Free Sholom Rubashkin!

Free Mumia!
Free Mumia!

Every serious movement needs a political prisoner whose persecution serves as a rallying point for them to gather around. Anti-White Leftists have Mumia Abu-Jamal, a Black victim of America’s institutional racism. His heroic act of slaughtering a White man then declaring “I shot the motherfucker, and I hope the motherfucker dies!” has inspired hordes of White potheads with blonde dreadlocks to clutch crudely written “Free Mumia” signs with their Cheetos™-encrusted fingers.

Our libertarian friends have finally found their own iconic martyr who truly epitomizes what libertarianism is all about. This man, this victim of America’s oppressive and tyrannical regime, is Rabbi Sholom Rubashkin. He has, perhaps more than any other man in the world, applied libertarian principles in his professional life, and is now being punished by America’s fascist goons.

Sholom Rubashkin
Sholom Rubashkin

Professor William Anderson of cries foul in his latest post, Free Sholom Rubashkin! He begins the article by delivering the bad news, that the man has been sentenced to 27 years in prison for, with scare quotes to de-legitimize the charges: “financial fraud”. He notes that “a lot of other people”, including friend of the site, mass murderess Janet Reno, and a bunch of Jews, are promoting leniency in his sentencing. But they lack the chutzpah that Mr. Anderson has, who demands that he be freed altogether.

All Mr. Rubashkin and his large clan of Hasidic Jews are guilty of is tens of millions of dollars of bank fraud, employing thousands of illegal immigrants in unthinkably squalid conditions, and obliterating the idyllic American town of Postville, Iowa. Years before the shit hit the fan, Stephen G. Bloom, a liberal journalist, described the Jewish crime family’s brutal destruction of the small town in his bestselling book, Postville: A Clash of Cultures in Heartland America. Postville’s descent from a safe and quaint White American hometown into a third world nightmare of financial scams, immigrant youth gangs, and Jewish chauvinism is the American story in a microcosm.

Brace yourselves for this hard-working immigrant’s heart-warming backstory…

Rubashkin is a Hasidic Jew, his family having fled the U.S.S.R. after the Nazi invasion. They came to the United States and set up a butcher shop in New York City. After marriage in 1989, he and his new bride moved to Atlanta on shlihut to do kiruv (Jewish outreach). That same year, Rubashkin’s father started a kosher meat processing business in Postville to better enable Jews living outside of main Jewish centers to be able to obtain kosher meat.
Before Glatt kosher Agriprocessors began to expand its business, Jewish families could only purchase kosher meat from small butchers and specialty stores that catered to Jews. This made things more difficult for Jewish families who did not leave[sic] near these kinds of stores, but by expanding the amount of kosher meat for sale, the firm was able to bring kosher meat to regular grocery stores, which was not a small development for Jewish families.
There's a Rat on the Ship
There's a Rat on the Ship

Just when Mr. Rubashkin thought he had finally escaped the Nazis, he finds himself the victim of racism and anti-Semitism in what he thought was a sanctuary devoid of consequences for financial fraud and exploiting immigrant laborers…

Second, while it was clear that PETA’s charges were false, nonetheless the organization managed to put the kosher meat facility in the public eye, thus making it a bigger target for federal authorities [Emhasis added]. The next organization to go after Glatt kosher Agriprocessors was the United Food and Commercial Workers Union, which had been unsuccessful in organizing the plant. Part of the problem was its workforce, and anyone who has been near a meat or chicken processing plant will know that a lot of immigrants from Mexico and Central America work there, as well as Asian immigrants [Emphasis added].

It’s hard to know exactly what Mr. Anderson is implying here, since his hysterically pro-libertarian ideology blinds him to the very possibility that employers might harm workers or be in the wrong. The man even believes that The Jungle was only socialist subterfuge. Having actually worked in deplorable conditions, among illegal immigrants, I can testify from my own experience that some unscrupulous employers are truly guilty of moral crimes befitting a 27 year prison sentence. But the actual humans and the fingers they lose are, for him, only abstractions ripe for the application of some tidy libertarian principles.

