RE: Why Nobody Likes…White Nationalism

We’ve shaven our intimidating fu manchu mustaches and grown hair on our formerly shaven heads. We’ve forked out thousands of dollars for tattoo removal. We’ve put our anachronistic costumes in the attic and no longer convey sinister subcultural cues with the colors of our shoelaces on our bright red Doc Marten boots. We’re cleverly passing ourselves off as ordinary middle class and working class Americans who are concerned about the long-term welfare of our families and communities. WN 2.0 has come a long way, baby…

…but I’m afraid we’ve overshot the target.

Our simple message of heritage, harmony, and homogeneity still can’t be taken seriously. But it’s for the opposite reason, now: we’re all a bunch of nerds!

Ferdinand Bardamu
Ferdinand Bardamu

In the comments to this post from two weeks ago, I mentioned that I was planning to write an essay on “why white nationalism is a doomed ideology.” Said essay will come along when I’m in the mood to hammer it out. Reading the comments to this post at Occidental Dissent made me realize that even if the philosophical issues with white nationalism were ironed out, the WNs would still be condemned to failure and obscurity, because rank-and-file WNs are disproportionately nerdy.

He concludes his post with a call for the “cool kids” of the world to pick on nerds…

It is time for we, the cool kids, to descend upon the nerds and make their lives miserable once more. We guys can give them wedgies and swirlies, and you gals can wound their souls with cruel, cutting remarks about their fashion sense, hygiene and overall creepiness. The future of the world depends on your willingness to break the hearts and spirits of the socially retarded. Are you game?

I’ve traveled in a pretty broad range of WN circles over the last few years. For a bunch who allegedly hate diversity, we offer plenty. I’ve met ones who are obnoxiously religious and ones who are obnoxiously anti-religious – and all kinds in between. I’ve met filthy rich ones and dirt poor ones – and all kinds in between. I’ve met brilliant ones and stupid ones  – and all kinds in between. Really, the only thing we have in common is the willingness to reject the prevailing multicult orthodoxy…and being White. Hell, I’ve met Jewish Korean ones and had to deal with this crazy Indian one (gas station, not casino).

We also have cool ones and – I ain’t gonna lie – nerdy ones. I’m guilty of the crime of nerdiness. I wear khaki pants and a white short-sleeve dress shirt with pens in the pocket. I’m a programmer by trade. I wear glasses. My idea of a fun Saturday night is reading a technical reference. I’m lost in a noisy club and right at home in a nested formula with indirect statements, external references, and multiple conditionals. I even worked at Radio Shack. From as early as I can remember, I’ve self-identified as a nerd.

But this isn’t about me. It’s not about nerds. It’s not even about Occidental Dissent or White Nationalism. This is between Ferdinand Bardamu and himself. Personally, I think the man is suffering from a pretty obvious case of “crimestop“. As defined in Orwell’s 1984…

The PartyCrimestop means the faculty of stopping short, as though by instinct, at the threshold of any dangerous thought. It includes the power of not grasping analogies, of failing to perceive logical errors, of misunderstanding the simplest arguments if they are inimical to Ingsoc [English Socialism], and of being bored or repelled by any train of thought which is capable of leading in a heretical direction. Crimestop, in short, means protective stupidity.

Bardamu’s critiques of White Advocacy fall along a predictable pattern, “circle-strafing” easy targets within the very broad movement without actually challenging our core message. He’s criticized our rabid anti-Semites. He’s criticized our nerds. He’s criticized our prudes. He’s planning on writing a piece which does not claim we’re wrong, but merely claims we’re doomed.

He’s taking a long time to write it (procrastinating) because his soul is tortured. As a deeply contemplative man who’s a student of human nature, he knows that proximity + diversity = war. He knows that unchecked immigration and forced integration are rapidly transforming this fine country into a third world bazaar. He knows that Muslims pose an existential threat to the West. He rejects the neocon bullshit about Islam being a religion of peace and Arabs being a dash of democracy and burger franchises away from being peaceful and assimilated Westerners.

