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D.R.E.A.M. Act Protester

It is time to give credit where credit is due: leftists, negroes, and illegal aliens have admirable qualities that are in short supply in White Nationalist circles.

In Washington this week, militant illegal aliens pushing for the D.R.E.A.M. Act staged sit ins at the Senate Hart Office Building. Those charged with disorderly conduct could face deportation from the United States.

The illegal aliens are now sharing their full names and legal status with anyone who asks. Renata Teodoro, an illegal alien from Brazil, told reporters, “I’m not going to lie and say that I’m not afraid of someone coming in and trying to arrest me, but I can’t let that fear take over my life.”

From across the political spectrum, I can’t help but admire Mrs. Teodoro. She has the courage of her convictions. In the real world, Teodoro stands up for her beliefs (even if they are crazy), and is willing to face the consequences in doing so. This young woman has admirable character traits like courage and integrity that some of us lack.

I am constantly reminded that Jeffrey Imm of R.E.A.L. is willing to take to the streets in Washington to promote his delusional worldview. Hardly a week goes by in which he is not up to something: protesting Sudan, Nigeria, China, Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, etc. On any given day, it could be Islamofascism, Islamophobia, women’s rights, or racism.

Red Jeffrey is an activist machine. He isn’t content to talk about his insane beliefs on the internet. He follows up his words with action in the real world. As Jared Taylor found out, when properly motivated, a single determined individual can do us a lot of harm.

Look at the NAACP. After throwing Shirley Sherrod to the wolves yesterday, they have since retracted their denunciation and have gone on the offensive. They continue to attack the Tea Party and accuse its members of “racism.”

Sarah Palin: I'm Proud of My Mongrelized Family.

In response to the NAACP, the National Tea Party Federation expelled Mark Williams over an “offensive” blog post. Sarah Palin went on Facebook and crowed about how she is married to an Alaskan native, how “all decent Americans abhor racism,” and how the Tea Party represents our “proud and diverse” nation.

There is even going to be a “Uni-Tea Convention” which will celebrate the “diversity” of the Tea Party. This comes in the wake of the Tea Party supporting non-White candidates like Nikki Haley and Tim Scott in South Carolina and cooing about how “non-racist” and “progressive” they are after their nomination.

Weak and pathetic.

Paul Babeu, the Pinal County Sheriff who made headlines for calling attention to the fact that illegal aliens were occupying parts of Arizona, recently appeared on The Political Cesspool. A foolish mistake for an aspiring politician.

The SPLC and Media Matters jumped on Babeu. Now he is “saying he is sorry” for appearing on a radio show “tied to a hate group.” His spine has collapsed into a puddle of ooze in a public spectacle.

The above are all recent examples that illustrate why leftists are winners: all a leftist has to do to win is snap a photo, call someone a nasty name on the internet, and make a few phone calls.

That’s the modern version of the rack.

White Nationalists are terrified that “someone might find out” who they are in real life. That’s why there are gazillion of these fake names on the internet. It is why there are hundreds of thousands of White Nationalists in cyberspace, but the actual number of veteran activists in the movement couldn’t fill a hotel ballroom.

It gets even worse. Because no one in the White Nationalist movement can be associated with anyone else, even when everyone knows everyone else involved, I know of cases where people have accumulated up to four or five fake identities. Talk about letting fear take over your life.

I can’t exaggerate the magnitude of this problem.

I don’t see any way around this obstacle either. I have come to realize that it is possible to inform, educate, persuade, and entertain people, but motivating them to take direct action in the real world is almost impossible.

Most White Nationalists assume that informing and educating our audience is sufficient to solve our racial problems. If only Americans knew how awful the Jews are, how White people are getting screwed over, or we could expose them to the right book or abstract idea, then certainly they will take action to do something about it.

In reality, that is rarely the case. There are already tens of thousands of White Nationalists who know about the Jewish Question but who don’t feel inclined to do anything  about it at all. If only 50 people are willing to act (usually the crazy ones like James von Brunn), what good is achieving 500k unique visitors a month on the White Entertainment Channel?

Is that what we are doing? Entertaining ourselves? Passing the time? If we are entertaining ourselves, unable to commit to change in the real world, are we just wasting our time?

Note: The news cycle has me in a dark mood. Perhaps my optimism will return tomorrow.

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  1. I would never have heard of Sherriff Babeu, if it hadn’t been for Eddie Miller and the Political Cesspool.

    That’s the whole problem. A guy who is strong in a region or a State, finds that these Jew groups monitor White speech on the internet. Then he finds himself being attacked by forces that he does not know, or have knowledge of, for his speech. Speech that would not have been attacked on his own turf.

    I would guess Babeu is of French ancestry? Anyone know?

  2. “From across the political spectrum, I can’t help but admire Mrs. Teodoro. She has the courage of her convictions. In the real world, Teodoro stands up for her beliefs (even if they are crazy), and is willing to face the consequences in doing so. This young woman has admirable character traits like courage and integrity that some of us lack.”

    Eh, maybe. At least she knows that there are large segments of the System behind her, something white nationalists don’t have. Further, it is entirely possible that she doesn’t really care if she is deported back to Brazil. She probably has family and friends there, and perhaps the Kwa isn’t all it was cracked up to be.

    “I am constantly reminded that Jeffrey Imm of R.E.A.L. is willing to take to the streets in Washington to promote his delusional worldview.”

    Wow, really impressive. That piece of garbage has the System backing him and his policies. He’s nothing more than a greasy, dirty extension of the System. No bravery to speak of required. Again, white nationalists are in an entirely different situation. Giving kudos to him while disparaging white nationalists is a joke.

    “Most White Nationalists assume that informing and educating our audience is sufficient to solve our racial problems.”

    I don’t know why you persist in grossly oversimplifying this. I don’t believe for a minute that most white nationalists consider education alone is sufficient to solve our racial problems. But informing and educating is the stage that we are in at present, and we have serious work to do before we can advance to the next stage. I went into this in considerable detail on the other thread, but you’ve simply ignored the points that I’ve made.

