But Please, Judge Them As Individuals

A mob of hundreds of African-Americans, whom we should all judge by the content of their character of course, apparently thought it would be amusing to ambush firemen and police officers in Illinois:

The Associated Press
Posted Jul 06, 2010 @ 09:38 AM
Last update Jul 06, 2010 @ 07:05 PM

An unruly mob lured emergency personnel to a southwestern Illinois housing complex with reports of a blaze, a shooting and other crimes, then repeatedly attacked them with fireworks and bottle rockets, police said Tuesday.

No one was injured in the onslaughts against firefighters and police Sunday night and early Monday near a sprawling, three-block housing complex in Alton, Ill., a 30,000-resident Mississippi River city northeast of St. Louis.

The attackers apparently intended the assaults as amusement for a crowd of several hundred adults and children who had gathered at the Oakwood Housing Complex to watch, at times requiring police to fire volleys of pepper balls to control the throng, Police Chief David Hayes said.

It defies human logic,” Hayes said, calling the outbursts “despicable” and uncivilized. “It’s the work of hoodlums that would create a ruse like that to lure in emergency services people who are paid to protect them and be at their service, then use those resources as target practice and fun” with firecrackers, bottle rockets and other fireworks all outlawed in Illinois.

I suppose that depends on your definition of “human.”


  1. Yes; great post, and shows what you can expect from blacks when they are not rigidly controlled. Still, I suppose there will be one or two ppl who will post that it is not “their fault”, but the fault of the Jew among us (as if all of society’s ill can be laid at the feet of the Jew). These would be those who feel that egalitarianism is everything and all people are equally endowed in intellect, and given the right “social atmosphere” there would be peace and love in the world (blah, blah)- in other words basic denial of the fact that some (like blacks) are born with a set of genes adapted to their environment and are just basically “predators”.

  2. It is seemingly settled social science that blacks are not humans with free will. The Left and blacks themselves believe in some bad black magic named “racism” which causes them to do destructive behavior, and the Right is a step behind calling for tax cuts and God.

  3. It’s probably because they didn’t have an indoor pool or planetarium in their high school.

  4. Meanwhile, in South Carolina the black democratic candidate for Senate appears to be literally retarded. Check out his plan to bring back the economy by manufacturing action figures of himself. He’s dead serious, too.


    The comments are interesting. Some Huffers think he’s great and others think he’s part of some vast right-wing conspiracy to make Democrats look like idiots.

    Alvin Greene is just a typical, stupid black humanoid, not substantially different from the ones who shoot fireworks at firefighters or bullets at Louisiana helicopters.

  5. The same thing is going on in Sweden, where first and second generation immigrants from Africa and the Middle East (20 % of the population!) torch schools and community centers and then assault the fire department.

    NBG: I’m sure the Huffers are wrong. They don’t give the Democrats enough credit. The Dem’s don’t need any help to look stupid… 🙂

  6. @Erik:

    Mona Sahlin (anagram for “himla osann” btw). looks equally or more stupid than any American politician. She can don a towel for an early-morning photo-op at the Mosque in Gothenburg, keynote speak later in the day at the lesbian feminist convention in Jonköping, and the next day appear at an animal rights protest, and not once appear to appreciate the irony of that juxtaposition.

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