Racism, Schmacism

Racism, Schmacism

I’ve been waiting for an opportune time to plug James Edwards new book.

Instead of writing a review after I received my copy, I figured I would sit back and wait until the usual suspects provided an occasion to illustrate the central thesis. It took less than a month.

The news of the day: the NAACP is expected to pass a resolution condemning the “racism” of the Tea Party which is said to be led by “hardcore white supremacists.” The NAACP has already launched the first salvo of its attack via Twitter:

Msg to Tea Party: We will not allow u to send bigots into the Capitol, call civil rts heroes epithets & act like you didnt send em #NAACP101 about 16 hours ago via twidroid

The Tea Party and Sarah Palin have already shot back: how do you accuse us of racism, we’re not concerned with racial issues, you’re the real racists, people of color support us, look at how diverse we are, we shun racists from our events, etc.

Their response is weak and pathetic.

This is the exact scenario James Edwards describes in Racism, Schmacism: liberals accuse conservatives of “racism,” conservatives attempt to prove they are not racist, conservatives surrender to minority agitators and shakedown artists.

Racist = White person.

That’s the message that James Edwards hammers away at time and again. He uses numerous hilarious examples to illustrate this point. If you are a White person, you can’t escape being a racist. My favorite was the accusation that a cop in Columbus, GA was racist for eating a banana in front of a black woman.

This is the logic of our opposition: Racism is evil. Racists are White people. Thus, White people are evil.

It doesn’t matter how many times the Tea Party shuns White Nationalists at their events. It doesn’t matter how many times they attack racism, how many Uncle Toms they put on stage, how many times blacks like Rev. Wright or the Black Panthers engage in racist behavior.

Racist = White person.

In the 2008 presidential campaign, Bill and Hillary Clinton were attacked and labeled “racists” for opposing Barack Obama. Harry Reid was accused of “racism” for pointing out that Barack Obama was an attractive candidate. Barbara Boxer has been accused of racism.

Check this out:

Racist = White person.

White liberals are racists too. As we saw with Hillary, Harry Reid, and Barbara Boxer,  even the most committed White liberals are racists on probation. When they get in the way of some ambitious non-White, they can be attacked and denounced as “racist” too.

“Racist” is nothing but an epithet. It essentially means “really awful person.” Instead of playing this stupid game with the Left, conservatives should excise the term “racism” from their vocabulary. When you are accused of “racism,” laugh in the person making the charge.

I admit that I want to roll back the “Civil Rights Movement.” I would roll back the Reconstruction Amendments. In fact, I would roll back the clock all the way to 1619 when the first African slaves were imported to Virginia.

James Edwards has done the White Nationalist movement a service. He has written the perfect introductory text for this sort of occasion. Buy a few copies and distribute them to your Tea Party friends.

They will never think of “racism” in quite the same way.

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  1. Racist is a religious term. It is no different from calling someone a sinner or accusing them of being a witch. They are overusing it to the point that it may be losing its effect. I agree that ridicule or “so what?” is the best defense against “racism”.

  2. These mea culpa sessions where Whites grovel for real, perceived or more often completely fabricated instances of “racism,” which is the case here, are so tiresome. Non-Whites and Jews are so needy and insecure, you have to constantly tell them that you’re not racist and you value them.

  3. Phillip Dennis performed poorly. I’m surprised he even defended the fact that there was no spitting or name calling from the Tea protestors when the Obamacare vote came up. He should have called those Senators and Congressmen that said it did L-I-A-R-S!!!

    If race has nothing to do with it, why the BLACK Chamber of Commerce? And what does being a vet have anything to do with this?

  4. NAACP, Black Chamber of Commerce, Urban League, Congressional Black Caucus … nothing to see here. Race doesn’t matter. We’re in a “post-racial society” now.

  5. Always remember. I maybe a racist, but you are an asshole.

    (A statement guaranteed to baffle any Jew lawyer, or Negro rocket scientist.)

  6. The NAACP is a racial organization. It was created by Jews to represent blacks. The NAACP exists to represent one ethnic/racial group. If the NAACP doesn’t like some group, so what? Why does a group need the approval of the racialist group the NAACP?

  7. It’s interesting that the word has 2 common definitions; one that genetic differences exist between broad populations of people, and the second regarding prejudice and antipathy towards people of another ethnic group. The former is a neutral scientific perspective, the latter a negative value judgment.

    I can’t recall a time when people using the term in public political discourse ever actually defined it. I’d wager that most people only associate the word with the second definition, which goes against the average American’s sense of fairness and likely biases them negatively towards the subject of the charge.

