Racial Demographics of America: One WN’s Perspective

A National Perspective, or How Many Whites Are There?

Note: This is a long post so hunker down.

It seems that no less than once a month Americans are treated to new reports that corroborate data indicating that White Americans are on the way out and that we will become a minority by, at the very least, mid-century if present trends continue. We’ve all seen and heard this demoralizing propaganda in its various forms (newspaper articles, TV, internet, etc.) and we have and will continue to debate what it means and how to combat the outcome. But perhaps what is overlooked, or at least not given as much attention, is exactly how many Whites there are in America and what percentage they actually represent. I feel that by having as close to an accurate count of Whites as we can get will give us an idea of where we are and enable us and future comrades to better understand our position and improve strategy.

From my limited experience with others, ranging from those who seem partially aware of our plight and others who are oblivious, and observations of sites like AmRen, Stormfront, OD, Vdare, and a few others, it appears that the only consensus is that our (relative) numbers are not as high as they used to be, we’re getting smaller, and that we’re being swamped. Other than that, there’s no agreement as to what our race’s numbers and percentages are nationally, regionally, or even locally (state-wise). As far as national percentages go, most WNs and RRs seem to believe Whites are in the 60s, usually mid to low. A fair share believe we are below 60%, and a small share think we’re still in the low 70s. Which ever way you cut it, there is no accurate number to pin point. Part of this is due to a lack of objective data and the other part has to do with perception. I shall elaborate.

The lack of objective data is easy enough to explain: We are all (or should be) aware that the Feds fudge up the data by including North Africans, Arabs, Central Asians (Persians, Afghanis, and the various Turk-stans), Mestizos and of course Jews in the White data. If you go to the Wiki page on ‘White American’, it even shows a map of “[t]he countries from which White Americans claim their ancestry” going by the Census Bureau’s definition of ‘White’. Ridiculous doesn’t even begin to describe it.

Perception is a little more tricky to explain because it involves so many angles: Personal experiences/Man on the street observations, Local/County, State, Regional, National, etc. It also doesn’t help that within the Racially-aware Community, there’s still debate going on concerning things like the One-Drop Rule, the classification of the Georgians and Armenians, and even the Jews. In the future, perhaps, I could go into more detail about these issues. In the mean time, I will first focus on the national level of the White population.

U.S. Counties Racial Composition

Referring back to the Wiki page just mentioned, we see below the many faces on the right-hand corner, some numbers. These numbers, referenced from the Census Bureau, declare that White Americans make up somewhere between 228 and 243 million people or 75-80% of the US population, with around 200 million listed as non-Hispanic White or just over 65% of the population.

On the surface, all seems rather cut and dry. But, since we’re calling BS, we need to have a re-examination of the data. Luckily, I’ve already done all of this and will now explain my findings. Essentially, I used a 3-Step process.

1st: Compile the raw numbers of all the various European Groups.

2nd: Disregard/Eliminate all of the non-White figures from Africa, Asia, and the Mid-East.

3rd: Examine the ‘Hispanic’ numbers.

Keep in mind that I am not an expert and am mediocre when it comes to statistics. This is simply a rudimentary exercise. All those who have access to better, more concrete data as well as better statistical skills are welcome to try.

Step One was obviously the most time-consuming due to the fact that we have seemingly every European ethnic group dwelling here. There were also some little trip ups. While for smaller groups like Slovenes and Basques the numbers are rather exact with the only source usually coming from the census, bigger groups often presented a range of numbers coming from both the census and other references. A case in point would be Americans of Romanian descent. The Wiki page, using both census numbers and other sources, lists 462,526 – 1,100,000 Romanian Americans, but other sources contend that there are even more. So, I rounded it off to a conservative 800,000 exactly even though there may be more or less. So if you see three or more zeros, that usually means a rounded average. Also, some groups only have census info dating back to ’04, ’06, and a couple from ’00, whereas most are up to at least mid-’08, so it makes things even more shaky. Also, because they are self-identified, I’m naturally assuming there’s no double-counting.