But it appears that he’s implying that PETA is anti-Semitic, that PETA deliberately targeted the Jewish factory. This claim isn’t entirely without merit, as animal-rights activism is incompatible with the barbaric slaughter techniques involved in kosher meat production…

Kick America
Kick America

Somehow, we share the Alternative Right with a man who sees enforcement of the most basic immigration laws as institutional racism by America’s anti-Semitic federal government. Somehow, we’re bedfellows with a man who cheers as our traditional families and communities are destroyed by greedy foreigners. Somehow, we’re uncomfortably close to a man who isn’t repulsed by the inhumane practices shown above.

To global Jewry’s credit, the Forward provided a pretty balanced analysis of the episode. You know when the Jewish community condemns a Jewish man, that you have a man who’s beyond redemption. Kudos to them. But the professor tries his damnedest, anyway.

After amusingly suggesting that Forward itself was guilty of persecuting Rubashkin, and laughing off the hundreds of charges of exploiting children, the professor then goes on to lecture us on the curious legal claim that fraud is only truly fraud if you get caught by the victim. To bust somebody for fraud before the victim actually suffers the consequences is immoral, since the perpetrator could have hypothetically squared things up and gotten away with it. I’m no legal scholar, but I’m pretty sure that’s stupid.

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  1. That is one disgusting video. That should be illegal in every state, in my humble opinion. While PETA goes overboard sometimes, the concept of ethical treatment of animals is a good one. There is no excuse for what is seen in that video when the standard practices result in none of the horror seen in the video. The Supreme Court has long decided that just calling something a religious practice does not automatically exempt it from legislation. Thus Rastafarians don’t get a pass on drug laws.

  2. William Anderson is obviously a shill for the Hasidic/ADL/AIPAC etc, crowd and looking for some seed money to futher his quest for the Pulitzer Prize. If you look closely at Rabbi Rubashkin’s son, the one with the open mouth, drawing flies, you can see the spittle forming into a drool. I seem to remember the good Rabbi had a meth lab, too…

  3. That type of machinery is perfect evidence of the kind of completely deranged mind Judaism produces. Substitute white people and culture for those cows and you’ve got a very fitting metaphor for what goes on in their minds. And yet they lead us.

  4. As I recall ‘Die Ewige Jude’ has been often been attacked by jews and their apologists for including a supposedly ‘shocking’ and ‘unrepresentative’ scene of kashrut butchery, but as far as I’ve been able to ascertain it was actually rather moderate in comparison to some of the practices that have been testified about, videoed or otherwise described. It is perhaps rather ironic that Goebbels took that scence out of ‘Die Ewige Jude’ precisely because he felt it was too disgusting too be viewed.

    An interesting bit of extra reading is Arnold Leese’s (himself a qualified vet with many years in practice) take on this in ‘The Legalised Cruelty of Shechita’, which is available here:

  5. Postville was a beautiful German American town. A quiet, peaceful, calm, safe and free area. Then those jews came to town and totally fukking destroyed that beauty. Defiled the town. Brought with them their diversity of foreigners. Destruction. Destruction.

  6. The Anderson article features some of the stupidest legal reasoning you’ll ever see.

    “There was no fraud in the historic sense of the word. If there was misrepresentation of his funds, that was a civil and contractual matter between Agriprocessors and First Bank…”

    If somebody lies to me to get me to sign a contract, that person is guilty of fraud. Duh.

    “…and, let’s face it, had the feds not invaded his plant and shut down the operation, Agriprocessors still would be in operation today and most of us never would have heard of Sholom Rubashkin.”

    And how do we know that?

    ” Let us look at the real damage that the feds have inflicted upon people:
    Kosher meat is more expensive and much less available than it was before the government destroyed Agriprocessors.”

    Heaven forefend!

  7. Jeeze zow, one wonders why this sensational story isn’t carried on the evening t.v. news, every day, for weeks on end?? It certainly is rather emotive. Where is Brian Williams and Diane (the puke) Sawyer with their liberally suffocating drivel, when there is a real mega story of human and animal tragedy at hand?
    You have to wonder if this libtard Anderson is now going to write about the “virtues” and “free enterprise” of the Jewish international organ harvesters? He might just as well make excuses for those inhuman ogres too.

