The Triumphant Decline of the WASP

Noah Feldman

In The New York Times, Noah Feldman has a disgusting op-ed column called “The Triumphant Decline of the WASP.” It is a “cause for celebration” that “no one much cares about the nominee’s religion.” America has “progressed” to the point where there is no longer a “Catholic seat” or a “Jewish seat.” White Protestants have been completely eliminated from the pinnacle of the federal judiciary.

This Jew rambles on at some length about how the “greatest triumph” of the WASP was their surrender of power to Jews and Catholics.

Of course the same Jews who celebrate WASP colorblindness and encourage WASP racial masochism are the same ones who push the hardest for “inclusiveness” and “diversity” in every institution. The Supreme Court needs a lesbian because she is a lesbian; a Hispanic because she is Hispanic; a negro because he is a negro; a woman because she is a woman, etc.

With the Kagan nomination, Jews have thrown their little principle of diversity out the window. “Diversity” has been revealed to be nothing more than a hollow abstraction that Jews and non-Whites hide behind and invoke to increase their power at the expense of Whites.

It would be false and misleading to label them hypocrites. That is too kind of a description. Jews never believed in “diversity” in the first place. All their rhetoric about tolerance, diversity, equality, colorblindness and the like was nothing more than a language game.

White Americans are in a power struggle between competing ethnic groups. In such a struggle, it is only logical for WASPs  to take their own side, as other groups do without hesitation.

WASPs should start asking questions like this: Jews will soon comprise 3/4th of the liberal wing of the Supreme Court. The ADL, a Jewish organization, is using the federal courts to fight Arizona’s new immigration law. Is this “good for the WASPs”?

The answer is no.

If WASPs evaluated Jews from the perspective of ethnic self interest, they would soon discover that they dislike their Jewish cultural and political elite. WASPs who are serious about taking their country back must realize that this requires coming to terms with the Jewish Question.

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  1. Regardless of what any of us think about the “level of discourse”, it does tend to be intense on this thread, and “Discourse Is War”. War is struggle for survival and produces evolution. Political Correctness is the “struggle against the struggle” and therefore an invitation to extinction, and our mortal enemy.

    With that in mind, I’d like to say that while Hunter Wallace may be a foul-mouthed fascist, and Andrew Yeoman a wanker, observing the struggle ignited by their disagreement has made me a stronger and wiser fighter.

    Thanks guys. Well done.

  2. Andrew Y.:

    While I share your distaste for profanity, I think you should reconsider your ultimatum. Hunter has a great point. They sure never spare us epithets! This article, if published about any non-white group, would result in the author receiving death threats, not to mention losing his job. Not only will that hateful Jew not apologize, he’s happy about it!

    That it can get published to applause is a sign of the sickness of our nation. If you don’t contribute here anymore, what will that help? Nothing!

    So I think you should stay here and write more articles.

  3. I have to admit being dumbstruck by the lack of any commentary on Noah Feldman’s gratuitous and hateful use of an insect name for us — WASP. If it is unclear to readers, let me just advise you that when Paul Gottfried or Noah Feldman use the hate caricature WASP to name us, they are insulting us — even those of us who are white Anglo-Saxon Protestants. Let’s take look at Noah’s slur of WASP.

    1) This crude hate caricature was first used by a self-hating man with the name of Andrew Hacker in a 1957 publication. It is difficult to sort out just what the names of his grandparents were, but we are reliably informed that none used Hacker. If you don’t know who Andrew Hacker was, he was far worst in attacking the diverse white American peoples than Noel Ignatiev (who also calls us WASPs) ever dreamed of being.

    2) This hate label was thereafter widely popularized by E. Digby Baltzell whose forefathers were not Anglo-Saxons — they changed their religion and their name in England before migrating to America. Baltzell made a twisted fetish of tweed jackets and bowties, apparently under the impression that dressing British on the outside covered up his non-British inside. He was a member in good standing of the urban-coastal class that holds us in contempt.

    Great point. I agree, we should not use slurs invented by our enemies. Even before I became a White Nationalist Hacker’s hate for Whites was obvious.

    Were Hacker and Baltzell Jews?

  4. As to use of language, the only real test is whether it is effective or not. For any type of propaganda, one must know the audience. What are you shooting for?

    OD is aimed primarily at the bright and intellectually minded, with a healthy splash of the irreverent and even the insolent. This is good, it is a very powerful combination. There is clearly a market for it, and it’s part of the larger market that we need to win this thing.