So, here listed is the first preliminary count of each White ethnic group in America*:

German Americans: 51,000,000; Austrian Americans: 735,128; Italian Americans: 18,000,000; Danish Americans: 1,516,126; Norwegian Americans: 4,643,339; Swedish Americans: 4,390,058; Icelandic Americans: 42,716; Finnish Americans: 700,000; English Americans: 27,516,394; Estonian Americans: 25,034; Scotch-Irish Americans: 3,538,444; Irish Americans: 36,278,332; Scottish Americans: 20,000,000; Welsh Americans: 1,980,323; Latvian Americans: 87,564; Lithuanian Americans: 712,165

Basque Americans: 57,793; Belgian Americans: 360,642; Dutch Americans: 4,928,607; Swiss Americans: 997,233; Luxembourg Americans:45,139; French Americans:11,525,930; Belarusian Americans: 750,000; Bulgarian Americans: 250,000; Czech Americans: 1,703,930; Hungarian Americans: 1,563,081; Polish Americans: 10,000,000; Romanian Americans: 800,000; Russian Americans: 3,152,959; Rusyn Americans: 750,000; Slovak Americans: 797,764; Ukrainian Americans: 961,113; Albanian Americans: 201,118; Bosnian Americans: 98,766; Croatian Americans: 420,763; Greek Americans: 1,350,600; Macedonian Americans: 51,733; Maltese Americans: 50,691; Montenegrin Americans: 80,000; Portuguese Americans: 1,419,428; Serbian Americans: 172,874; Slovenian Americans: 176,691; Spanish Americans: 625,562; Armenian Americans: 1,270,000**; Georgian Americans: 3,300**

Total: 215,731,340

* As of 6/3/2010 using both census and other sources.

** Not European but included as White until further evidence provided shows to the contrary.

But wait! We’re not done yet, we still have two more steps.

Step Two was the easiest as all but one non-White group can be isolated from the non-Hispanic White numbers. You don’t even have to ask which group I am talking about. That’s right.


I didn’t see anything that would indicate as to how Jews identified themselves on the census so I am going to assume they are listed as White and therefore must subtract their numbers from our first total. I am aware that some contend that there are more Jews than their official total indicates, and am rather inclined to believe so, but I will stick to official numbers for the sake of argument.



Total = 209,242,340

Now we’ve come to Step Three, which deals with the ‘Hispanic’ quotient which in a nutshell boils down to this question: Who is White and who is Mestizo?

But before I get to particulars, I discovered something very interesting in my research. Did you know that Puerto Rico, along with all other US held territories are counted? As if they were actually part of the US? I did not know that! So that would mean, in the case of Puerto Rico, that there are four million extra people counted. This in-turn would mean that instead of 309 million the US is actually closer to 303-4 million. Still, I will use the 309 million figure for the follow up data. Anyway…

While Step One was more time consuming, Step Three was more difficult because although the majority of so-called Hispanics are non-White, it is undeniable that a fraction are ethnic European. But, without coming face-to-face with these people and lacking knowledge as to whether or not some groups and individuals have a degree of admixture, it’s quite difficult to determine the White percentage of Hispanics.

The Wiki page for White-Hispanic Americans states that of 46.8 million Hispanics “62.3% (29.2 million) self-identified as racially white”. Considering that most of these self-identifiers are more than likely just lighter-skinned Mestizos, I would take these figures with a big grain of salt. Still, this is in contrast to the fact that, “[r]espondents in the “Some other race” category are reclassified as white by the Census Bureau in its official estimates of race. This means that more than 90% of all Hispanic or Latino Americans end up being counted as “white” in some statistics of the US Census, equaling 43.1 million in 2008.”

But, the fact still remains that it is almost guaranteed that more than half of the 29.2 million are not White. So where does one go from here? We can’t take the 29.2 million figure at face value so instead we apply what I would call gradient figures. I’ll show what I mean below. But first, we must remove the 625,562 Spaniard Americans from the 29.2 million figure as they are included.

29,200,000 – 625,562 = 28,547,438

I find it unlikely that Portuguese Americans are included in these figures, but just to be safe I’ll remove them for the sake of argument.