  8. One of the best articles I’ve seen yet at OD; a definitive case study in Jewish destructiveness. Some time back, when I first read Marlowe’s THE JEW OF MALTA (2003 Dover edition), esp. the central passage on p. 23 –

    “Hast thou no trade? then listen to my words,
    And I will teach thee…
    First be void of these affections,
    Compassion, love, vain hope, and heartless fear,
    Be moved at nothing, see thou pity none,
    But to thyself smile when the Christians moan…

    As for myself, I walk abroad o’ nights
    And kill sick people groaning under walls:
    Sometimes I go about and poisen wells…
    Being young, I studied physic, and began
    To practice first upon the Italian;
    There I enriched the priests with burials,
    And always kept the sextons’ arms in ure
    With digging graves and ringing dead men’s knells:
    And after that I was an engineer,
    And in the wars ‘twixt France and Germany…
    Slew friend and enemy with my stratagems.
    Then after that I was an usurer,
    And with extorting, cozening, forfeiting,
    And tricks belonging unto brokery,
    I filled the jails with bankrupts within a year,
    And with young orphans planted hospitals,
    And every moon made some or other mad,
    And now and then one hang himself for grief,
    Pinning upon his breast a long great scroll
    How I with interest tormented him.
    But mark how I am blest for plaguing them;
    I have as much coin as will buy the town.
    But tell me now, how hast thou spent thy time?

    – somewhat of an exaggeration. Not any more.

  9. I’m surprised you didn’t quote this outrageous paragraph by Anderson in which he says Rubashkin, his family, and his company were “heroes and important to the community and its well-being,” and that Iowans and the Sioux Falls jury were “highly-prejudicial” toward these “heroes.”

    I won’t dwell on Sholom Rubashkin’s trial, except to say that there were some highly-prejudicial aspects that should be mentioned. Certainly, Hasidim are to people in Iowa what Old Order Amish might be to people from New York City: alien creatures from outer space. Hasidic Jews live a separate life, although it is clear to many people in Postville, Rubashkin, his family, and his company were heroes and important to the community and its well-being.

    None of that mattered to the jury located in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, where the trial was held, and federal jurors quickly returned guilty verdicts.

  10. Horrible video. I am a meat eater and make no apology but I am sickened that we can’t find a more humane way of slaughtering our food.

    I remember another slaughterhouse story where it stated the industry stopped using traditional pistols because a bolt gun was cheaper than bullets. Of course a bolt gun was less effective and often only stunned the animal.

    What have we allowed ourselves to become? Many humans don’t treat their own very well; so, why should we expect them to treat other species any better?

    We’re regressing. We’re becoming less civil and humane with each passing year…

  11. “We’re regressing. We’re becoming less civil and humane with each passing year…”

    This is the end result of Jewish Influence.

    If no Jews had ever entered Postville this Kosher Slaughter would have never happened.

    The Jew is our Misfortune!

  12. What does any of this have to do with libertarianism?

    Aside from the fact that some Official Libertarians have taken his side.

    Libertarian principles don’t include fraud. It doesn’t matter if the person claiming they do claims to be a libertarian spokesman. They’re lying. And you’re repeating their lies by taking the claim at face value.

  13. The righteous man regards the life of his animal.

    I highly recommend Joel Salatin’s books on sustainable agriculture. Polyface is the name of his farm and company.

  14. Rollory said…
    Libertarian principles don’t include fraud. It doesn’t matter if the person claiming they do claims to be a libertarian spokesman. They’re lying. And you’re repeating their lies by taking the claim at face value.

    I think you’re missing the point. Reginald and I had a good laugh about this professor’s rationalization for fraud. But that’s tangential. In fact, as far as I’m concerned, Rubashkin was “Capone’d” on bank fraud but deserves to rot in prison for the rest of his life for what he did to my country. The fact that the libertarians (and presumably you) think the main issue here is a financial one says all that really needs to be said about the libertarian psyche.

    This man flooded an idyllic small town with a sea of hostile and dangerous third world invaders. This isn’t actually “against the law”, and it’s perfectly aligned with libertarian principles. But I consider it a grave moral crime, eclipsing whatever pharisaic concerns you and the US DOJ have for the welfare of First Bank, Inc. I care about the exploitation of child laborers, not the price of kosher beef. I care about American jobs for American workers, not whether I may have allowed libertarian abstractions to be impugned by the shoddy scholarship of libertarian ideologues.

