Invisible Empire: The Ku Klux Klan in America

Whether through oversight or neglect on my part, I have never initiated an extended discussion of the Ku Klux Klan on this website. We have discussed the League of the South and the Council of Conservative Citizens. It would be odd not to discuss the strongest pro-White organization in our little corner of America.

Birth of the Klan

The First Klan

The Ku Klux Klan is the oldest and most well known pro-White organization in United States. Founded in 1866 by ex-Confederate veterans in Pulaski, Tennessee, the Klan quickly grew to include hundreds of thousands of members in the Southern states. In the late 1860s and early 1870s, the Ku Klux Klan fought the federal military occupation of the South and worked tirelessly to restore the racial ideal of America as “White man’s country.”

Eventually, the U.S. federal government cracked down on the Klan insurgency in the former Confederate states. The Force Act of 1870 and the Ku Klux Klan Act of 1871 – two of the three initial “civil rights acts” in American history – were passed by Congress and signed into law by President Grant. The new federal “anti-terrorist” legislation gave the Union military sweeping new powers to enforce “civil rights” in the South and imprison Klan members.

By the early 1870s, the Klan was fading as an organization. General Nathan Bedford Forrest disbanded the Klan in 1869. The individual Klan chapters disintegrated under the pressure of federal prosecutions and military force. The demise of the Ku Klux Klan turned out to be a small victory for emancipated slaves and their Northern sympathizers.

The Klan succeeded in its larger goal: largely through its efforts, defeated Confederate veterans were radicalized, and their determination to resist federal oppression was renewed. A “culture of resistance” was spawned in the South that denied the legitimacy of the federal government and the rights of freedmen. The Klan was quickly replaced by other paramilitary groups like the Red Shirts and White League which fought successfully to overthrow integration.

This “culture of resistance” proved decisive in the long run. The South proved to be ungovernable for its conquerers. White Southerners refused to acknowledge the legitimacy of their appointed rulers. They refused to concede that blacks could hold elected office in the South or vote in Southern elections. Southerners tenaciously clung to their supposedly “outdated” traditions and way of life.

After twenty years of Reconstruction, the North abandoned the quixotic project and concluded it had been a mistake. Northerners tired of hearing about outrageous corruption in the South, incompetent black legislators, race riots, lynchings, and general chaos. The Republican Party was overthrown in every Southern state and federal troops were withdrawn from the South in 1877.

Moral of the story: The North was unable to establish the legitimacy of its rule in the South. It could only rely upon brute force to exercise its power. The Northern public did not have the appetite to use brute force indefinitely and eventually conceded Southern home rule.

Birth of a Nation

The South didn’t become a nation in any sense of the word until the aftermath of Reconstruction. Ex-Confederates were restored to power. Southern historians rewrote the history of the Civil War and Reconstruction.

In the 1880s, the Jim Crow system began to take root. The myth of the Lost Cause and Redemption was born. Every Southern town was soon dotted with a memorial to the heroic Confederate dead who fought for Southern independence and true American principles.

Southerners began to take on all the characteristics of a distinct people: a national anthem, a national flag, a single political party, national heroes, a foundation myth, ethnic consciousness, monuments, and a peculiar ideology and system of race relations.

After Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson, the differences between the proud and fractious Southern states that existed before the war no longer seemed as significant. The Klan was dormant for much of this triumphant period. With Southerners back in control of their own states, the Klan faded into historical memory.

Moral of the story: The South was only able to build and nurture a sense of ethnic consciousness after ethnic Southerners regained control of their own political system and institutions. Without the backdrop of Klan resistance in the 1860s and 1870s, the South would have likely remained a defeated province of the American Empire.

The Klan Reborn

The Second Klan

In the early 1900s, Thomas F. Dixon wrote a popular trilogy of books about the Ku Klux Klan: The Leopard’s Spots, The Clansman, and The Traitor. In 1915, D.W. Griffith turned Dixon’s second book The Clansman into a silent motion picture film, The Birth of a Nation.

The Birth of a Nation glorified the Klan and became one of the most influential films in American history. An early demonstration of the power of film and discourse, Griffith later claimed his purpose was “to revolutionize northern sentiment by a presentation of history that would transform every man in my audience into a good Democrat!”

In 1915, the Ku Klux Klan was refounded in Stone Mountain, Georgia. It quickly came roaring back to life in the wake of Griffith’s successful film. Within 10 years, the Ku Klux Klan had become a national pro-White organization with millions of members. The Klan even briefly established a presence in Canada.

The Second Klan differed in many significant ways from the original Klan. It was a national organization that advocated 100% Americanism. It emphasized Protestant Christianity and used the American flag. The Second Klan was based in the Midwest, not the South; in urban metropoles, not rural areas.

Second Klan strongholds included such odd places as Indiana, Maine, Long Island, Michigan, Colorado, California and Oregon. White professionals flocked into its ranks. In the 1920s, the Klan held memorable and photogenic rallies in Washington, DC that were on par with anything that came out of Germany under Hitler.

