying is also used in conjunction with production as a weapon. If you are perceived as a high status individual, you will be given opportunities to control means of production. Becoming very educated in practical things such as science, engineering, math, information technology, foreign languages, in the context of an Entrepreneurial Mindset will get you going in the vampire world. Let the vampires believe that you too are a vampire. They will assume you are, because they think werewolves are too stupid or naïve to find them out.

A shortcut to learning Vampire 101 is to read “The House of Rothschild” by Niall Ferguson. The Rothschilds are 100% pure vampire – the top, the “Count Draculas” of modernity, and strangely enough, their thinking and methods are well documented and hiding in plain sight. The werewolves are assumed to be too stupid to pick up Ferguson’s book and read it as it needs to be read . . . as an instruction manual.


  1. Great article.

    Pick up and NLP skills are also Vampire skills which werewolves need to master

  2. Absolutely, Dermot. I know Brutus on another thread has an issue with PUA, but young White men need all the help they can get in the ‘Kwa.

    I’m not afraid of us getting corrupted. Our Cause is the most compelling thing imaginable. Any power I get will be put towards our sacred Cause.

    If we all become pursuers of power, and some of us are corrupted, begone with them. I would rather lose some of our ranks to corruption, than having us all be purists with no power. Only by testing our character, by getting some power, will we see who is truly worthy.

  3. William Rome’s Posting on “We Are the Idealists” comes to mind. I don’t want to spend my life fighting slick bastards, I want to make things and fix things, read good books and talk with intelligent people about events and ideas, contribute to my community and take care of my family. When the slick bastards come around, I just want to smash them and get back to work. I must be a werewolf.

    I have started reading Victor David Hanson’s “The Western Way of War” today, and his premise strikes me as relevant to this post. Hanson holds that the decisive battle, shield to shield, became the dominant Western form of war, rather than a prolonged series of skirmishes and ambushes. Without arguing his claim, I think is does fit the werewolf idea: tend your crops, fix your wagon, get up and slaughter your enemies, and tend your crops again.

  4. Discard,

    We need more effective counter-vampire systems that are working 24-7-365. We need these systems built into our culture and our daily lives, one way or another.

    The old way of “get up and slaughter your enemies” when the need arises worked for us for millenia.

    It doesn’t work any more. Don’t you get that? It. Doesn’t. Work. Any. More!

  5. Fear of “another Holocaust” is a fabricated fear, an invented fear.

    An effective counter-vampire system would be something for the vampire tribe to truly fear. And we could do this. It won’t take any new technology, just an awakened consciousness and a redesign of lifestyle based on this awakened consciousness.

  6. Insightful article, Kievsky.

    The Vampires/Werewolves paradigm is useful, but I’ll offer some criticism. Firstly, the Jewish people have had an entirely different historical experience than Whites. For thousands of years, operating as an often despised minority, they evolved into the most destructive and dangerous vampires imaginable. With a shared mythos of oppression (both real and imagined) they have lost any sense of “playing fair and honest.” Even after they achieved their ethnostate, the Israelis find themselves sourrounded by hundreds of millions of hostile Arabs. Is it any wonder that they are experts of dirty tricks, dishonesty and exploitation? To them, it’s just another day in the life. No biggie. There is no right or wrong, just what you can get away with.

    Whites, on the other hand, by and large have not had this historical experience. We have made our way by creating culture, civilization, and successful societies. We have not lived, on the whole, by cheating and conniving.

    The point being that expecting Whites to operate by the Jewish playbook is premature, we’re just not geared up for that. Now in time, if we lose our homelands, that may well change. Those Whites that survive may well develop a shared mythos of common suffering, and develop a consensus that vampire like subterfuge is the way to go, not werewolf vengeance. But we aren’t there yet. If we win as I believe we can, we won’t ever get there, and thank God for that.