    If all the libertarian principles in the world fell in a well, I wouldn’t rescue them. In fact, I could sit and enjoy a family picnic right beside the well, munching away at homemade sandwiches among friends and family while the moans and cries of dying libertarian principles echoed across the rolling hills around me. I would smile warmly when their begging and whimpering ceased, because I would know that the world had become a better place.

  15. It’s funny to hear Jews talk about how their religion “forces” them to “heal the world” and to “treat others fairly.” LOLZ! Thier mitzvahs are supposedly such a force for good — LOLZOLZOZL!

    If that was the case, the Agriprocessor plant would have been a sparkling clean facility with well paid, legal workers, and it wouldn’t pollute the local river. Oh, and supposedly shechita slaughter is “more humane,” which is why it’s outlawed in several European countries, as well as New Zealand.

    Jews will openly proclaim the OPPOSITE of the truth.

    Anyway, I remember back in 2008 an Iowa Klan guy came on VNN Forum and said that he and a couple of his brother Klansmen worked for Agriprocessors for 6 years, while getting the dirt on them and reporting it to the Feds. The Feds ignored them for 6 years until raiding Agriprocessors, but when they raided them, they used the info the Klansmen sent them. Also, the Klan guy at VNN F said there was no meth lab, but plenty of other bad stuff like children working there.

    I was surprised this wasn’t national news back in 2008 — Klan takes down Jewish slaughterhouse — with employee-infiltrators no less! Wow! Anyway, it’s still not national news, but the Hassids have picked it up:

    KKK Claims Helped Take Down Agriprocessors
    Category: Jewish News Published: March 14 2010 Print

    POSTVILLE, IA [CHI] — In an interview with an Iowan newspaper, the local KKK leader claimed his group helped take down Agriprocessors. He said that a couple of Klan members had infiltrated the plant and helped expose illegals there.

    The interview was conducted by Jeff Krueger for the Northern Iowan. It was regarding the local chapters involvement in vandalism and assault. (Ed note — where did they dig this up? They couldn’t publish the article until they found something resembling “dirt” I guess)

    The groups founder, Imperial Wizard of the Fraternal White Knights of the KKK, Douglas claimed it had no involvement in the violence.

    However he did tell the Northern Iowan that the group had its ways of getting what it wants and mentioned the Klan’s involvement with the federal raid of the Agriprocessors plant.
    …the Klan works in a number of ways to achieve its goals. He said that a couple of Klan members had infiltrated the Postville Agriprocessors plant and helped expose illegal immigrants working there. However, he did not give names of the members involved. In May 2008, federal authorities raided the plant, arresting more than 380…
    Excerpt from the Northern Iowan

  16. Here’s some comments from some loving, non-hateful, tikkun olaming, mitzvotting Jews:

    1. a Yid wrote:

    Yimoch shemom such scum should be obliterated from the face of the earth, the white cloak they wear covers up the most disgraceful form of a human being.

    03/14/10 – 14:00 –
    2. Disgusted wrote:

    Hashem should obliterate their names from the face of this earth! Just as bad as the Nazis y”sh. They have a way to achieve their goals?!? Hashem has far greater ways to achieve His goals and get rid of them pooh, pooh, pooh.

    03/14/10 – 16:30 –
    3. Rochel wrote:

    Amen, ken yehi ratzon!

    03/15/10 – 00:40 –
    4. YMACH SHMOM wrote:

    Its one thing that these guys want the plant shut
    Its alot worse when a federal Judge tails along with them

    03/15/10 – 04:33 –
    5. Basya wrote:

    Is it really necessary to put a picture of them. They don’t deserve any attention

    03/15/10 – 14:15 –

  17. It is noteworthy, of course, that Rubashkin’s operation produced contaminated kosher meat for Jewish consumption. Thus the Jewish community at Forward had an Ethnic Genetic Interest in seeing Rubashkin punished. By allowing the law to operate in this one, isolated instances, consumers of kosher meat were protecting their own interests.

