Texas on Alert!

I found a new video about the conflict along the Texas-Mexico National Border!

From Steve in the Swamps:

I noticed the Texas legislator was censored multiple times at the end. Apparently, there are certain things the media elite does not want us to think about. The media wants to report the story for sensationalism, but apparently doesn’t want us to come to the conclusion that Civil War is a an actual possibility in Mexico.

I have a feeling the Texas legislator was trying to mention how Calderon’s planning is backfiring, and may ironically throw Mexico into a Civil War. But, the Big Media Man does not want us to think deeply about Mexico’s pre-Civil War. That’s for sure!

I think the media is afraid potential American secessionists will get ideas about Civil War.

Feel free to contribute to the discussion, my fellow OD folks! How do you think this will affect America and White Americans? Will Mexico’s Civil War encourage secessionist movements in America? Brown Power Aztlan in the Deep American Southwest? Could it  eventually give ideas to White secessionists in the Southeast? If Brown Hispanics forcibily expel Whites out of of Deep Southern & Deep Western Texas and South Florida, maybe Whites will feel more justified in keeping Brown migrants out of their areas. Maybe it will also encourage a reawakening of White Preservationism!

On another subject, there may be positives and negatives from a White American’s perspective. The negative is a potential refugee wave of Mexicans. A potential positive is a strongly anti-White American, Mexican elite ‘s overthrow from power. Mexico’s White Racial elite is deliberately dumping Browns on America and Canada. Could it ironically be in Whites’ racial interests to see this nasty elite class overthrown, much like Jews and Liberal White Gentiles will eventually be?  They influence our demographics very much like Internationalist Jews and the Official Catholic Church do. And they are no more saddened with our pending displacement.

Also, a Mexican Civil War will polarize Racial politics between Browns and non-Browns. It may also polarize a potential conflict between Browns and the Federal, State, County, and Municipal Governments.

This is a very important geo-political process our MSM is deliberately censoring!

Viewing the matter, I think it could actually entail some benefits to see Mexico’s traitorous elite kept in check-if we can eventually control the border. But there are variables I am probably unaware of. Feel free to contribute your opinions, my fellow OD folks!

Another question: Does anybody see a foreshadowing of America’s future in Mexico’s pre-Civil War?


  1. Most of what has happened to the western world over the last 50 years has happened because the media kept it hidden from the bulk of the white population at the time. The ethnic cleansing has been slow and steady and concentrated to a few places at once so preventing any kind of concerted resistance.

    Showing film of a few dozen people crossing a desert doesn’t hurt that much but film of hundreds of thousands pouring over a border bridge is something they wouldn’t want to show.

    How likely is the situation in Mexico to lead to that kind of mass border invasion? Pretty likely i’d imagine. How long? Who knows.

    The effect? Initial instinctive reaction to block them followed by some kind of march for freedom by the Eloi and an eventual surrender.

    Further effect? Mixture of radicalization and despair among whites, a sense of ownership among latinos, gloating from jews and worried blacks.

  2. Just arrived back in Cali today. I fear for the state, my state, and our entire country. It will take an exceptional amount of hard work to turn the tide. I’m hitching my wagon to the A3P for now. I’ll try to keep OD readers up to date on the Golden State and the goings on of the party.

  3. If Mexico has a civil war, many thousands of refugees will move north. ITexas and Oklahoma residents will gladly accept every one of these wretches into their homes, churches, and businesses. It’s the Christian (communist) thing to do, donchaknow.

    There is no reason to think the event will lead to a white racial awakening; quite the opposite is much more likely. The vast majority of Americans, conservatives and liberals alike, see themselves as part of a nation only in the abstract. The flood of refugees would only give them a chance to prove how giving, and loving Americans are. If there is an white racial awakening, it will be too little too late, as we saw from the Katrina/Rita flood of refugees from New Orleans. Most of America will become Brazilian-Argentine overnight, instead of slowly, as now.