    The bottom line is that you are in massive denial about what stage white nationalism is in, and as a result your expectations and criticisms are unreasonable. The fact is that we are in a certain stage, and certain things have to be accomplished before we can move to the next. I hope this mood passes.

  3. These liberals can take to the streets in massive numbers and White Nationalists turn out in the dozens. It’s scary to think that so many young White kids will march for causes that are detrimental to their future. What’s happened to the far right in this country? Have they been completely co-opted or neutered?

  4. I think he does have a point about getting out there PROUDLY and taking the MORAL HIGH GROUND and sticking by your principles. We DEFINITELY need more of that. Once people see us out there doing these things, STANDING UPRIGHT FOR WHAT WE BELIEVE, then they will feel safer following and doing likewise. That is the only way we can get started here.

    I am the absolute epitome of the “abstract-idea” guy. I wrote a book on it — showing how UNEQUIVOCALLY we have the moral high ground according to the principles written into the universe. Before that, I was worried people might find out what I thought, but not any more. I know what it is like to want to hide your identity.

    Later I realized I was worried ONLY because I had learned so much and the people of our country are so ignorant about these things, that I did not want to endure the onslaught and name-calling to come. I would be vulnerable because I KNEW TOO MUCH. I could not possibly give people the education I had received over the last 15 years when they came at me with charges of “racism”. It is like someone calling you an A-hole… while you are a leper… how do you argue rationally with an epithet? And how do you get someone to stay near you long enough to do so when they are deathly afraid of CATCHING your disease?

    Bottom line– it is all about political power, playground name-calling, and immense and willful ignorance. This has happened MANY times in the past. Look at what the Christians did — fed to the lions at one point, but later rulers of the entire western world. Hope springs eternal. We need abstract principles, and also the will to stand up and stick by them.

    That is why I use my real name here, and why I went to protest illegal immigration (and was arrested for it for basically no reason other than I was un-PC and ALONE!). Stand up people!

  5. Also, Teodoro and us is apples and oranges. Teodoro is designed to appeal to the cornucopian, deeply hypnotized consumer of media products such as “The View.” “Oh, the poor girl who just wants to get ahead with the American dream, boo hoo.”

    We aren’t competing for that audience. Our context is way different, and getting mass media attention is not necessarily our goal. I remember when I thought it was, and got plenty of it. But then we realized that this thing is bigger than “15 minutes of fame,” and the mass media is quickly becoming irrelevant anyway.

    Our audience is the overtaxed and imposed upon White middle class. They are chomping at the bit against the taxes and impositions of affirmative action, diversity and Third World immigration leading to ethnic replacement.

    This problem isn’t going away. The Tea Parties may or may not last, but the demographic that shows up for Tea Party protests, and their grievance, is here to stay.

    Get to know them, and let them say their narrative. Let them “sing thier song of grievance,” and sing that song back to them. Don’t sing your song. Repeat back theirs to them.

    Get to know the local Tea Partiers and find out what their immediate problems are, and try to organize them based on solving thier immediate problems. The same problems (financial) recur over and over, and Americans have these problems because our the expense of living in the American infrastructure has massively outpaced growth in wages.

    Some solutions — car sharing, and subdividing suburban houses into multi-family, and starting local businesses that serve immediate needs such as food production and house repair. I told a friend he should get a job as an apartment maintenance man because you learn all the little things about fixing living quarteres such as basic plumbing, replacing or repairing a sink, changing out carpets, fixing a door or molding in a door frame, or a screen or a window. Real basic shit, but people need it and will pay for it. Same goes for stuff like keeping computers running, and using a Blackberry type cell phone. It might be real basic, but if you know it and others don’t, they’ll pay you to get it going for them.

    We must proactively redesign our lives to meet the challenges of economic contraction, and help others do the same. I know it sounds like a lot of tedious work, but it’s a hell of a lot more “free” than working in a corporate cubicle, I can tell you that.

    Getting underemployed folks to do car sharing will be a big step. When this new habit is instilled, the culture will be seriously changing. The automobile needs to be seen as a necessary evil for getting to vital engagements, rather than a toy and object of conspicuous consumption. The whole “consumerist hypnotic trance” needs to be smacked out of people, and we need to return to the mentality of the White men in 1900 — practical, serious, pious.

    Matt Parrot has boiled it down to one word, “patriarchy,” and he hit the nail on the head. We have to take back our position in society as patriarchs. Until then, we’ll be ruled by the people who influence women to watch “The View” every day. Under our patriarchy, there will be no time to watch the View. Today’s View viewers will tomorrow be chatting with one another as they run their households. Modern conveniences did not give us the leisure to learn science and fly to the stars; as a whole, people took free time and wasted it on TV watching, sports-tardism and golf.

    We return to “Arbeit Macht Frei” for ourselves. There’s a deep truth about that phrase. I’m not making a joke here. Working for yourself is deeply liberating. Being employed, for independent spirits like myself, is pure torture. Having to carry out the orders of someone you don’t respect, 40 hours a week, 50 weeks a year, for shit money, while you don’t financially advance but instead go backwards? That’s what it’s like for Americans now.

    When you work for yourself, it’s OK to be poor. When you get some business, you are making money, and when you aren’t making money, you are either resting or developing the next niche/project. You are your own person all the time. The biggest risk is not making money. So be poor for a while! Go hungry until your business starts “working!” Then you will have learned how to “hack into society.” And from there, you will be able to lead others in group feeling.

  6. “It doesn’t take courage to protest in favor of what the System wants.

    Our audience is the overtaxed and imposed upon White middle class. They are chomping at the bit against the taxes and impositions of affirmative action, diversity and Third World immigration leading to ethnic replacement.

    This problem isn’t going away. The Tea Parties may or may not last, but the demographic that shows up for Tea Party protests, and their grievance, is here to stay.”