The success of the Second Klan was the cause of its own unraveling. Ambitious men joined to advance their own careers. They quickly rose through the ranks into positions of leadership. Once they were safely in power, these unscrupulous men ignored the concerns of their grassroot constituents. The Klan was rocked by a series of scandals which tarnished its reputation as the defender of law and order, civilization, and traditional American values.

The Immigration Act of 1924 succeeded in shutting down the flood of Catholic immigrants from Southern and Eastern Europe that had aroused nativist sentiment in America. Prohibition became the law of the land and temperance organizations ebbed. Finally, the Great Depression struck and further reduced immigration to the United States.

By the 1930s, the Second Klan had collapsed and lost most of its influence over the American political and cultural mainstream.

Moral of the story: A popular film can change racial attitudes and sweep away old ingrained prejudices. The Second Klan was destroyed from within by opportunists who exploited a mass movement to promote their own narrow interests.

The Third Klan

The Third Klan

The convulsions in American race relations that followed the Supreme Court ruling in Brown vs. Board of Education led to the formation of the Third Klan. Independent Klan groups sprouted up across the Deep South like mushrooms.

The Third Klan is best remembered for returning to its violent roots. Klan groups and individuals associated with the Klan used violence against “civil rights activists” to resist integration and social equality. A series of bombings in Birmingham and Atlanta were pinned on Klan activity.

In the 1950s and 1960s, Southern resistance to forced integration split into two camps over tactics. The Klan was unabashed about using violence and intimidation to fight the Civil Rights Movement. The Citizens’ Councils preferred to use persuasion, lobbying, and economic pressure. This was the beginning of a lasting split in the pro-White movement that has continued to the present day.

The Klan would have been victorious in the 1960s were it not for several complicating factors:

– America was preoccupied with a foreign boogeyman, the Soviet Union, which diehard anti-communists were determined to defeat, even if this meant sacrificing Southern segregation.

– America, which had positioned itself as the “leader of the free world,” was more susceptible to foreign criticism than ever before.

– The traditional WASP elite in the North had been overthrown by Jews and European ethnics.

– Southerners divided over tactics and a “culture of resistance” was unable to sink deep roots.

– Business interests and the liberal minority within the South were willing to sell out their own people.

Moral of the story: The Second Reconstruction was successful only because Southerners tacitly accepted the legitimacy of the federal government and inclined toward “working within the system” to fight forced integration.

The Fourth Klan

The Fourth Klan

In the 1970s, David Duke took the Klan in a more mainstream direction. The Klan adopted a new discourse of White victimization. Duke demanded “equal rights” for Whites and an end to affirmative action. The Klan was the earliest adopter of the fight against illegal immigration from Latin America.

In one memorable incident, Duke launched a Klan-organized “Border Watch” that anticipated the Minutemen in many ways. The “Fourth Era Klan” is best remembered as the “Television Klan” or “Media Klan.” Prominent Klansmen regularly appeared on television and didn’t make the best impression with their audience.

Like the Third Klan, the Fourth Klan was defeated in its objective, but in a slightly different way. The issues of the Fourth Klan – equal rights for Whites, ending affirmative action, fighting illegal immigration, fighting communism – were all stolen by the conservatives and incorporated into the political mainstream as the “social issues” of the Republican Party.

Ronald Reagan was elected president. Pro-Whites deluded themselves into believing they could play a role in national politics by voting for the GOP. Republican politicians gave lip service to Klan issues, but cynically used them only to gain political power for themselves.

Moral of the story: The Fourth Klan was defeated when its natural constituency was hijacked by the conservatives. Unlike the Klan, the conservatives were successful in building the institutions necessary to carry their message into the political mainstream.

Fifth Klan

The Fifth Klan

It is my understanding that the Fifth Klan began as a reaction to the Fourth Klan. There were always elements within the Klan who favored the more militant and underground approach as opposed to parading around in front of television cameras and mastering the fine art of public relations.

The Fifth Klan is associated with Louis Beam and Robert Miles. Beam is credited with concept of “leaderless resistance”: a horizontal form of organization that lacks a vertical hierarchy. Resistance groups were to be organized into small cells that would independently operate and challenge the federal government.

It was during this period that the Klan began to evolve into a White Nationalist organization. The “Fifth Era” came to an end when the Reagan administration began a crackdown on the White Nationalist vanguardist underground. This culminated in the Fort Smith Trial in which Frazier Glenn Miller testified as a state witness against Louis Beam and his former comrades in The Order.

Moral of the story: Even in the South, the Klan doesn’t have the broad popular support that it once enjoyed in the past. Racial attitudes have degenerated. The Reagan administration’s crackdown on the White Nationalist underground didn’t create the popular groundswell of resentment that has undermined the legitimacy of the federal government in the past.

Sixth Klan

The Sixth Klan

The “Sixth Era Klan” is the present incarnation of the Ku Klux Klan. It consists of various independent chapters scattered across the South and Midwest. There are no hard figures available, but the SPLC and other anti-White organizations estimate there are about 5,000 to 8,000 Americans involved with the Klan today.

The “Sixth Era Klan” has kept a lower profile. The Klan now exists in a world in which it no longer stands out as the predominant pro-White resistance organization. Jews and White liberals have stereotyped and demonized the Klan to the point where it can no longer successfully appeal to broad stratums of the White population.