  8. Am I the only who thinks the whole drama about racism is just a show being put on by both sides, left and the so-called right, to keep American’s freedom of speech in check? They’ll show the NAACP screaming about this and that and then show the so-called opposition cowering in fear. It’s ridiculous. I certainly don’t care what anyone else thinks and I don’t think most Americans do either. This is an attempt to force a mental straight jacket on us.

  9. Does J. Edwards deny being a racist? If so he’s playing the same game he claims to denounce. It’s my understanding that he is a White Race advocate (not an non-racial American nationalist advocate). I think it is entirely fair and accurate to call any Race advocate a racist – whether it’s La Raza, the NAACP or Occidental Dissent.

    Alex Jones, for example, appears to be an American patriot with no interest in race. He’s a nut and a conspiracy theorist, but he is not a racist. Ron Paul is an American patriot, not a racist. James Edwards’ website and radio show exist solely to complain about attacks on White people in general and Southern White people in particular.

    While it is a good thing to laugh off “racism,” it is weak to accept the negative connotation of the word. When you accept racism=evil you will be forever retreating.

  10. The obsession with “Racism” is a indeed a religious, more precise a puritan phenomenom. It is today what the Demons of the Flesh used to be in the middle ages and in religiously fanatic times. Which means everybody, really EVERYBODY feels their sting, because it is part of the corrupted and fallen nature of Man. Some occasionally give in to tempation, some take a more Lutherist approach and accept it as a necessary evil, some let go and become unashamed libertines and blasphemers *), some hypocrites, while others ceaselessly repent and search their minds for sins in thoughts, words and actions **). And those self-righteous ones who consider themselves entireley pure of sin (which they managed to banish and cast down into the hole of their subconscious mind) suddenly start seeing witches and devils everywhere, and get ready for merciless hunts, not realizing, that rather they are the possessed ones and the Devil is riding them behind their backs already, because they failed to pay him his due. These are perennial psychological mechanisms.

    *) In today’s terms these would be those suffering from N-word Tourette syndrome and hanging out obsessively on Alex Linder-style sites.

    **) your average, white, well-meaning liberal

    From Edward’s Website:

    “Just as shocking, you’ll read the sickening story of how an elected mayor in an American city wrote to a black woman and promised her that never again would white cops be allowed to eat bananas on duty—because she said white men eating bananas is racist.”

    Is he making this up??

  11. “NBG,

    …..Alex Jones, for example, appears to be an American patriot with no interest in race. He’s a nut and a conspiracy theorist, but he is not a racist.”

    I think there is some racial cognizance on his part. An awful lot of people think he is a nut job; but, I’m really starting to think he may be on to something…. no, he may be on to a lot of things. I don’t dismiss him as much as I use to. I store him in long term memory until something or someone either validates him or cancels him out. As with aliens, angels, and the afterlife, I neither believe nor disbelieve. A lot of reputable people go on his show which does say something positive about how they view him.

  12. “the Tea Party Movement is a beautiful movement, full of diverse people, diverse backgrounds. Folks of all walks of life who, for the most part, happen to oppose President Obama’s policies. Not the color of his skin. They don’t care that he’s half white or half black. It has nothing to do with the person’s skin tone”

    “it’s a false accusation that Tea Party Americans are racist”

    “Any good American hates racism. We don’t stand for it. It is unacceptable.”

    Sarah Palin on Hannity, July 12, 2010

    “I come from a very diverse state. My family is diverse. I’m married to an Alaska native. A lot of us don’t think along those lines that somebody’s skin tone would be criteria for a qualification for the presidency. So his — his thinking and his articulating of that — that thought was — is quite perplexing. It’s quite unfortunate. And I think it’s unacceptable.”

    Sarah Palin on The O’Reilly Factor, January 12, 2010

    “By combining the humanistic abstractions of classical liberalism with modern liberal notions of equality and social democracy, the modern conservative’s net effect on Majority members is to anesthetize them into dropping their racial guard at the very moment they need it most.”

    “of all those who consciously or unconsciously oppose the Majority cause, the modern conservative is the most dangerous”

    Wilmot Robertson, The Dispossessed Majority

  13. Alex Jones has been breaking into the mainstream the past month or so, I’ve even seen him linked on the Drudge Report a couple times. I guess he’s useful in that regard.

    Sarah Palin is a professional politician and can’t be taken to speak for the ‘Tea Party’ types. It’s a very decentralized, bottom up movement instead of one which ‘follows leaders’

  14. James Edwards does not defend himself against the charge of racism. His consistent position is that the word means nothing more nor less than White. That’s a label he wears proudly. That’s the thesis of his book.

    And no, he’s not making that up.

  15. The Sarah Palin quotes provided by MGLS are quite nauseating. Any inclinations I might have had to cut Palin some slack, and they weren’t that strong to begin with, are fast evaporating.

