3 Day Weekend in the Great White State of Wisconsin

I got out of Chicago for the 3 day Labor day weekend – made the trek on my motorcycle to Wisconsin.

Great European State of Wisconsin

I lived in Wisconsin for 2 years in the mid 90s, when I was recovering from post combat stress disorder (5 years in war torn, racial anarchy New York City). And, I spent lots of time in Southern Wisconsin as a boy/teen – my parents had a weekend get away place in the country. I was eager to see what Wisconsin was like now – would it still look and feel like a part of Europe?

Getting out of Chicago on a motorcycle is very difficult – jammed roads, complicated expressways, bad roads. Somehow I ended up stuck in O’Hare airport, got turned around heading South back in to Chicago, so I exited and tried to follow signs going North – lots and lots of sprawl. I am driving my motorcycle without any high tech mapping devices or even a compass or map (could of used the compass) – relying on my male family stubborn nature never to ask directions or admit I’m lost.

I ride North? Stop at a Macdonalds in some sprawl area where the staff and patrons are about 50% Mexicans (some really good looking White families though) About an hour and a half later, I think I am way west near Iowa, when I stop for gas and do try to get some directions from East Indian Hindu type managers who didn’t seem to know what state or country they were in – maybe it’s their East Indian country. Turns out, I am in a good place – just 15 miles West of Lake Michigan, 10 miles from the Illinois Wisconsin border. Once I get my bearings here, the rest of the weekend is fantastic and I leave the multi cult, sprawl of metro Chicago behind – for the rest of the weekend I am in beautiful European country farm land, small towns, resort areas where at least 95% of the folks are White. I didn’t see a single Black person, didn’t notice any negative Jewish anything, didn’t hear one curse word, saw lots and lots of beautiful White families.

I stayed for an afternoon with a friend – Keith, formerly from Chicago – Irish American who started a second family with a 40 something Italian American gal. They had twins (modern medicine can assist in miracles for child-birth in later years), moved all the way out to Southern Wisconsin and Keith commutes 2 hours every day in both directions to Chicago for his job with the Metra train transportation!

My friends live in a very new suburban looking housing development in a very rural, farm type area. Outside of a couple of Mexicans, everybody there is White – lots and lots of White children. I am in pretty much heaven hanging out with my friend’s twins now 11 and they introduce me to lots of neighbors including this one family with beautiful blond 3 year old girls and a dare devil 5 year old boy who rides an electric motorcycle – it’s not some putt- putt tricycle, more like a crotch rocket that he gets up to about 30 MPH!. He seems like a very confident driver. Other neighbors are devout Christians with 5 children – very Nordic and very social able. Folks there spend lots of time working on their yards, on their decks, backyard swimming pools. I talk racial politics with my friend and ask how such a great White European state like Wisconsin has two Jew Senators. There do not seem to be great divisions between the Whites who live in the area, though my friend complains that some White churches he attended push causes like helping Haitians and Africans, so he doesn’t go to any churches anymore. My friend seems very happy with local schools, just notices some propaganda about the 6 Million Holocaust, MLK – but otherwise, schools are fine. The boys do wrestling and American football – and the Wisconsin world is exclusively White. Even poor people, criminal element (a biker gang in Pell Lake) are White – and that’s the way I love it. My friend’s wife works at Wall Mart where we go to shop and use his wife’s employee discount. One of the twins is very tall, strong in top 90% of all physical areas, the other twin is in lower 20%, they’re trying to get him to put on weight, grow – but he is very active, does judo and wrestling and the boys get on well with everyone.

WIsconsin's Most Beautiful Natural Resource

For the rest of the weekend I am exploring areas on my motorcycle and stopping to interact with locals. Southern Wisconsin is great for bikers – I have a shaved head and a beard and most everyone wants to talk with me.

One thing I notice is how big and open the state of Wisconsin is – very low density. The farm fields look stunningly green and yellow in the day – at night…. it’s very easy to get lost. I am driving in just a long sleeve, cotton T-shirt and the temperature went down to low 40s and I am lost and freezing for a hour or two. But, everything works out fine.

I stay at my former parents’ house in 100% farm land, with lots of gravel roads and paths. My brother has the place now and uses it with his large family. He has 6 boys and 1 daughter and they live in a northern Chicago burb. I meet up with my brother for Monday and we use chain saws to cut wood and an axe to split wood. I am on better terms with my brother and we talk about my giving gun training to his boys.