    The invaders will get tons of free everything, commit lots of crime, and white Americans will not dare say a word about race. They are way too “nice” (to even say anything. They will sacrifice their sons and daughters to these invaders without saying a word, and repress their “hateful, racist” feelings. The entire American government will mobilize to ensure that the “new Americans” have everything they want, and that white Americans had better go along with the program, or else.

    The destruction of white families will accelerate. The plague will reach into nearly every family, destroying all harmony and tradition. The few of us that still care about our children and our nation need to make other arrangements.

  4. BTW, Dan Patrick, who has a daily radio show here in Houston, is a stereotypical neo-con and RedTeam fanatic, so take whatever he says with a bit of salt.

  5. Yeah right the fedgov is omnipotent as is Hebrus Omnipotentus. As Tom Chittum put it, “America is just another rotten empire.”

    I mean really guys the respectable right makes a living giving the rubes the conventional wisdom, can we not have a better take on this anarchy than Sean Hannity?

    The jews who run LaRaza are handing us the ball on this. Our case against their genocide of race replacement is at our feet.

  6. I think mexican civil war will prompt our govt to open the floodgates to ‘refugees’, and all of the liberals will gleefully accept them. If texas, arizona and california dare to stop them, our govt will shoot them in the back, and the majority of white americans (especially in states with a dearth in hispanics) will be right there with pompoms cheering them on. Sorry if that sounds pessimistic. I’d like to be dead wrong on this one.

  7. Well, I think it’s safe to say that no matter what happens the Feds will do the exact opposite of what they ought to do. But I can’t help but think that, although there will still be the usual ‘do-gooder’ suspects anxious to help any and all brown persons to the detriment of Whites, there will be (as Daniel Williams postulates) further polarization with regards to race.

    This was already happening even before Obama was selected, and with the economy continuing its slow descent down the toilet the process has been speeding up. The Arizona law is the manifestation of what is perhaps the first step towards regaining some form of national solidarity on the issue. And with 18 other states, and growing, seriously considering bills just like 1070, an extra flooding of more refuse from down south will only exacerbate feelings of anger and betrayal.

  8. If there was a huge wave of Mexicans I just can’t see them ‘making it’ out-side of the South-west. .All of America is not a liberal-nutty as California. There will be resistance to such an INVASION for sure. The Militias would probably really start back up again. (they are already back in many cases now that another democrat… and this one a negro… is in office anyhow)

    Chances are it would look like ‘Camp of the Saints’ alot, with Middle American Radicals instead though.

  9. Yeah. We are just liberal nit jobs suiciding ourselves out here in California. I’ve just made a cross country trip and I’ve lived in three of the five major areas of the country and am comfortable saying with self assured and absolute certainty that we are all pretty much the same in this country. California didn’t elect Obama by themselves.

  10. There are no ‘Middle American Radicals’. There are just a bunch of overfed and lazy red team morons in the middle of the country. Don’t expect them to grab their pitchforks anytime soon since they busting themselves polishing off a three thousand calorie Coldstone after dinner and drinks at Quaker Steak & Lube.

  11. “…, there will be (as Daniel Williams postulates) further polarization with regards to race.”

    I see no evidence of that whatever, at least not in Texas and Oklahoma. While the older folks might be grumbling a bit more since the illegal alien was appointed El Presidente, our young people are heavy into race-mixing. I invite optimists to hang out here in any ToysRUs or BabysRUs, or furniture or appliance store. You may become physically ill when you see the huge percentage (30-50%) of young white-non-white couples.

    There are hundreds of Mexican, Chinese, Vietnamese, African, Jewish, usw, Churches and Temples, but very few all-White churches. And the all-white groups have caught the multicult fever and feel compelled to modernize as quickly as possible.

    It’s time to stop dicking around with grand master schemes about saving the entire Western World, and half-baked theories about what “we need to do,” and get busy with real solutions for yourself, your family and the tiny few friends and acquaintences who give a damn.

