Hedgepath Murder: Editor’s Note: Comments Have Been Disabled

If any readers of the Charlotte Observer want to comment on the murder of white female Tracy Hedgepath at the hands of her African-American paramour and babydaddy, comments are most certainly enabled here.

Hasn’t the legalization and promotion of miscegenation turned out just dandy?

Tracy Hedgepath

da babydaddy whose 5.75 an hour paycheck was being garnished by da child support peoples, so he solved da problem by popping da cap in da fambly, hence no more child support (common Afro-logic)

da babydaddy Austen Minter

Fingered by the surviving mulatto, Destiny Minter, who told her white grandfather, “daddy did it.”

Just another day in the Reconstructed New South.


  1. My stomach’s turning! She must have had to dope herself up just to kiss the simian thug. I wonder if he has that yellow coating on his eyes?

  2. The “dividends” of a self-destructing system of state sponsored dysgenics. Or, the atavistic devolution of those Whites with implanted racial death wishes.

  3. “I wonder if he has that yellow coating on his eyes?”

    What in the heck is that?

    Can someone please answer for those of us who don’t live around lots of Blacks?!?!? (my county is only like 1.5% Black and frankly I think I work with most of them at my workplace… the main issue here in the Pacific Northwest where mestizos are moving here from Mexifornia.)

  4. Yellow eye film is a sign of jaundice. Jaundice is the typical junkie disease, junkie look. Junkies bile ducts get ruined from the crap in the junk they inject directly into their blood. Here is some stuff from the web on it:

    What Is Jaundice in Adults?

    Most people associate jaundice with newborn babies, but adults can have the condition as well. Jaundice is when the skin and membranes (such as the whites of the eyes) turn a yellowish or a yellow-brown color because too much of the chemical bilirubin is circulating in the blood. In adults, jaundice indicates an underlying medical problem, such as liver damage. Any person displaying signs of jaundice should consult a medical professional as soon as possible.

    Biological cause of jaundice

    Bilirubin is a waste product that results from the breakdown of hemoglobin. Under normal circumstances, the liver removes bilirubin from the blood. However, jaundice can occur when: 1) there is too much bilirubin for the liver to remove, 2) a defect prevents the liver from properly removing the bilirubin, and 3) the bile duct that allows bilirubin to drain from the liver into the intestines is blocked.

    Diseases that cause jaundice

    Jaundice in adults is most often caused by diseases or conditions that affect the liver. Typical examples are hepatitis B and C, cirrhosis, and cancer of the liver. Jaundice may also be caused by objects that obstruct the bile ducts, such as a tumor or gallstone. More unusually, jaundice can be caused by substances that have accumulated within the liver cell. For example, the accumulation of iron (hemochromatosis) can result in jaundice, as can the accumulation of copper (Wilson’s disease). Certain drugs can also cause jaundice, as some medicines can cause inflammation of the liver or bile duct.

    Read more: What Is Jaundice in Adults? | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/about_5104008_jaundice-adults.html#ixzz0tlwx0Ieg

  5. I told my daughters that if they ever hooked up with or “married” a darkie it would kill me. Yes, I want to guilt them because such a situation would kill me.

    You see this more and more. Big black bucks with not always unattractive white women. Sometimes you will see their little Obama kiddies with them. It’s so disgusting but all part of the integral war on whites. The enemy can’t do away with us fast enough.

  6. One can only wonder at what terribly low self-esteeem she must have had to be willing to shack up with something like that.

  7. This thing actually had a second fambly too. Some other woman, probably another burner, had other mixlets with from this creature. Evolutionarily speaking, this animal is more successful than all the OD writers put together. It had like 6 kids! It snuffed 3 of them, though, a 3 year old, a 6 year old, and the burner was pregnant with yet another.

    Maybe when Destiny grows up she can speak out against race-mixing. I’m sure there’s some mulattoes out there who would speak against race mixing.

  8. Kievsky;

    I am an older guy, not familiar with all the currently-in-use colloquiallisms of the younger folk, so I need to ask for a definition of the term “burner”? Thanks.

  9. Words simply cannot express my sheer and utter disgust.

    I, too, wonder what in the name of all that is holy compelled that woman to…to…to even grant that beast her prescence much less bed down and produce his mongrel spawn.

    Seriously, was there no White man she could’ve hooked up with and produce children actually worthy of her family’s name?