    Further, the Jews spent most of the last several centuries operating in otherwise stable White societies. Imagine yourself as a Jew in a solid White society. You despise the Whites, seek to profit at their expense, and enjoy it whenever the opportunity arises to defile and degrade a vulnerable or foolish White girl. But on the whole, the society is healthy. Consequently, few Whites are vulnerable to your desires to inflict abuse upon them. So you set about building wealth, gaining influence, and wielding whatever power you can behind the scenes. You’ve got to think long term, because the White power structure isn’t going anywhere, or so it appears. Makes sense.

    But, whenever White society experienced a hard shove and staggered on its feet, when stability was no more and opportunity was knocking, the Jew was there. He agitated for revolution, raged against the established order, and dreamed of the day when he could slaughter, rape and degrade Whites by the millions. On too many occasions in the last century, he got his opportunity. Even when he could not openly slaughter Whites, he worked to set up a situation where proxies could do it for him (black on White murder, rape, and so forth).

    In this sense, you’re leaving something out of the equation. Jews haven’t just acted like stereotypical vampires. They go werewolf too, when they see a real chance of spilling large amounts of White blood. Anti-white revolution after anti-white revolution, the Jew is invariably there, frothing at the mouth to butcher innocent whites (to the Jew, none are innocent, even the three year old White child).

    So we see that the Jew has always sought to exploit weaknesses in White society, but he comes out of the shadows when the circumstances favor anti-White revolution. Well, now he controls the system and it is we who are on the outside. But here is the good news: the System is starting to show major cracks. The chickens are coming home to roost, and they are coming home fast. However this turns out, one thing is for sure: we are going to live in interesting times. The System’s current policies are utterly unustainable. The breaking point isn’t going to be fifty years from now, but within the next ten or so (check out the CBO projections on interest payments on the national debt, as just one chicken coming home amongst many).

    Here are some of the take away points:

    1. Jews share a very different history than Whites, and this has serious ramifications for how we operate. Expecting Whites to operate the way Jews have is premature. That day may come, but for reasons explained above, I hope not.

    2 Jews go werewolf too, when White society is vulnerable and revolution is possible. The vampire/werewolf paradigm is insightful and useful, but it is far from absolute.

    3. We seem to be entering a period where “werewolf style” revolution has a higher chance of happening that at any time in modern history. If the tables were turned, and they were the outsiders, the Jews would be all over this opportunity. They would be choking at the bit. Counseling Whites to forego what may be the last great opportunity of a century (or eternity?) is not sound advice. If we miss the opportunity of our times, the small number or Whites that survive will have centuries to hone their Vampire skills. Let’s try to do better than that, and maximize the opportunities that are in front of us.

    4. As we can see, the vampire and werewolf approaches are not mutually exclusive. Jews have used them both, and so can Whites. For example, small communities of Whites who have come together for home schooling, economic exchange, and cultural/social benefits can also be the foundation for more direct action, if and when the opportunity arises.

    My basic criticism comes down to this: you seem to treat these two approaches as exclusive. They are not. In fact, they could complement one another quite well under the right circumstances. I’ts not “Vampire approach clever and effective, Werewolf dumb and ineffective.” Both have their role to play.

    “The WN 1.0 solution is well known – transform into werewolves and paint the world red. Dr. Pierce was all about the awakening werewolf.”

    Dr. Pierce was not wrong, he was simply premature. Any revolutionary needs the right context. Pierce didn’t have it, but it appears to be on the way.

  7. I wasn’t disagreeing, Kievsky, I was concurring with your werewolf analogy.
    I do recognize that many of our old ways no longer work in a multicult world controlled by vampires and their clerks. “Democracy”, for one, “tolerance” for another. Decent, productive Whites are very attached to these things, not realizing that they have become weapons against us. I try to point these things out to people I know, but most find my ideas more shocking than, say…homosexual marriage.

  8. Yes, Trainspotter, they aren’t mutually exclusive. I myself am obviously a werewolf.

    But we need to study Vampire. That’s what we’re missing. We sit around waiting for the moon to wax — what to do while we wait? Study vampire, and develop counter-vampire tech.