I think he knows that the best future for ourselves and our future generations is one in which we band together in defense of our birthright, our genetic endowment, and our way of life. But it may take him a while to admit the implications of this to himself. He may also need to mature a bit before he mans up and takes a genuine sense of ownership and accountability for the fate of his community and his ethnonational tribe.

We’re here for him. We’re glad to answer his questions and concerns. We’re prepared to serve up the facts and statistics he needs to make an informed decision. But the last step, of growing from a mere alpha among bar skanks to a true patriarch among honest women, is a matter of the heart. He may just need a gentle nudge, a reminder that there’s nothing sinister about Whiteness. Hopefully, the following immersive experience will help trigger his awakening…

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  1. Why do you keep bothering with “Ferdinand Bardamu,” Matt?

    His persona in a nutshell: “Look at me. I know how to say the words f***, c**, and j***. I’m so cool. Look at how much p**** I get. You’re a nerd. You can’t get laid. Look how cool I am.”

    Bardamu is congenitally unable to argue on an intellectual level. On the last thread I made reasoned points about birth rates and the importance of exclusive territory. Bardamu responded (or rather, did not respond) by erecting a ridiculous straw man in his usual gutter manner.

  2. Matt, speak for yourself about the nerdiness, I won’t argue with you if you want to stigmatise yourself as such, it is your right.

    I have said for the short time that I have been in this is, but it became painfully obvious to me from the outset, that some “good ole boys” have to become part of the program. I’m thinking rodeo cowboys and linebackers here. The intellectual foundation by the geek squad has been set and will still be maintaned by them (or you guys, in your case Matt, if you are willing to wear this synonomous label as well), but the next social level must be breached to get some, just a bit, of a more mainstream acceptance. Popular acceptance will never come and isn’t needed to achieve results.

    This can’t happen though if you don’t bring it down somewhat to their level. I have never been called a “nerd,” nor thought of myself as one, (let’s admit it, you know if you are a nerd or not) and haven’t had much of a problem being in the “cool” crowd if I so choose, but I can tell you for sure that the discourse on the site in general is way too heady for the common, salt of the earth, American, blue-collar man, and that is who is needed.
    That doesn’t mean it should be dumbed down, but a new thrust is needed, another “division” or offshoot, that speaks to the common folk in a way they can digest the message.

  3. Ferdinand Bardamu = degenerate Negro-wannabe fake like most of the gamers seeking the attention of drunk and damaged females ’cause his mama didn’t give him enough attention growing up; pretty good observer and writer but just another decadent American wigger wannabe alpha – best to ignore, move on to much more important topics like real world strategies on how to save the White race from impending extinction

  4. ‘non-nerdy’ WN has been around for a while: skinheads, KKK, nazis, etc. There’s a whole network of such sites: StormFront, VNN, NewSaxon, assorted similar minor sites, radio shows like Jim Giles and formerly Hal Turner, various skinhead band labels and groups, the assorted uniform-wearing ‘nazi’ parties, and so on.

    The problem is, these groups are too crude for most people, so instead the intellectualized WN has come into being to counteract these stereotypes.

    Some sort of in-between may be necessary, but it’s hard to keep it from degenerating into total crudeness without being sharply restrained on an ‘highbrow’ leash. StormFront tried this, and ended up with a site that is heavily censored and yet still full of idiots. VNN seems to bounce between the two extremes: mostly being a total zoo, with periodic attempts to ‘clean up’ the site, for example by making everyone use ‘real names’, and these inevitably fail.

    CofCC might be a good example of something which could fit a happy medium: something that can reach the ‘tea party’ type people. Political Cesspool does a good job of this as well.