    That’s the flip side. In the USA, there are two deeply entrenched forces – a European-descended White American People (with inclinations toward Patriarchy), and an Anti-White Gramscian State (with inclinations toward Cultural Marxism).

    Note that while the Cultural Marxists have thoroughly infiltrated the “gravy train” of high-paying parasite job, the Whites have thoroughly dominated vital skills such as front-line soldiering – and, for the moment, the Whites are a large demographic group (although the lack of healthy White children is a problem).

    It takes no courage to make a public nuisance of oneself on behalf of Cultural Marxism. But the flip side is, it takes no training to feel nostalgia for Norman Rockwell, the patriarchal family, and the civilization built by Whites.

    Whiteness comes naturally to Whites, whereas Cultural Marxism is so unnatural that humans have to be twisted and brain-washed for years in order to succumb to it.

    Unfortunately, the Gramscians have had decades to march through the institutions. However, the looters have clearly injured the nation (as happened before, in many other countries that became empires, e.g. Spain, England, etc.).

    Note the report on public anger at the power elite at:

    History doesn’t repeat itself, but it rhymes.

  7. “I have come to realize that it is possible to inform, educate, persuade, and entertain people, but motivating them to take direct action in the real world is almost impossible.”

    People need actionable, specific solutions to the many problems in their daily lives. There are millions of awakened whites ready to do something, if only they knew what. But just about the only thing WN websites do is deliver bad news and discuss grandiose theories about what “we” should do.

  8. Dear Hunter,

    You too are falling for a primary trap of the Left, one made abundantly clear by Prof. Macdonald: “holding Whites to their own (impossibly high) standards” and using the pseudohypocrisy as a cudgel against them.

    Do not let the good be the enemy of the perfect. For every Renata Teodoro there are tens of millions of anonymous Leftists that maintain a subrosa position.

    In my case, my nom de Net is not that difficult to crack. I use to to keep the most violent and unhinged crazies from harassing me. Any serious inquirer or government goon could discover the “real” me in a few minutes of Googling.

    But there is a more serious point to be made. Let me tell you what it’s important.

    In the early 1990s I was a student columnist at a major US land grant university. I wrote a column for the campus daily and later edited/published an off-campus tabloid with a non-political, which is to say “normal” attitude toward campus life and the craziness of the student activists. Naturally, we were a home for people and organizations shunned or vilified by the administration and its lackeys.

    This made us a target of the campus Lesbians and their Black allies.

    I and my staff faced numerous false police charges, death threats, bomb threats, acts of vandalism and thievery, deliberately lowered grades in classes taught by fellow travelers, libel and slander across campus, ostracism, and the occassional (but ill-advised) act of violence toward our persons which, being 20-something “returning adults” was simply met with muscle power.

    We faced the same coordinated attacks from seemingly every “respectable” university and institution, later discovered to have been coordinated using early Internet newsgroups, but which appeared to be authentic and legitimate “grass roots” opposition to our “hate”.

    We persisted in this for several years and eventually prevailed against the Women’s Studies Department but at what cost?

    Most of us took to heavy drinking which caused even worse grades and often a forced drop-out; the lack of community support pushed many away altogether; most of us gained a ton of weight from the drinking and unhealthy “bunker” mentality as we were forced from polite campus society. Our social lives were destroyed – we couldn’t even trust the few dates we had were not actually secret spies sent to get dirt on us (one of my successors was falsely charged with rape).

    I had no doubt those people arrayed against us would not hesitate to resort to murder if they thought they could get away with it.

    Fast forward twenty years.

    Most of us still suffer the emotional scars. Our lives were changed unalterably and most of us continue to fight our fight if for no other reason than that we were denied entrance to our intended lives, so we are left here.

    Now, we have student loans, mortgages and lives that depend on us — gained AFTER we dedicated years and years to get our lives on track after the academic and emotional savaging we underwent in our (naive) twenties.

    Would you have us commit suicide a second time?

    Don’t hold your breath waiting for it.

    Having said that, I remain too outspoken for my own good socially and professionally. I was once chewed out by an executive vice president of IBM SIX LEVELS OVER ME for saying I would not buy computers from Lenovo’s Communist Chinese owners after their acquisition of the IBM personal computer line. SIX LEVELS. I left the company within a few months as my career was dead. That act of integrity alone cost me several hundred thousand dollars in lost income and reputation (not to mention gray hairs and sleepless nights).

    Everyone that knows me knows where I stand on these and related issues. I make no secret and often I am a “one note samba” and considered a boor to be avoided at all costs because of it.

    Still, people hear my message and I am happy to pay that price. Further, should the time come, I am ready, willing and able to do more up to “whatever it takes”.

    But if you think I’m going to piss away the safety and well-being of my very young children so that I can beat my chest to prove I’m no yellow-bellied pussy, you’re crazy.

    I paid my dues. More so than most soldiers (and I know my share of war veterans past and present).

    It’s easy to shoot off when you have nothing to lose, not so easy when you have everything to lose. People will only risk as much when there is no other choice, as Celente is fond of saying.

    Your job is to spread the knowledge that tilts the cost-benefit ratio toward our own people, to build the networks and institutions necessary to support the masses when the tipping-point is reached.

    But what you advocate today is a reckless as charging a tank battalion with a bayonet. Much better to bide your time until the odds are at least less-than-suicidal.

  9. A lot of this Dream Act activism is nothing more than plain & simple Roman Catholic bullshit.

    The Italian Roman Catholics got away with a lot of organized criminal activity in the United States because they didn’t bother, or involve White Protestants with their various rackets.

    These Central & South American Roman Catholics, may just provoke a reaction that causes all Roman Catholics feel some serious pain.

  10. @Kievsky: You’re right about self-employment. It is the key. I struggle with my business during these hard times. but it has become a creative game. Every day is a new adventure. Where is the next job? How can I move forward? What other opportunity can I find and develop? Self-employed people have to become creative and self-reliant. These qualities help to develop self-confidence. Young whites should seriously look at developing their own independent businesses instead of going to college and becoming indebted.