  9. I’ll read the books on the Rothschilds.

    I’ve read Ferguson’s Empire and The Cash Nexus before. He’s a Court Historian to ZOG lol

    I also once read Paul Johnson’s History of the Jews which was interesting even though Philo-Semitic

    At the moment, I’m trying to build my skills up and make a business for myself. Hopefully, move out of my small town and into a smallholding in the country when I meet the right girl

  10. I like that, Trainspotter: Go werewolf, and then don’t let the bastards ever get back up once we’ve got them down. Suck ALL their blood out.
    As far as becoming vampires ourselves, I think it’s a bad idea. Vampires are vampires, they’ll feed on whoever they can. Were there no Goyim to feast upon, Jewish financiers would feed on their own, as Bernie Madoff did. White vampires, like Jay Gould and Jim Fisk fed on Whites as easily as any Rothschild. I think it better that we drive them out and guard against their return with a healthy, informed prejudice.

  11. Kievsky wrote, ” … We need more effective counter-vampire systems that are working 24-7-365. We need these systems built into our culture and our daily lives, one way or another.”

    The idea of a “counter-vampire system” seems to presuppose a deep understanding of the JQ on the part of the average “Werewolf”.

    But it doesn’t in fact require more than understanding a Theory of the Parasite.

    There is no need to hammer “Jewish Question” things into people who either have no interest, or are deathly afraid of the JQ because of their conditioning. Just LEVERAGE off of the NATURAL AVERSION Werewolves have for Parasites.

    Much of this is already embedded in our culture, in our sense of “fair play”. The next step, the step that takes it to 24-7-365, is to get people in the habit of Stigmatizing behavior which is Parasitic. Once the stigma is applied, there’s no need to label the donkey it’s pinned on as a “Vampire” or a “Semite”. Let the stigma attached to the Parasitic Behavior Pattern be attached, and the ostracism will flow naturally. What will also flow naturally is a recognition of a certain similarity between those stigmatized as Parasites. No need to name names.

    How to determine if someone is a Parasite? Energy in vs. Energy Harvested calculations combined with outtings of people engaging in Nepotism strategies to control institutions. The average Werewolf “gets” these things very easily.

  12. Very good, Gregor! I know some people bash “code language,” but I find it works wonders. Welfare recipients, babydaddies, international bankers, illegal aliens, H1-B visas, Gandhi marts that don’t care about the local community — coded language works great.

    One of the problems of stigmatizing parasites is that America’s productive activities (factories and farms) were sent out of the country or outsourced, and a lot of Americans do jew-type work now such as “mortgage broker” or “lawyer.” So they actually identify with the parasites!

    This is why I advocate relocalization of agriculture. If we get a producing class going again, they’ll have a natural aversion to Parasites. But mortgage brokers are ready to don beanie if it gets them their next deal and commission.

  13. Kievsky: “But we need to study Vampire. That’s what we’re missing. We sit around waiting for the moon to wax — what to do while we wait? Study vampire, and develop counter-vampire tech.”

    Yes, agreed.

  14. Off-the-mark history, but VG essay overall. As far as I know, February ’17 Revolution in Russia was so-called “democratic” uprising that ousted the Czarist regime and put a claque of liberals – personified by lawyerman Kerensky – in power; interesting that international Jew financiers played a big role in financing this; their Red brethern were not quite ready to seize power on their own, so a transition regime was needed. Years later, around about 1964, I met Kerensky during a seminar he gave at UC Berkeley; only thought I retain: imagine this nice man in the arena vs. a Vampire like Trotsky….no wonder the Reds won. This second, October 1917 Revolution – the real one – was I think also financed by the left end of Wall Street: Lazard Freres, etc. Overall, Kievsky’s concern with decentralizing agriculture is at least as important as weaponing-up: no question in my mind that, when TSHTF, the Vampires will use their grocery-chain near-monopoly to starve us out, and they won’t care how many of their own – Jews, blacks, browns – they kill along the way.