    To make such comments in 2010, as her own people are being raped, murdered, and dispossessed at every level, is simply unforgivable. Is there ONE national Republican willing to stand up for whites, in this our time of need? Just one? Apparently not. I’ll take a page from the Jewish playbook on this: never forget, never forgive.

    As far as I’m concerned, since not one nationally recognized Republican is willing to stand up for us as a people, not a single one should be allowed into the coming white nation. The entire Republican power structure…gone. The only hard decision will be whether to try them for treason, or simply banish them to some mud enclave where the swarthy denizens can do with them as they please.

    I remember Tancredo (who arguably should be excluded from the above, but he’s retired) saying something to the effect that, in years past when he was trying to get his fellow Republican congressmen to support border enforcement, they just blew him off. He asked for a few minutes of their time to view a video on the border situation…and they just walked out on him. Sickening.

    I’ll have to say that, while I have been a critic of the Republican Party for a long time, I was somewhat surprised by Tancredo’s story. A part of me had thought that a lot of these guys, while cowardly and conformist, at least cared about whites on some sort of private level. I was wrong about that. They simply don’t care at all. The rapes, the murders, the race replacement? It matters to them not a whit. What they care about is the next corporate contribution or Congressional junket.

    How hard would it be for a so called conservative Republican to go through his pro forma condemnation of racism, and then add the following: “But White Americans have interests too, just as do African-Americans, Asians and Latinos. It’s not racist to discuss that. We need to be able to have that conversation.”

    Not a single one of them will even say that much. To expect them to go further and address the full truth is pure fantasy.

    That’s how much these people care about our fate, which is to say not at all. Never forget, never forgive.

  16. True they don’t care, that’s the nature of elites. They can, however, be badgered into doing the right thing if they think their position depends on it, for example Jan Brewer’s transformation in Arizona.

  17. True they don’t care, that’s the nature of elites

    That’s the nature of the current degenerate elites of the West- not elites in general. As recently as 1953 the POTUS ordered a mass expulsion of illegal aliens called Operation Wetback. The basic immigration law wasn’t changed from pro-white to anti-white until 1965.

  18. “As recently as 1953 the POTUS ordered a mass expulsion of illegal aliens called Operation Wetback.”

    You give Operation Wetback as an example of a “model elite’s” initiative that was positive for us and indeed it was, but it no way makes up for sending federal troops to Little Rock to force-integrate the schools, not to mention militarily leading the Communist side in WWII or killing at least a million German POWs by starvation.

  19. “The only hard decision will be whether to try them for treason, or simply banish them to some mud enclave where the swarthy denizens can do with them as they please.”

    Not a hard decision at all.
    Banish them.
    More cost-effective.

    (And added to it the side benefit of the emotional satisfaction of poetic justice.)

  20. If the “elite” could be made to say that what passes for “anti-racism” today is really anti-white in nature then they would have some use.

    But it looks as if our little group will have to free our people from the Jim Jones cult known as America.

  21. Trainspotter once again hits the nail on the head.

    Whether it is out of indifference or outright hostility, they just don’t care at all. And even if most of them would rather not have America descend into third-world status (and all that it entails) they don’t care enough to make some kind of stand to debate the merits of such a plan, much less stop it.

    It’s a wonder how any of these politicians can sleep at night. One would think that guilt would force some of them to either change their ways or go into early retirement and die a miserable wreck.

    But, silly me, I assumed these people have some form of a conscious.

    I think what should become a requirement for all political parties in the future White ethno-state, regardless if they are capitalists, socialists, or some combination thereof, is that said parties should not have platforms nor persue policies detrimental to the demographic and societal health of the populace. Deviation would result in severe consequences.

  22. The purpose of government has changed. From “governments are established to secure these rights” to governments exist to dispense M&Ms (monies and monopolies). Politicians are created by and for special interests. Government exists for special interests. Being a sleaze is a prerequisite for being a successful politician.

    You guys seem to be shocked that these sleazebags don’t act like the Lone Ranger- the Lone Ranger cannot get elected as that kind of person-of-integrity would refuse to cast aside principle, and would refuse to suck the c— of the interests.

    Expect this to continue so long as special interests prevail.

    The answer is to get the state out of the economy.

  23. “Trainspotter – The only hard decision will be whether to try them for treason, or simply banish them to some mud enclave where the swarthy denizens can do with them as they please.”

    I vote for execution. They are traitors, the vilest of enemies. They will either regroup to attack our white ethnostate or seek revenge by other means. They do not possess morals, ethics, or integrity. They are defective. Evil has no boundaries. Any white that does not look out for white interests – either selfishly for themselves or collectively for culture or race preservation – is defective. And the defective should be destroyed. Volunteers – of which I am sure there will be many – will perform this task willingly and without cost to the state.