    Anybody can say nigger. Anybody can type kike. But a good writer, a writer who is talented, bright and funny, well, he can use it much more effectively, if sparingly. It’s a fine line, but the occasional inflammatory broadside can be devastatingly effective. It says so much with so little, and let’s face it, sometimes the only word that will do is nigger – so long as you have made it clear that there is thesaurus thriving in your head, that no poverty resulted in its use. If your audience KNOWS that, without you having to spell it out for them, then nigger and kike take on a whole new meaning, which is sort of the point.

    Think of a more erudite version of: “I can out-learn you. I can out-read you. I can out-think you. And I can out-philosophize you. And I’m gonna outlast you.”

    Sorry, Cape Fear just seemed appropriate. De Nero appeared kind creepy and pathetic to actually claim it. He was wrong in doing so – instead you’ve got to show it. Or, more to the point, the reader has got to feel it. It’s gotta come through on its own, hit the reader in the gut. You earn your kikes and niggers, they don’t and shouldn’t come cheap. I think Hunter has earned more than his share.

    It is not knightly or gentlemanly to be polite in this cesspool of a society. Though keyboard commandos we may presently be, we’ve also got to develop a healthy dose of fuck you. I think OD has done a good job of finding such a balance. It shouldn’t become a den of profanity anymore than it should become a bunch of lisping paleocon grumblers and mumblers, ever so polite.

    Hey paleocons…fuck you too.

  5. ‘I propose a rule! When the urge to slur strikes us, use the terms:

    hostile elite/alien elite/hostile alien elite



    Code wording can be more powerful than slurring.’

    Note also that descriptive terms such as Ashkenazi and Sephardic might be useful.

    For example:

    “Did that ethnically-motivated, authority-abusing kidney thief use Ashkenazic contacts or Sephardic contacts to betray his oath of office?”

    “The contacts weren’t Ashkenazic, but they were on the payroll of a foreign intelligence service. We think they were converts with Sephardic wives.”

    As another example:

    “Is Alan Sabrosky genetically predisposed to sociopathic conduct?”

    “Well, he has volunteered to sacrifice himself on behalf of America, in order to resist Israel; while he had one grandparent with genetic ties to Israel, it seems that he is not a Zionist.”

    I don’t think this is code-wording; it’s very specific.

    My grandmother used to use “Communist” somewhat like a normal person would use an obscene slur. She would simply make it clear from her tone of voice that Communists were her despised enemies. And yet, there was no code-wording: she was naming the enemy and making it clear that it was an enemy.

  6. It applied in this case. A Jew gleefully and *openly* harping on your demise and you want to treat him with the rules of politeness? No, turn the tables and show him for the monster he is instead of treating him with kid gloves.

  7. One of the objectives of political correctness is to eliminate ideas by eliminating the words that signify those ideas. We need the words “kike” and “nigger” just like we need the words “water” and “fire”, to describe the reality we see around us. But, as one commenter noted, “nigger” is a poor choice of word to describe a Black man mowing his lawn. Save the powerful terms for those special occasions.

  8. Jay:

    Thanx for the origins of the WASP epithet…didn’t know all that, and will chastise the next person who uses it in my presence.

    I understand that many here would want us to stick to an older standard of public discourse. It makes sense in that there is far too liberal usage of curse words these days and refraining from such can be seen as a revolutionary (reactionary?) act in itself.

    if you are a person who didn’t grow up with the horsey sett, and have spent any amount of time on the frontiers of whiteness (white working class neighborhoods, brooklyn/queens esp., construction crews, industrial jobs), curse words flow as naturally as mother’s milk. For a large portion of the white population ‘politeness’ means sharing their bbq and beer with neighbors, avoiding ‘talking shit’ on a friend, or hitting on another’s ‘ol lady’…it may seem crude to some, but it is still a valid expression of white integrity and solidarity.
    I curse much less than my father, but still comes out when expressing anger, or discussing a heated subject with friends. I’ve curbed my cursing, especially since having children becacause I want them to be a part of a better world than the one in which I grew up. On a larger scale, I’ve also seen the evolution of white activism over the years, from cruder to more intellectual expression.
    The change is happening though, just be patient.

  9. “You apparently have no problem attending a dinner in honor of Francis Parker Yockey, a man who dedicated a book to the so-called “hero of WW2, Adolf Hitler”, a man who furthermore did everything he could to aid the Soviet Union against America just because he thought Stalin was more anti-Semitic than us.”