  12. Danielj is exactly right about the RedTeam morons. They are as liberal on race as the BlueTeam morons, often more so. Don’t expect any action on your behalf from them. They are big talk, no action. “Conservatives” occassionally grumble about race in private, but when confronted by the Other, they grovel with the best of the Liberals. They would just as soon shoot you for being a “racist” as they would take in the Mexicans for being “good Christians.”

  13. An irony is a massive wave of Mexican refugees would feed the Atzlan Movement and Latino gangs who wil certainly fight against the U.S. Government. Eventually, I think support for Brown secession will be popular among American Latinos, as Confederate secession became popular in the Southeast and Texas.

    Our genorosity will never make the Browns love us. They will only get more hostile, as their numbers grow! This has actually been demonstrated, as they used to be a small humble and somewhat assimilated community in pockets of the Southwest, Miami, and Tampa. As their numbers grew, and as they have become less White, their pride and aggressiveness have skyrocketed. Skeptics should wait until they are the majority.

    Anyways, I suppose the quesiton is how Whites will react to a much harder genocide. It’s one thing when a relative marries a Columbian-and “acceptable” in today’s decadent culture. But, what will it be like, when White parents literally see their own minor children killed by MS-13 and the New Black Panthers?

  14. There’s a decent chance that mainstream conservatism will fall out of favor once Texas becomes a blue state, which is inevitable because of this unending wave of Latino immigration.

  15. I can see Texas turning into a Blue State, by the 2016 Presidential Election! Brown in-migration and White out-migration (probably into the Great Plains region and parts of the Southeast)

  16. DW,
    That’s a 100% probability here. The betrayal of young white whores, their feckless white fathers and self-indulgent mothers is too great. Numerically, we are wiped out, although 2016 might be a little early to see the results politically.

  17. So, summarizing the thoughts on the Mexican crack up:

    It hastens the destruction of whatever is still good in the US, and is unlikely to spawn a backlash. But regardless we are doomed. Some combination of libtards on the left, patriotards on the right, misceginating middle class kids, and overfed farm-belt Rush listeners will do us in, with or without a Mexican civil war.

    There is no mass resistance possible, because everyone is too fat, stupid and apathetic to resist, and besides most don’t even see the problem with another 50 million brown people in America, due to some combination of brainwashing, laziness and bad genes.

    I think that’s why I like Kievsky’s posts! At least there is some positive action that I can take away from them.

  18. The trouble with miscegenation obsessives is they end up hating their own people so much they become worse then the enemy.

    “There is no reason to think the event will lead to a white racial awakening; quite the opposite is much more likely.”

    There is every reason to think a mass crossing of the border will lead to *more* radicalization. How much, who knows. The only reason not to think that is either a) stupidity b) hatred of your own people.

    “I think that’s why I like Kievsky’s posts! At least there is some positive action that I can take away from them.”


  19. Realism isn’t negativity. I find it supremely ironic that the mostly militantly atheistic WN scene is filled with people so full of faith. Pessimissm of the intellect seems inevitible after sober reflection on the state of affairs.

  20. I don’t think it’s realism to think that pictures of hundreds of thousands of immigrants pouring across border bridges will lead to *less* radicalization.

    I’m fine with pessimism. I put the odds of white people avoiding genocide at maybe 30%. But pessimism due to a hatred of your own people is self-fulfilling – it makes failure more likely.

  21. A signifcant radicalization of Whites is certainly questionable. But, I think we can all agree Browns will be radicalized, as their numbers skyrocket exponentially.

    In the future massive waves of Mexican Civil War refugees, will be rapists and child murderers well-hidden. And, there will also be the very Drug Cartels they will be running away from. With these criminal elements crossing the border, violence against Whites, Yellows, and even Blacks will increase dramatically. I am curious how many Whites will start to think differently, after witnessing their minor children being slaughtered by Black and Brown gangs.

