Race-mixing As a Modern Holodomor

The Holodomor was a government sponsored starvation and murder of the Ukrainian nation in 1932-1933, killing an estimated 7 million to 11 million Ukrainians. It was indeed a heavily kosher affair; perhaps revenge for the Bogdan Khmelnitski guerilla war of liberation that created the Ukrainian state and national identity in the first place. The Khmelnitski uprising was in the 1640’s, against a Polish aristocracy that used Jews as the tax collectors of the Ukrainian farmers. When Khmelnitski defeated the Poles, the tormented Ukrainian peasants “went medieval” on the tax collectors.

The momentum of revenge continues. The daily stories about white women paired up with blacks, and the whole thing ending up as a monstrous tragedy, like Tracy Hedgepath or a million others like her, is a socially engineered genocide.

The social conditions leading to these tragedies are engineered conditions. Every aspect of our society is “designed” from transportation to commerce to education to entertainment. It is a multifaceted control matrix — a cross between a lab rat’s maze and a torture chamber . . . and a plan of “culling the (white) herd” being executed.

Some people resist being culled. They sense it, and have sensed it since a young age. “I smell a rat!”

In Nature, every action creates its reactions. An engineered genocide awakens a part of the brain that is usually dormant. Mind Weaponization is like the appendix. It sits there, unused, a remnant of Evolution, because it’s a very scary and destructive thing. It’s the panic button; the nuclear option.

Evolutionary Awakening takes a generation or two. It is not instant. But it’s happening. It’s going to hit a critical mass, and that’s when things will get interesting.

Despite the bread and circuses, enough of us are out there that aren’t going to take genocide lying down. Globalization is making us tougher, more deprived, more like the hard, warlike Bedouins described in “The Muqqadimah” written in the 1300’s.

The Muqqadimah describes “group feeling” as “the path to Royal Authority.” The fastest way to create group feeling is to target a group for genocide, and take away their economic niches and strip them of any prestige.

In the long run, we will either surrender and die off, or resist and win. Economic deprivation will sharpen the survival instincts, making the latter more likely.


  1. Kievsky,
    not “Kholodomor” but “Golodomor”. “Kholod” means cold, “Golod” means starvation

  2. It’s Holodomor, not Kholodomor or Golodomor (which is Russian, not Ukrainian; G in Russian becomes H in Ukrainian). Since this is Ukraine we’re talking about, let’s get it right.

  3. While we’re on this, it’s Bohdan Khmelnytsky (or Bohdan Chmielnicki in Polish or Bogdan Khmelnitsky in Russian) – since he was a Ukrainian who spoke Polish, options 1 and 2 are best, Russian version is needless.

  4. “There is something of its own punishment in all Jewish activity.” Feodor Dostoevsky.

    When there is so much occidental dissent over strategy, it’s comforting to read something which illustrates so clearly how evolutionary problems inevitably produce their own unique solutions.

    Ours will be no exception.

  5. Kievsky, good stuff. I particularly like the phrase “socially engineered genocide.” That’s spot on.

    There is no question that we are being genocided. However, as a stand alone word, I’m not sure that it works all that well in terms of outreach. In contrast, it may be that your phrase, and the concept that it quickly conveys, will prove to be a very useful tool. I’ll give it a spin.

  6. Great Dostoevsky quote, Jimmy Marr! Where is that from? I learned Russian for 2 reasons, and the first reason was actually to be able to read Dostoevsky in the original.

    Roman — I live with Ukrainians, and they swallow the “g,” so “golod” is pronounced more like “kholod” and govorit’ is more like “khovorit” though there is a hint of a hard g in there. I figure it deserves the Ukrainian, rather than the Russian pronunciation.

    I look at the list of links on the right, ordered alphabetically, at all the like-minded people out there who actually write blogs, and I realize that we are reacting. Those blogs represent a popular will whose time will come.

    It’s hot and humid outside today — uncomfortable working conditions, but excellent conditions for food to grow. It’s a good thing that artisan farming entails such difficulties, as it selects for mental toughness and long time horizon thinking.

    I think we can make artisan farming a WN niche every bit as much that dry cleaning is a Chinese niche and convenience stores are a subcontinent niche (though we should try to seize back that niche too). Racially loyal White farmers can form trade guilds to fight back against the useless, harmful and parasitic “big government” and “professional diversity” guilds.

  7. Kievsky:

    It was a book shown to me by a Lithuanian friend. He had discovered it in the U.O. stacks. It was written in English. My best recollection of the title was “Letters and Diaries of F.D.”, but I can’t find that title on Google. Below are the closest matches I could find.

    The Unpublished Dostoevsky, Diaries and Notebooks, 1860-1881,Unpublished Dostoevsky, Diaries and Notebooks, 1860-1881, three volumes, [Ann Arbor, MI], 1973-76.

    Complete Letters, 5 volumes, translated by David A. Lowe, Ardis, 1989-91.

  8. socially engineered genocide.
    It might have legs. But it will not happen over night.
    We should start using it and hope that others pick it up. But what does it mean?
    Simple answers would be it means the now endless photo’s of hollywood actresses that have come home with little black adopted children. Don’t doubt that such pictures have not encouraged some white women to take even more immediate actions to follow along with their richer sisters. They say that marriage between black and whites is a small segment of interracial marriage; so why then do we see so many tv shows and movies with white woman with black men? Are they reflecting reality or trying to create it? Or course the later-socially engineered genocide.
    I was interested in the post about the William Stewart Simkins ( the building at the U. of Texas ) I googled it and found our topic of socially engineered genocide.
    At one of those professional academic abstract supermarkets this about Prof. Simkins: “Professor Simkins was explicitly concerned with the sexual defense of white women.” And that in the 1870’s; what did he know? What was going on then? Did he just hate black’s so much that he just made it all up so he could attack them to have some blood sport?
    Finally, the great core document of socially engineered genetics: An American Dilemma by Gunner Mydral.
    Look at it! The prescription for the “American Dilemma” is simply white women and black men having sex. It is pretty clearly spelled out there.
    If you have never taken a look at it you should.