    Was it due to, as Biased Observer suggests, low self-esteem? Getting back at mommy and daddy? Or did she feel she was BO’s mother incarnate and felt that it was her duty to produce the next coffee-colored messiah?

    Regardless, it doesn’t change what she did. And though I feel compelled to feel pity for her and her family, I can’t help but think that when the trial is over the grandparents will hold a press conference and ‘forgive’ the murderer of their child. Just the thought of that makes me nauceous.

  10. Then their is the harsh reality of Negro body odor. No Jew on TV can make nigger stink go away.


  11. My heart goes out to her family, especially her orphaned daughter. She can’t be blamed for entangling herself in a problem that the whole world has told her was the solution her entire life. The blame lies on the half of our elites who lull our youth into harm’s way and on the other half of our elites who are too cowardly to speak out against them.

  12. When the WN movement has its own White Rothschild, we should recruit, train and pay a few of these mulatto orphans to become professional anti-miscegenation speakers.

  13. Matt,

    Don’t fear. No one with an IQ above room temperature would blame the child in any which way. Just like children created from a rape, they have no control over who their parents are and the circumstances through which they were concieved.

    As far as the family goes; as I mentioned earlier I am tempted to feel for them. I naturally want to feel sorrow over hearing of an untimely death in a family. But you’ve got to admit, there’s not much empathy to go around for a person who decided to latch herself onto to that God-awful creature and advance his genes at the expense of hers (and now her very life).

  14. Sorry, Bradley. This is what I meant:

    “The eyes are prominent, iris black and the orbits large. The eye often has a yellowish sclerotic coat over it like that of a gorilla.”

    See the 6th post down in the article “Race doesn’t exist, except when it does.” Earl, you’ve explained a lot of things for us!

  15. It’s more disgusting thinking of her sleeping with that thing and tolerating its smell, than her demise. Really, he did us all a favor….Now we don’t have to look at them holding hands and pushing the mongrel baby in public….good riddance.

  16. Most of the mudsharks I see that aren’t on the TV are really ugly and overweight. Some of them are functionally black too sporting cornrows in their hair and big baggy pajamas. Some of them have a sort of gypsie looking appearance so I suspect they’re octaroons. The girl in this picture doesn’t look the type to be with one of these thugs but maybe it’s because I’m not exposed to it that much. Are you sure Destiny Minter is a mulatto or is that a picture of the baby daddy?

  17. I want to see more Jew girls with black thugs! That’s the only diversity I want to see. Get rid of two problems at once…. or create a double-sized one. Who knows?

  18. Joanne Dee: At the bank I once saw a light-skinned Black who, I swear, had the mannerisms of a arrogant Jew. None of that thuggish swagger, just a sneering impatience with the world. Your wish come true.

  19. @Joanne Dee: I encountered a few half black/half jewish girls back in college. Children of hippies, I suspect.

    They were the worst combination of traits. They were extremely touchy and sensitive to the slightest perceived “racist” offense. They seemed to live in a constant self-induced/self-fulfilling state of persecution and oppression. And to top it all off, they were likely the most arrogant people I’ve ever met. In the muticult clique at this college, these girls were the self-proclaimed queens of that scene, viciously keeping the white commie girls in line.

    Needless to say white males weren’t welcome in that world. And if the white males would have bothered to pay them any attention (most were busy getting wasted/laid), I doubt they would have cared. These black jewesses were insufferable, loudmouthed, politically-correct, puritanical bores. Now that I think about it, no one particularly liked them. They just put up with their abuse.

  20. “I encountered a few half black/half jewish girls back in college. Children of hippies, I suspect.

    They were the worst combination of traits”

    Which might be a good thing.

    Worse is better?

    Was Stanley Ann Dunham a Jewess, or not?

  21. One of the sad ironies of “unions” such as these is that the White girls who get involved with these black men are never accepted by the black females of the black families and black communities that they marry into. Black women reserve a special hatred for these “White beeyotches” who, as they perceive it, steal their men away from them (and there are always more women than men so the last thing they want is competition from White women).

  22. A black doctor or black lawyer is one thing but this was a clear cut case of beastiality. I do feel sorry for her though; so, so brainwashed. A victim of our traitorous white elites and their traitorous white enablers. I fantasize about the revenge part all the time. It makes this type of case easier to get over, not forget, just get past it.

  23. What *action* should be taken as a result of this death?

    Recently, OD has had a discussion at:

    which suggested notions such as “genetic preservation” and so on. That is a great set of theories.