    Perhaps a pure emphasis on race is the cause of this: the only way to focus on race is either through scientific and statistical data (‘nerdy’), mocking crude stereotypes of nonwhites and glorifying violence against them, or with weird religious/spiritual/psychobabble (turns off mainstream and often ‘nerdy’ too). The way to reach more ‘normal’ people is to focus on more ‘normal’ concerns such as falling wages from immigration, increased crime, emphasis on civic patriotism & language, etc.


  6. nerd=expert level in something,the white nerd look is cool,there is nothing wrong with being underestimated,to much self evaluation will create insecurity that is planting bad seed that will grow nothing good,remember that you started working that angle because you thought it was cool?news flash,it is cool.a portrait of a badass nerd being viewed by our off-spring 200 hundred years from now as being insturmental in saving our peoples in the early part of the 21st centry,compared being cool,and fitting in with multicult society cool norms?are you fuckin kidding me?it looks like this one stung a bit,step away from this one and remember,white nerds are cool,if just by the fact that niggers don’t think so,makes me know this as fact,jack.

  7. Coolness is ascriptive, and Jews do the authoritative ascribing. They ascribe it to themselves, Blacks, and whoever else they want.

    If you’re a White nationalist, they don’t want to ascribe it to you but to anyone likely to give you grief.

    Stop worrying about coolness.

  8. H. Rock,
    No. That’s not him. At least…I don’t know whether he looks like that guy, or not.

    I think Ferdinand’s posts are typically insightful, clever, and reach a pretty big audience of people who otherwise would never stumble onto our message. It’s a bit more tabloid than what our good friend Jared Taylor offers up. But, as Aservant notes, we’ve got to try to reach more people.

    I did speak for myself in the piece, being careful to note that there are all kinds in the good fight. I agree with you that we need to engage a wider audience. As you suggest, ordinary White Americans are a group we’ve utterly failed to successfully relate to. I’ve tried to do what you’re prescribing, which is serve up more humorous and less dogmatic posts which try to reach popular discourse through pop culture and current events.

    As a big nerd, I’m probably limited in this pursuit. Which is why you ought to jump in and help me out with reaching folks more like yourself!

    H. Rock,
    I don’t believe that the intellectuals in the movement are a recent phenomenon, at all. I think we’ve always had a solid inextinguishable nucleus of gifted scholars who projected our worldview. If anything, I think Occidental Dissent represents progress in trickling down, as our writers and readers are more likely to be merely college-level. Many of our posts do engage pop culture and current events, if in a bit of a nerdy or wonky way.

    I think you hit the nail on the head with the nature of people who are fixated purely on race. A man with a boot on his neck can become singularly fixated on oxygen. It becomes the only thing that really matters to him. But despite this importance in context, one can’t build a worldview around oygenism. People who enjoy oxygen have very little in common.

    I agree with somebody else (hat tip to person I forgot) who celebrated as a good example of a site which pushes paleolibertarian ideals but by simply engaging popular culture and current events from that perspective. And it’s often in a very peripheral way. I’m trying (sometimes failing) to resist the urge to write what I call “epic posts” and produce posts like that.

    Your mom.

    I’m comfortable with who I am. The intention of this post wasn’t to evaluate ourselves or “respond to an attack”. It was evangelism, plain and simple.

    Yup. As long as they control the chokepoint institutions of esteem (the Ivy Leagues) and coolness (MTV), they’ll do what they can to ascribe coolness to themselves and uncoolness to us.

  9. Coolness is ascriptive, and Jews do the authoritative ascribing. They ascribe it to themselves, Blacks, and whoever else they want.

    Very true Daybreaker! It’s the tyranny of cool, and the Jew cool is degeneracy. But we can offer a competing version of “cool,” though it won’t be the teenaged rebellion sort. Rather a nerd-Mind-Weapon version of cool.

    A nerd is one step from being a Mind-Weapon. All that is lacking is consciousness, or self-awareness, that the Nerd-Brain can actually be deployed as a multi-faced, universal weapon.

    Mind-Weapon consciousness is when you start seeing your brain as a Leatherman all-in-one tool.