The Klan spends a lot of its time these days recruiting through the internet and holding small rallies like other White Nationalist organizations. It is keeping the flame of tradition alive and anticipates a future resurgence of White resistance to integration and multiculturalism.

Preliminary Observations

It is commonplace today to fold the Ku Klux Klan in with Neo-Nazis and other “hate groups” which are deplored by Jews and White liberals. The Klan “hates” racial minorities. The NSM and WCTOC  “hate” racial minorities. Therefore, the Klan, NSM, and WCOTC are one in the same force.

We shouldn’t adopt the skewed perspective of our enemies. There are some very important distinctions between Klansmen and Neo-Nazis:

– The Ku Klux Klan is an authentic expression of American nationalism. It grew organically out of the Confederate war experience and the oppression of White Southerners during Reconstruction.

– The Ku Klux Klan has deep roots in America. Klansmen are Anglo-Celtic Southerners and Butternut Midwesterners. They are Christians. Their ideal state is the American Republic of the Founders.

– The Klansmen immerses himself in the traditions and folk ways of his ancestors. He is trying to preserve his traditional racial and cultural way of life. He is involved in an institution over 150 years old which spans over seven generations.

– The Klan was once a mainstream national organization with millions of members.

– The Klan once controlled entire states.

– The Klan played an important role in defeating Reconstruction and stirring up nativist sentiment to the point where the Immigration Act of 1924 was passed. The Klan also mounted a serious challenge to the Civil Rights Movement in the South.

– The Ku Klux Klan has a 150 year old tradition of resistance to forced integration.

In sum, whereas Neo-Nazism is an imported European sub-culture that appeals largely to intellectuals and uprooted and alienated individuals, the Ku Klux Klan is more of a crystallization of the racial, cultural, and political outlook of the average White Southerner.

There isn’t much difference between the worldview of the typical Klansman and Tea Party activist. These two groups have far more in common than most people realize. The Klansman is just smarter than the Tea Party activist in that he can actually articulate why he is opposed to “big government” without resorting to media generated talking points.

The Klan Today

The Klan has now settled into one of its inert phases. There isn’t much in the way of Klan violence for the SPLC and Far Left to get stirred up about. At least nothing along the lines of the 1860s or 1960s.

Klan membership has declined. There are fewer rallies with each passing year. Within the White Nationalist movement itself, David Duke’s influence in the 1980s and 1990s has largely become institutionalized. Most White Nationalists prefer to eschew esoteric rituals and dress in suits and ties and hold their events in hotel conference rooms.

The irony of the Klan’s decline is that its cultural influence has grown as it has faded as a formal institution. Ku Kluxism, or the values and beliefs of the Ku Klux Klan, has taken on a life of its own. It now travels as a free floating ideology in its own right and increasingly permeates the political mainstream.

Secular Humanism grew out of Christianity. White Nationalism is similarly unthinkable without the Ku Klux Klan. Just as Richard Dawkins does not need to believe in Jesus Christ to evangelize Christian values, the typical White Nationalist need not be a Klansman to promote the racial values and beliefs of the KKK.

Future of the Klan

If I was forced to project the future course of the Ku Klux Klan, I would predict it will continue to decline as an institution while Ku Kluxism – flying under the colors of “White Nationalism” – matures into an increasingly established and influential social movement.

The Klan has traveled this route before. In the 1870s, the Klan collapsed under federal persecution, but its values lived on in the “culture of resistance” it sowed in the South and through the vehicle of similar groups like the Red Shirts and White League who subscribed to the same ideology.

Within the context of a triumphant White ethnostate, the Klan could reemerge as a mass membership fraternal organization, as the Thomas Dixons and D.W. Griffiths of the future rewrite American history in their own image. The glorious struggle of Klan resistance to the Civil Rights Movement and federal tyranny in the First Underground could be romanticized in theaters.

At the 2010 CofCC National Conference, I noticed Thom Robb was in attendance and his granddaughters – the Heritage Connection duo – were scheduled to sing and play at the event. This blurring of the lines between the Klan and other pro-White organizations like the CofCC and League of the South seems to be accelerating.

Alternative Trajectory

The Klan has been hobbled by its nasty image in the mainstream media as a violent organization based on hostility to other races. In reality, the modern Klan is largely concerned with the welfare and fate of Southern Whites who are suffering under the rule of a hostile and alien Jewish ruling class.

As an institution, I can’t see much potential in the Ku Klux Klan in resisting the encroachment of anti-White multiculturalism. That niche is likely to be occupied by the emergence of new organizations which cannot be attacked and dismissed on the basis of their history.

What the Klan could do is reorganize itself as some kind of Christian ethnonationalist organization – specifically, a mutual aid network – that works to uplift and educate Southern Whites in proper racial and cultural values. This reimagined Klan could rebuild itself like the Early Catholic Church which focused less on fighting paganism than providing aid, comfort, and education to the Roman poor.

The Klan already seems to be drifting in this direction. There are fewer public events like rallies and more private ones like barbeques on private property. In this hostile political environment, the natural focus of Klansmen is shielding their own wives, sons, daughters, and kinfolk from a degenerate society that is always threatening to absorb them.