    Here and now, there is a dead white woman named Tracy Hedgepath.

    What *action* can be taken to prevent future tragedies of this type?

    Can (for example) Hedgepath’s death be publicized, so as to dissuade similar pairings in the future?

  24. Almost all of these black male white female couplings revolve around drugs. These usually aren’t wholesome girls who get involved with these thugs.

  25. As long as we’re critiquing appearance, there’s a very “It’s Pat” quality to the perp, too. At least in the picture on the left.

  26. That’s the point I was making. Is that Destiny Minter in the pic? If it is then that’s not a mulatto. Is that the babby daddy? I can’t tell if it’s a man or woman.

  27. When you go to the Charlotte Observer and listen to the tape, you feel real, real bad for the grandfather. Tracy Hedgepath started screwing this simian thug when she was 16 years old, or so. And, since she was 3 months pregnant when she was killed, she was still screwing him despite his repeated violent, lowlife behavior (yes, the odds are high that he is the fetusdaddy). Did she not exhibit signs of severe mental illness herself?

    Unfortunately, a lot of these poor whites have been living around blacks for several generations. I guess that after a while, and with all the media and educational system brainwashing, an old taboo (and good common sense and self-respect) went out the window!

    As usual, I think a lot of the answers rest with the folks that raised her.

  28. Don, Destiny is the mulatto daughter. Agree completely that the murderer isn’t a mulatto and looks like he could be a fat negress.

  29. Another white girl murdered:

    Did anyone read this link? It’s even more disturbing than the above story. It appears that a 14yo white girl accompanied a 35yo convicted negro sex offender willingly to his home for sex. He subsequently murdered her. It beggars belief. There seems to be some pathological attraction towards these thuggish types. Even when I was young, a creature like this would have made my instincts scream “avoid.”

  30. “I can’t tell if it’s a man or woman.” You’re not alone. I guess “they all look alike” has new meaning.

  31. shame on whoever wrote this story and most of the comments…I am a PROUD WHITE WOMAN and have been with the same BLACK man for 10 years and we are VERY HAPPY TOGETHER…I am really sadded that this such a hard time for this family and all you guys wanna talk about is black and whites????? THIS HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS AWFUL STORY….blacks kill blacks everyday and whites kill whites everyday……so please do not try to put ANY kind of blame on the races instead say a prayer for this family and 7 yr old Destiny who is fighting for her life right now and as she lays in her hospital bed she keeps asking for her mommy..

  32. “It’s even more disturbing than the above story. It appears that a 14yo white girl accompanied a 35yo convicted negro sex offender willingly to his home for sex. ”

    This reminds me of another common detail I notice about many of these white female black male relationships. I see black men in their late 20s and mid 30s with very young, teenage white girls and no one, including the white girls parents, seems to think anything of it.

    Last Saturday afternoon we stopped at a McDonalds. My 2 year old daughter loves “Mackdaahnaalls” because of the ones that have playlands and everytime you drive by one she sees the sign and starts saying, “Mackdaahnaalls, Mackdaahnaalls!” Anyway, there was an entire family of Libtards inside including two thug looking, cornrow haired negro boyfriends or husbands of two of the white girls. The younger of the two looked like he must have been about 25, and the other looked somewhere around my age, mid 30s. The entire crew consisted of about 20 people with what I figured was the grandma and her son of about 45, the white mom of about the same age, 5 or 6 white girls, 2 black girls and 3 boys, 2 white and one black and a black baby. (yep, it was a large group!)

    Now, the oldest of the white girls might have been 16 and the rest looked around from about 10 to maybe 14. The oldest black guy was with the girl who might have been 16. Your all’s guess about who the young black kids, they looked around 5 and under, belonged to is as good as mine, though the baby must have been the oldest black guy’s and the young black boy must have been the other black’s, or at least he was the one playing with him the entire time. I don’t know if the other black kids belonged to any of the white girls or not.

    That’s something, huh? A black at least in his mid 30s with a girl who might have been 16 and fathering a child with her, and the other black, around 25 with an even younger girl. And if any or all of the other black kids belonged to one or another of the girls then these older blacks were getting girls in 7th grade or younger pregnant!