  15. “Overall, Kievsky’s concern with decentralizing agriculture is at least as important as weaponing-up: no question in my mind that, when TSHTF, the Vampires will use their grocery-chain near-monopoly to starve us out, and they won’t care how many of their own – Jews, blacks, browns – they kill along the way.”

    Entirely possible. One thing is for sure: if TSHTF to the point where there is an opportunity for direct action (see Fourth Generation Warfare), Whites are going to need people who can operate with a high degree of self-sufficiency, have practical skills, know how to cooperate with one another (that last one is a big challenge in and of itself, as immature as people have gotten), and so forth.

    This is one of the reasons why I argue that the formation of peaceful, socially helpful groups for purposes such as home schooling, economic cooperation, etc., is important, not just in and of itself, but for creating a network of practical minded people that could provide the foundation for other things down the road. The old Pierce model of building explicit cadres was good, and I wish we had something like that now in these more “interesting” times. But we don’t, at least for the present.

    What we could have, though, is a loose network of small groups, whites that don’t just get together to spout off on political philosophy and the GD Jews, but do useful and helpful things that provide benefits in the here and now. Let’s put it this way. How many guys really want to bring their wives or girlfriends to a Pierce style meeting? Maybe some, but probably not many. But a homeschooling group, or some other group where she could befriend other wives, but engage in activity beneficial to whites? I think the winner is obvious.

    There are many other things to consider. Formal, disciplined structures need strong leadership, and they can’t miss a beat without falling apart. Informal structures, on the other hand, can form and sustain themselves for long periods of time, IF there are real social and/or economic benefits that hold them together and give them an ongoing purpose for getting together. Maybe the time will come for something structured and top down, but for now organic and bottom up seems the way to go.

  16. CF,

    I hadn’t thought of the survivalist angle recently because I’m pretty well set on that front, but it’s quite true. My primary goals in relocalizing Ag is punishing Agribusiness for bringing in Mex, and getting Whites re-employed in PRODUCTIVE activities rather than paper shuffling.

    But the survivalist aspect is always there and very real. By the way, Matt Parrott directed me to the Mormon “Bishop’s Storehouses.” You can get a month’s supply of food at those places for 20 bucks, sealed in cans good for 30 years. So if you can’t garden up, you can stock up from the Mormons. They have them all over the country. I found one in Worcester, Massachusetts, about an hour north of me.

    Do you think ZOG would be stupid enough to attempt to starve us out? That would have very interesting consequences. Look who that would select for — people like us would survive, and diversity would get culled. But ZOG has a track record of shortsightedness and unintended consequences. We’ll see.

  17. “Do you think ZOG would be stupid enough to attempt to starve us out?”

    I doubt it. The main current threat from ZOG is another false-flag attack. They don’t want to starve out White men, they want Whites to fight their wars for them. So brainwashing is the main agenda.

    Speaking of anti-vampire tech – consider two recent stories. A Saudi prince wrote an article telling the other Saudi princes that they will be overthrown and killed if they don’t leave SA soon, like he did, to Jordan.

    This seemed unrelated to anything, but then another story came out – the Saudi Princes are going to stand down and allow Israeli planes in their airspace to attack Iran. That could very well lead to a revolution in SA.

    If there is another false flag terrorist attack, what will Whites do? The recent fake attacks – Times Square Bomber, Hutaree Militia, Synagogue Attacks, Crotch Bomber, etc., didn’t actually kill anyone, so the reaction was muted, although virtually no one questioned them, aside from some internet chatter about the Crotch Bomber (one witness didn’t go along with the story and got some airtime).

    How do you prepare for Vampire attacks?

  18. “This is why I advocate relocalization of agriculture.”