I can see a future Klan building these alternative institutions and gaining credibility in the American South. The strength of the Klan, which is reflected in the Klan creed and spirit, is that the Klansman – unlike the Jewish-controlled American Left – truly cares about Southern Whites.

The Klansman knows first hand how the Southern working and middle class has been decimated by so-called “free trade.” He has seen the filth that it is taught to his children in public schools and through the mainstream media. He sees through the lies of the Obama administration which promise a postracial utopia and economic cornucopia.

At this point, the Klan could fall back on its own natural constituency – the Southern working and middle class – and work to rebuild its tarnished image through acts of charity. Indeed, the Klan itself could be reimagined a charity – one controlled by Southern Whites – that works solely for their racial and cultural uplift. There are already hundreds of Jewish Federations in America with assets upward of $5 billion dollars. No one is filling this lucrative niche in the pro-White movement.

Imagine a friendly, more insular Klan: one that smiles and talks about Southern culture and heritage, which charters private schools, which assists Southern mothers with things like daycare, which hosts concerts and family friendly events, which addresses issues like chronic unemployment, drug and alcohol abuse, the decline of the family, and practices ethnic nepotism to rebuild shattered communities in the South and Midwest.

Such a counter-cultural organization would be incredibly appealing and threatening to the powers to be. Meanwhile, the political goals of White Nationalism would be steadily advanced by countless other groups likely to sprout up and fill the vacuum of real world political activism.


The Klan has a rich history as an American pro-White organization, one without peer, but has fallen on hard times. The Klan could decline while White Nationalism grows or it could reorganize to fill untapped niches within the expanding movement.

In my next post, I will discuss my own impressions of the Ku Klux Klan. The Klan is one of the few White Nationalist organizations still active in Virginia and North Carolina. We’ve recently gotten in contact with them and enjoyed the experience.

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  1. I praise the effort to challenge the warped perspective on klan history Americans have been fed. I have nothing but praise for Pastor Robb’s organization and his family. I’m not speaking about them when I say this. But the SPLC is not alone in asserting that many of the contemporary splinter klans are festering with violent, ignorant, pathetic, substance abusing low-life scum. I assert it, too. I’ve seen, smelled, and suffered the lunacy of many of these folks first-hand.

    To broadly promote participation in the klan without directing people to a vetted organization is to deliver them up to a fever swamp of Feds, felons, and fuckups.

  2. There is no centralized Ku Klux Klan in America. Instead, there are dozens, if not hundreds of individual Klan groups, each with their own identity, leader, and way of doing things. You can’t judge the Klan as a whole based any particular subgroup.

  3. I don’t think there is much difference between the 1st, 2nd, and 4th Klans:

    Step 1: Klan seizes on hot-button issue and makes a lot of noise
    Step 2: Some measure of success achieved on the issues
    Step 3: Klan fades away due to a combination of mainstream co-option of their issues and government pressure.

    As regards the 3rd Klan, according to the CofCC, every time they were on the verge of political breakthrough, some bombing would happen and turn public opinion against them.

    Also, there doesn’t seem to be any actual ‘ku-kluxism’ ideology, other than a general conservative/nativist one. For example, the modern klan has opposition to free trade as a centerpiece of their ideology, yet the original klan was born from the ashes of the confederacy, which fought mainly for…free trade. The original Klan were inclusive of Catholics and Jews, the 2nd Klan was anti-Catholic and anti-Jewish, the modern Klans inclusive of Catholics.

    The main advantage and drawback to the KKK is it’s name recognition. Everyone in the country has heard of the KKK and knows it stands primarily for unabashed white power. Most people haven’t heard of Creativity or the assorted NA-spinoffs. So there are certain people who would be more receptive to the KKK without reading a 25-point mission statement from an NA-spinoff, but also lots of people who wouldn’t join the KKK just because of the name. Also, as Matt says, there are screwballs who are attracted to the ‘extremeness’ of the KKK label.

    I think the best route for them is what we saw this weekend: a banner for local explicitly pro-white groups to organize under, without worrying about becoming a mass movement.

  4. Unfortunately, there seems to be a substratum of philo-Semitism among
    Southern Whites, hence leaving them vulnerable to Zionist Evangelicalism
    a la John “I worship Israel” Hagee.

  5. H. Rock White,

    I think you are nitpicking here. To be sure, the Klan has changed its beliefs over the years, especially on the subject of Jews and Catholicism, but it has always clung to a core ideology:

    – America is a White Man’s Country.
    – Only White people can be Americans.
    – Whites should rule America.
    – America is a Christian nation.
    – America should have a republican form of government.
    – The states should have the power to regulate their own internal affairs.
    – Miscegenation is abhorrent.

    The term “Ku Kluxism” was once used to describe the distilled racial and cultural values of the Klan. It has since fallen out of use in our own times. There are now a number of organizations on the White Right that subscribe to this core set of beliefs.

  6. One of the ideas of this article seems to be that the Civil Rights movement succeeded where Reconstruction failed because the North (under the influence of Jews) became more Anti-Southern.