28,547,438 – 1,419,428 = 27,128,010

Now let’s do something different. Let us consider the demographics of Central and South America. From Mexico to Chile, there are only three Latin American countries that are verifiable (using current, available data) as majority White: Argentina, Costa Rica, and Uruguay. We now find that there are:

Argentine American: 194,308

Costa Rican American: 108,164

Uruguayan American: 50,538

Total: 353,010*

*Let us assume that all are 100% European for the sake of argument.

Now, this number will be subtracted from the “White-Hispanic” number and then added on to the regular “White” number.


– 353,010

= 26,775,000



= 209,595,350

We now come to the gradient figures mentioned earlier. This will give us a range of possible White demographics as we most likely will not find any wholly accurate data telling us who is an actual ‘White Hispanic’. For what I deem realistic purposes here, let us assume that no more than 9 million of the 26,775,000 can qualify as potentially White. Now, we will have 10 different possible White numbers and percentage of population. By that I mean, the ‘known’ European number of 209,595,350 will be added 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8, or 9 million more people for each possible outcome.

1. No more added

209,595,350 / 309,000,000 = 67.830%

2. 1 Million added

210,595,350 / 309,000,000 = 68.153%

3. 2 Million added

211,595,350 / 309,000,000 = 68.477%

4. 3 Million added

212,595,350 / 309,000,000 = 68.801%

5. 4 Million added

213,595,350 / 309,000,000 = 69.124%

6. 5 Million added

214,595,350 / 309,000,000 = 69.448%

7. 6 Million added

215,595,350 / 309,000,000 = 69.771%

8. 7 Million added

216,595,350 / 309,000,000 = 70.095%

9. 8 Million added

217, 595,350 / 309,000,000 = 70.419%

10. 9 Million added

218,595,350 / 309,000,000 = 70.742%

So, in effect, the data compiled here (by an admitted amateur) yields possible findings that give the probable national percentage of Whites as somewhere between 67-71% out of a US population of 309 million. Keep in mind that these findings utilize both data that is official and based on speculation and are of course subject to change and interpretation.

I would now like to conclude this little exercise by showing two maps of the U.S. that I have modified. Both tell the same story but from two different points of reference. The first one, from a blank map I found on the internet, shows the 50 states color-coded depending on the White percentage of the state.

Dark Blue: Mid-80s and Higher

Light Blue: Low 80s

Dark Green: Mid-High 70s

Light Green: Low 70s

Orange: Mid-High 60s

Yellow: Low 60s

Red: 50<, <60

Brown: <50 Pretty cut and dry, right? Well, the second map makes things more interesting. As you can see, this map gives us county level information regarding racial demographics. I obtained the original map from the 1990 census, which poorly depicted black majority counties. So, after spending the better half of a week checking the racial stats of each and every county in America, this is what I have to show. Regular Green: >70% White

Light Green: >50, <70% White

Black: Majority Black, both numeric and plural

Orange: Majority Mestizo, both numeric and plural

Yellow: Majority Mongoloid, both numeric and plural (Includes both Asians, American Indians, and Eskimos/Inuits.

I used the original colors on the map and modified them to my own specs. And I chose 70% as my determining number for a ‘comfortable’ White majority for this simple reason. Assume that a county is 70% White and 30% non-White. Let’s also assume that the gender division of the White population of this county is exactly half. Therefore, let us assume all of the Men, regardless of age, are capable of battle i.e. no debilitating sicknesses, injury, etc. That way, even if every non-white man, woman, and child turned violently hostile against the White population, they would still be out numbered (35% against 30%).

Keep in mind that this is a bare-minimum theoretical position. I am well aware that in such conditions that many of our women will potentially join us on the front-lines, and that one random White man is worth a good deal more than a few random non-White men.

Now then, let me here what you all think.


  1. >>You mean that Armenians call us ‘cattle’ as well? If so, that is disturbing.

    Is it that, or is it more along the lines of calling us ‘outsiders’ but not necessarily meaning any malice?