    Song Mr. Farmer (The Seeds, 1967)

    See the farmer on the other side of town
    He’s always working hard ’til the sun goes down
    He’s up every morning right on five, a wanting green seeds just to come alive,
    But he don’t wear a no farm clothes, he’s always using a rake and hoe,
    But his seeds are starting to grow, like a big stalk up through the sky

    He used to live in an apartment in a big old city
    With thick and priestly windows built right in it
    But he decided to move to a little tiny town
    He wanted to be a farmer all year round
    And on a country road where you can’t see a thing
    He’s got five acres filled little green things, he said
    He’s working so hard all night and day

    Mr. Farmer let me watch your crops
    Mr. Farmer let me water your crops
    Mr. Farmer let me harvest your crops
    I want to have a dream come true
    I said a farmer, farmer, farmer
    I want to be just like you

    See the farmer a walking down town, always draws a crowd when he’s around
    He’s always wearing seedy clothes, he’s shows them off whereever he goes
    You can spot him anywhere, got a bright pink thumb but he don’t care,
    I said, he looks like something from a very bad dream

    Mr. Farmer let me watch your crops
    Mr. Farmer let me water your crops
    Mr. Farmer let me harvest your crops
    Mr. Farmer let me save your crops

    I said, a farmer, farmer, farmer..

  19. The 1990s saw a popular series of games called “The World of Darkness.” Many Jews were involved in making these games; many other Jews used them to explore their Jewish identities.

    I believe such games are worthy of criticism from a white standpoint.

  20. I have the World of Darkness Books but didn’t find people to play with for a while. Vampire, Werewolf and Mage. They do have a multi-culti slant

  21. @VVD

    You asked “How do you prepare for vampire attacks?”

    THe answer is there’s no time to prepare. The attack has been going on since before we were born.

    We don’t prepare, we respond with an alternative life-style design. They have us trapped in a consumerist lifestyle of dependence on them. If we create an alternative economy, an alternative network of exchange, we will have excluded them and they will have to surrender territory or do some kind of martial law/repressions.

    However, a superior model of economy will quickly replicate itself. Attempts at seizures or expropriations will kill the legitimacy of .gov real quick.

  22. Great article. The Vampire vs. Werewolf thing is a very resonant paradigm.
    Very easy for average folks to “get.”

    Someone refered in passing to Fourth Generation Warfare as something to anticipate in the future, after “TSHTF.” I’m sorry, but this is wrong.

    We are CURRENTLY engaged in a 4GW just by participating in discussion threads like this one, spreading memetic dissent. The “pow, bang, boom” stuff is ancillary to 4GW.

    Of course, this is not to say that more “impactful” action is not useful and necessary.

    Also, Niall Fergeson is NOT a ZOG court historian.

  23. Bud,

    I agree out little thing here is significant. I don’t know enough about 4GW to call it that, but perhaps it is so.

    I do know what Mind-Weaponization is. We don’t need thousands of years and generations of Talmud study to do it. Knowledge is all open source now. We can figure out what goals we want to accomplish, and do them. The world is our oyster, if only we’ll use our brains and get off our asses.

    Why do you think Niall Ferguson is not a ZOG court historian? He’s certainly a philo-semite.

  24. Kievsky,

    I’m really no expert on 4GW, I’ve just been a fan of William Lind for a couple of years and dig the stuff he’s written that is available online. The basics, as I understand them, are that in a disproportionate conflict between a powerful state tricked out with the latest in high tech ordinance and capital intensive strategy and a non state entity fighting on the cheap for an authentic cause, the non state entity has the advantage.

    The authentic cause part is important.

    I must say I liked the interview on Voice of Reason radio last week. The Mind-Weaponization concept has legs. The anecdote about the chick who was into “bad boys” was really funny even if the trick didn’t go to full fruition. I’m actually going to give the show a second listen to allow some of the good stuff to soak in better.

    As for Niall Fergeson, yes, some of his work (and collaborations) are problematic from a fundamentalist WN point of view. But, as far as high profile academics go, he’s the best we have, imo. His book on WWI was very moving and offers some very counter current stuff on the causes of the War. I am not really familiar with his other work, so can’t defend it, but the WWI book is great, and should be required reading for a WN “idea warrior.”