  9. Kievsky, another great article. I’ve literally given up on the human race. We keep having the same problems over and over and over…

  10. >>>We keep having the same problems over and over and over…<<<

    Count your blessings, Joanne. Imagine the alternative?

    I think of it as a three dimensional swastika swirling on the Z axis of time.

    As bad as it gets, I'm thankful and proud to hold on.

  11. This is well written, too, brother. Spot on.

    Obama and his trogs, now explicitly in power, are galvanizing our people. I see examples every day that would’ve been unthinkable 3 years ago. We couldn’t have elected a more helpful President for our people (given the current pool).


  12. I don’t think we should worry too much about niggers mixing with whites. I very rarely see white women going with baboons, regardless of media brainwashing.

  13. Mind Weaponization is like the appendix. It sits there, unused, a remnant of Evolution, because it’s a very scary and destructive thing. It’s the panic button; the nuclear option.

    Evolutionary Awakening takes a generation or two. It is not instant. But it’s happening. It’s going to hit a critical mass, and that’s when things will get interesting.

    With respect, I think this Awakening has been going on for several generations!

    How many years ago did Father Coughlin and Charles Lindbergh wage a war against sleep?

    From Wikipedia:

    Lindbergh elucidated his beliefs about the white race in an article he published in Reader’s Digest in 1939:
    “We can have peace and security only so long as we band together to preserve that most priceless possession, our inheritance of European blood, only so long as we guard ourselves against attack by foreign armies and dilution by foreign races.”

    Henry Ford was at it as early as 1919.

    I have no idea when a “critical mass” might form, but the momentum has been gathering for many decades.

  14. White Nationalism tied to Tea Parties in front page article:

    By JUDY L. THOMAS – McClatchy Newspapers

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Billy Roper is a write-in candidate for governor of Arkansas and an unapologetic white nationalist.

    “I don’t want non-whites in my country in any form or fashion or any status,” he says.

    Roper also is a tea party member who says he has been gathering support for his cause by attending tea party rallies.


  15. This is one of the more interesting articles I have read. Absolutely excellent. If more people got to know the truth, our awakening would be unstoppable. These are desparate hours and dark times. We need to be awake. Wide awake.

  16. regarding white/black miscegenation, I seldom see a black man with a high quality white woman. I mean practically never. The white chicks I see cavorting with blacks combine obesity, bad skin and apparant low intelligence.

    I live near the campus of a second tier state school in IL. When I was a freshman there, I immediately took note of the LEGIONS of beautiful, blonde suburban girls roaming campus. Over 20 yrs later, they are STILL THERE. Those chicks would sooner bring home an actual baboon to meet mommy and daddy than a negro.

    The dynamics of sexual politics will keep the race alive until the bubble wrap of easy credit prosperity disolves in the acid bath of globalism.

  17. Kievsky – “artisan faming” indeed. It’s already happening. Thriving, where I am going. I’ve met some folks already – and our Volk is hardy, reliable, creative, and total, total fun! I’m still laughing over the events of my day, fomr yesterday.

    Once the majority of Whites fully understand the deliberate genocidal intent – and ACCEPTS the reality of the sistuation – we’ll be fine.

  18. I think there is great value in learning from enemies. I recommend learning foreign languages, especially Russian or Arabic, and to learn all you can about/from Muslims, Jews, Marxists, Xtian Zionists, etccccccc- their way of thinking, their psychology, their linguistic habits…it’s all good. Digest and synthesize, over and over. Sooner or later, you will have to hide your insights and knowledge and learn to “play stupid” when out and about in society. Iron-clad stomach, iron-clad mind! “Playing dumb” can go verrrrrry far, Taqqiyya Plus!

  19. “Were all “Kulaks” now.”

    Yeah, except that the Kulaks’ forefathers didn’t bequeath them this quaint little right which shall NOT be infringed.

    Lock-n-load, baby, lock-n-load.

  20. Use ‘Holodomor’. Why? Because it LOOKS remarkably like the phoney version used by the Christ killers, the so-called ‘Hollow Cause.’

    Except the Holocaust of the Ukranians really happened. And that freaks the Yids out, big time. They don’t want to acknowledge this event, nor the Armenian Genocide in 1916-1917, which was masterminded by the “Young Turks”-who were really Jews.

    Coincidence? Both groups were White, KNEW THE JEW, and were Orthodox (not Roman). The Christ killers know which group is ON TO THEM. And they want to genocide those groups first, so that we cannot tell our Western neighbors the TRUTH.

    Thanks for the article. Maybe even Joe will learn something from it….

  21. @ Fr John
    The info is starting to work its way through my Guidomite thick-head [ a redundancy, I know ] You know how we are.
    *Fr John has the correct view about the “Holdomor.”*
    **It’s encouraging to know Fr John put away his old testament for once and is now starting to think clearly, as per guido’s advice. Sometimes it pays to be a thick-head.**

  22. Charity begins at home : Any church doesn’t preach that is useless to the White race. At this point in the history of the White race , the saying should read : “Charity begins at home, ends at home, and all times in-between”.

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