    These whites looked to be comfortably middle class. It looked to me like the grandma was not especially proud, she and the fortyish looking white guy who I think was her son sat off to the side at a seperate table while the rest were sitting at a row of 3 or 4 tables put together. It seemed to me that the white guy was weak and subordinated himself to the older black guy, however. The white mom was obviously an idiotic ultra Liberal who looked happy as anyone could be about having this mongrel abomination of a family. The other girls seemed like you would expect being raised by this woman, though they were not dressed like and did not seem to be “bad girls.” If not for the niggers, they looked like decent and behaved people who probably do good in school and do not get into trouble. And it looked to me like one of the girls might not have been as enthusiastic about the situation.

    But back to my point. How is it that mid 20 and mid 30 year old black men can be with, and getting pregnant, girls who are barely teenage? A few years ago I dated a couple of women about 23 or 24 and I could plainly see that none of their parents liked me at all because they thought I was too old. One girl told me her dad said things, lol. And most white girls in their early or mid 20s react to a white guy over about 27 who shows interest in them like he is the worst kind of 75 year old pervert. But once again, there is a different standard for blacks. I have also noticed many white girls and women who are put off by a manly looking white guy, say if he has a gootee or shaved head and looks strong or “tough,” like he is not an office worker, you know what I am trying to get at, will have the opposite reaction to black guys who look the same way. They like manly looking and maybe even rough looking blacks but are put off and even act like they are afraid of a similar looking white guy. I have seen this a hundred times in bars.

    Moreover, I have no doubt that if I got a 14 year old pregnant I would be in jail and not out enjoying a pleasant day out with the kids and inlaws. I also have no doubt that plenty of people, even strangers, would confront me about having a 15 or 16 year old girlfriend, and I also have no doubt not a single white man has EVER, or would ever, confront these blacks about this.

    It is one fucked up world we are living in, excuse my French.

  33. It appears that a 14yo white girl accompanied a 35yo convicted negro sex offender willingly to his home for sex. He subsequently murdered her. It beggars belief. There seems to be some pathological attraction towards these thuggish types. Even when I was young, a creature like this would have made my instincts scream “avoid.”

    The sex offender in the picture appears to be muscular and masculine. The girl was immersed in an over-sexualized, materialism-worshipping culture.

    The linked news story has some tragic details:

    The criminal complaint goes on to say that Brown gave Deis $200 beforehand and then he wanted the money back. He said she wasn’t worth the money. The two started fighting.

    I seem to recall that Bhagavad-Gita says when the women of a caste lose their social distinction, the society is doomed. This truth appears to be a “god of the copy-book headings.”

  34. http://www.pittsburghlive.com/x/pittsburghtrib/news/pittsburgh/s_690370.html

    Lauren Deis, the murdered 14-year-old, was a drug addict. On her Myspace page, she put a picture of herself holding a vodka bottle and talked about smoking and drinking. On Facebook she wrote, “Life’s a bitch and then you die, so (expletive) the world and let’s get high.” She described herself as bisexual, and her eyebrow, nose, and tongue were pierced. She was cited for underage drinking by the time she was 12, and she was in foster care. She often ran away and spent time with older men.

    Deis’s father died of a drug overdose when she was 7, and her mother was arrested for drunk driving in 2006 and drug possession in 2007.

    Tushon Brown, the murderer, was convicted of rape, involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, aggravated assault, and burglary in 2002 and sentenced to 7 to 15 years in prison. He was released in 2009.

  35. “Unfortunately, a lot of these poor whites have been living around blacks for several generations. ”

    Judging by the photo at the top of this page, this girl was not that poor or that they were living in too bad a neighborhhod.

    She looks to me like someone who had “stray dog” syndrome. She was also a little on the chubby side and these are the ones who think they have to get black boyfriends because, they say, they can’t get a white guy. The parents were obviously idiots and failures themselves for not putting a stop to this, not only at the age she was when she was murdered, but certainly when she was 16.

    BTW, don’t let anyone bullshit you, a real man and father can put a stop to their young daughters being involved with niggers. I personally know of a few men who did just that when, back in the 80s this shit started getting started in “flyover country.” Three or four girls in my older brother’s class got caught up in the “new thing” then and started hanging with the black football players from a school in a neighboring county in Indiana. Only one of these girls went on to have a couple of abortions and then a mongrel, and was involved with a black for several years. Her parents were both weak and stupid. The other girls gave up the “fad” pretty quick.

