“White Anxiety”

In Falling Down, Michael Douglas suffers from White Anxiety in multicultural Los Angeles.

Are you suffering from White Anxiety?

At the New York Times, Ross Douthat has a new article about the “White Anxiety Crisis,” which has emerged as the liberal buzzword to describe the millions of frustrated and alienated White Americans who live out in flyover country.

Ten years ago, Pat Buchanan was a lone voice in having the audacity to raise many of these grievances in a public forum. Now, Ross Douthat observes that the rhetoric of White racial dispossession has silently penetrated a much larger cross section of the mainstream.

In the 2008 presidential campaign, the conservative grassroots made an issue out of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s attack on the “US of KKA.” Questions were raised about Barack Obama’s tolerance of the anti-White venom that Rev. Wright spewed from his pulpit.

During the Sotomayor confirmation hearings, the conservative grassroots dwelt on the notion that a “wise Latina” was more qualified to sit on the federal bench than a White man. Immediately after the Sotomayor nomination, Barack Obama was trashed for siding with Henry Louis Gates, the “Big Cheese” of Harvard, over Officer Crowley.

A few months ago, Rush Limbaugh made waves in the liberal blogosphere for drawing attention to the White student who was assaulted by blacks on the Belleville school bus. Over the last two weeks, White conservatives (smelling blood in the water) have made a huge issue out of Eric Holder’s Justice Department turning a blind eye to a slam dunk case against the Black Panthers.

The Tea Party has balked at the NAACP’s accusation of racism and has responded with righteous indignation. There has been a noticeable rhetorical shift from (humility) “we must work together to overcome racism” to (anger) “how dare you call me a racist.”

The race card has been played so many times that Whites now take offense when it is used.

The notion that White people are getting the shaft in Barack Hussein Obama’s America is increasingly commonplace. It is still bound up in kosher MLK-style anti-racism, but there is a gestating sense of White identity and White interests.

Conservatives are increasingly willing to go there.

Arizona, for example, banned ethnic studies and passed its anti-illegal immigration law. There is now talk of attacking birthright citizenship of the children of illegal aliens. John McCain has been forced to repudiate his support for comprehensive immigration reform.

In the background of all this, Ross Douthat traces the “Roots of White Anxiety” to America’s dysfunctional meritocratic system of selecting its elites. He cites studies which prove that rural and working class Whites from the Red States are discriminated against in college admissions at elite universities.

If you are black or Hispanic, your race works to your advantage. If you are black or Hispanic and poor, you are even more likely to get admitted. On the other hand, if you are White, the reverse is true: if you are rural and working class, you are less likely to be admitted to Harvard or Yale than someone who comes from an urban and upper middle class background.

The authors of the study cited by Douthat suspect that elite universities reserve all their financial aid dollars to recruit non-White minorities to increase “diversity” on campus. In other words, insofar as “institutional racism” exists, it works against Whites.

Douthat writes:

“Consciously or unconsciously, the gatekeepers of elite education seem to incline against candidates who seem too stereotypically rural or right-wing or “Red America.”

This provides statistical confirmation for what alumni of highly selective universities already know. The most underrepresented groups on elite campuses often aren’t racial minorities; they’re working-class whites (and white Christians in particular) from conservative states and regions. Inevitably, the same underrepresentation persists in the elite professional ranks these campuses feed into: in law and philanthropy, finance and academia, the media and the arts.”

The ladder of upward mobility into the American elite no longer exists for conservative White Christians from Middle America. Blacks, Asians, Hispanics, and Jews are free to enter elite circles. In fact, the system works to their advantage and provides every incentive for them to do so.

This worries Ross Douthat. He senses that the singleminded pursuit of “diversity” in college admissions is building up to an epic backlash.

There is now a yawning divide between the American elite and Middle America. The poor sufferers of “White Anxiety” are increasingly vocal and militant about organizing to advance their interests. The rhetoric of White Nationalism has found a much larger audience in the diluted implicit form.

Douthat wants to bridge the gap by siphoning off the most intelligent and able Whites from the Red States into the multicultural elite. This is a tactic the British and French regularly used in their colonies to pacify the natives and deter violent social revolution.

I can’t help but wonder: when the English were displacing the Indians in Virginia and Massachusetts, were they suffering from a “Red Anxiety Crisis,” or did they have legitimate grievances worthy of consideration? White Americans are facing a similar demographic oblivion around mid-century. To the Indians credit, they fought back.

I want this gap between Washington and Middle America to continue to grow. I want the present system to continue to lose what remains of its legitimacy. As in 1776, when the American colonies alienation from the British Crown reached its breaking point, there is only one logical outcome.

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  1. Someone needs to tell Mr. Douthat, “it’s the Jews stupid”.

    Btw, what’s a Douthat?

  2. Ain’t it funny that Bill & Hillary Clinton’s butt ugly daughter Chesla is getting ready to marry into a family of really greasy Jew criminals.

    Btw, will Ms. Lewinsky be the Rabbi performing the ceremony?


