Leftist logic — if only White people care about the Constitution, then they are racists

Imagine if the Tea Parties explicitly said, “look how we here are all White. Only White people care about the Constitution.”

They don’t do that, though. They’d welcome anyone who cared about the Constitution.

As Leftists are constantly pointing out, as though it’s a bad thing, is that

    only White people care about the Constitution.

One important difference, however, is race. At Tea Party rallies you don’t see faces with dark complexions. Another important distinction is that men and women are drawn to this sprawling movement for a variety of overlapping but possibly different reasons. Both men and women seem to embrace an incoherent “ideology” which calls for freedom from government, no taxes, and an inchoate desire to “take back America,” which means restoring the nation to some moment when the country was white and “safe.

That’s the real story behind the “lilywhite Tea Parties” accusation — far more damning for the idea of “racial equality” than the Leftist, “if it’s white, it’s racist.” James Edwards nailed that one on the head with his book “Racism, Schmacism.”

Only White people create governments that voluntarily restrain themselves. Every other race creates lawless dictatorships.


  1. Air conditioning is racist- invented by a White Southern doctor looking for a cure for malaria. So is refrigeration (White *and* German-mein Gott!) If you haven’t seen it, watch Connections by James Burke- someone’s uploaded it to youtube- it will really drive home how much good stuff is the result of boring old white guys plodding along creating things we- and those who hate us- couldn’t do without today. So please, lefties, throw that AC out, eat rotting, unrefrigerated beef, smash your TV sets, your automobiles, give up your Hollywood production studios- these things had a shocking lack of people with dark complexions involved in their creations.

  2. This is a truly epic point, one that deserves expansion in several different directions. This needs to be explored and distilled, expanded into books and distilled into mantras. This makes an excellent bridge between our movement and the tea party movement.

  3. RACIST…That’s a Bolshevik invented word that before the 1950’s nobody ever even heard of it. Today a person would rather be raped,sodomized and tortured by some hate crazed savage, then to be called a RACIST. That is insane. When we were growing up ( I am 42) we had a saying ” Sticks and Stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me.” Does anybody today remember those childhood sayings? I doubt it.
    On my YouTube site ( MightisRight70) I have a saying about RACIST, it goes something like this. Racist is an intresting word, after all who are the real Racist? A person that loves their race, is proud of all it’s accomplishments, wants to live with their own kind and perserve their Heritage. Or is a Racist someone that is trying to destroy someones Heritage by Diversity, multi-culterism inter race breeding and someone who lies about someones race and Heritage.
    RACIST is a word that should have no meaning and when called it, a person should just laugh in the name callers face instead of trying to defend their self or their words.

  4. Are Tea Parties any Whiter that environmentalist gatherings? How many Darks in the Sierra Club? Shove that down the Reds’ throats. Darks just don’t have much civic interest.

  5. Perhaps the environmentalists would be on the right side of race if they (Sierra Club) had refused the $100,000,000 bribe from David Gelbaum. The club was about to declare mexicans a form of pollution when suddenly the cat got their tongues.

  6. K: “Only white people create governments that voluntarily restrain themselves.” No such government has ever been created by whites, or anyone else. Sooner or later, government metastizes like the cancer that it it is. That’s why the 2nd Amendment, now under Jew-assault. By and by we will apply that Amendment to the government problem, and its racial corrolary.

  7. “Only White people create governments that voluntarily restrain themselves.”

    Stuff like this is critical imo. A lot of (most?) white people don’t seem to value whiteness as a thing in itself but they greatly value certain ideas and ideals and if they come to believe those things are an extension of whiteness then we get to the same end point e.g

    – no white people, no whales
    – no white people, no wildlife reserves
    – no white people, no republic
    – no white people, no freedom of the press


  8. All we’re seeing are bitter liberal ideologues eating themselves alive with a concept they are unable to define other than as skin color. They’re resentful creatures and as we see, their hatred cannot be contained.

    This is an opportunity for the realists to celebrate, acknowledge and admire human races, a part of our natural history that like all the rest exhibits both beauty and ugliness. Whatever judgement is rendered on human race must only be predicated upon and keep the decorum of cold fact.

    Let the insane fantasists be bitter and resentful over select parts of natural history that they cannot affect. Laugh at them and shove the beauty and ugliness of all nature down their throats at every turn. If fortune continues to shine on the good guys the moonbats will mass suicide like their moron predecessor Jim Koolaid Jones.