    My point is that he may be a type of “court historian” but he is also a courageous public intellectual.

  25. Let me amend my concluding statement: He may be a type of court historian, but his work that I have read is moving and very useful from a WN 2.0 point of view.

  26. Bud,

    You are the kind of commenter/reader OD is looking for — someone who is actually interested in the content of the post and comments intelligently on it, and teaches us something new.

    Yes, I think Ferguson is a philosemite, but also an excellent and thorough scholar, which of course makes his work quite valuable. His subject matter in “House of Rothschild” is just so damning. There’s a quote by James Rothschild, who is being driven hard by his brother Nathan. James says, “I don’t want to eat the world.” If he’s saying that, what’s that mean? It means Nathan does want to “eat the world.”

    Thanks for the definition of 4GW. I happen to think we can make great progress in our Cause, real progress, doing things that don’t get media coverage, and are not violent or illegal.

    In a garden, if a plant is lacking trace minerals and weakened, it doesn’t have its natural defenses and the bugs devour it.

    Likewise, we Whites have been weakened by a consumerist lifestyle, mass media and junk food. And DIVORCE. The “DIVORCE REGIME” has been brutal. I grew up a child of divorce, and lost some important years. Thanks feminism! Thanks 60’s attitude of “it feels good do it” and “let it all hang out.” There’s a great stream of consciousness blog out there about the divorce regime:

    it’s that simple. Don’t overthink it. It is a cliche, but it’s a true cliche, and it’s what we have to focus on. Consumerism, hedonism, mass media, junk food, divorce.

    Because we have been weakened by the consumerist lifestyle, the opportunistic pests are devouring us.

    I realized that American culture was broken, and when I was 19 I started learning the Russian language. I planned to move there permanently. I was there for 6 months when I was 23 and almost got a job working in greenhouses. I love horticulture and it would have been perfect. But they couldn’t hire a foreigner. I told them I agreed with this policy, even though it hurt me. A few years later, by 1998, they had loosened immigration policy and I could have stayed, but by then I was married and occupied with career and family here in the ‘Kwa.

    I was also taking violin lessons with a teacher from the Moscow Conservatory. This teacher, Tanya, had me on a track to be a real violin player. Would have taken about 5 years, and I think I’d have been able to get a chair on a symphony orchestra. It broke my heart to leave Russia.

    But what I saw over there was a Culture of Learning. High standards. And Tanya was a hard core eugenicist. I wanted to marry her and bring her back to the US with me, but she was 46 and she told me to have lots of children with a smart white woman, because there’s too many stupid people breeding and not enough smart people. She was related to a very famous Russian scientist.

    There’s a saying in Russia, “What is in deficit?” Well here among us White Americans, what is in deficit is the Culture of Learning, and moreover, a Collaborating Tribe of men who do the Culture of Learning. A Conspiracy of Mind-Weapons (not a criminal conspiracy though) is what is needed.

    Every one of us should be a high achiever in some practical field, or three. Mine are foreign languages, violin and horticulture, and I’m working on being a successful small businessman. Successful small businessman should be Job #1.

    A lot of people working in the corporate cube don’t realize they have the skills to go on their own. They are afraid. I thought I had to become the super duper computer expert to start my own company. Nonsense! I have way way way more skills in computers than I actually need for my business, and I’m not a super duper engineer. If you want to start a computer repair/consulting company in 2010, focus on helping small businesses use their computers correctly and efficiently. One very good use of a computer is to get a “batch scanner” that will feed several pages and scan them. You have a client with a bunch of relevant documents related to that client. You make a folder for that client, and scan all the documents related to them, so you don’t have to constantly go rifling through paper files. Saves a lot of time and hassle. Lots of small businesses don’t do this. Also, the users will have a question about how to use Word or Excel, or they’ll have a file that doesn’t open. So I look at the file extension, find a freeware app that opens that file, download that freeware app and install it, show them how to open it, done. 50 bucks an hour. Nice work if you can get it. Another client had all their clients files sitting under “My Documents.” !!! I showed them how to create folders. Make a client folder, then make folders with each client name under that, then copy-paste files for each client to their client folder. What a concept! Such simple stuff, but htey need it, bad!