  3. This thing is happening before our eyes. It just needs to be nursed along gently. It’s awesome.

  4. I think that “white anxiety” is probably a good name for this current Tea-Partian backlash that has become all the rage(all puns intended) among mainstream conservatives. It is clear that the implicit whiteness of the whole movement(can you seriously call it a movement yet?) is troubling to it’s adherents – but not troubling enough to stand down meekly, like the enemy has come to expect from them. It is a curious development and one that, as a racially aware white, I’m still not 100% sure what to make of. There is a refreshing boldness to it, athough it is almost entirely incidental. While Tea-Party America doesn’t view itself in racial terms, they aren’t as horrified by it as the Lefties wish they were, and that is encouraging. Yet the constant, “but we’re not racist” refrain is rather discouraging as well.

    “The rhetoric of White Nationalism has found a much larger audience in the diluted implicit form.”

    That statement sums up the article perfectly. It is taking hold, even if the TP-ers don’t know it, or even resist it in name. And that may indeed be enough of a start. For the first time in a long time, I do feel a little positive about the future of my people. I’m realistic of course, but still, this is a much larger step than I’ve seen Whites take in many years.

  5. As far as these tea parties go, they are mostly B actors from the Republicoon party actors guild—not ready for prime time types.

    The “big thing” to remember is that registered Independents in most States have larger numbers than registered Republicans, or registered Democrats.

    I think many of these TV pundits are scared shitless for their jobs if people show up with signs saying, It’s the Jews stupid.

    Or wait until someone asks a Roman Catholic pundit, or Roman Catholic politician how much Jew ass they can kiss before throwing up? LOL.


  6. Or wait until someone asks a Roman Catholic pundit, or Roman Catholic politician how much Jew ass they can kiss before throwing up? LOL.

    Haha. What’s the point in switching names if you’re just going to give the game away like this, Tom? You really are monomaniacal.

  7. The Tea Party has balked at the NAACP’s accusation of racism and has responded with righteous indignation. There has been a noticeable rhetorical shift from (humility) “we must work together to overcome racism” to (anger) “how dare you call me a racist.”

    I think the wheels are beginning to fall off this clunker. Great article, though specifically linked for this with subsequent video:

    We are in possession of a video from in which Shirley Sherrod, USDA Georgia Director of Rural Development, speaks at the NAACP Freedom Fund dinner in Georgia. In her meandering speech to what appears to be an all-black audience, this federally appointed executive bureaucrat lays out in stark detail, that her federal duties are managed through the prism of race and class distinctions.

    In the first video, Sherrod describes how she racially discriminates against a white farmer. She describes how she is torn over how much she will choose to help him. And, she admits that she doesn’t do everything she can for him, because he is white. Eventually, her basic humanity informs that this white man is poor and needs help. But she decides that he should get help from “one of his own kind”. She refers him to a white lawyer.

    Sherrod’s racist tale is received by the NAACP audience with nodding approval and murmurs of recognition and agreement. Hardly the behavior of the group now holding itself up as the supreme judge of another groups’ racial tolerance.


    People are fed up.

  8. Haha. What’s the point in switching names if you’re just going to give the game away like this, Tom? You really are monomaniacal.

    The “LOL” get’s him every time, doesn’t it?!?


  9. I wonder how many of the “urban, wealthy whites” at these elite universities are actually Jews?

  10. An awful lot of white guys these days know the reason they can’t get a job is that it’s either gone to China or reserved for some black mama who takes two hour coffee breaks at the DMV. There might be some effeminate, suburban boys who still fall for the bleeding heart thing, but most of these white guys who mouth the “I’m not racist thing” would gladly see the whole affirmative action thing undone and all the lazy blacks sent packing if it meant he’d have a job and a chance at a livelihood. Liberal attitudes are easy when they are “theoretical” and it’s other whites in other places who lose out. But the rot is reaching a critical point where third world corruption, poverty, and lack of economic opportunity is affecting lots of white men in ways that could scarcely be imagined in 1990. As a college student back then I always had sneaking suspicions that no matter how badly I wanted the liberal, colorblind, StarTrek future to come true that in reality brown people always result in brown living standards. I just never knew the degree to which such discussions were suppressed. I thought I was the only person who ever suspected this and scientists had proven all races were exactly the same inside, “racists” in the 50’s were illiterates who only cared about superficial appearance and had no serious intellectual arguments to justify their positions. Of course that all changed once the internet came out. All these people bemoaning “armchair internet activists” avoid the fact that over the past dozen years the racial truth has gone from the realm of a few hundred pamphleteers and newsletters to hundreds of thousands of readers online. Ideas don’t happen overnight, people have to start hearing these memes over and over again from more and more people. Especially multiple members of their own acquaintance, then they start to take them seriously. What most needs to enter the publics’ consciousness is the realization that the nice middle class living standard we have mostly taken for granted requires white people. Non white majorities mean non white living standards, that’s just the way it works. They have to realize that their own self interests require racial solidarity with fellow whites. To see “racism” not as immoral evil against hapless non whites committed solely out of bloodlust, but as necessary self-defence.