  22. I also believe the more Mexicans migrate to America-particularly, the Southwest and Florida-the more likely they will start a secessionist movement in America.

    And those who oppose their secession may be accused of racism. They might ironically become the American version of Israel’s Palestinians-as per International Opinion. So much for our government mass immigrating ethnocentric Latinos!

  23. I think he was being slightly hyperbolic. I’m not sure what would happen exactly. I’m sure it would push people on the edge into our camp.

  24. Mexico’s disintegration pre-figures America’s; out of the chaos, a new nation or nations will emerge; one of them might even be white. All the pessimism expressed above is rediculous: this is the best of times to be alive.

  25. Regarding the issue of whether large numbers of violent ethnocentric Mexicans pouring across the border will do anything to radicalize or awaken Whites, I offer this sad anecdote. It involves Blacks, not Mexicans, but still shows how many White people think.

    Here in my city (New Orleans) a Black gang beat an off-duty White cop to death over the weekend, and this afternoon a woman claiming to be a friend of the murdered White cop logged into our local paper’s Web site, and had this to say:


    “If, in fact, a black male did hit Brett causing his death, is it safe to assume that this black male was racist against white males or white people in general? Is it safe to assume he suspected Brett was a cop and hated cops? Of course not! I’d like to say we all know what the first three letters of “assume” are, but I’d rather not make any assumptions.

    Racism disgusts me. Stereotypes disgust me. The largest mass murder in history – The Holocaust – disgusts me.

    Printing something negative about someone that has been violently killed just because they were a cop, is just as bad as being racist. Why would any of you think that is okay?”

    One of the best role models in my life is a black man; he’s like a father to me. One of the most honest people I know is a white cop; he’s my husband. My best friend is gay. My point is that I support diversity. Everyone makes mistakes and at some point passes judgment, but I do my best to live positively.


    So here we have a White person whose friend was just murdered by Blacks, and murdered in a grisly and horrible way, talking about her disgust for racism and support for diversity.

    It is hard not to be deeply pessimistic.

  26. That was a very sad story, Lew. The only possible rationalizations I can come up with is, either she was not a true close friend of the police officer, as she spent her whole opinion piece on condemning White “racism,” instead of even mourning her supposed “friend;” or maybe she knew to be politically correct for the newspaper editor to accept her letter. Unfortunately though, I am afraid you are correct that she truly is brainwashed beyond hope.

    This notwithstanding, I am really saddened to think White parents might react like this to their own children’s murders!

    I guess this White self-hatred is our new “Enlightenment!”

  27. notuswind and Wandrin,

    I am only reporting exactly what is happening here in Texas and Oklahoma in real time. I exaggerate not. Pessimism and optomism have nothing to do with it.

    It’s much later than you think. Remember the hypothetical experiment with the jar of bacteria which doubles every minute. At one minute until the jar is full, it is still only half full. That’s pretty close to where we are now. Not only are thier birth rates higher, they are using our young children as breeders. It’s a huge disaster down here, and most people are cool with it. Get out from behind your computers once in awhile and check it out.

  28. “Yeah. We are just liberal nit jobs suiciding ourselves out here in California. “

    I lived for five years in San Francisco. (had to take a job there, no other choice) Seriously are you saying Whites there have the same socio-political orientation as say someone from the Deep South like for instance our own Hunter Wallace?!?!?!? WAKE UP!

    “Our opponent is not destroying us with an army, but with a morality. We cannot defeat that morality by any physical means, including violence.”

    Richard McCulloch, “Creating a Moral Image”

    Please note that this prediction about the Miltias is already something that is already half-way True. The Minute-men are part of this. The Militias have been booming since Obama was elected, this is just fact.

    P.S. Militias are generally geared towards Self-Defense.

    “All the pessimism expressed above is rediculous: this is the best of times to be alive.”