    But during the Civil War/Reconstruction the North was much more brutally Anti-Southern than it was in the 1950’s or 1960’s.

    That’s probably a big reason why Reconstruction failed, they were so in your face and violent about what they were doing that it provoked a mass ethno-tribal reaction.

    But with the Civil Rights Movement the North didn’t put itself though the large expense of a Military Occupation, and it certainly didn’t commit anything like the kinds of War Crimes that were committed against the South in the 19th Century.

    That’s a big part of why they won. The Liberals took the attitude that the Southerners wouldn’t be willing to fight a war to stop desegregation, so why force them to fight that war?

    Instead they gave them to chance to give up in a semi-face saving manner, and that’s what ended up happening.

    Maybe they wouldn’t have given up if it wasn’t for the demoralizing effects of Television, and especially of how National Television was used to make them look bad, though.

    Also I suspect that the Federal School System played a central role in making the South easier for the North to defeat than it had been in the 19th Century.

    On the subject of the Jews, yes the Jews provided key funding and support for the Civil Rights Movement.

    But its important to understand that Reconstruction had even greater storehouses of funding and support which came from the then rabidly Anti-Southern Republican Party.

    If you look at how many people the Republican Party was willing to see die just to subjugate the South, it really is staggering.

  7. In the 1920s, the Women of the Ku Klux Klan had over 500,000 members. This supports my theory that women will flock into White Nationalism once the movement reaches a critical mass.

  8. There’s a difference in what the North wanted in the 1860s and liberals wanted in the 1960s.

    In the 1860s, at a time when European nations were unifying and expanding, and less than half a century earlier Britain had tried to reconquer the US, there were concerns that a division of the US could enable European countries to move in.

    Also, due to the industrial revolution, there was a dispute over the direction of the country. The north was industrializing and building railroads, and wanted high tariffs to encourage domestic manufacturing (which was mainly in the north). The south wanted to continue as an agricultural society, using cheap labor to produce cash crops for export (cotton) and import manufactured goods from Europe.

    The north got what they wanted (maintaining political union, adoption of their industrial policy with southern opposition neutralized, and western expansion on their terms), and once these were assured, didn’t have much reason to maintain the social order they had established in order to maintain political control over the south, and went back to fighting over who controlled the railroads and industrial monopolies, and ignored the south for the next several decades.

    The Jews who led the civil rights movement had entirely different goals, and used it as a way to break down the norms and barriers of the ‘old WASP America’, in order to further their own advancement, and also to break down regionalism and the concept of ‘states rights’ in order to further centralization of control in New York and Washington D.C., a system which better enabled a small minority to control the country, as well as to create a politically aggrieved electorate which they could count on to help advance their programs.

  9. every time they were on the verge of political breakthrough, some bombing would happen and turn public opinion against them.

    Funny how that works. Of course, the bombings would have been ignored without the NYC Television media of the day. And the difference in the 1950s/1960s was, of course, the television. Propaganda of the deed mattered little to suburbanites watching TV.

    Great article, btw, and brave. Ask yourself, has this comedy aged well? Is this as clever as they said it was in the 70s?

    And you’re right about the photogenic rallies. Uniforms – or “costumes” as we denigrate them, used to make a powerful visual aid in person or on film/tv. Which is why the uniforms and marching had to be demonized, here and in Europe.

  10. That is very true about the media. There was even more violence in northern Ireland by the IRA, and yet they still managed to maintain a fair degree of support amongst the Irish Catholic population. The US media was very centralized in the latter half of the 20th century, basically 3 broadcast TV networks, some radio networks controlled by the same 3 companies, and a few ‘prominent’ newspapers.

    If the media had been more diversified back then, and technology enabled northerners & westerners to see the southern perspective of the ‘civil rights movement’, things might have turned out very differently.

    I don’t know how much the Klan has to gain from public rallies these days. The robes & hoods of the ones we saw weren’t ‘sheets’ but actual robes, very similar to graduation gowns. I think they are much better suited to private ceremonies.

  11. In the 1920s, the Women of the Ku Klux Klan had over 500,000 members. This supports my theory that women will flock into White Nationalism once the movement reaches a critical mass.

    The Klan in general and the second Klan in particular traditionally enjoyed the support of American women because it credibly defended their interests. They were the ultimate “White Knights”, and women will be the engine of our movement if it:

    1. Clearly advocates their interests
    2. Credibly advocates their interests

    The Second Klan did both of those. Modern WN does neither. Modern WN threatens to revoke their special rights, and even their hard-won equal rights. Modern WNs are very often nasty toward women and treat them as contemptible subhuman sheeple. Women by nature have no interest in impotent political adventure clubs, drinking clubs, and political costume fetish clubs.

  12. Flying a banner of a demonized organization is a mistake in an age dominated by visual mass media. The TV massively outguns our great-grandfathers.

    We have to do community building first, without tripping the radar of the Establishment. Here’s some intel I gathered from an anti site. Read this, — people like this woman and the paychecked up liberals and tax exempt church liberals are able to pull the lever of political repression. However, they can be circumvented by building a business network of social entrepreneurs who practice Taqqiyah. We can patiently build something “under the radar” until it’s too late to stop us. And we will.