    When I was working in the corporate IT cubes, I thought everyone knew this stuff. How wrong I was!

  27. Kievsky

    How do you win clients for your IT business?

    I am a part qualified chartered accountant in addition to other things, I just wonder how hard it is to find and pitch to small businesses?


  28. Dermot,

    Go take a Quickbooks class and become a QB expert. QB is a pain in the butt, and a lot of businesses don’t use it correctly.

  29. Thanks K,

    I honestly believe you’re writing some of the best stuff out there coming from our camp. I’ve been reading WN stuff for about 8 years and have become familiar with about all the names. I just happened to hear the VoR Stark interview last week, and that was the first I heard of you.

    About all the stuff you say resonates with me. You seem to cover some of my own personal “idees fixes” such as Russia, folkish religion, “alternative grids”, meme warfare, and others.

    IT competence is something I admire, albeit from a distance. That is one of my major “deficits.”

    Organic gardening is another deficit, but one I am ammending. I just (finally!) got some tomato plants and carrots in the ground and am planning to put some sweet potatoes and beans in this week. I’m experimenting with composted duckweed/water meal as manure. Its loaded with nitrogen (smells like anhydrous).

    I would like to contact you off-thread about some other ideas. does the forum have a PM function? I don’t see an e-mail for you in the contact area.

    Keep fighting the good fight!

  30. Bud,

    Yep, PM me at the forum. I’m not afraid to meet new people because I stay totally legal. I have been one of the first contact points for a lot of people who are new to the White advocacy movement, and I correspond with many people for whom I am the only “movement” person they know.

  31. @Dermot Walsh:”I have the World of Darkness Books but didn’t find people to play with for a while. Vampire, Werewolf and Mage. They do have a multi-culti slant”

    The World of Darkness had some great ideas, and made some big promises. It delivered a few good things, but mostly it failed to follow through.

    If your social situation is such that you can establish a gaming group, you don’t need to use the World of Darkness – you can analyze the books, salvage the parts you like, and just use the good stuff. That’s what most people do – they use the WoD books as a sourcebook, but use some other rule system, such as D6, because it’s easier.

    (I’d like to read Lasha Darkmoon’s critique of the WoD. I wonder if I would have to pay her to write it … it would be gritty work!)

    However, if your social situation is not optimal for tabletop gaming, there’s plenty of other cultural options open to you. I haven’t gamed in a long time, but I stay socially connected with other activities.

  32. Kievsky:”One of the problems of stigmatizing parasites is that America’s productive activities (factories and farms) were sent out of the country or outsourced, and a lot of Americans do jew-type work now such as “mortgage broker” or “lawyer.” So they actually identify with the parasites!”

    Kievsky — I liked your post, and it has a lot of great info, but I think many here fail to see that the entire country of the USA has become a parasite nation, a nation of vampires with a huge lack of werewolves. The USA was certainly founded as and became great as a werewolf nation, but under Jewish ‘leadership’ it has become a vampire nation, a parasite nation, in the last few decades during the second half of the 20th Century or so.

    The USA, overseen and overrun by Jews, is the most Judaized nation in the history of the world and thus also the most vampiric nation this world has ever seen. This is vampire central of the world, a slithering pit of bloodsuckers who, now that economic times are tough, are being forced more and more to suck the blood of their fellow American vampires just for sustenance (Bernie Madoff, mortgage collapse, endless stock market fraud, FED fake money, etc).