  10. Now, whats wrong about Nerds? I am all for a re-definition and re-evaluation of the term. Anybody obsessively concerned with some subject nobody else cares about applies for me. And thus nerdism is the motor of civilisation and progress. Without all these people throughout history with their obsessed minds, tunnels views, scurrilous fancies and Asperger-syndromish behaviour, there would be nothing. Leonardo was a nerd as much as Newton or Kant or Nietzsche. It was nerds that invented cars, airplanes and skyrockets (think about how people who would think of somebody even considering that sort of stuff at Leonardo’s time) ; it was nerds that created Art and Philosophy.

    Speaking of Monsieur Bardamu: the “Game” itself was an invention by nerds who needed to come up with elaborate, super-nerdy theories to get laid: Ross Jeffries, Mystery, Neil Strauss… The booming success of “Game” is actually the real “Revenge of the Nerds”. Thanks to their nerdiness they get more laid than any jerks that used to give them the wedgies.

    So, be a proud citizen of the Empire of the Nerds, and be sure to come back with a vengeance at all the silly girls and braindead athletes that picked on you at school…

  11. When the word ‘ We’ gets put into the main point of a topic I ignore the author and his/her point.
    Reads more like immature insult to a WN minded individual than anything associated with WE .

  12. I’m slightly nerdy and loved the song.

    I like reading books and have some college level Maths and Stats courses under my belt.

    I was on the Dean’s List throughout my degree and graduated with first class honours so I’m happy to be part of the nerd club.

    Just gotta turn myself into a mind-weapon to win the resources we need as Whites.


  13. We probably ought to try and just be pre-WWII American men. I’m pretty sure the post-WWII Wordism is collapsing and only the threats of taboo and censure remain. If it is true about Edgar then physical violence does remain, but if we pierce the PC taboo bubble as the advice given below states then Mr. Steele will assume the role of prosecutor after we smash the Wall of PC.

  14. I like Ferdinand Bardamu.

    He has always had nice things to say about me. I think he is wrong on this issue though. I’ve met a number of White Nationalists in real life and only a few of them have struck me as particularly nerdy.

    If there is one lesson I have learned, it is that you can’t judge the movement as a whole based on people who post on the internet. In real life, WN is quite different, at least in the circles I travel in.

  15. Does Mal Fido actually have a woman? The gentleman that are married, or are in a stable relationship with a devoted partner ought to be the only men permitted to opine on how to get women Since that sort of man has demonstrated real-world success, n this realm.

    Meanwhile -tech nerds are the most important demographic in the world, right now.

  16. Look just like Glenn Beck, giving irrelevant people more attention then they deserve gives them your power. Stop giving them the free publicity already. Celebrity can only be achieved through constant exposure. If you haven’t noticed no one gives a shit about a blogger.

  17. <~~~self-edjamacated ex-gangster…beautiful by nature, NERD BY CHOICE! don't you know about the nerd? everybody knows that the nerd is the word…

    where the hell did you find that gay ass video you posted? hahaha

  18. Andrew,
    Stop talking down to me. If you can’t keep your arrogance or temper in check, then I would prefer that you not comment on my posts.

    I happen to believe that attempting to ignite discourse with sizable audiences outside of our movement is valuable and useful work. You believe otherwise. If you can’t communicate that difference of opinion without being condescending, ordering me to behave a certain way, and implying that I’m ignorant, then I would just rather not hear your opinion.

  19. Matt and Hunter have admitted that they gets hits by trolling various antis. You guys are better at guerrilla marketing than seems apparent at first.

    Coolness is ascriptive, and Jews do the authoritative ascribing. They ascribe it to themselves, Blacks, and whoever else they want.

    Yes, and they can do that because they control the media. But all the old media is going out of business. Young guys don’t even watch MTV anymore, they play video games (not a Jew-run industry as far as I know) and FPS by nature do not teach “tolerance” they teach how to control the drones and robots the military uses.