  18. Good point, John Walters. The rumor at the time of the raid back in was that Chertoff, himself an orthodox Jew, personally ordered the raid.

    Notice how Jews are unable to actually operate an honest business, when there’s every reason to do so. They were in front of the eyes of everyone. It wasn’t like they were invisible qua Jews in Postville. For Postivillians, Rubashkin and friends are representative of World Jewry. Big LOL!

    Jews have to parasite off the work, and the honest leadership of others. I actually have worked at a family run slaughterhouse, owned by French Canadian Catholics. Everyone, people and animals, employees and customers, are treated well by that establishment, and it’s sparkling clean. It’s a real small place, but the owner hires a guy that does nothing but spend 4 hours scrubbing it sparkling after every workday. His butchers don’t have to clean. And they do everything at a safe pace and get all concerned and get out the first aid kit the moment you even nick your finger, because they are concerned about any possible exchange of bacteria from the raw meat into your bloodstream. At a factory slaughterhouse, workers certainly get cut and keep working while they have an open cut. Their fingers get into the meat sometimes, and the line keeps going.

    This is yet another example of why we need a lot more people in the farming business. We need family owned slaughterhouses, and family farms with grass grazed cattle. Slaughterhouses and farms can make a side profit from the byproducts of the slaughter — the hides, the organs (if they don’t eat them) the bones. Everything on an animal can be used.

    Such a localized economy will smooth out the booms and busts. The financial fraudsters don’t want this, of course.

  19. |perfect evidence of the kind of completely deranged mind Judaism produces| (Spooky).

    Yes, but let’s not lose sight of the fact that Judaism, itself, is more accurately the PRODUCT of a genetically influenced form of mentation.

  20. Hashem must have donned his white robes to infiltrate the unclean Kosher meat plant. The Lord certainly works in mysterious ways.

  21. The Libertarian Lie has to be exposed over and over. It is a pernicious con job by the tribe who use it to gull goys into supporting goy genocide, cultural, legal, political, community and genetic.

    The large number of whites who are chumps for Libertarianism measures how important it is to expose it. It is a variant of the way the Tea Party movement was coopted to be whites against white racial interests.

  22. The Kochtopus, and thus those tied to Cato, IHS, George Mason, etc., is made up of hired tongues who have to act within certain boundaries, and those boundaries are a reflection of the state’s moral code: the state makes the eradication of racism, homophobia, sexism, anti-Israelism, and all other un-PC “isms” its top priority. The cosmopolitan/Beltway/Centralizing/PC libertarians consistently promote the state, and especially its moral codes. While Lew Rockwell is always and everywhere anti-state, the focus of the anti-Rockwellians is not the state and its effect on individual liberty, but promoting the state’s thought control on racism, homophobia, gay marriage, immigration, and all other pc topics. This has become the new “libertariansim.” Libertarians have become some sick and twisted version of the Gestapo on thought control, motives, and guilt by association.

  23. PC Libertarianism and the jewish taboo:

    “Perhaps, then, P.C. libertarianism is a perfectly understandable psychological phenomenon. It allows a man to feel good about being a rebellious champion of freedom while safely conforming to society’s enforced dogmas. One is thus free to be an intellectual coward, or a complete non-thinker, and still enjoy self-esteem and brilliant repute as a fearless intellectual.

    From the perspective of our rulers, such P.C. libertarians are perfectly harmless and can be left alone. They can even be allowed to flourish, as a false opposition. Today’s P.C. libertarians may be nothing like the principled 200-proof libertarian truth-seekers of old. However, adherence to a belief system that is logically incoherent but psychologically comforting is probably all that we can expect of them, as Western civilization sloughs ever deeper into the garbage
    dump of history.”

  24. This reminds me of a Kvetcher post recently reposted at VDARE, entitled “Too Wretched for even Emma Lazarus”. Lazarus wrote that the Hasadim were a “mass of semi-oriental Kabbalists” who don’t belong in America.

    “Keep, O yea ancient lands, your mass of semi-oriental Kabbalists.”

    Has a nice ring to it, eh?