    Lawrence: “Odar” just means “foreigner” in Armenian. It doesn’t have the same connotations as “goyim” does to Jews. They do have terms that have the “subhuman” connotation, but those apply to Arabs and Turks, and I can’t remember what those were. They’re not overly fond of Jews, either.

  2. Lawrence, is there any way to get information on what percentage of US citizens are White? A few people on AMREN made some comments that 80 percent of US citizens are White. If you look at the percentage of the White electorate in different states like California you see that 65 percent of the voters are White in a state that is 40 percent White. There obviously has to be some truth to it. I’ve been trying to find the information without any luck. I do know there are about 7 million Mexicans living in the US with green cards. If you extrapolate that out for all the different countries the US takes in it must be in the tens of millions. It has far reaching implications because there’s no need to plot battle strategies or impose partitions on territory when discreet deportation orders over a period of years is all that’s needed.

  3. Daley,

    Honestly, I wasn’t looking for (nor did I find) anything on voter demographics.

    Off the top of my head, I believe if you did a google search on say, ‘voter demographics’ you’ll find something on various elections where the vote is broken down by race. Kind of like how we here that 96-97% of blacks who voted in ’08 were for Obama? I’ve only ever seen/heard that kind of info and have never seen a site dedicated to that kind of voter analysis.

    I do think it is true that the vast majority of, at the very least active voters, are White. Hell, I’d even go so far as to say that more than half of the so called ‘Hispanic’ pop. are not legal.

    But even then, although in theory we could still ‘vote our way out’, that has yet to happen and even if such an attempt was made, some federal tyrants posing as judges would strike such attempts down.

    So no, I don’t believe our salvation will come from the ballot box. No, that ship sailed at least as long ago as 1988/9. If only Reagan picked Buchannan instead of Bush I.

  4. “Honestly, I wasn’t looking for (nor did I find) anything on voter demographics.”


    The exit polls found for 2008 had Whites as 74% of the vote, Blacks as 13%, Latinos as 9%, Asians as 2%, and Other as 3%.

    Whites: 55-43 for McCain
    Blacks 95-4 for Obama
    Latinos 67-31 for Obama
    Asians 62-35 for Obama
    Other 66-31 for Obama

    Also interesting to note that 30% of the voters reporting being working Women, and these voted for Obama at greater margin than Women overall.

    Working Women: +21 for Obama
    Women Overall: +13 for Obama

    A summary of the exit poll can be found here:


  5. Rusty asks a good question. The answer: relatively tall, lighter-skinned, Spanish Iberians rule Mexico. They simply use the generally shorter, browner, poorer, stupider mestizos to invade and occupy America. Much as, say, Stalin tried to use Uzbek (and other subject-nationality) troops to attack and occupy Finland during the initial phase of the Winter War. This sort of thing is typical of left-wing (and other) imperialists. Keeps the casualties down among the ethnic Ruling Class.

  6. Actually the point of my post wasn’t really about voters but what percentage of US citizens are White. There are millions of nonwhites living here with temporary status, H1B, foreign students, asylum seeks plus illegals and all of these people are added to the 309 million people the Census counts. The Census Bureau does population counts of how many bodies we have regardless of their legal status. Removing people with no status in the US is alot easier than if they were actual citizens.

  7. Lawrence of Appalachia: Yobbo probably knows more than I do about Armenians and the Oodar, so I’d accept that the word conveys no particular malice. Still, they are calling me an outsider in my own country, so I don’t need them around.
    Language issues aside, far too many Armenians act like Jews, trying to involve us in their disputes in the Middle East. And in their public behavior, many of them act like Mexicans. I don’t need those things either.

  8. Discard,

    I understand and am on the same page as you. It’s one thing to be called an outsider or foreigner when you are in someone else’s country, it’s quite another to be called those things in your own country.

    It’s like the damn mexicans calling us ‘gringos’, which as I am sure you know means foreigner, and not in a neutral way. The fact that they call us that here, knowing that the Feds are on their side, just galls me to no end. They know they are milking the system and, overall, have nothing but contempt for us.

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