OD Book Club, Week 2: America Besieged – Chapter 2

This week’s discussion will be on Chapter 2: Ethnic Differences from the America Besieged e-book. This chapter is split into three sections, summarizing the latest research and most recent anecdotes relating to racial differences in intelligence, prevalence of societal problems, and criminality. For many of us White Advocates who’ve been around a while, the information here will be old news, but I benefited from a refresher and believe Mr. Lochlain has created an excellent resource for those who are just beginning to awaken.

America Besieged


Conversation Starters:

  1. Are there difference in intelligence between the races aside from simple IQ variation? If so, what are they and what are the consequences of those differences?
  2. What about the groups like Jews and Asians that are generally successful? Should immigration and citizenship be defined by merit and accomplishment or identity?
  3. Why is there so little popular outcry over the epidemic of Black-on-White rape? Is it ignorance? Brainwashing? Lack of shared identity?



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  1. 2.What about the groups like Jews and Asians that are generally successful? Should immigration and citizenship be defined by merit and accomplishment or identity?

    This is the most interesting question. Given White Nationalist ideology there is no particular reason to favor Asians and Jews merely because they are intelligent and accomplished. Given “Tea Party” ideology, they should be embraced. I had neuro-surgery and my Doc was an arrogant Jew. I was extremely pleased with this. He said 1% of people who have this surgery die, and 10% are at least partially paralellized. But of course, I’ve never done either”

    Competence counts. The survival of the fittest is a white concept. Competition, with a fair flat playing field is a white concept. We will lose something from excluding competent minorities, but because they don’t play by our rules we have no choice, really. Jews are much less interested in the level playing field. Chinese are so in-group focused that they don’t understand it. Hindus are racist, straight up.

    Given reality, we can’t be the last group standing calling for equality and meritocracy. Or we will be nothing. Of all the groups mentioned I think the Chinese have some potential to “go white” and adopt our values. They really can compete nose-to-nose, and their culture is most similar to ours. They have several thousand years of meritocracy determining fate. They are the most discriminated group in many affirmative action programs, like University of California. I read somewhere that if merit (SAT and grades) determined admissions UCB would be 70% Asian. (Take that Jews!) .

    Interesting question.

  2. Interestingly, despite all the Bolshevik Left’s claim of meritocracy alone, citizenship remains 100% heritable, based on genes and genes alone, rather than a time-limited political gift bestowed on the proletarian worthy.

    A curious anomaly, for such a fastidious ideology.

  3. We gonna get a chapter on how to defang the establishment’s weapon word “racist” so we can enlist the millions of dispossed whites into our cause?

  4. Politics being most of all a protection racket (IMO) it seems we are forgetting the basics and instead trying to land people on the moving targets of abstract political thought.

    If all it took was well researched tracts on crime and IQ Jared Taylor would rule the Earth, but for now him and his alt-right truth seekers me included are literally in hiding from lunatics from the cult of the Blank Slate, who are one step above the Jones cult if that in sophistication.

    So millions of people who are lucky to feed their family are out there in the failed state of America and we are talking to ourselves.

    Not to make light of this but we need a sales pitch; “Hey you, American, tired of being called a racist, want to get back at those bullies, ect, ect ect.”

  5. Simmons: ‘for now him and his alt-right truth seekers me included are literally in hiding from lunatics ‘

    I’m not fully aware of your situation, but I sympathize.

    ‘What about the groups like Jews and Asians that are generally successful? ‘

    I am working through some anthropology and genetics papers to answer this more fully, but for the moment let me note:

    “Asian” is a wild generalization. There are many different races within China alone. The various castes of India are racially distinguishable.

    The solution is to identify key physiological and genetic markers. It is not an easy task.

    Side note: Chapter 2 was well written, but I disliked its mention of Canada close to figures on USA welfare rolls. Obviously it’s written for a USA audience, but I was slightly distracted by mentally filling in “Those are USA welfare figures, not Canadian.”

  6. http://docs.google.com/Doc?docid=0AS2TqwhuHZwiYWpraHM5anMyajlnXzM1Nmc4djhreGY1&hl=en

    is a good start. It could add more material about the social intricacies of net ettiquette or “nettiquette.”

    Internet communications are complicated by the fact that they are much, much more subject to pranksters and disruptions than face-to-face communications.

    Likewise, Internet comms can become openings for smear campaigns. People who are intent on denying any possible middle ground will accuse whites of not being open to “debate.” Flipping the table on such smear campaigns might require its own section.

  7. Thanks John one more paper on genetics and we shall be free, the Blank Slate cult will wither away, the word “racist” that the cultists use on our people will no longer be an effective word weapon and our ethno states will flower like its a warm spring day.

    But if that fails try a crime study.

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