  11. Joe of the Mountain,

    Great post! We need to correspond. Read John Walters post above. It’s a good elucidation of our strengths (yes we have some strengths).

    At your college, you were attacking the enemy where he is strong. We need to find where they are weak and attack there.

    I think we need to become entrenched in our own localities, economically and socially, and systematize how to do this entrenchment, and replicate this system to other WN’s.

  12. Oh woe is us, we do not have a lifeline to Uncle Sugar. Our first priority is to survive, next is to thrive and evolve (in whatever way).

    Honestly like Brando’s character in “The Island of Dr. Moreu” the anti-whites have failed, Mr. Darky is not a white person with dark skin, Detroit is not Rockwell’s America it is gentile/jew/obama leftist reality that no decent white person wants to emulate, they have failed.

    When we shriek our powerlessness we fail as revolutionaries in that those that might support us see us as weak and the anti-whites as all powerful, so they aquiese and then we get Hunter’s written apoplectic posts.

    Let us get back on message the anti-white ruling class has failed, everything is their fault, and reclaiming a legitimate racial heritage is our right and duty.

  13. Hunter is still young with a desire for action and immediate expectations, and visible results. This is quite good and normal, the mark of healthy, youthful exuberance, in fact. He will mellow as time passes and he fully grasps that this (the demise of Anglo/White America) is an historical process that has to run its course. Nothing will happen before it’s time, though it can be advanced, enhanced or altered through education and activism. That is the purpose of building infrastructure and cadre. The White man’s day is coming, do prepare for it as Kievsky, Romer, Trainspotter and others advise. Above all, despite the odds, never abandon hope.

  14. There’s a lot of truth here — many leftists are willing to take risks that “radical” WN’s are not. The Internet Commandos are really starting to piss me off. However, leftists also have a huge advantage in that they are able to openly organize without universal moral condemnation.

    If I decided, tomorrow, that I was a Communist, no one would really care. People might argue with me occasionally, but I could blow them off with a joke or something and people would eventually just dismiss it as a harmless eccentricity. My social life would not change. Communism killed far more people than Nazism, but, again, as we all know, there’s no moral stigma attached to it.

    However, if you broached the topic of, say, racial differences in IQ at work, it’s true you could get fired, but more importantly, people who you think are your friends would refuse to be associated with you. Some of this is due to actual moral indignation, some of it is due to fear. The point is, the social stigma attached to these ideas is a much bigger factor than economic retaliation.

    It’s brave that these illegal students are willing to be deported — but they also have a huge support network. It’s like the “bravery” of that lesbian student that ruined the prom in Mississippi — sure, she probably pissed off some classmates, but she also became a national media hero, received tens of thousands of dollars, and whatever small support network did exist in her community ran to her defense.

    Also, very few WN’s are WN’s for a living. Leftists, in contrast, have a huge number of foundations or institutions that essentially pay them to be activists. That factor can not be overemphasized in my opinion.

    Joeofthemountain’s story rings very true. Even a College Republican puts up with more oppression, violence, and fanatical opposition in a semester than many supposedly militant leftists could handle in their entire lives. More importantly, they have no support network, whereas extreme leftists can openly organize, book venues, and create a support system for their activists.

    White nationalists, in many ways, still have a way out — keep your head down, read your books, keep your views quiet, move away from the minorities, make money, and live a comfortable life. After enough internet exposes, phone calls to your boss trying to get you fired, infiltration operations, and scorn from even your own family for your efforts, that starts to look pretty good.

    When you look at a guy like Jeffrey Imm, what is remarkable is how he so perfectly exemplifies establishment opinion on every issue. What’s amazing is not that he gets out there — what’s amazing is how few people are with him, even though he literally has everything on his side. Same with the antifa — they are pushing on an open door. They have every advantage. They have the state, the media, and the money on their side. And yet, when all is said and done, there’s not that many of them and they are pretty piss poor specimens.

    Do we need to step it up? Yes, obviously. Is the core issue character? Absolutely. And of course, there are many weaklings, weirdos, hobbyists, and Internet Commandos in WN. But I don’t think it’s as simple as saying “our people just don’t have enough guts or committment.” It’s more complicated than that.

    Nor is it a question of wanting more “normal people” in WN. Look at many of the early Nazis (like Ernst Rohm). The American WN’s are positively boring compared to some of these nutcases. Despite their failings though, they got out there, they worked, they overcame their own faults, and they won. And how many of us — be honest now — are truly “normal” or don’t have some eccentricity or fault that would make us look bad if we were examined under a microscope?

    When I look at the advantages the radical Left has, what amazes me is how weak they are and how few of them there are.

    We need more courage, true. However, we also need to be writing more about practical things we can do right now. Many people on this site would take a bullet for the cause — I have no doubt. What we don’t have is enough guys who will do all the boring petty stuff needed to build a movement — donate and raise money, knock on doors, show up to meetings, etc, etc. Let’s start talking about and doing more of that stuff, and I think a lot of the other things we need will follow.

  15. The main difference is that illegal aliens have the support of:

    100% of the population of their native lands,
    100% of American elites,
    100% of all globalists,
    100% of multi-national corporations,
    100% of the obama administration,
    100% of mainstream American media,
    99% of Hollywood,
    99% of democrats,
    95% of non-mainstream American media,
    95% of America’s religious leaders,
    95% of American educators,
    95% of the American construction industry,
    90% of American liberals,
    80% of American landscaping businesses,
    51% of American government outside the obama administration,
    25% of republicans, libertarians, and other persuasions, and
    20-25% of other white Americans (which may or may not include the above)

    Did I forget any?

    Take the white nationalists/race realists who have the support of:

    100% of other white nationalists/race realists

    I call that a very uneven playing field! I believe it is 100% of the consequences (be they financial or judicial) that stop us from speaking and acting out. Can you really find fault when we remain silent?