    This is what we know about hate groups: they are an evil that can only flourish where good people do nothing. The State of Arizona is now issuing what amount to official engraved invitations to the country’s far-right vigilantes, sovereign citizens, would-be fascists, self-styled “patriots” (we need to take that word back, seriously), and paranoid race warriors. They cannot be surprised when people like J.T. Ready and his New Saxons take them up on the offer.

    And their choice demands a response from everybody in the other forty-nine as well. No American state has voluntarily chosen to go down this path since the KKK takeover of Indiana and Oregon in the 1920s. And when hate holds that much state power, the only way it stops is when the voters of Arizona decide they’ve had enough, and vote the bastards out of office.

    That won’t happen until they realize that walking away from America’s constitutional values is costing them far more than it’s worth — which is why the boycotts matter. My own Unitarian Universalist Church will decide next week whether to reverse its commitment to hold its 2012 national convention in Phoenix. Changing the venue at this late date will cost the church into the high six figures; but as UUs have so often affirmed in the past, there are principles on the line here that are far more important than mere money.

    As John Day, OR and Odessa, MO can tell you: it’s so much easier to put a stop to this absurdity before it even starts. We know, for absolute certain, that a hard, fast public pushback against the first sprouting signs of hate is all it takes to keep those first toxic weeds from taking over our civic lives. The recipe is straighforward and well-understood: Aggressive enforcement and prosecution, followed by rallies and store signs (“Not in our town”); uncompromising op-eds in the local paper; and a strong unified stance from religious and civic leaders — and it all ends right there. But if good people let that first instance go unremarked, and then keep looking away through the next and the next, before you know it you’ve got unabashed racists running your state and Nazi stormtrooper wannabes guarding your borders. It happens faster than you can even believe.

    This is, as I’ve so often warned, how fascism infiltrates a democracy. Arizona is now as far down that road as any American state has ever gotten, and shows no signs of even wanting to turn back. But the rest of us still have the choice — and because the people of Arizona are no longer with us, we’re going to have to be that much more watchful, and work that much harder to keep the infestation from spreading.

    You get what you allow. It’s that simple. And that hard.

  13. If the federal government has not convicted an organization as a legal entity in court, we should not treat it as if it has already. We need a broad coalition with freedom for experimentation. If the feds don’t get a conviction against a group in court that outlaws that group, then we should not cut it off from the right to experiment.

    No one should feel any need to join a group they don’t feel comfortable with.

    If you want to speak out openly against what has happened to our people and to proclaim yourself in favor of a White Nation and homeland that separates from blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Muslims and Jews, then go ahead. If you say that, you will be classified with the worst by many. If you have a group that says that, the group will be the target of hate propaganda.

    If you want to work from within the GOP or established groups, do that. We need people who do both. What matters is you work hard at whichever you choose. If you work within, don’t demonize those working openly for what you want.

    If we can’t stand with Arizona now, what are we waiting for? If we are waiting for worse, the solutions will have to be more potent. If we want to change now before it gets worse, then we should support Arizona’s changes and even consider them not far enough.

    If the two strategies are openly proclaim support for a White Nation and work from within without demonizing those proclaiming they want a White Nation how can we not support Arizona now? The changes in Arizona are not from violence, except from the violence against whites. They are not from open White Nationalists, but from those working within.

    I stand with the changes in Arizona. I will not give up supporting those for me just because other whites who are considered too extreme by some but not the courts support them too. Any white supporting our cause whom the courts tolerate, I am inclined to tolerate until its proven to me beyond a reasonable doubt that I should not.

  14. One thing rarely mentioned is that the “classical” outfit associated with the Klan (white hoods and cloaks, crosses) dates back to the Griffith movie, and he probably took it from glorifying illustrations in Dixon’s book. There was also a stage production prior to the movie. Original Kluxers from 1865 on very likely looked much different from the romantisized “White Knights” of “Birth of a Nation”. This can be seen on the few existing depictions of Klan members made during that era. So Griffith (and Dixon) rather created a myth, that proved to be very powerfull. Another example how a movie did not only change our perception of the past, but also had a major influence on the presence.

  15. After some reflection I think that Hunter is mostly right about women. They’re going to follow whatever group is in power. This is extremely bad for White Nationalists right now but shouldn’t be a problem if we manage to create a lasting ethnostate. In the short-term everything is going to depend upon White men alone. Until we have a white ethnostate we should make ourselves as open to women as possible without compromising on any principles.

  16. Execellent post, Hunter.

    There is far too much negative press out there on the Klan for it to make another triumphant return any time soon. For crissakes, just mentioning it alientates!

    We should focus on our medium of communication. The mainstream media has molded our history, social behavior, and thought for decades. We need to counteract this by reaching out and helping our own. And, helping our own will create an atmosphere of acceptance within our own. Personal contact beats digital propaganda any day!

    My enthusiastic applause to Thom Robb. He is a white man to be studied, revered and, above all, emulated. He did one thing that very few whites ever do, he properly educated his descendents and put them on the correct course. This is our main weakness.

  17. What was the relationship like between the Klan in the 1920s and the 1920s ‘Racialist Movement’, peopled by the likes of Lothrop Stoddard and Madison Grant?