    We vampire Americans consume a huge percentage of the world’s resources and energy for very little constructive purpose, just so our dumb zombie vampire masses can consume-consume-consume and produce very little. We use a huge percentage of the world’s oil which took eons to form just so fat lazy Americans can whiz around, go shopping, and stuff their faces. We obliterate entire ancient mountains for coal just so fat lazy Americans can watch trash TV and ‘work’ at worthless paper shuffling vampire jobs as you say. We have depleted huge amounts of the most fertile virgin topsoil on Earth just to feed a bunch of American vampire parasites, along with the huge percentage of the 3rd world (American topsoil is still yearly being depleted just to grow food to feed Africans, Hispanics, Asians, etc in 3rd world nations so they can keep coming here in droves and eventually overrun us).

    That journalist for ‘Rolling Stone’ once called Goldman Sachs a “great vampire quid wrapped around the face of humanity” – well, he was right, but that saying could just as easily apply to the USA as a whole now. The populace of the entire USA has become a nation of vampire zombie hyperconsumerist non-producers overseen by an international clique of master Jewish bloodsuckers and their ostensibly White Masonic bitch-boy underlings who’ll do anything for a few bucks and a bit of power.

    The thing is, the USA is running short on fresh blood now, and thus this set-up cannot and will not last too much longer. Internally, the USA barely has any blood left to suck because the proliferation of vampire-parasites has drained the host almost completely dry – and even with a huge and constant influx of 3rd world immigrants (‘fresh blood’), vampire Americans have been forced to suck the blood of other nations from afar for survival: importing labor and more consumers, exported financial scams, endless imported energy and manufactured goods, etc.

    This won’t end well.

  33. Herr Knoblauch: One of my nightmares is that the economy will finally melt, there will be a big demand for people who can actually do something, and all the tradesmen will be Mexicans. Jewish power shrivels, but Whites then have to depend on Browns to keep the refrigerators running.
    I think that most of the men who, 50 years ago, would have become skilled laborers, are now going to college, wasting years reading books that they would never touch on their free time. Instead of being useful, virile, self-respecting men, college turns them into parasitic, sterile, self-hating metrosexuals. And instead of intelligent White men who can do trigonometry, read a technical manual, and figure out a solution to an unfamiliar problem, we’re forced to rely on semi-skilled manana Mexican machine operators to keep us alive.

  34. Discard,

    No way. Here in New England there’s lots of blue collar White man who will do ANY JOB.

    The “jobs Americans won’t do” is a god-damned liberal Jew lie. I was a friggin’ Maytag man for 2 years, for heaven’s sake. I did it because I wanted to do three dimensional work. It wsa pretty cool, I saw a side of human nature that I wouldn’t have otherwise. I wasn’t cut out for the work, but the other guys most certainly were, and they weren’t Mexicans. Hard white guys who spent theri lives getting yelled at by housewives because the products were Chinese junk and there were constant recalls. I did a ton of “recall work” where they set up an appointment and I went out and replaced some part that had broke down in the millions.

  35. Herr Knoblauch,

    You are quite right. Maybe I should GTFO while the gettin’s good. This is a very unhealthy country, and it won’t end well.

    What you write, I have known all my life. I know we live in vampire nation. The Iraq invasion was the cherry on top, and ya know, it broke my heart. That was nothing but bullying and armed robbery with bombs.

    I am popularizing growing your own food and economic relocalization. A lot of people are, and this is a direct attack on Vampire Nation. And it’s very popular with people. Everyone I meet has an immediate affinity for the idea of locally grown food. So the country may save itself yet . . .

  36. I think all of the guys with engineering degrees are gonna be on the dole soon enough, and skilled labour will make a comeback

  37. Kievsky: If New England had millions of Mexicans driving down wages for physical work, your White men would be wasting time in college too, hoping to get a job that would support a family. The Mexicans don’t do as good a job as Whites, but they work a whole lot cheaper. And employers will, if necessary, hire a few Whites to do the critical tasks. That’s how I was able to stay in manufacturing as long as I did.

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