  16. The fact is, White Nationalists won’t step it up.

    The only way to break these taboos is through direct action in the real world, as we saw when blacks overthrew the much stronger entrenched racial etiquette of Jim Crow, but that involves taking risks that White Nationalists refuse to take.

    If we write more and market our writing better, I have no doubt that more people will come to this website and read what we have to say. More people will be convinced that we are right.

    The end result will be more people chatting in cyberspace about how awful and degenerate America has become. It is like having more people watch your television channel on the La-Z-Boy from the comfort of their home.

    Like I said above, I have no doubt that we can change peoples views. We can get them to change their ideology. All that involves is replacing one set of ideas with another.

    You can’t get them to change their character though. You can’t alter their behavior in any real fundamental way.

    There isn’t going to come a point in time when White Nationalists collectively decide they are not afraid of the leftist anymore with the camera who calls them the nasty name on the internet.

  17. “Further, it is entirely possible that she doesn’t really care if she is deported back to Brazil.”

    Remember that scene from the Cheech and Chong movies where “La Migra” and one of Cheech’s cousins didn’t bother to run because he wanted to go back to Mexico but didn’t have the money for a bus ticket?

  18. Noob/outsider opinion:

    So long as non-white ethnic advocacy groups like the NAACP are seen as “empowering” and “vehicles for social justice”, while pan-European ethnic advocacy groups are seen as “hateful” and “bigoted” in the court of popular public opinion, then your cause will likely continue to experience significant difficulty getting a fair shake in the broader marketplace of ideas.

    Have any European advocacy groups attempted or achieved success in utilizing the existing politically correct multicultural infrastructure to gain popular support?

    One would think that putative “pro-freedom” organizations like the ACLU would have no valid reason not to support the inclusion of pro-European groups at any table where the NAACP, NCLR, AIM, etc are seated.

    I can imagine that even a treacly huggy-bear type of pro-Euro organization which can get national exposure and support, though it falls well short of your overall goals, might serve a very valuable purpose over the long term by un-poisoning the discourse. Haven’t many of the odious social movements which are popular today utilized a similar type of “thought wedge” to gain legitimacy?

  19. Joe of the Mountain, fantastic post. My hat is off to you.

    As I’ve been hammering away on, every revolution goes through stages. We are in a particular stage right now, and until we do what is necessary to complete this stage, we won’t be able to move to the next one.

    As things stand today, it’s all about developing a consensus and creating a compelling vision, and then spreading those ideas as far as we can. Only recently has white nationalism come to a rough consensus on the ethnostate, but even there we don’t agree on where it should be, how to get there, what it should look like. We haven’t even answered some very fundamental questions, such as should we reject America entirely and create something fresh and different (a la Covington’s Northwest “We don’t want to be Americans anymore” Republic), or whether we should position ourselves as the real Americans, the true heirs. Do we reclaim the mantle, or smash it? We are also very divided between “take it all back” (or at least most of it), or simply try for a sliver somewhere.

    This of course completely ignores the deeper questions of worldview, which we are also divided upon.

    As a movement, we simply don’t have a clear sense of where we are going, much less how to get there. It is our job, at this present stage, to change that. Until we do, it’s ridiculous to expect people to sign up in large numbers, when the System is ready and waiting to make an example out of them. We need to develop a true revolutionary spirit before we can expect momentum. This stage is all about creating that compelling vision, that spirit.

    Maligned though it may be, the internet is an incredible tool. Does anybody seriously think that we are using it to its full potential? Here we have an incredibly cheap and efficient medium for spreading ideas, and we’ve perhaps achieved about one percent of what is possible. Hunter used to talk about just this sort of thing.

    Again, we must complete the current stage before we can move to the next one. The tools are there, waiting for our use.

    I admire Hunter for his attempts to get people together in real life, and understand his frustration that many are hesitant to do this. I still maintain that the stage that we are in is fundamentally about the development of a compelling vision and the spread of ideas, and that the internet is the most accessible medium for doing this. Everyone must contribute in the way they see fit, of course, but as for me, I think at the present time I can do more good by writing than by having a beer somewhere.

    Having said that, I understand the value of meeting people. I’m fortunate in that I know a fair number of WN and strong sympathizers in my private life. One I speak to often, and it’s an important outlet. There is value in real human to human contact. I recommend it. There are definitely some posters here that I would like to meet. No need to mention names (though some have posted on this very thread), but I feel a real sense of comradeship with them, and it is heartening to know that they are out there, spread across the Occident. Keyboard commandos or not, we are brothers and comrades.

    Unfortunately, white nationalism is infiltrated like a mofo. We know this, and it is not paranoid to acknowledge it. Since my interest currently runs more to the spreading of ideas than the creation of a real life network, I haven’t given a great deal of thought as to what the solution might be.

    It may be, at this particular point in time, that there is a need for some sort of non-threatening cultural entity that doesn’t have a particular political purpose. The point would just be for racially conscious people to get to know one another and form relationships, not to discuss politics per se. Perhaps it should be explicitly non-political, just cultural and social. It can morph into something later when the time comes. Maybe that could work. I’ve made no secret of my belief that there is no peaceful way out of this mess, but that sort of speculation should have no place in a non-threatening white network.

    Though it seems somewhat contradictory, perhaps a dual approach is called for. The development and spread of a radical and revolutionary white nationalism on the one hand, mostly online, and a non-political cultural/social network on the other to start developing the real world contacts and networks. The real life network could be neutered but fun, the online propaganda powerful, cutting and compelling. Of course, it won’t remain that way. If we do what we are supposed to, we won’t be in the current stage all that much longer. Things will change.

    In any event, I still maintain that the name of the game right now is in the development and spread of ideas. That’s where it’s at, that’s the stage we’re in. Let’s make the most of it.

  20. The Tea Party is dead. All the more radical elements have been removed. No surprise. We saw it going this way for months.

  21. Millirone: “The Tea Party is dead. All the more radical elements have been removed. No surprise. We saw it going this way for months.”