    Anyhow the visage of the Knight of the KKK can still evoke a powerful romantic nationalist image that echoes the Knights of the middle ages!!

  18. “Imagine a friendly, more insular Klan: one that smiles and talks about Southern culture and heritage, which charters private schools, which assists Southern mothers with things like daycare, which hosts concerts and family friendly events, which addresses issues like chronic unemployment, drug and alcohol abuse, the decline of the family, and practices ethnic nepotism to rebuild shattered communities in the South and Midwest.”

    Whether or not it is called the Klan is of little importance. What maters most is that there is SOME group doing it, and that people know where to go for help with such things.

  19. The various “Klans” lasted until the White elite sold out. From the end of the Civil War, to the early 1960’s no politician was elected South of the Mason-Dixon Line without “Klan” support, and approval.

    A real Klansman would never admit he was a member of the Klan, or even that the Klan existed. That’s why these Klan websites are a joke.

    One of the qualifications of membership in the Klan was that you be a descendent of Revolutionary War Americans—something like the SAR. That kept a lot of folks from membership.

  20. Btw, there were almost NO Jews, and very few Roman Catholics in the US in 1865.

    The Jews and the Roman Catholics didn’t start to arrive in Big Numbers until after 1870.

  21. Reginald Thompson
    “Maybe they wouldn’t have given up if it wasn’t for the demoralizing effects of Television, and especially of how National Television was used to make them look bad, though.”

    “On the subject of the Jews, yes the Jews provided key funding and support for the Civil Rights Movement.”

    It’s the jewish influence on television and cinema that’s most important in my opinion.

    I’d imagine the segregationists originally maintained plenty of support in the south despite the media. It would have been elsewhere in the country where there weren’t any black people that the propaganda would have worked best and i’d expect it was the lack of support from white people outside the south that was the critical factor in the eventual demoralization.

  22. Matt Parrott

    “The Klan in general and the second Klan in particular traditionally enjoyed the support of American women because it credibly defended their interests…(snip)…The Second Klan did both of those. Modern WN does neither.”

    There is a problem here though. The Klan were operating in a traditional environment where “white knights” were in women’s interests. The war on white people that began after WWII has been waged with divide and rule on all fronts including male/female with the state increasingly taking the white knight role. This marginalises males in family life but more critical politically it gradually leads to an increased female dependence on the state.

    – welfare
    – ever expanding government non-jobs
    – in the current climate male WNs prioritizing white survival over their career isn’t going to improve their marriage appeal

    A properly defended white ethno-state with good law and order, hospitals, schools etc is in white female’s long-term interests but in the short-term the enemy’s divide and rule tactics make it less clear cut.

    I agree there’s a certain amount of anti-female rhetoric in WN that makes the situation worse but i don’t think women will ever be the engine of WN unless it becomes overwhelmingly obvious that everything is falling to pieces or male WNs get something going first.

    Whereas for white males it should already be obvious that the hacked system they live under is their deadly enemy and they either destroy it or die.

  23. I’m far from US South, but I know at least one K-group [White Camelia Knights, Cleveland, TX] had had a Christian Bible-based chart of lineages maybe a decade ago. They spoke what gov’t-licensed “churches” fear to explore. Maybe your Pastor Thom Robb can lead a Bible-network (to replace old “KKK” with its media-hyped bad-reputation), to attract YOUTH. You must win them!!

    [I don’t know what Robb teaches.]

    That NETWORK could also tie our folks together (via our own security radio) so if someone gets attacked, the closest folks can come running to help FAST. Could it have stopped the brutal murder of Channon Christian & Christopher Newsom in Nashville? (We belatedly heard about this via a media-circus “rally” of “haters” vs “anti-racist.” Such a staged rally and counter-rally won’t stop murders, but setting up a mutual-watch network might do so (especially if open “wars” erupt in US. It’s likely.)

    And look at helping a place with a high (warlike) murder rate against white Christian farmers now – South Africa! See // [achives!]

    This said about a million “Boer” are now destitute and often hungry: can’t get work (affirmative action) or govt aid (not for “formerly priviledged!”) FEED THEM! And help them set up a mutual-watch to aid each other. What can media say? That they favor genicide?! If it comments at all you’ll get sane white support at home for outstanding work there, as well as work to save your vulnerable ones in the South and many norther cities as well.

  24. A couple of important notes:

    Reconstruction collapsed not only because of Southern resistance, but also because Republican moderates like Charles Francis Adams were more concerned with acheiving national reconciliation among White Ameicans than maintaining the civil rights of Black Americans. As wartime emotions faded, rank and file Republicans increasingly swithced their support from Radicals like T. Stevens to moderates like C.F. Adams.

    The 1915 rape/murder of Mary Phagan at the hands of Leo Frank, and organized Jewish efforts to have Frank wrongfully exonerated, were key event leading to the creation of the 2nd Klan.