    If one wished to live in interesting times, then their wish has been fulfilled! Frankly I am just plain interested to see how thing play out over the next 10-15 years. I’m pretty sure some Whites will survive around the Ural Mountains for like a few hundred years so the only big question is the future of the jew-nited states in my mind.

  29. MGLS,

    “Our opponent is not destroying us with an army, but with a morality. We cannot defeat that morality by any physical means, including violence.”

    Good article and correct in my view. We have to defeat their morality first.

  30. “The Militias have been booming since Obama was elected, this is just fact.”

    Encouraging. I hear statements like this frequently — that there are real conservative men around me who are ready for a serious fight if it comes to that — but actually see little evidence of it. I know of no one close to me on whom I could depend in a real crisis. From what I see now, it would be every man for himself. Most of these mighty talkers are actually just radical liberal jackasses like everyone else, albeit with a tough-talking conservative facade. Of course that could change in a real crisis. I’d finally get to see how prepared and useful the so-called preppers really are, and who my real friends are.

    Rush’s Limbo’s book, Negrophilia, sounds unexpectedly good, if WND.com’s review is to be believed. Not that Rush is a real leader, just that our environment has changed to the point that he could a popular book like that.

    There are a few other encouraging signs, such as the continued high price of bullets, and new immigration laws in Arizona and Oklahoma. But overall it is Swiss Family Robinson and Robinson Crusoe time for most of us. Each is as a wretched wandering Palestinian deep in Israeli territory, or a European settler on the central plains of the North American aborigines.

    Most encouraging to me are the signs and reports that the number of homeschoolers is still growing (http://www.lewrockwell.com/orig11/gatto3.1.1.html). This is the best way to break the mind-warping power of the Jewish elite is to 1)remove your children from the government’s Marxist/globocapitalist indoctrination camps and 2) disconnect your TV cable. There are the obvious exceptions, but there is no better proof to me of which parents truly care about their children and their futures than these two acts. This is not wishful thinking or pie-in-the-sky “we oughta do something to save the West.” It’s actionable and effective, right here, right now.

  31. “Negrophillia” is listed on Amazon as by an author who’s last name is “Rush” not by El Rushbo, he of the Golden EIB microphone with talent on loan from God.

    Or am I missing something?

  32. Rusty may be pessimistic, but he hits the mark dead center when it comes to the situation here in Texas. For all this state’s vaunted “conservatism” and love of “traditional values”, most of the people I encounter seem to have no trouble with race-mixing and massive non-white immigration. I find myself disgusted everyday at the seemingly never ending supply of mixed race couples and children in my area. One doesn’t have to travel far, or run many errands in the course of a day to stand awash in a sea of such people. Inevitably, the children spawned from these unions turn out looking like the non-white parent. Few Whites acknowledge the race replacement angle, and when they do it is always in kockamamie celebration of Anglo-Texan dispossession.

    As for immigration, often through the years I have engaged in discussions with supposed conservatives about the National Question. Though they initially talk tough, once you mention cultural transformation or indicate a pro-white agenda, they suddenly back off and start assuring you that they’re not a “racist”. Though evidence to the contrary is all around them, they continue to believe the BS canard about non-whites assimilating just as well as European immigrants. Rusty’s right about the churches as well. There are plenty of Korean, Vietnamese, Black, and Latino churches, but I have yet to find an all White one. Maybe some of the Eastern Orthodox or Mormon worship centers are Euro-centric, but I wouldn’t bet my life on it.

  33. No, I’m not saying that there are no liberals in San Francisco. Read my comment and try again.

  34. “For all this state’s vaunted “conservatism” and love of “traditional values”, most of the people I encounter seem to have no trouble with race-mixing and massive non-white immigration. “

    Conservatism (really neo-conservatism) is a dead end for Whites.

    It needs to be abandoned in favor of White Nationalism.

    White Nationalism is the solution to all problems.

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