    Wow some Anarchists support Stalinism!?!? Politics truly does make strange bed-fellows!

    Anyhow if Yeoman is not going to be a contributor anymore then that is too bad, I rather like his Ideology, it is new, interesting, and novel and gives me something to compare my own Statist/ Military Juntaist Ideal too.

    When it comes to foul language, couldn’t guys just to to other forums, head on over to to rant and rave and get it out of ones system there.

  10. The true hallmark of the proletarian is neither poverty nor humble birth but a consciousness–and the resentment which this consciousness inspires–of being disinherited from his ancestral place in Society and being unwanted in a community which is his rightful home…’

    …and this subjective proletarianism is not incompatible with the possession of material assets….”

    The True Proletarian
    Arnold Toynbee, “A Study of History” Vol. V

  11. What do expect? Jews to be modest!?

    + + +

    WASP is an entomological de-humanizing insult. It’s even used for non-“Anglo-Saxons” (and where/who on Earth are the ‘Anglo-Saxons’ in 2010 anyway? Russel Brand? Michael Caine?), and non-Protestants. It’s just a generic insult for suburban white English-speaking North Americans.

    Likewise for “redneck” — just used to insult rural or working class whites, with necks sunburned from working outside all day.

    + + +

    The Supreme Court of the JSA

    Jews have always promoted Protestant heresies as a way to weaken Christendom.

    All this was predictable back in 1776, or 1660, or 1648 … All just a matter of time.

    The USA was founded by Slavemasons, beholden to Jew money, beholden to Usury. The disintegration was built-in.

    The mass-murderer Cromwell let the Jews back into England.

    English and Dutch Jew-puppets, Jew-lovers, crypto-Jews and Jews created “American civilization” — so of course it was designed to and up this way. Rotten Fruit > Rotten Tree.

    + + +

    And these “six Catholics” are not.

    For one thing, they’re all Zionists, therefore not Christian.

    I’m sure that Scalia and Sotomayar at least are Anus Hebrews, which would mean at least 5 Jews + 4 apostate Christians = 9 Zionists.

    [Anus Hebrew = Anusim = Crypto-Jews, btw.]

    Scalia has publicly stated his admiration for Talmudic “wisdom”, and he looks depraved enough to be a pharisee!

    Also, the “Six Catholics!” line is useful in deflecting criticism of Jew-Fuckery.

    The conservatards and “proud WASP” patriotards are all griping about the 2/3 Papist court, while not daring to even mention the 1/3 declared Chosenite content, even though the ‘RC citizen : S.C. Justice’ ratio is not so extreme as the ‘Jew citizen : S.C. Justice” Ratio.

    And it’s a red herring anyway, since even if the court were 9/9ths Protestant, they would all certainly be apostate Christians; they would all be Zionists or they’d never get appointed by whichever Jews’ puppet is in the White House.

    + + +

    I get accused of being so-called “Anti-White” and/or “Anti-American”. It makes no difference to me what I’m called. I love everyone. I try my best to help you poor, deluded, misguided ‘Murkan White folks. I try to be objective. And my conclusion is that the USA/JSA is inevitably rotten because it was founded on false premises, and has always been Anti-Christ and Jew-enslaved (especially via Slavemasonic Noachide Satanism). I calls ’em as I sees ’em. To quote the last Protestant (or ur-Protestant) who actually ever made sense (in his masterpiece, Von den Jüden und iren Lügen*):

    Hier stehe ich. Ich kann nicht anders.

    [BTW, I’m sure they have Clinton vs Bishop Romney lined up for the next joke “election” — The Mormons are about the most Jewed of all the American Anti-Christ cults.]

    + + +

    * One of those texts that Jews love to quote from and cite as examples of how “hateful” Christians supposedly are. But they don’t want you to read the whole thing or understand the context.

    Text here:

  12. If anyone knows where to find a complete German text of Von den Jüden und iren Lügen online, please let me know. The you-know-whos seem to have holocausted it off the Internet completely; just 1001 boring wankery-articles about how “awful” it is.

  13. Jews have survived adversity not out of pity but only because of their worthiness. The rich and powerful have used Jewish talent for centuries and always will. Instead of badmouthing Jews and suffering in poverty, it would be best to find a Jewish partner and let him lead you to riches. When a Jew dies a person of material value leaves the planet.

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