  9. A lot of these TPers will be radicalized by the mainstream media reaction to their activities. These means an influx of good people with activist experience coming into the WN movement.

  10. Very true, Bud. I’m hoping our people don’t screw up by either attacking these people, or by spouting weird and goofy stuff which will scare them off

  11. Great article.


    “James Edwards nailed that one on the head with his book “Racism, Schmacism.””

    He sure did! — I was highly impressed with that book. He destroys all accusations of “racism” in this “idiocracy” we live in. You will not fear such ridiculous accusations after reading that book. I am ordering 10 copies to bring to TEA PARTY meetings, and you should too — that book could turn TEA PARTIERS into WN’s overnight!!!!


    “Only White people create governments that voluntarily restrain themselves.”

    I just sent an article on this topic to the writing contest of the Occidental Quarterly Online a few days ago. You are 100% right. Freedom, justice based on objective evidence / truth, and science — all white inventions flowing from who we are. How can WE be the bad guy “racists” when we are the MOST fair and objective people on the planet? We aren’t, period. Hey minorities, Freedom: its a WHITE thing — you wouldn’t understand…

  12. I sent something in to that contest as well. ‘Freedom’ really is a ‘white thing’, every other race seems to go in for the African ‘big man’ leader, the Asian ‘hive mentality’, or something similar.

  13. YES H. Rock White! Our overall patterns are different — we make different SUPERORGANISMS on different paths with our different gene-pools.

    Here is a post I made previously which explains Libertarianism, Communism, and white people from this perspective.

    FYI, The oldest known writing we have is the “Epic of Gilgamesh” (written in cuneiform on clay tablets) where a king searches for the flower of immortality…

    “I used to be a Libertarian — I ran for congress in 1996 7th district TN. I read all of Rand’s books (and many others). I like the idea of emphasizing freedom — most of my libertarianism was in support of the bill of rights and smaller government. Free trade is emphasized a lot by other Libertarians, as is open borders. These are some of the reasons I am not a Libertarian any more. I think Rand took the idea of freedom and made it into a political weapon or trap for those who understand how important freedom is (white people) by creating a false ideal based on the lack of force etc. which would stand as a false idol to reality– just like the idea that greed should not rule was transformed into the cultural weapon / trap for idealists of communism. Communism and Rand’s libertarianism (called “objectivism” as a further draw to the western objective mind…) were taking something that is a natural unconditioned motive and drive on our part and pairing it with an ultimately destructive program. Conditioning us for death as a people. Destroying our strengths, enslaving us. We can see the highest motives of Jews from these things — theirs is a warlike, interethnic view of the world, one that seeks to take over and gather the worlds wealth for their use. They see in terms of profit, and greed, not building (think Jewish corporate raiders). If we take THEIR ideals as litmus, then profit is everything. That is Jewish, not us. Kevin MacDonald’s books have done a masterful, even miraculous, job of showing us the motives of Jews in other areas. Overall they are like a sociopathic personality writ large across their people. We are different, we follow something higher instinctually. We are not them.

    The only antidote to these essentially Jewish patterns is to fully understand our motives as a people at the highest level so that false idols have no effect, where we come from, where we are headed, and why –so that false idols are immediately seen as false! I believe I have found this path and have delineated it in my book “The Textbook of the Universe: the Genetic Ascent to God.”. It is objective truth. THAT is the highest motive and path of white western humanity — why we invented freedom, why we invented science, and why we have justice based on truth in front of disinterested jurors in the courtroom. We have internalized the forces of nature in this. If you look at evolution in a slightly different way, it is an information process — toward truth about the environment. Our intellect has taken on directly and speeded up this basic process of evolution — only in the white race though. Other internal and external forces have made other races divert to other paths, less universal truths out of necessity. In fact, we are the only organism on Earth that “gets it” about the basic patterns and principles of evolution. THAT is our path.

    Other races are not primarily motivated by truth overall as an abstract principle written into their biology and temperment like we are. Our gene pool has formed around this basic backbone. We are not perfect, but all other of our motives are not as strong as this one and so it has prevailed. Since the very first writing 5000 years ago around the time of the first city-states, we have searched for the “flower of immortality” of evolution. That flower is objective truth about us and our world. The immortal principles of the creator. The religious content of the book of life written by the creator.”

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