Weak Tea: J.D. Hayworth for Senate

J.D. Hayworth attacks White Nationalists.

Like most White Nationalists, I was looking forward to seeing John McCain defeated in the Arizona Republican Primary. McCain tried for years to shove “comprehensive immigration reform” down our throats in the Senate.

Hatred of John McCain led many White Nationalists to support the J.D. Hayworth campaign. In this case, we seem to have made the mistake of fighting the last war. We assumed that a triumphant Hayworth would be better at representing our interests than the chastened McCain.

A few days ago, Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu appeared as a guest on The Political Cesspool. He was quickly attacked by the SPLC and Media Matters. After getting scalped by leftwing Arizona newspapers with “racism” accusations, the gutless Babeu fell on his knees and swiftly issued an embarrassing public apology.

Babeu has made news in Arizona by swaggering around with McCain in the famous “complete the danged fence” political ad in which he claims that McCain “is one of us” and will get tough on illegal immigration.

In his first campaign ad, J.D. Hayworth calls John McCain a “sell out” who embraces “character assassination” to keep his job. Unlike McCain, Hayworth claims to be a “principled conservative.”

In the final days of the campaign, it seems that J.D. Hayworth isn’t above a little character assassination of his own. He is attacking James Edwards of The Political Cesspool:

“McCain’s biggest pitch man is on the radio praising the show and calling the host of Political Cesspool a ‘great American.” McCain needs to renounce the Sheriff, pull the ads and make it clear that this is not the type of campaigning he endorses.”

The McCain campaign responded:

“It’s unfortunate that Congressman Hayworth — who frequently complains that liberals unfairly paint opponents of illegal immigration as racists — would add his voice to a smear campaign driven by liberal blogs to attack a respected sheriff fighting on the front lines in Arizona’s battle against drug and human smuggling.”

I’m confused.

I thought we were supposed be cheering for J.D. Hayworth to beat John McCain, but it is J.D. Hayworth who is echoing SPLC talking points and saying that White Nationalists like James Edwards are beyond the pale. Ironically, it is the McCain campaign that is attacking the ritual shaming going on here.

Granted, John McCain has an awful record on immigration. He is a worthless politician. But it is also true that McCain’s love affair with Hispanics was based on his crushed presidential ambitions.

Now that McCain will never sit in the Oval Office, there is some evidence that he blames Hispanics for choosing Obama, and has shown contempt toward “Hispanic activists.”

‘You people — you people made your choice. You made your choice during the election.’

“He was angry,” one source said. “He was over the top. In some cases, he rolled his eyes a lot. There were portions of the meeting where he was just staring at the ceiling, and he wasn’t even listening to us. We came out of the meeting really upset.”

McCain will almost certainly beat Hayworth in August. Now that Hayworth has disgraced himself with this political cheap shot, proving that he is a moral coward and unscrupulous political opportunist, I won’t regret his loss. It might even work out better for us.

Better the devil you know than the one you don’t.

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  1. J.D. Hayworth is one dumb galoot.

    You don’t have to be overly non-retarded to figure out that when your opponent is pretending to be far to the right of his actual positions, you don’t attack him from the left!

    And then the attack is particularly stupid because, for just one thing, McCain appeared in the Ad before the guy appeared on The Political Cesspool.

    Even if people were to believe there was something wrong with the appearance on the program, how was it magically John McCain’s fault?

    Plus that Jerome R. Corsi guy who wrote the book about Obama was on Edwards show, and then appeared on Fox News for about a thousand times in the run up to the 2008 election.

    Hayworth should start attacking Fox News next… That’ll really help in the Republican Primary.

  2. Both of the candidates of course fall far short of what is needed. Its normal that one will snipe at the other to gain any advantage possible, thus the attack on the Political Cesspool. Hayworth probably is ignorant of James Edward’s admirable work, and was told by aides that it was a “hate program”. In any case, the Arizona election is probably meaningless for the WN movement one way or the other. That being said, seeing McCain fall from power as a direct consequence of his support for amnesty would be very satisfying, no matter who took his place. With all due respect for McCain’s past heroism, his attempts to pass the amnesty come very close to treachery to his people. I think his motivation was half political ambition and half honest compassion for the mestizos, but either way its unacceptable.

    In respect to a larger issue, I think the anti-illegal immigration sentiments, which are widespread among Whites, are a positive sign, and are probably an implicit indication of lurking ethnocentrism and xenophobia, as is their voluntary segregation (80% of Whites live in neighborhoods where 95% of their neighbors are White). Its not yet acceptable to discuss halting all immigration, but I think that is a close cousin of anti-illegal immigration policies.