    I know for a fact now what happened with at least one of these girls and why she lost the “fever” and never went black and went on to marry a white guy and is, I think still married to him today. Interesting, just last sumer this woman’s mom brought up the subject of interacial couples and told my mom the story about her daughter back then. Her the husband got word about what was going on and the next Friday night after the football game, drove to that school parking lot where the girls were hanging out with the niggers. They told her to get in the car, and also told the other white girls to go because the man was going to have a serious talk with these black football players. They did leave, too, lol. And her dad had his talk with the black football stars.

    As I said, no one ever again saw or heard of this particular white girl having anything to do with blacks again, and she went on date local white boys and eventually to be married to one of them, and still is. So apparently her dad meant business and the blacks took him at his word, whatever it was he told them that night. I have heard of a few other men who put a stop to their teenage daughters being involved with blacks.

    I know for a fact that in rural areas and small towns, word spreads amongst blacks about certain white men and what they will do. I know this because I have had black men tell me, and I know they took such talk seriously and were afraid. Also, I know that many white people today denounce the KKK and want to seperate themselves from even talk of the idea of one being anywhere near where they live, and to let it be known that the KKK is far beneath anything they stand for, and then they make fun of it and anyone who looks like they could be a potential member or supporter. But let me tell you something, black people do not laugh about the Klan. They take dead serious even rumours of one being around an area. And they are afraid. I don’t care what anyone tries to tell me otherwise, either. I have seen the reactions of and heard more than a few blacks nervously ask questions and not want to be in those areas. They are in fact scared to death.

  36. “Deis’s father died of a drug overdose when she was 7, and her mother was arrested for drunk driving in 2006 and drug possession in 2007.”

    The apple didn’t fall far from the tree, then, as it seldom ever does.

    Genes are destiny.

  37. Yes, it’s well worth it to prevent young white girls from going around with negroes. Back in the 1980’s, they might have been able to say, “Oh, everything will be fine,” but now we have so many examples of child abandonment (at best) and murder (at worst) that we have every justification on those grounds alone to prevent race-mixing genocide.

    Of course, the real reason is we don’t want a country of mulattoes and other mystery meat. We are quite lucky that negroes are so violent, stupid and impulsive, though. They make our case for us quite conveniently.

  38. It’s more disgusting thinking of her sleeping with that thing and tolerating its smell, than her demise. Really, he did us all a favor….Now we don’t have to look at them holding hands and pushing the mongrel baby in public….good riddance.

    If I had seen these two out in public holding hands I would have thought it was an interracial lesbian couple not that the thought would make it less repulsive. Are we sure the Charlotte Observer didn’t mix the photos up replacing the thug with some housing project mama? Is this some practical joke? If not that White girl must have had a serious crack fix to get mixed up with that.

  39. “BTW, don’t let anyone bullshit you, a real man and father can put a stop to their young daughters being involved with niggers. ”

    Absolutely, Brutus!!! The parents are the ones molding the bloodline going forward. Our society is so mixed up, individuals don’t think for themselves. It’s mob mentality! Blood and soil are the only things that are truly, truly important. Do we ever stop to think of ourselves as the product of a bloodline of survivors? How many people came before us for us to be here?

    A friend once told me that an old schoolmate was now seeing a black guy. The excuse was all the white guys treated her badly. My response was she has poor judgment skills. When you look for trash you generally get just that. She didn’t know the difference between gold and rust. A lot of it probably has to do with good girl, bad boy behavior. And you don’t get badder than ni**ers! And, a lot of the better looking white girls with blacks have a look on their faces like they won the lottery!

  40. Here’s one for you, Joanne Dee. I know a really nice, smart mulatto girl. Her dad is just plain dumb, but mom’s a pretty sharp woman. To her parents’ dismay, she has taken up with a White trash bad boy, jobless and not looking, video game playing, wannabe poet (rapper, actually). What a mess that sharp woman made of her life. Two stupid sons, and a bright girl who seeks the gutter.

  41. Discard, that reminds of me of stories I’ve read in liberal rags about the single White mom with a mulatto child who’s distraught that only black men want to date her daughter. Imagine that. She falls for one of these beasts, gets knocked up, he dumps her and she doesn’t want her daughter to have anything to do with them. The whole point of these articles is to encourage White men to miscegenate with them but judging by the number the number of similar stories I’ve read and my own personal experience on the ground is that there are few takers.

  42. Two questions: what causes homosexuality and a white woman to be attracted to a negro? Nurture or nature?

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