    It sure looks that way. Right now, they are flailing about because they are unable to accept basic facts and racial reality. As many of us saw (and wrote) from the start, the Tea Partiers were on a collision course with the non-whites, despite their protestations to the contrary. Well, they’ve now hit the wall. It doesn’t matter whether they remove the radical elements, the collision course is still baked into the cake.

    Non-whites do well by the System, and don’t want whites to have more liberty and less government intrusion. Non-whites instead want access to white tax money, and are uncomfortable with whites having more liberty. They distrust and despise whites. Why would they want them to be more free? Why would they want non-white hands removed from white wallets?

    Whether the Tea Party continues or not in its current form, and whether the radical elements are removed or not, the radicalization of whites will continue. Precisely as predicted, this has become a racial conflict. No Soviet style “Uni-Tea” parades/charades will change that. It’s laughable that the tards think this will change anything, but that’s where they are at right now.

    This is good for us, either way. Either the Tea Party faces up to facts and radicalizes over time, or it will be displaced by something that is willing to deal with reality – hopefully us, if we do what we need to do. The tards are going to learn, one way or another, that they can spout all the “anti-racist” drivel that they want, and it will avail them of precisely nothing. Good.

    The conflict of interests between races is inherent, not fleeting or transient. Tea Partiers need to learn their lesson – and at least some WILL learn that lesson. Reality is beginning to rub it into their faces.

  22. John: “Remember that scene from the Cheech and Chong movies where “La Migra” and one of Cheech’s cousins didn’t bother to run because he wanted to go back to Mexico but didn’t have the money for a bus ticket?”


  23. Hunter: “Like I said above, I have no doubt that we can change peoples views. We can get them to change their ideology. All that involves is replacing one set of ideas with another.”

    Then let’s work on that, shall we? You’ve done a great job with this website, but you know that there is far more that the broader movement can do to build a vision, win converts, and create a critical mass.

    Hunter: “You can’t get them to change their character though. You can’t alter their behavior in any real fundamental way.”

    This is gross oversimplification again, and frankly it’s getting ridiculous. This charge has been extensively addressed elsewhere, and has been shown to be largely empty. The charge only makes sense if one completely ignores the reality of our situation and the stage that the movement is currently in.

    Hunter: “There isn’t going to come a point in time when White Nationalists collectively decide they are not afraid of the leftist anymore with the camera who calls them the nasty name on the internet.”

    Sure there will. But we need a compelling vision, a critical mass, and a revolutionary spirit. You know perfectly well this can be accomplished, and somewhat admit it in this very post. You can’t put the cart before the horse. You can’t get a driver’s license when you are only 13.

    Even Fate seems to be cooperating, and will almost certainly provide favorable conditions in the coming years. That’s the one thing we can’t control. Everything else we can.

  24. The TPs exist to be martyred, that is it.

    If you want to thin edge of the wedge it go to a TP with a sign that says end government discrimination against whites or something to that effect.

    We are waiting for our Boston Massacre we sons of liberty.

    Everything wrong with America is the ruling class’ fault.

  25. I gave $75 to VDare and $25 to Alternativeright this year and have donated larger amounts to the BNP in previous years. Sums of money which are nothing to brag about, but still money I could ill afford and would gladly have spent on my family. Nonetheless, I consider it well spent and an investment.

    Donating money is a good middle ground between being a fatuous keyboard commando and an on-the-street activist. And it does represent a real commitment and one that many people can more readily achieve.

    My God, for a hundred bucks I can flip the bird to the $PLC and the Establishment. That feels great! One’s sacrifice can also be doled out one dollar at a time and fine tuned to the organizations one finds congenial to one’s own political point of view.

  26. Most people do not want to be part of a group calling itself “white nationalist”. What is that anyways? That is a terrible term. Just call yourself whatever ethnic group you are. For this website, it usually one of the European ethnic/tribal groups. That is how people all over the world describe themselves- by their ethnicity. Just form groups based on your ethnicity, whether that be Germanic, Celtic, Slavic, or a broader European American group.

  27. The biggest problem Whites have is the moral high ground. They must always feel noble and altruistic, to not do so is very damaging to their ego. The most opposition they can muster is trying to accuse non-Whites of racism, as was done recently with Sherrod, but that is continuing to play the Jew’s game.

    For those who have nothing to lose or are mentally ill it’s easy to throw themselves into harm’s way. In fact a lot of them are probably sociopathic and enjoy it.

    These non-White criminals coming from the third world have a better life in the West even under threat of our law enforcement. For them it’s a 100% gain.

    The Tea Party is dead.

    Anything that works within the current system and defends it can never lead us to our goals. However it possibly can awaken some people who will go on to grow beyond it and create/join a real organization that will.

  28. Phil,
    We shouldn’t reject our White American identity because people are bothered by the idea that we may assert our identity. Embracing our parochial and typically forgotten and fractional European ancestral identities is a harmless distraction, a politically correct reason to get drunk and both figuratively and literally piss yourself when faced with the question of identity and nationality.

  29. It’s entirely our fault and our problem as the primordial vanguard that the White American folk are not rallying in support of our message. Our challenge is that of persuasion, of romancing the crowd. To throw a tantrum at them for failing to follow us is akin to throwing a tantrum at women for failing to f*** us. The best that somebody who stomps his feet and bemoans his lack of a following can hope for is a half-hearted pity-following.

  30. “It doesn’t take courage to protest in favor of what the System wants.”

    Great line.

    In fairness we have to acknowledge that if white nationalists attempted to stage acts of civil disobedience, they would likely be treated far more harshly than leftists are and would not have the same network of well funded, powerful groups like the the ACLU paying their legal bills and providing other support.

    Can we do away with Tom Watson and his nonsense once and for all? I’m begging. Having trolls like him around adds an air of buffoonery to any discussion.

  31. Race is an extended family. White Race and White Nationalism could be replaced with White Family.

    Family values = White Family Values.

    “Time to come home. Time to rejoin your family. . . our family.” And so on

    So far, marketing has been terrible. From a marketing standpoint “no jews, just right” rates F-. What’z as newbie to think when they see that?

