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  1. I suppose that we ought to nuke Detroit then? Or maybe we ought just conclude that our Rulers hate us more than they ever hated the Japanese.

  2. Hey, don’t nuke Detroit! I just moved back into the general area.

    Can’t we just push them across the bridge and tunnels over into Windsor? Canada doesn’t want them?

  3. I was looking at pictures of modern Hiroshima yesterday afternoon. . .Last year I used the first picture in the gallery (Hiroshima, not Detroit) on my desktop.

  4. That’s a good comparison. No doubt some liberal will claim the pics were cherry-picked, but I’ve been to both cities, and they’re not. Hiroshima is a thriving modern city much cleaner than any European or American ones, and Detroit literally looks like the whole city is falling apart.

  5. Great post! If anything, it really underscores the fact that anything the negro touches turns to s##t! Or maybe it is just that we didn’t have General Douglass MacArthur to draft a new city charter for Detroit?

  6. Once again: blacks in America have been destroyed by the Jew-inflicted group-entitlement welfare-illfare state, the Jew inflicted drug culture, and the Jew-inflicted crime-lobby legal system. All destroying black community, black families, black values. On purpose. To control them. Are we so much better? Half of white America, due to these Jewish control mechanisms, is in the same death-spiral. Excellent photo-essay and comparison, but let’s keep in mind the real authors of our collective debacle.

  7. CompassionateFascist,

    Please consult Revilo Oliver’s “Conspiracy or Degeneracy” speech. Stop blaming the Jew for everything.

    Yes, Jews are one of the enemy, but we are our own worst enemy.

  8. CF; I’d like to agree with you, but I can’t. How are Jews the author of black misery in Africa, for instance? Take any example that you care to, whether Nigeria, Liberia, or in my mind the best example: Rhodesia- they wanted Whitey out, so he left. A country that was literally exporting food now cannot feed itself. Is that “the Jews” fault too? The place was not a paradise when Cecil Rhodes first set foot there, and it only improved with projects such as the “Cape to Cairo” railway that Rhodes envisioned, and with Whites among them they had hospitals, transportation, places to shop, decent housing and education. Now that “Whitey” is gone, and they have been running the show (that is black Zimbabweans and not Jews) what have they to show for their efforts at self rule? Yes, Jews were no doubt the instigators behind their “dissatisfaction”, but come on now, are they better off on their own with blacks ruling the country? Have they shown themselves capable rulers anywhere in Africa? In the world for that matter? I am more than willing to give Jews the blame where they deserve it, but no, I stand by my claim that wherever blacks have had their chance to improve their own lot, they have never done so. You cannot blame low black IQ and their high level testosterone-induced violence on Jews either, somewhere, at some point, blacks have to take responsibility for themselves.

  9. Africa, pre-White, wasn’t overcrowded and starving. Small villages, primitive simple culture and constant tribal warfare is their natural state, and they would’ve been fine with that if they never met us.

  10. Those photos are actually of Yokohama, not Hiroshima.

    Still, Hiroshima is about 100X less decrepit than Detroit.

  11. “Africa, pre-White, wasn’t overcrowded and starving”

    – Vlad, you are right in this, and true, they would have been fine with that if they had never met us- no argument there. But meet us they did, and their country was “developed” as it were (I never said they were starving, I said it wasn’t a paradise), but they are in the modern world now, and insisted on going it alone, saying that they would be better off governing themselves, which they most certainly are not- that was the point I was trying to make. I am saying too, that Jews cannot be blamed for their inability to govern themselves-and incapable of building a prosperous modern civilization on their own. When they try to do so, corruption and incompetency rears its ugly head. Haiti is another black country where self rule has failed- for 200 years.

  12. That would make a great joke for a pro-White audience.

    The atomic bomb effect doesn’t replicate itself as the negro bomb does. We are enduring another black plague of a different kind.

  13. I think the reason Africa wasn’t ‘overcrowded’ before is because they were constantly having famines, epidemics, wars, and other deaths to keep the population down. They certainly weren’t using any form of birth control.

  14. @Biased Observer: I don’t give a flying F about blacks in Africa, one way or the other. Fact is, before the Jews purchased the Democrat Party (formerly the party of slavery, lynch law, KKK, Jim Crow, etc.) during the 1930s – 1960s, Blacks in this country had families, decent values, and poor but vital communities. Then the clever Jews figured out a way to get the “Schwartze” back on the plantation. AND voting for the Democrats. This time a Jew-controlled plantation consisting of debt-financed government handouts, saturation drugs, and a revolving-door legal system. Now their values are gone, communities destroyed, families ravaged. And they vote 95% for their oppressors. Pretty neat trick, I have to admit. But one day soon, the Jews are going to run out of tricks.

  15. Inveterate opponent of racial preservation CompassionateFascist/seadragonconquerer would fit right in at FreeRepublic if the bogeymen he blamed for all the problems in the world were “liberals” rather than Jews. The Freepers are always ranting about how “Liberals keep blacks on the Democrat plantation. Liberals are anti-black racists.”

  16. Inveterate despairing heckler MGLS needs to familiarize himself with the concept of ‘stages.’ No one’s going to drop everything and ‘separate’ tomorrow. That means issues of real world relevance still require discussion. It just so happens that, polemic license granted, there’s a kernel of truth to the freepers’ claim. Can’t that be mentioned, MGLS, that blacks would actually live better by accepting certain limitations but adhering to tried and true social systems rather than playing eternal guinea pig for liberal delusions?

  17. Remember every “Merikan yuppy living out in the McMansion belt is thinking to themselves, “It can’t happen here.” But it will, and comrade Obama is dedicated to turning America into a 3000 mile wide Detroit. Could we have invented a better ally than than CO? Nope. Now whites will not even trust an urbane smooth talking negro, maybe go as far as not trusting the jew handlers if they keep up the nonsense for their Cult of Israel.

  18. “Biased Observer: I don’t give a flying F about blacks in Africa, one way or the other. Fact is, before the Jews purchased the Democrat Party (formerly the party of slavery, lynch law, KKK, Jim Crow, etc.) during the 1930s – 1960s, Blacks in this country had families, decent values, and poor but vital communities. ”
    – Yes, because their behavior was rigidly controlled by the Whites and the law in those times. They were held to a certain standard of behavior (against their nature, I contend). They still have “families” but they are extended families, which is what they normally have in those countries where they are left to their own devises. Back in the 1920’s it didn’t pay for them to have multiple mates like they do now, and yes, the White values that were commonplace in those days did affect their behavior as well. Hope you don’t think for a minute that Whites in those times were all “happily married”- the divorce laws were much stricter and their was no such thing as “no fault divorce”. A divorce could cost a man a lot of salary in the form of alimony in those times. So it seems to me that you are an apologist for the black man’s inner base nature, which you want to deny as being inherent in him (and blame the Jew for his excesses). Fine, that is certainly your privelege (I suppose we all have our fantasies). For my part I will not blame the Jew for the nature of the black, as I have said. If there were no Jews in this world, and without Whites to “show them the way”, blacks would still revert to their instinctual urges and sink to the common level that there IQ dictates- whether you or anyone else “gives a flying F” as you so eloquently put it.

  19. I essentially agree with Biased Observer but also think that CF is not totally wrong in blaming the Jews. What CF seems to miss is that the Jews are well aware of Negro deficiency when it comes to participating, let alone sustaining, modern civilization (perhaps any civilization). That’s why they use the Negro in their war against whites, and with a great deal of success I might add. Destroying the white power base is the Jews’ goal, not elevation or justice for the Negro.

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