  25. You guys are misunderstanding misrepresenting libertarians, based on what one idiot wrote on a website.

    Libertarians already have a ‘Free Ed Brown’ movement. Ed Brown refused to submit to ZOG, named Judaism and Freemasonry as poisonous elements which should be exterminated, and were subsequently arrested and given life sentences for failure to pay their taxes. Arresting him was quite a chore for ZOG,

    Also 4 supporters were arrested for bringing groceries to the couple:

  26. The Jewish rackets love a powerful, concentrated state, because it means having to buy off fewer people, and makes power easier to seize. Hence, Jewish Bolshevism constructed an all powerful, highly centralized state with massive power in the hands of a tiny minority. And notice how many Jewish ideologues are globalists and world government advocates — it’s because they are confident that if a world government were to be established, their collective and its agents could seize control of it and hence, for all intents and purposes, rule the world.

    Thus, anti-statist libertarianism generally runs counter to the Jewish supremacist agenda. However, there is a strong money-worshipping element in certain strains of libertarianism, hence there is sometimes overlap between these strains and Jewry’s agenda . The open borders position of certain libertarians is an example of where money-worshipping libertarianism dovetails with political Jewry and its globalist agenda.

    This is one reason why I favor libertarian nationalism, which is pro free-enterprise, but opposes both open borders and globalism.

  27. Get off the meat, fellas. Get used to surviving on vegetables because you can grow them in a bucket. You can’t grow a cow in a bucket and wild game isn’t safe to eat anymore because of chronic wasting disease (not to mention environmental pollutants), which I believe is far more rampant than the CDC admits. Either way, you won’t be bagging edible wild game if you’re living in the ‘burbs when the fan gets splattered by coliforms, unless you’re partial to skunk and squirrel that have been feeding off your local dumpster.

    Going vegetarian will also teach you self control and discipline. It will teach you to eat for nutrition rather than taste. Try not salting or spicing your meals for a week. Throw the butter in the trash. Drop the cookies. That’s what I’ve been doing for a decade and I no longer have a taste for it. I also no longer get heartburn and my throat is no longer coated in a thick layer of mucus from too much cheese and ice cream.

    Aside from the practical benefits of a strict vegetarian diet, there is also the ethical benefit. Anyone who has owned a pet will tell you that animals have a soul. They are capable of feeling complex and deep emotions – more so than the average mud, in my experience. If you aren’t eating Al Sharpton, then why are you eating your pet?

    Far too many white nationalists are soft couch potatoes with no self control. They have too many addictions, be it food, booze or TV. This community should be pushing lifestyle changes much harder than it does because we should be an army of leaders, not an army of blubber.

  28. And notice how many Jewish ideologues are globalists and world government advocates — it’s because they are confident that if a world government were to be established, their collective and its agents could seize control of it and hence, for all intents and purposes, rule the world.

    Thus, anti-statist libertarianism generally runs counter to the Jewish supremacist agenda. However, there is a strong money-worshipping element in certain strains of libertarianism, hence there is sometimes overlap between these strains and Jewry’s agenda .
    Chris Moore

    Jews who think they have a chance to be part of the ruling class (Soros, Kristol, Frum) are globalists. Jews who are outsiders (pornographers, pimps, scammers) tend towards libertarianism.

  29. “Jews who are outsiders (pornographers, pimps, scammers) tend towards libertarianism.”

    You may have a point.

    Howard Stern was the Libertarian candidate for Governor of NY.

  30. Edison Carter: “Jews who are outsiders (pornographers, pimps, scammers) tend towards libertarianism.”

    Until they go mainstream, at which point they become Zionists and globalists. Or until pornography, pimping and scamming becomes mainstream (as is happening in America), after which they still become Zionists and globalists. Organized Jewry won’t turn away any rich Jews so long as they have any kind of veneer of respectability.

    Also, America’s founders and the successful components of its system were essentially libertarian, but socially and economically self-governed, primarily by Christianity. The fact that some bottom feeder have glommed onto libertarianism doesn’t discredit the libertarianism as practiced by the founders, does it?

    That’s libertarian nationalism, which seeks to maintain certain standards of conduct and respectability by removing the corrupting influence of the “secular” state (which in today’s America is actually governed by a Jewish-supremacist and swindler ethic) and allow more wholesome religious institutions (primarily Christian) to re-assert their moral authority, at which point Jewish supremacism will return to its rightful pariah status, or emigrate to Israel, and the corrupt “Judeo-Christianity” as practiced by the detestable Bushcons will wither and die.