  32. Matt,

    There is no such thing as “white identity”. When the european peoples moved to the USA, their ethnicity and/or race doesn’t change. When Germans moved to the USA, their ethnicity and race wasn’t changed. They are still Germanic causcasian people. The term “white” came from British Americans who had lost their ethnic identity of being Celtic or Germanic people. Look at modern day England. Most of the native English people are of Celtic ancestry, with a Germanic upper class. But most of those English people have no sense of that ethnic identity. Those native English people call themselves “white”, and thus find it difficult to find a reason as to why they should defend their own “white culture”. Because there is no such ethnic group as “white”. Calling themselves “white” doesn’t evoke the rich cultural history- the ethnic, racial, legal, language, dress, architecture, literture of a specific ethnic group.

    When Europeans embraced their different ethnic identities, that is when Europe was strong. When European tribes or societies had a strong ethnic identity, mass immigration/invasion was absolutey unthinkable.

  33. I can persuade all sorts of people to become White Nationalists. That isn’t the problem. There are already thousands of White Nationalists in America. What percentage of White Nationalists do anything beyond post anonymous comments in cyberspace?

    The problem is not anything we are doing. It’s not because of Hunter Wallace that X doesn’t show up at Y event. It is because X thinks that by attending Y event that crazy leftist Z will take a photo, call them a name on the internet, and make a phone call to their employer.

    If this system of social shaming and employment discrimination were not in place, there would be tons of people showing up at our events.

    That’s the problem. There is no argument I can make or essay that I can write that will change this. There is no book anyone can read or idea they can be exposed to that will change this calculation. It is out of my hands.

    Looking five years down the road, I don’t see this changing. I can’t imagine a scenario in which White Nationalists cease to be afraid of social shaming and employment discrimination. They are afraid that someone will take their photo, find out their real name, and that there will be social and economic consequences.

    We’re losing ground every day. Five years from now, it will only be harder to speak out against the status quo. Ten years from now, it will be harder still.

    Perhaps it is “defeatist” to say this, but I am starting to feel like I am throwing around a ball in the 5th Quarter in an empty stadium. Maybe I should just accept that we have lost.

    Now, the comeback from this is that we have to “move in stages,” and that we are in an “early stage,” and that we are not ready for the “next stage.” The argument is that once we have “momentum” then people will come out of the woodwork.

    Of course they will – if someone else does all the hard work, if someone else makes it easy to voice their opinions in public, if the actions of others sweep away all the consequences of standing up for racialist views, if someone else suffers all the consequences when it is hard.

    Isn’t that convenient?

    A lot is riding on this “what if” scenario. It rests on the assumption that character is not a serious problem. In Alabama, 150,000 people will turn out for the spring college football games, but not 500 will turn out to protest illegal immigration, which is well within the political mainstream.

    That’s a damning fact.

    White Americans don’t have the character to save themselves. Even the White Americans who want to save themselves, who have already identified the problem and know the solution, won’t act to bring that result about.

    It’s not that they can’t win. It’s that they won’t even try.

  34. It’s not because of Hunter Wallace that X doesn’t show up at Y event.

    Yes. That is your fault. You are failing to achieve your goal. So am I. So is the CofCC. So is A3P. So is everybody else in the movement. Take ownership of it and stop blaming our people. If the struggle is worth dedicating your life to, then you shouldn’t consider the odds.

  35. Matt,

    If you ask our people why they don’t join these organizations, it is not because they don’t like the people involved. Everyone likes Kevin MacDonald. Everyone likes James Edwards. There are even some people who like me! Hard as that is to believe.

    I count some of these people among my best friends, some of whom live and breathe White Nationalism on a daily basis, but they won’t join the CofCC or attend public White Nationalist rallies because people like Jeffrey Imm hold some pretty important cards. They can take a photo, call their employer, out their real identity, etc.

    What can I do about that? Nothing at all.

    I can’t change the fact the people who speak out on our side face employment discrimination and social ostracism. That’s the system we live under. Rational people assess the risk of speaking out in light of their social and economic circumstances. They choose not to join, not because of you or I, but because of the consequences.

    You could create the perfect organization. You could write the most brilliant book or essay. Lord knows you have tried. We all have.

    In the end, that’s not enough.

    I can’t take ownership of the character of others. In politics, the most you can hope for is to influence people. The only life you have full control over is your own.

    One man can’t take down the “ZOG.” Neither can five or one hundred.

    Note: Keep in mind that we are talking only about the people who do care. The vast majority of White Americans don’t care about their impending racial demise.

  36. Hey ‘Trainspotter,’ or should I say Robert Lindsey, when did you become a WN?

  37. Hunter,

    Very few people are willing to charge out of the trench without a coherent vision and strategy. We haven’t come up with one, yet. I know that one single man can inspire White Americans to give up everything and face boggling odds to carve out an ethnostate from scratch. It’s already happened once and it can happen, again.

  38. Matt,

    If I came up with a coherent vision and strategy and posted it tomorrow, it wouldn’t change the fact that pro-Whites would still face social ostracism and employment discrimination.

    I’m not convinced that it would persuade the people who refuse to show up at our events to do so. It certainly wouldn’t convince the millions of Whites who don’t care about their race in the first place. Why should they care that White Nationalists – whom they consider evil extremists – finally have the perfect plan and strategy?

  39. Hunter, it seems a bit odd that you are saying these things. What’s it all in aid of really?

  40. Hunter,

    No. Not perfect plan or strategy. Vision. The mere pursuit of a White ethnostate simply doesn’t inspire people. The idea is necessary but insufficient. I believe that’s outside the scope of Occidental Dissent’s role in this struggle. In my mind, this is a site for outlining strategies, spinning discourse, networking with fellow advocates, and engaging mainstream political discourse. It can’t accomplish the entire thing because it’s not an activist membership organization doing real world organizing and it’s not a place where the spiritual foundation that inspires action is.

