Bahamas Bound

The Bahamas

I miss the beach.

I’ve been planning a beach trip all summer long. Every year I like to go to the beach and relax to recharge my batteries. I was supposed to go to the beach in North Carolina earlier this month with some friends, but work related circumstances intervened.

Normally, I would go to the Florida Gulf Coast, but that isn’t the most inviting destination at the moment with all the tarballs and decomposed oil polluting the water.  I went there for Spring Break last year and briefly wrote about it.

So I have decided to book a trip to the Bahamas instead. This has the added benefit of getting outside of America for a few days. I always enjoy traveling to other countries and comparing and contrasting them to my own.

See everyone in August.

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  1. Greetings Admins and Hunter Wallace:

    I apologize for using the wrong forum for this question, but I want to know if you accept written submissions (around 2,000 words) for articles.

    Please email me (I listed my email above) regarding your policies about pen names and publishing the article elsewhere. Most WN sites accept re-publication because they figure the more publicity for the WN cause, the better.

    I have an article about White genocide and an article about White ethnopolitics.

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