You’re a Racist: What To Do When You Are Smeared

This last week we witnessed yet another instance of anti White forces playing:

The RACE card.

In this case the NAACP – an openly Black racial advocacy group accused the Tea Party movement of having White racists in their ranks. We also witnessed yet another instance of supposedly White patriot leaders pandering to our enemies, denying that they are in any way racist and that they hate all White racists and some of their best friends are Blacks and how they support racial integration, worship Martin Luther King etc.


It seams that most White Americans will always back down, give in, deny, deny, deny any loyalty to our people/culture whenever anyone plays the race card – puts out the smear:


Though White mothers tell their children that “sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me” – the reality is that in modern day America, name calling Whites “RACIST” hurts and most Whites simply do not know what to do when they are smeared and most Whites back down, give in, give up.

I like to show a video of one of the worst instances of a supposedly White leader backing down, giving up simply by being called a name – smeared as a “RACIST” – anti Black, anti Gay, anti Israel.

Ron Paul reacts to the smear campaign launched by Jewish lib/Zionist homosexual Martin Peretz,[8]

In this CNN news story, interview – Ron Paul agrees to be grilled by ex AIPAC agent Wolf Blitzer and answer the accusations that Ron Paul’s newsletter included criticism of the Black rioters/murderers in the LA Rodney King riots, criticism of the Israeli lobbies control of US foreign policy and various negative comments about homosexual extremists spreading AIDS.

Here’s the video:

I would like for others to share their own comments about Ron Paul’s performance here. I will just say that in my opinion Ron Paul simply gives in 100% – accepts the idea/lie that any White American who says or thinks anything negative about Black criminals, homosexual extremists or the Israeli lobby is a thought criminal, hate criminal and deserves to be banished from public life. Ron Paul doesn’t want to be banished from public life, in fact he loves being on TV, even with the likes of Wolf Blitzer, so in hopes of getting back on the good side of the likes of Wolf Blitzer, the New Republic (Jew Republic), CNN, AIPAC, Lib Dems, Neo Cons etc, Ron Paul denies that he wrote the hateful things in his newsletter and denies that he even read these terrible things in his own newsletter and he expresses his deep love of the anti White diversity cult, his deep respect for Wolf Blitzer and his love for Big Brother etc… Check out ~ 7:00 in to this vid where Ron Paul breaks down and embraces his torturers.

I would like to read what commentators would suggest Ron Paul should have done in this situation and then I will share some suggestions of what future White leaders might do in future situations, as this will come up over and over and over again until White leaders, White people start to learn how to handle the Race Card, responding to the “YOU’RE A RACIST” charge.


  1. Hey Silver.

    I was praising Nicholas Stix’s great writing on

    Have you ever read any of Mr. Stix’s articles on

    Do you ever read?

  2. Hello, Mr Stix. I remember your writing from The Last Ditch, you know, that thing that came in the mail, printed on paper. Good to see your name again.

  3. Bob,

    I agree with you that the National Socialists got a bit too “closed off,” but the blame for this was more on Himmler than Noble Wolf. Further, Irving’s views have faced some significant challenges from younger neo-revisionists (myself inclusive). I refer you to the listing of books on this page of the VSS site:

    Scroll down until you get the book listings. I have an interesting conclusion from all this, which I arrived at after reading all of these books (and dozens of others), and that is that the National Socialists really started winning the war only after they became tolerant of “others” and inclusive. Perhaps we need to learn a lesson from that.


  4. @Discard

    Thanks for your kind words.

    I didn’t know that The Last Ditch was ever printed on paper. How long ago was that? If it was the 1990s, they must have been reprinting my Chronicles articles.

    Although I clearly live in the ether these days, I do sorely miss paper. It gives an impression of substance. That impression may be illusory, but a world in which everything seems ephemeral is not a good thing.

  5. Nicholas Stix: It was the mid-90s, printed on brownish yellow construction paper. It made a real impression on me, gave me some new ways to think about things. “Red Guards and Dark Suits” is what I recall in particular.
    I will never trust computers. Did you read about the people who make those electronic books, Kendall, deleting Fahrenheit 451, I believe it was, from every one of their machines, because of a copyright issue? If they can do that, they must have the technical ability to delete or change any part of the text they wish to. Nope, I’ll sit back with my hardbound copy of “American Jews in World War Two: 550,000 Fighters for Freedom”. You probably won’t find that on your Kendall, or even in your public library.