  31. I have to agree with Anderson here. There are so many bullshit federal laws tied in with regulations that no one could ever hope to follow everyone is a criminal under federal laws.

    If he broke any immigration laws or whatever, surely a fine is in order as opposed to a full scale thug assault. If they can treat people like this and get away with it, you are not safe either. It looks like the author’s hatred of ALL jews as opposed to those only causing the problems has blinded him to the dangers of federal power.

    There seems to be misunderstanding of libertarianism here, but I like Chris’s one of pro free enterprise and private property with restrictions on immigration and no globalism.

  32. “It looks like the author’s hatred of ALL jews as opposed to those only causing the problems…”

    I assure you, Sholom Rubashkin was one of the Jews causing the problems.

    It was very good for Postville when he was hauled away by the Feds.

  33. Libertarian Hans Hoppe on Immigration:

    “The current situation in the United States and in Western Europe has nothing whatsoever to do with “free” immigration. It is forced integration, plain and simple, and forced integration is the predictable outcome of democratic – one-man-one-vote – rule. Abolishing forced integration requires a de-democratization of society, and ultimately the abolition of democracy. More specifically, the authority to admit or exclude should be stripped from the hands of the central government and re-assigned to the states, provinces, cities, towns, villages, residential districts, and ultimately to private property owners and their voluntary associations. The means to achieve this goal are decentralization and secession (both inherently un-democratic, and un-majoritarian). One would be well on the way toward a restoration of the freedom of association and exclusion as it is implied in the idea and institution of private property, and much of the social strife currently caused by forced integration would disappear, if only towns and villages could and would do what they did as a matter of course until well into the nineteenth century in Europe and the United States: to post signs regarding entrance requirements to the town, and once in town for entering specific pieces of property (no beggars or bums or homeless, but also no Moslems, Hindus, Jews, Catholics, etc.); to kick out those who do not fulfill these requirements as trespassers; and to solve the “naturalization” question somewhat along the Swiss model, where local assemblies, not the central government, determine who can and who cannot become a Swiss citizen.

    What should one hope for and advocate as the relatively correct immigration policy, however, as long as the democratic central state is still in place and successfully arrogates the power to determine a uniform national immigration policy? The best one may hope for, even if it goes against the “nature” of a democracy and thus is not very likely to happen, is that the democratic rulers act as if they were the personal owners of the country and as if they had to decide who to include and who to exclude from their own personal property (into their very own houses). This means following a policy of utmost discrimination: of strict discrimination in favor of the human qualities of skill, character, and cultural compatibility.

    More specifically, it means distinguishing strictly between “citizens” (naturalized immigrants) and “resident aliens” and excluding the latter from all welfare entitlements. It means requiring as necessary, for resident alien status as well as for citizenship, the personal sponsorship by a resident citizen and his assumption of liability for all property damage caused by the immigrant. It implies requiring an existing employment contract with a resident citizen; moreover, for both categories but especially that of citizenship, it implies that all immigrants must demonstrate through tests not only (English) language proficiency, but all-around superior (above-average) intellectual performance and character
    structure as well as a compatible system of values – with the predictable result of a systematic pro-European immigration bias.”

  34. If he broke any immigration laws or whatever, surely a fine is in order as opposed to a full scale thug assault.

    This man’s well-documented reign of greed, exploitation, and destruction cries out for more than a mere “fine”.

    It looks like the author’s hatred of ALL jews as opposed to those only causing the problems has blinded him to the dangers of federal power.

    I don’t hate “ALL [J]ews”. I hate Sholom Rubaskin. You see what he did to Postville, the horrific conditions in his factory, and his massive fraud racket and yet the government’s interference in all that is your primary concern?

    I don’t care about the government, here. I couldn’t care less if it were the DHS or an avenging angel dispatched by God, himself. I don’t care if he accidentally stepped on an endangered squirrel and was subject to a 27 year prison sentence for that. A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of tiny minds, a truism that was never more true than in this context.