  24. Yes, the White Tea Party Spokesman’s response to the charge of “YOU’RE RACISTS” by the NAACP was pathetic. Also very typical – cowardly. It never ceased to amaze and frustrate me that so many White Americans simply can not handle being called “RACIST” – they cry, moan, deny, like little children.

    In the Case the NAACP is an open, avowedly racial advocacy group for “colored people”/Black Americans (not other colored people like American indians, Somoans, Cambodians etc) – the NAACP is a RACIALIST Group, calling some Whites RACIST for even appearing to do what the NAACP does.

    Folks, White Americans have to get better at fighting and I don’t mean with guns, the 2nd Amendment arms. White Americans have to learn to do better in verbal fights, low level threats of force, disruptions. The Blacks no how to intimidate Whites and get them to back down just by calling a few names.

    The key here is PRACTICE. Practice these types of fighting.

    Do what I did, work as a public school teacher in a very Black public school and practice handling disrespectful Blacks call you names, make threats. You will learn to handle yourself and….


    And whenever you see some White guy getting all scared and backing down, pandering whenever some Black or NW says “RACIST” – get back in the face of the White person and let him know what a pathetic coward he/she is.

    I would like to start many threads on the subject of:

    What to do when you or some one you support is called


  25. Jack Ryan – My personal favorite response: “Of course I’m a racist; did you take me for a fool?”

  26. Mr. Edwards really and truly has written a winner here. Lots to learn from it, absolutely world-changing stuff mixed with his excellent wit = winning combination. This is what we need to be getting into the hands of the TEA partiers. Real save-the-world stuff. “Racism” is a nonsense word. Truly meaningless. It just means “white person”.

  27. Their judgment is clouded, for “racism” is kind of like an opiate drug. When communists first used it, there was a marked effect (like a heroin rush). They liked that and needed more. But I think the tolerance that has built up over years of overuse has reached the point where the dose needed for any effect at all is approaching the lethal dose.

  28. Phil says: “The NAACP is a racial organization. It was created by Jews to represent blacks…”

    That’s a fact, Phil. I see the “skin tone” quote by Sarah Palin from the Bill O’Reilly Show and am reminded that The O’Reilly Show said last night to its millions of White conservative Americans that the NAACP was founded by “White liberals.”

    Thanks for that history lesson, Billy. Here’s a partial list (source: VNN) of ‘white liberals’ who founded, work(ed) for, or are otherwise associated with their buffalo allies @ the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP):

    Joel Spingarn
    Arthur Spingarn (brother)
    Julius Rosenthal
    Henry Malkewitz
    Rabbi Emil G. Hirsch
    Lillian Wald
    Kivie Kaplan
    Nathan Margold
    Jack Greenberg
    Julian Mack
    Henry Moskowitz
    Herbert Hill
    Louis Marshall
    Rabbi David Saperstein
    Rabbi Stephen Wise
    Herbert Lehman
    Arthur Sachs
    Herbert Seligmann
    Martha Gruening
    Felix Frankfurter
    Herman Lehman
    June Shagaloff (birthname, not married name) Special Counsel
    Milton R. Konvitz Assistant Special Counsel; aid to Thurgood Marshall at NAACP
    Helen (Lehman) Buttenwieser on NAACP’s Legal Defense Fund (LDF, aka LDEF) board
    Michael Meltsner first assistant counsel in NAACP’s LDF
    Louis H. Pollack vice president of NAACP’s LDF
    Andrew D. Weinberger NAACP lawyer
    Paul Bender lawyers’ training instructor in NAACP’s LDF
    Michael Sovern lawyer’s training director in LDF/LDF board member
    Albert Sachs lawyers’ training instructor in LDF
    James Vorenberg LDF board member
    Norman Redlich LDF board member
    Lani Guinier (halfBlack, w/ Jewish mother) lawyer in LDF
    James Liebman assistant counsel in LDF
    Peter Zimroth a law student intern at LDF Bernard Segal LDF board member; he was key in urging President Kennedy to aid Black civil rights
    (and he cochaired a committee set up by Kennedy the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law to aid Black civil rights. Significantly, Segal recommended many of the attorneys on the committee; that committee still exists today); Segal was also a key player in the opposition to Alabama governor George Wallace’s racial policies.
    Dorothy Rosenman LDF board member
    Dave Pinsky NAACP staff lawyer
    Henry Aronson NAACP staff lawyer in Mississippi

  29. The best comeback for “racist” I’ve heard is…

    Yeah I’m racist. That means I promote the interests of my people just like non-whites are racist and promote the interests of theirs.

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