  3. SPLC is a notorious anti-white outfit. James could respond with that it mind keeping the anti-white part front and center.

    Contrary to the doomers here times is a changin’. Put the word “anti-white” out there in front of every person or group that is against us especially the large rich shakedown outfits that specialize in anti-white activities. Attitudes amongst the masses are making them more receptive to us everyday.

  4. The whole point of this article sounds like it’s better to keep McCain than go with an unknown who claims to be more to the right. I would have taken that cheap shot at John Edwards, whom I respect, just to hurt McCain’s ratings too. Some are saying he’s lost the election because of it. I despise John McCain for his collaboration with Senator Kennedy on the “comprehensive immigration reform” bill. I don’t like what some vets are saying about his military service or his dishonorable conduct as a POW. I don’t like the company he keeps like Lieberman, Flimsy Graham and of course the Clintons who did alot to help him during the election which should tell a person about his ideology. I don’t like the fact he’s married to a Pharisee and all his children are Jewish except for that pitiful monstrosity they adopted for political reasons as well as a fashion accessory. He’s nothing but an opportunist and a coward who puts his family out to crusade for sodomy rights to gain more votes without incurring any backlash against him. He stinks worse than a fish market and your having second thoughts about him? Forget what those polls are saying, they’re just trying to manipulate people into voting their way and it’s being handled by the Republican Party. John McCain is a traitor. Flush him.

  5. “After getting scalped by leftwing Arizona newspapers with “racism” accusations, the gutless Babeu fell on his knees and swiftly issued an embarrassing public apology.”

    He’s supporting John McCain, so it should go without saying that he’s gutless.

    Have any TPC’s critics ever even listened to a broadcast? Something tells me that they just get their information from the ADL, SPLC, and Media Matters without bothering to verify it.

  6. In 2010 America white people cannot speak openly and honestly about race. We’ve been officially relegated to third class status while we were too busy watching nigger ball and beavis and butthead. Prominent blacks like Morgan Freeman, Denzel Washington, Oprah Winfrey and now Shirley Sherrod address racial issues from the black point of view yet they are never condemned or called hatemongers. Shirley admitted on camera she withheld assistance from a white man and went from hated to hero in the span of 24hrs.

    They say her comments were taken out of context. Perhaps. But James Edwards isn’t being extended the benefit of the doubt as she. When the left waxes eloquent about a post racial society that is merely code for black skin privilege and for whites to know their place in the new America.

  7. JD is just playing the game. He is sucking wind in the polls out here and is reaching (the primary is coming up). I wish I would have known this earlier, he had a townhall out in Mesa this evening, I would have went and asked him about it.

  8. Never mind either of these sell-outs. Shabbatz-Goy the both of them. Stop voting. Get your money out of the bank. Weapon up, mind-wise and with hard iron. Stop feeding the Beast, break away from the ZOG. NOW.

  9. This is just the type of example I often use to show friends and aquaintances that Republicans and self-styled conservative politicians are guilty of more than just “having to play the game” with regard to American racial politics. No, they are true believers! They attack WN’s and any enlightened whites…when there is ostensibly NO REASON or need to do so! They really do hate us and all we stand for – they really do believe all the liberal lies about equality, diversity, plurality – they really do desire a multiracial utopia, so long as it is, “conservative” in nature. That is to say, Judeo-Christian(emphasis on the “Judeo”), unapologetically militaristic and pro-war(any war), anti-abortion, rabidly pro-Israel, pro boundless free-trade, utterly de-racinated(“colorblind”), etc.

    The old saw, “with friends like these, who needs enemies?” is utterly epitomized by the relationship of the Republican party to white Americans!

  10. “they really do believe all the liberal lies about equality, diversity, plurality – they really do desire a multiracial utopia, so long as it is, “conservative” in nature. ”

    Communists and crony capitalist country club Republicans are united in their hatred and fear of normal, homogeneous-living self-sufficient middle class white people. The “vibrant multicultural society” bullshit is pablum for the plebes. I would guess most of them and all at the higher levels don’t believe it for a second.

  11. @CompassionateFascist I have to agree with you. We can philosophize and intellectually analyze the game all day long but in the end it’s going to take heart, skin, and blood out on the field.

    Any peaceful solution we pursue will be met with violence by our enemies.

    If American 3P gains any traction…..
    If we somehow took money printing away from the fed……..

    Internet censorship has already begun…..

    We either come out swinging or not at all.

  12. Any peaceful solution we pursue will be met with violence by our enemies.

    On the other hand, a “black swan” might collapse the USA economy. If that should happen, then the existing elites might be thrown into confusion. They might be forced to release de facto control – including violent means of control – over some territories to which they claim de jure rights.

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