  6. Accusation: “That’s racist … sexist … homophobic … Antisemitic ….”

    Response: “The TRUTH is racist … sexist … homophobic … Antisemitic …”

    Then go on the attack with the facts. The color of crime. The lack of proportionate representation in government, education, entertainment, and the media. What an odd and interesting paradox it is that the one racial-ethnic group who has made its life mission to dedicate itself to racial justice and forced equality not only is extremely disproportionately represented at all levels of power and influence, but seems to keep getting more prosperous and powerful while the poor, oppressed Negros and Mestizos remain poverty-stricken and miserable AND the Whites are dispossessed of property and wealth.

    Accusation: “You’re a racist!”

    Clarification: “I’m a realist!”

    Accusation: “You’re a racist!”

    Confrontational: “So, what if I am?”


    Accusation: “You’re a racist!”

    Sarcastic dismissal: “WHAT ever!”

    It lets them know you are on to their game and will not be distracted.

    IN COLLEGE CLASS: How to lecture the class on the bigotry of low expectations:

    Student: “This is supposed to be an English class, yet I notice I am reading works by Amerinds, Chicanas, Negros, Asians. Why aren’t we covering any literature written by English men; the very men who invented the genre?

    Professor: “We don’t want to cover old, dead White men!”

    Student: “What’s wrong (or) what is your problem with Whites?”

    As an older, non-traditional student, I love doing this in front of the young students, because it puts the professor on the spot. I always ask them to explain their position in the most blunt, accusatory manner I can. It makes them squirm like dogs.

    Professor (in lame excuse mode): “Well, we just want to give poor, unknown writers some exposure. The list of published authors are filled with White men.”

    Student: “Excuse me, but who the hell do you think invented the term, “starving (artist, writer)? It was White men! The men who became classical authors were the exceptions to thousands of aspiring White male authors and they were published strictly by merit. Either a writer is good or they aren’t, it has nothing to do with skin color and to give attention to some undeserving Non-White is demeaning to any aspiring Non-White writer who is talented enough to merit the acclaim s/he gets!”


    Accusation: “You dislike me/my actions just because I’m Black … Mexican … Jewish!”

    Answer: “No. This is strictly PERSONAL!”

    This actually happened to me during a confrontation with a black female coworker when I was young. She was such an irritant that, if the truth be known, NO one liked her, not even her own people, and she tried for racial solidarity against me. Needless they were all holding their breaths waiting for me to go off, probably anticipating that I would use a racial slur. I was so ticked off at her that I snapped this response without thinking. The thunderstruck expression on her face not to mention the interested looks her co-racialists among our coworkers was priceless to behold. I then detailed every nasty stunt I had witnessed her pulling on people. Her passive aggressive remarks designed to put people on the defensive around her, etc. I told her if she disliked humanity that much, she should keep her own company and leave the rest of us the hell alone. I told her she better clean up her act or one day someone was going to hurt her. Oddly enough, it was my black coworkers (not the white ones) who privately warned me that she started carrying a razor to work. I told them that if she took it out around me, she better be prepared to use it, because if I had to take it from her I would skin her alive. She quit a couple of days later. Evidently, NO one was sorry to go, because I didn’t get any negative blowback from her co-racialists.

    Hitler once told his troops where the French were concerned that they should probe with steel and withdraw if they met steel, but if they met no resistance to keep on probing. That is what Non-Whites are doing to White people. They back down very quick if a sharp-tongued White looks them coldly in the eye and refuses to back down themselves. On some level, they know they are pressing their luck with us and that the day is inevitable that they will draw back a bloody stump. They just want to get away with what they can while they can. Let them know by your actions and attitude that this day they so dread is approaching much quicker than they think it is.

    The main thing is to refuse to be put on the defensive and stick to your guns. Don’t complain, don’t explain. Just attack, attack, attack. Refuse to be silenced or cowed.

  7. “The main thing is to refuse to be put on the defensive and stick to your guns. Don’t complain, don’t explain. Just attack, attack, attack. Refuse to be silenced or cowed.”

    Amen to that.

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