    I know what happened in Waco, Ruby Ridge, and Eldorado. It wasn’t the result of “big government”, it was the result of a hostile government. Your argument is the “blame the weapon” argument writ large.

  35. I did take a look at the other links. Some interesting points regarding workers and environmental issues.

    There is some irony that the feds bothered with this guy but miss their criminal friends on Wall Street.

    I read over this:

    I’m just a little skeptical of ‘federal prosecutions’ these days.

  36. What do we do with those nutty libertarians? According to them, any regulations that inhibit economic activity, even if it’s unethical, illegal and injurious to the community, is anathema and cause for much hand wringing and salivating. Commerce is God in the world of the libertarian and things like living wages and the well being of a white community is the stuff of dastardly white supremacists and economic nincompoops.

    The good rabbi was just acting in accordance with Talmudic teachings. That is to say, exploiting the non-Jews of Postville like the animals the Talmud says they are.

  37. Dithers: You have an ignorant view of libertarians.

    For me, I’m for abolishing the EPA but have no problem with states implementing laws that prosecute those who harm others with the dumping of toxic substances. I work in a lab, so I’m well aware that there are some things that need to be disposed of properly. On the same token, there some regulations that are totally overkill and waste more time and money for the amount of ‘safety’ returned. An example is the licensing of these minuscule ECD Ni64 sources for GC work.

    I’m a classical liberal. This means just the government we need to protect civil liberties and property rights.

    I’m against minimum wage laws because only a fool believes in minimum wage and being able to legislate wealth. If you don’t have the right to private contract, then you have nothing in terms of liberties.

    I don’t like government statism any more than I like corporate statism. Corporations have way too much legal powers. Early in Americas history corporations were looked upon with suspicion and chartered accordingly.

    Anyway, those who say stupid crap like ‘nutty libertarians’ should just leave the country since the founders would certainly qualify.

  38. What do we do with those nutty libertarians?
    Mr. Dithers

    Ignore them. Until they can get more than one percent of the vote they’re irrelevant.

  39. sth_txs,
    For you to suggest that America’s founders were all libertarians is imbecilic. Jefferson especially did not ever wish to extend the same legal rights to corporations that were guaranteed to citizens. Almost all were steadfastly opposed to free trade as well while the libertarians think it’s a great idea., the flagship site of that ideology, practically worships the gold standard and unfettered free markets. Alexander Hamilton was a supporter of strong central government as were a few less notable men of that time.

    Perhaps you are an exception to the libertarian norm. The main point is that the actions of Rabbi Sholom Rubashkin were reprehensible and damaging to the small tiny Iowa town in which he operated. It’s very unsettling that Libertarian luminaries like Bill Anderson see nothing wrong with the good Rabbi’s actions.

    As for you, if you don’t think the Rabbi’s little scheme is worthy of condemnation then it’s you who should take flight to another country. People like Sholom Rubashkin didn’t build America but are doing their utmost to destroy it.

  40. Dithers: I understand your point on corporations. Given the machinations of the East India Tea Company in collusion with the British government of the time, there was a rightful distrust of corporations.

    And yes, I agree that corporations should have never been granted the same rights as a ‘person’. There is a bit more behind the story than that and you should make a cursory look at the case.

    Alexander Hamilton will always be a despicable founder given his statist views on things. He wanted to implement a system that had just been fought to overthrow.

    I’m against NAFTA and GATT since these are managed trade schemes and not real free trade.

    I believe in a free market in money. If it turns out to be gold and silver, then so be it. Central banks and paper money are an abomination and enslave everyone. Jefferson’s and Andrew Jackson’s views on central banking have come true. Don’t forget Rothbard and Mises. Also, the US Constitution implicitly demands gold and silver as money. The Federal Reserve system is illegal.

    It sickens me how many so called ‘educated’ people are ignorant of the relationship between property rights and money. If I cannot legally sell or melt the copper pennies or nickels in my pocket, then I really don’t own it now, do I? You also cannot deny that a free market in money served America’s working class well for over a century until it was hijacked by Wall Street mother fuckers.

    Yes, the Rabbi sucked in some ways and should be punished accordingly. However, I’m for abolishing most federal agencies that do nothing to protect liberty.

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