BP Gulf Oil Disaster Far Worse Than 9-11

The Gulf Oil Disaster is destroying a huge foodshed of seafood and a unique ecology. There will be massive human displacement from the shore of the Gulf. It’s going to to become a ghost town. People who live in the New Orleans area are packing up,ala the Joads from “Grapes of Wrath.”

I’ve been part of the Peak Oil discussion for a while now, and the reason we are still a car-tard nation is because of offshore drilling. The end of the personal automobile will solve a lot of our cultural problems, for a variety of reasons.

First of all, the end of the personal auto will downsize and restructure the “Economy” into infinitely segmented “economies.” Monotheism will fall back into an infinite polytheism, because the economy shapes god itself.

We’ll have to get around and do things on our own. We’re like a bunch of laboratory mice who are about to get released into the field out back of the laboratory, or a brood of poodle puppies left in the middle of the woods in January.

I saw the old “Grapes of Wrath” movie in Black and White. Like my recent viewing of Mad Max, I was underwhelmed. Reality is going to be way worse. It already is, for tens of thousands of people living basically feral lives in tent cities now. Hopefully there’s a few Mind-Weapons developing in those tent cities.

In private discussions with a good colleague, I have been warned that I focus too much on money and production, and I’ll get wealthy and lose my idealism and abandon the White Advocacy movement. I don’t think there’s too much danger of getting wealthy, but even if I did I would just use it set up worthwhile comrades in tenant farming, and develop a trading network/resilient economy.

It’s a pity that my colleagues seem to operate on the assumption that the status quo is locked in, and “doomers” like me are unlikely to be right. If you aren’t terrified of the situation, you aren’t paying attention. You’re going to kick yourself for not preparing more. Hopefully you’ll live through it.

One thing I am quite sure of is that “unbounded multiculturalism” and political correctness will be smashed to smithereens in the coming shakeup. Just as in the old days race realism was taken for granted, so it shall be again.


  1. “Spooky” It is depressing! And real answers seem hard to come by. As far as I can see, when it comes to matters of faith, WN’s are no different than the rest of the greater population – that is to say, filled with strong opinions, often over-sensitive about any perceived attack on their beliefs, and conversely, sometimes too eager to assail what they don’t agree with, or personally find silly, irrational or even destructive, etc.

    As a rule, I would actually rather discuss race than religion with most people I know/meet, for as volatile and taboo as the race topic can be, it generally pales in comparison to the passions whipped up by “God talk!” Even broaching the ultimate third rail – the Jew – can sometimes be done with less rancor and hurt feelings than tackling religion.

  2. Kievsky, as should be obvious from my posts, I agree with you but you can’t say something like this, “Monotheism will fall back into an infinite polytheism, because the economy shapes god itself” and not expect the Bible-beaters to come out of the woodwork.

    And it’s a debate we need to have, as it’s one of the major fault lines, in the US, anyway (particularly the Southern part). I’d like to see a post or posts devoted to it.

  3. Kievsky,

    As somebody who lives for the survival, expansion and advancement of the White Race, I agree with many of the things you say, but I do have a problem with the fact that I heard you say on a Voice of Reason show that you have/had an Asian teaching your child how to play the piano! If a White man truly wants racial separation, an exclusive White homeland, it is inconsistent to financially support non-Whites living on the same land. It is more important for White children to learn Racial Separatism than it is for them to learn how to play the piano!

  4. It’s the monotheism of Mammon versus the polytheism of infinite localized economies.

    As controversial as it is, economy shapes theology. Impoverished pilgrims will have a very different kind of “faith” than modern consumerists.

    What the Bible bangers call “True Christianity” will probably thrive under relocalization, because people won’t be attending the megachurches with Starbucks and Nintendo and the big screen TV’s praying for their local football team anymore.

  5. http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=128352487&ps=rs

    As a leading evangelical conservative, Richard Land’s credentials are impeccable. He heads the public policy arm of the Southern Baptist Convention, and from that influential perch he’s been urging his fellow conservatives to rethink their opposition to the immigration overhaul.

    “I’ve had some of them appeal to me. They say, ‘Richard, you’re going to divide the conservative coalition.’ And I said, ‘Well, I may divide the old conservative coalition, but I’m not going to divide the new one.’ ”

    Land adds, “If the new conservative coalition is going to be a governing coalition, it’s going to have to have a significant number of Hispanics in it, that’s dictated by demographics, and you don’t get large numbers of Hispanics to support you when you’re engaged in anti-Hispanic immigration rhetoric.”

    Playing “Devil’s Advocate”, the Hispanics Mr. Land refers are Christians, so what’s the problem (from a Christian point-of-view) with naturalising them? It would appear that for those of his ilk, racially conscious pagan and atheist White men are on the priority list somewhere down near the shoe bomber.

  6. Apparently liberalism and conservatism are the same in their disdain for facts. I wonder if Land knows that California schools are now last in the country, I wonder if he knows why, and I wonder if he cares. Does he care that 25% of adult mexican males are alcoholic?

    If a person says “I am a Christian” does that give carte blanche for all facts to be ignored? What will it take to purge the nonsense? Three days without eating?

  7. Mr. Land is probably the type that would also support massive Islamic immigration, the building of mosques throughout North America, and the use of the veil even for a Driver’s License. He is a typical self-hating Christian.

  8. “Mr. Land is probably the type that would also support massive Islamic immigration, the building of mosques throughout North America, and the use of the veil even for a Driver’s License. He is a typical self-hating Christian.”

    Nothing he has said would indicate that and I don’t know where you get that from or why you would make such an obfuscating assertion. Land seems to love pew-warming, collection-plate filling Christians just fine — Mexican ones even better. And Being an “invade the world; invite the world” neocon, I’m sure he has the requisite hate for Muslims. Myself, I don’t mass immigration of Arabs or Africans — I don’t care if they’re Christian, Muslim, atheist or worship Akenaton.

    Why do you conflate race with religion?

  9. John: Usually White Evangelicals, and yes, even most Neocons who favor massive Hispanic ironically support Islamic Immigration. George W. Bush and his crew had no problem extreminating whole populations in the Middle East. But, they made no effort to limit Muslim Immigration-even while they were happily curtailing American civil liberties. As I believe Steve Sailer said “Bomb the World, and Invite the World.”

    I have had conversations with White pro-Hispanic Christians. And, they have condemned me for wanting to limit massive Islamic Immigration. One even whined that a Muslim women should be allowed to wear a full veil for her Driver’s License picture, for crying out loud!

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