  11. In a way, I feel that anxiety is but a stepping stone towards awakening. More and more people, regardless of age, are getting nervous because they unconsciously feel that this country is no longer theirs. Slowly but surely they will become more amiable to our views.

    For us who are already awakened, we are simply anxious to reverse the invasion and remake the country. We desire revolution. We can smell it in the air, but do not yet hear or see it yet.

    I forget who coined the phrase, but I believe we are indeed now at the point were it is “too late to fix things electorally, but it is too early for us to shoot the bastards”.

    It more or less depends not only on how people think, but how the feel. And with this economy getting progressivly worse…well, I think we are indeed bound for interesting times, both here and in Europe.

  12. America is at that awkward stage; it’s too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards.

    Claire Wolfe

  13. What fascinates me is the creeping suspicion that despite better electoral conditions than they’ve had in decades–with the economy in free-fall and ethnic tensions impossible to ignore–the Republican Party will find a way to EPIC FAIL on what should be an epoch-making victory over Judeosocialism. The discontent that led to the “Reagan Revolution” had the sound and fury of a fart in a bottle compared to the storm clouds of anger now looming over The Silent Majority.

    So why do I *just know* the GOP leadership will f- it up? When the moment of truth arrives and the iron is hot–when Uncle Samowitz’s head is lying on the anvil–the Republicans will stand there like idiots. If they win both houses in November and the presidency in 2012, they still won’t have the scrote to DO immigration. To DO the Mexican problem. To DO the parasites on Wall Street.

    That’s my nightmare. White America’s demographic last chance. A Republican Party with all the levers of power in hand for the last conceivable time…and by some arcane combination of WASP buffoonery and Semitic sabotage, they DON’T STRIKE THE BLOW!

    When the fateful hour arrives, the GOP will be as aimless and torpid as Rachel Maddow after the New England Clambake.

    Please, someone wake me from my nightmare…

  14. Probably, that will happen.

    Our job is to convince the millions of well-meaning white people that waking from their slumber once every couple years in November is not enough, that they have to at least wake from their slumber twice every couple years for the primaries as well, and also try to replace the ‘Republican leadership’ which has access to large amounts of cash.

  15. If you have a hope that what we see as a positive shift on main street will ever be reflected in DC, banish that hope. The hope comes from the people realizing they have a valid interest, actually learning how to speak about that interest, and the actions that will arise when they see that interest derided, manipulated, crapped on and laughed at in their media, in their schools and in their government. The politicians have already delegitamized themselves, and it’s only going to get worse. F the GOP.

  16. A Republican victory at the next presidential election is the last thing we want. It’s too early. The GOP will provide no solutions and ‘White anxiety’ will all but dissipate. We need White America to continue to stew in Obama’s America for a while yet.

  17. The more that the enemy applies the term ‘racist’ to every sensible action taken, or word spoken by Whites, the less value and impact it has. Watch the same horror movie over and over and it quickly loses it’s ability to scare or shock the viewer.

  18. This word “anxiety” brings something to mind. Just how far are the psychiatrists in cahoots with the Regime? How many Whites are anesthetized with Prozac or Ritalin or some other such drug? And is the real purpose of these drugs to keep this anxiety from transforming into action?
    Maybe I’m just prejudiced, but I think it is.

  19. I’m not optimistic that this “white anxiety” will lead to huge numbers of whites openly pursuing white interests. We’ve been through this before and it went no where. “Falling Down” was made in the early 90’s when “racial tension” was high, as it is now. Anyone who was politically and racially aware in that period remembers how promising things seemed with the white anger over the recent riots, newly visible immigration(during the 70’s and 80’s, non-white immigrants were mostly confined to inner city areas that whites had already abandoned, the early 90’s were when they started showing up in the suburbs) and the whole “anti-government” movement.

    This period was followed by about 10 years when race receded in the national consciousness. If the GOP wins in 2110 and 2112, expect everyone to forget about race and immigration for a while like they did in the second Clinton term/first Bush term.

  20. I’m not optimistic that this “white anxiety” will lead to huge numbers of whites openly pursuing white interests. …

    Never has, and on the road that were heading upon, likely never will.

    This is because most Whites — especially including most “right wing” ones — think that looking out for their racial interests is not only “evil”, but is perhaps the “greatest evil” that a White person could commit.

    This is why it is so fundamentally important to convince White Americans (especially Northern European ones) that it is not only “moral” to look out for their legitimate group interests, but is in fact one of the greatest acts of morality that he or she could engage in — which, in turn, will thus earn us the respect and goodwill of many decent and fair-minded members of other races and ethnicities.

    *This is something that commentator MGLS is very good at soberly explaining, clarifying and conveying in his discussions with us.

  21. Meanwhile, no one is flooding Africa with Non Africans and telling them… “Let it go…CHANGE is the only CONSTANT.” …we are going to create a blended humanity in ONLY Africa.

    No one is flooding Asia with non-Asians and telling them… “Let it go…CHANGE is the only CONSTANT.” …we are going to create a blended humanity in ONLY Asia.

    Only White countries are doing this, only anti-Whites like you are pushing it. You want White GENOCIDE.

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