    A problem with WN and “coolness” is we can’t just not be costumed nazis ourselves, we have to go out of are way to distance ourselves from them. While Jews actually defend William Ayers. Overton window; they use their fringe groups to push the debate closer to their side, we need to do the same.

  20. I think this guy threatened to beat me up or some such nonsense on the old forum.

    I don’t think anyone who isn’t a nerd talks about nerds. WN is NOT infested with nerds. Blogs are. All blogs.

    “StormFront tried this, and ended up with a site that is heavily censored and yet still full of idiots.”

    It’s full of Fox News watchers and conspiracy freaks rather than Hilter fetishists and “nigger haters.” I guess that’s an improvement. It’s actually got worse over the last couple of years as the conspiracy people have taken over. A lot of posters on SF think that 9-11 conspiracies ARE the real issue and stuff like race and immigration is just in the background.

  21. Just *be* White. Just *be*. Nerd or Nazi. These diktats, on how to *be*, an *what is cool* are created to distract, and leech energy.

    Every-one plays a part. The Nazis, and the Nerds.

  22. “It’s full of Fox News watchers and conspiracy freaks rather than Hilter fetishists and “nigger haters.” I guess that’s an improvement. It’s actually got worse over the last couple of years as the conspiracy people have taken over. A lot of posters on SF think that 9-11 conspiracies ARE the real issue and stuff like race and immigration is just in the background.”

    One of the main things wrong with Stormfront is that it is being moderated by a few Feminists who are posing as White Nationalists. One can no more discuss any of the problems associated with so many modern women and the effects than one can talk about race or Jews on mainstream sites and media. Not being able to discuss the serious problems associated with so many modern women is like trying to teach chemistry without mentioning the Periodic Table of the Elements.

    The very minute anyone even mentions, for example, that many white women who are totally into so much of Pop Culture and other racial destructive ideas and such, nearly all the women there come down on them like a ton of bricks. This then leads to absurd charges that no one ever even mentions problems with modern men.

    Moreover, the number of people being banned and the reasons for the bannishment over there has reached ridiculous proportions. It has essentially become an organization of politically correct racists, as strange as that sounds. And to top it off, they have an overabundance of suck asses.

  23. Credit where it is due, Bardamu’s essay on nerds is both hilarious and more than a little true.

    But still, whether meant seriously or with tongue in cheek, this latest round of “Why We Will Lose” nonsense is just that – nonsense.

    We don’t have enough girls! Um, nascent political movements rarely do. The girls come later, when the ideas have spread widely. White nationalism is no exception.

    We’re nerds! Well, the people that make this assertion probably ARE nerds, or at least don’t get out much. People that get out of the house every now and again would know that ALL political parties and movements are full up with social retards. This very much includes both establishment parties. Show me a political movement – any political movement – and I’ll show you the inevitable Oddball Caucus that it contains. A successful movement learns to marginalize the oddballs, but ALL movements get plenty of them. White nationalism is no exception.

    We don’t have enough real world activism, only keyboard commandos! Well, this one is harder to refute based on the historical record, for the simple reason that Al Gore only recently invented the internet, which of course is a series of tubes. But I’ll guaranteed you this: if Marx and Engels had access to the internet, they would have been all over it. In any event, internet or not, the historical record clearly shows that a movement’s ideas must be spread first, the physical manifestations come later. Again, white nationalism is no exception, it’s just that we have a new medium to work with, a medium that earlier movements would have certainly used had it been available.

    I could go on, but the point is that white nationalism is developing as revolutionary movements historically have. The technology may be different, as are the circumstances that we face. Our story will not be their story, at least in the details. But, at the end of the day, the old formula still holds: the ideas have to be spread first, the physical manifestations of those ideas in the real world come later.

    Do you know what time it is? More people than I would have thought seem very confused about what stage we are in. We need to be much clearer on this point, and hopefully put the Cassandra’s out of business. Let’s stick to the task at hand: spreading our ideas. And yep, it’s gonna take some time. Time always does.

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