    In addition to aiding the passage of the 1924 immigration act, the second Klan’s activism in Democratic Primaries also forced Alfred Smith to make very strong statements against Catholic theocracy. The Papacy considered Smith’s statements heretical, and even went so far as to recomend American Catholics vote for Hoover! Just like the Mormons’ 1890 decision to abandon polygamy, Smith’s anti-theocratic statements represent a profound act of conformance to Protestant norms.

    The Klan has accumulated so much historical baggage, its ability to make a positive contribution is now non-existant. Those seeking to do charity work among White Southerners would be well advised to do so under some other name.

  25. An example of what i mean,

    “Unmarried women voted for Kerry by a 25-point margin (62 to 37 percent), while married women voted for President Bush by an 11-point margin (55 percent to 44 percent)… This was true of all age groups…”

    This isn’t an attack on women it’s just a recognition that the divide and rule process targeted them and that’s going to have an effect.

  26. Sam Davidson,

    Yes, i’d read that. I’m not saying they weren’t involved in the nitty gritty aspects of it as well, but i think the most damaging aspect of their involvement is in weakening resistance through the media.

    I think the best analogy of jewish political activism is the First Gulf War. There’s an air campaign aimed at smashing enemy resistance that goes on relentlessly. Then, when after this preparation the land campaign starts and it’s time for the tanks to roll forward all they have to do is collect the prisoners.

    In political terms their media domination is the air force destroying the resistance so completely in advance that all the land campaign needs is a couple of jew lawyers to accept the surrender. That seems to me to have been the pattern all over the western world.

    It was harder for them in the American south and later South Africa because the media guilt-war didn’t work on the targets as well as it did everywhere else in the west. I guess it was because in both cases the target audience had lots of personal experience with diversity.

  27. KIEVSK from the Unitarian Universalist Church (another group with very limited Bible logic!) suggested they pull a conference from Arizona to protest it’s “hate.” But God does “hate.” Read Malachi 1 & Jer. 12:6-8-10 which ends with the Lord even hating his own heritage! (This is because defective “pastors” ruined his lands!)

    It’s high time Christian pastors zip their lips if they hear of “hate,” instead of grandstanding against “hate.” You cannot automatically damn “hate,” if God “hates” too! Your job is to read and preach Bible orders from God.

    Most “church” types are waaaaay too lovey dovey! Note that our Redeemer returns as a Warrior to crush foes! Or does your group dump Revelation 19:11-21? Or pretend it has already happened? Not so, or we’d see him actually ruling all Earth now! That’s Zech 14:4, with Revelation’s quote a later refinement on the Zech 14 coming event – when Mt. Olivet splits into a deep valley (Zech 14:4)… which certainly has not yet happened! (Don’t feed the flock any secret advent/rapture nonsense either! It will be a very visible and loud event – Mat 24:27-31. It hasn’t happened yet.)

    In fact, I’d suggest your pastors stay home a few years and READ THE BIBLE to yourselves in a systematic way seeking real identities and laws and prophecies etc!

  28. Sorry, I thought Kievsky was from UU Church. It seems he is also an opponent, and merely quoted about UU.

  29. I’d run away from that Klan brand name as fast as I could. Successfully transforming it into “a charity” is a long shot at best. Furthermore, the idea of it having any assets is doomed by the prospect of it’s media reputation attracting mentally deranged types whose conduct will result in some Jewish lawyer filing a lawsuit and stealing every asset in it’s name. The Klan is part of history, David Duke figured that one out himself, best for others to learn from his experience.

  30. If you have a chance to buy memorabilia of the struggle for White Civil Rights try to do so or point it out to others. Over time, we may be able to get enough material for a White Civil Rights Museum. We might even have several in key cities of our struggle for our cause.

    Find the memorabilia of those the Libs consider the worst. These must be presented as heroes. Those who did difficult things are honored by a people who survive as a nation.

    Bull Connor memorabilia would be very valuable for the White Civil Rights Museum in Birmingham Alabama. These Museums around the South and the Midwest and elsewhere can be rallying points against the holocaust of our people.

  31. Despite the fact that one might know the truth about the Klan, or National Socialism, or any other media boogeyman, there is no way to redeem the image of those groups, their aesthetic, their symbols, etc in the eyes of the american sheeple. In fact, I think you’d have an easier time trying to sell NS to Americans, than the Klan, since the klan was right here on american soil and were in the line of fire of the newest prop device: tv. The avg american has no real conception of anything beyond the borders of our country, and you could easily peddle national socialist ideas to people because they don’t even know that national socialist=nazi. The klan will always look like ignorant, inbred misogynist bullies and hangers of ‘innocent’ black people in the minds of the indoctrinated masses.

  32. Nice Blog Hunter I can see you did your research. The Klan was here before we were born and it will be here after we are gone. The Spirit of the Ku Klux Klan will always live in the hearts and minds of Patriotic, Native Born White Americans. Those who doubt the Klan can keep up it’s mission will always be around but we will always prove them wrong. We don’t need their approval and the more they think we are no longer here and relevant is the way we want it. The Klan has always thrived on secrecy.

  33. I’m interested in knowing how the Klan *might* be instrumental in the eradication of sharia influence in government, like for instance, the way the Muslim Brotherhood is inserting Islamic “counselors” into the Nashville penal system for “sensitivity training” of corrections & control officers.

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