    For instance, it would not be appropriate to post a lot of what I post here at my Hoosier Nation site, because that’s geared toward ordinary folks and real world organizing. I’m not being duplicitous, it’s just that OD is a place for strategizing and HN is a place for putting those strategies into action after they’ve been batted back and forth by the highly intelligent folks who post and comment here.

    Above this, you have sites like Counter Currents, places where the spiritual, metaphysical, and esoteric underpinnings of our struggle are hashed out. For me, I’m driven by my LDS beliefs. For others, it’s Christian Identity. For others, it’s paganism. For others, it’s that White Rabbit stuff. We all have our own reasons why we care about our people, reasons that can be intensely personal. My mission is a broad one encompassing far more than merely pursuit of a “white ethnostate”. But that’s a key aspect and OD is the most active and productive bridge between what drives me and the local work of begging people on my contact list to show up at my rallies, send me money, and badger their representatives.

    Vision -> Strategy -> Activism

    My belief is that both the movement in general and you in particular are suffering from a failure of vision. Occidental Dissent is great, but I believe the problem is outside the scope of this project. OD is making some serious progress and reaching a wider and wider audience every month. As soon as true progress is made upstream, we’ll be able to channel that energy productively.

  41. I mildly disagree with both my comrades Matt and Hunter.

    Matt, I don’t think it is a question of having a perfect ideology and strategy. That will never come, and it also changes depending on circumstances. I think action begets action — we need to create a subculture vibrant enough that it is self replicating on a large scale. Our strategies will change as we do things and gain in knowledge, contacts, and experience. The ideology and strategy needs to stay somewhat flexible.

    Re: Hunter, I have three responses —

    One (the weakest reason logically but perhaps the strongest emotionally) we are right, they are wrong, and our duty is clear. Even if I knew we were going to lose, my actions would not change. Whatever people think of my tactics, associations, or actions, successes or failures, literally everything I do is working towards the goal of the White Republic. I might succeed or I might fail, but I literally do not see what else is to be done. Even if I wanted to leave (and sometimes, believe me, I do) I couldn’t. I’m compelled to act.

    Two, we don’t know the future. We have no idea what’s coming. No one in Europe 1913 could predict the Bolshevik Revolution only a few short years later. No one in 1980, when the USSR was at the height of its geopolitical power, would have expected the USSR to fall only a decade or so later. Few would have predicted some Italian guy named Napoleon Bonaparte would be emperor of France by 1800 from the viewpoint of 1780. Historical forces and major changes seem obvious in retrospect, but are mysterious to those in the midst of them. We don’t know what’s coming even in a few years.

    Global economic collapse, nuclear war or accidental launch, large scale terrorism, global pandemics, ethnic strife, natural disasters, revolutionary technological changes like nanotechnology or cloning, and the ever increasing strain of rising global population on limited resources are all real possibilities. All would cause huge changes. Can we at least admit its possible that one of these or something we can’t even predict could arise and radically change our circumstances?

    Three, what we face now isn’t all that different from what every dissident faces. If you preached the destruction of the monarchy in France 1780, you were executed. If you preached bringing it back in France fifteen years later, you were executed. Social dynamics are how orthodoxy is enforced in every society, but it always looks stronger than it actually is. Things that can’t last forever, don’t.

    Don’t get me wrong. I do not think Jesus, Odin, Hitler or all three will come from the sky and guarantee us victory somehow. Nor do I think that zombies will arise and WN’s will somehow win the Road Warrior scenario that results. We might lose. We are REVOLUTIONARIES — it’s not supposed to be easy, or something you do without risk or without paying a price. The odds are against us. So what? So our internet blog hasn’t led to us getting our own country yet — well, what do you expect? We’re fighting an insanely powerful conspiracy against our people — it’s going to be really, really, really hard, and victory is not assured.

    But so what? Objectively, realistically, I think we have a real shot at this and that it is an exciting time to be in this cause. I also do not take it as certain that things will get worse because I don’t take any large scale historical changes like that as certain. I really, truly believe we can win — we can get The White Republic here, now, in our lifetime. So let’s get back to figuring out how.

  42. The only way to break these taboos is through direct action in the real world, as we saw when blacks overthrew the much stronger entrenched racial etiquette of Jim Crow, but that involves taking risks that White Nationalists refuse to take.
    Hunter Wallace

    Those blacks had Jewish money backing them up. Washington D.C. was already on their side.

    If a White Nationalist is jailed who will step up and pay for a good lawyer? What good lawyer would even take the case?

  43. Matt,

    I disagree with the idea that White Nationalism will succeed only when we hit upon the right vision or right strategy.

    Consider: White Nationalism has been around for almost twenty years. The Tea Party is only a little over a year old and is supported by millions of Americans. The Tea Party didn’t need an elaborate ideology, a philosophy to replace liberalism, the perfect message, the perfect book, the perfect organization, vision, or idea to fire people up and get them in the streets.

    Neither does White Nationalism. We have a far keener grasp of the endgame than the incoherent sentiment of “taking our country back.”

    The difference lies in the social and economic consequences of engaging in public advocacy of White Nationalism. A leftist might take a photo, call you a racist, or contact your employer. Sadly, that is sufficient to stifle all resistance.

    Five years from now, I predict nothing will have changed. White Nationalists won’t join organizations for the same reason they refused to join them in 1990, 1995, 2000, 2005, and 2010.

    Until this obstacle is seriously addressed and overcome, the White Nationalist movement will continue to stagnate.

  44. Gregory and Hunter,

    Perhaps I overstated my position. I don’t necessarily believe the vision needs to be singular, epic, or perfect. The barrier Hunter speaks of, minor social and economic pressure, isn’t the problem. It’s about the failure of will, borne of a failure of vision, to surmount that barrier. Until we actually control the levers of power, the disincentives will remain in place. Kievskyite economic independence and social “taqiyyah” are intelligent ways to deal with the barrier, but even they require the will to pursue them, the will necessary to drive the investment of time and energy.

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