I talk my brother in to letting me keep my motorcycle out in the country as I don’t want to deal with the hassles of having a motorcycle in Chicago city. I want to ride my motorcycle in WI, not have to deal with the danger and hassle of getting my motorcycle back to WIsconsin.

My brother gives me a ride back to his home in North Shore Chicago burb, I spend some time with my nephews who like my shaved head look, then take a train, bus back to my home in Chicago. There are Blacks talking jive on cell phones on the train and of course street people in downtown Chicago, but the buses are fast, clean, safe – and I make it home and have a brew and some BBQ at the local tavern across from my co-op.

All in all, a great weekend in the great, White European state of Wisconsin. I’ll try to go up a few times in the fall and definitely hunt for a White bride there.

Lots of good White folks are migrating out of Chicago city, Chicago sprawl to enjoy a new/old great White life in Wisconsin.

Do WN have an alternative plan to the North-West Migration, one featuring Wisconsin and Minnesota as a Ukraine style Heartland?

Wisconsin - Biker Heaven


  1. Torque says:
    September 7, 2010 at 11:26 pm (Edit)
    “Wisconsin biker heaven? Duh, Harley-Davidson is there.”

    Yes, you are correct – Harley Davidson bikes are made in Wisconsin.

    My motorcycle is not a Harley/HOG – it is a large Y. V Star cruiser, which I think gives me much more value, less maintenance problems than Harleys. But, we shouldn’t get in to this argument as which motorcycle is better. The main divide is between the “cruiser” style and the racing bike, crotch rockets. I am very strongly in favor of the cruiser style and think the c.r. racking bikes are not safe for roads, streets – they should only be driven on racing tracks, plus you can’t get a good looking White biker chick to sit back and give you a good hug like on our cruisers.

  2. Do WN have an alternative plan to the North-West Migration, one featuring Wisconsin and Minnesota as a Ukraine style Heartland?

    Jack, in answer to your question, Mr. Covington promotes the NW migration because of the geography, population density, and demographics of the region. He thinks that most of the white population will remain passive, and any struggle will have to be carried on by John Adams’ “three percent.” He thinks that, if it comes to an armed struggle, the white movement could realistically count on a thousand fighters backed up by a support group of, say, fifty thousand, out of the eight million inhabitants of the Northwest. He thinks that, whatever happens, whites must come out of this with at least one white ethnostate in North America, and the Northwest is the least bad place to roll the dice.

    I, like you, love the rural Midwest. For that matter, Mr. Covington’s heart is probably still in North Carolina. However, Mr. Covington is trying to deal with the reality of white passivity and even hostility, which Mr. Wallace is currently railing against, and which has frustrated several generations of white activists.

  3. Jack, in answer to your question, Mr. Covington promotes the NW migration because of the geography, population density, and demographics of the region.

    Climate should also factor into the equation. Wisconsin is pleasant enough…until the winter sets in. Northwestern winters are a walk in the park in comparison to northern midwestern winters, especially in the areas near Lake Michigan.

  4. Emarel: The players on college or professional teams have no connection to the schools or cities that host them. Blacks are shipped to universities from some of America’s leading ghettos in order to entertain the alumni, that’s all.

  5. Sean, others, are way too pessimistic about (armed) numbers. The coming economic implosion and all that goes with it – ZOG attempts to gun and PM-grab, ethnoids pouring out of the cities in search of rapine and loot – is going to concentrate multi-millions of white minds in a certain direction. Let me put this differently:HW, in another post this morning, waxed sad about the low membership of A3P. Wrong view. A3P, in continuing to accept the fantasy of “peaceful change” thru the election process, is yettanother System Party. But millions of whites on the right are already way, way beyond this nonsense. We will soon see how many, and how far.

  6. CompassionateFascist said:

    Sean, others, are way too pessimistic about (armed) numbers. The coming economic implosion and all that goes with it – ZOG attempts to gun and PM-grab, ethnoids pouring out of the cities in search of rapine and loot – is going to concentrate multi-millions of white minds in a certain direction.

    You may be right, but none of us are prophets. We don’t know how things are going to play out. We don’t know which strategy (if any) will work. For those reasons, it is a good idea to have options. White people have become amazingly passive. As a group they may not wake up at all, or the awakening may come too late. We just don’t know.

  7. Hey now, there are other types of bikes! I have an Honda XR650L dual-sport I ride in Wisconsin a lot. I ride on the roads and on the trials. The trail from Monroe to Mineral point is one of my favorites. This is my 2nd XR650L, and I have about 25,000 miles on it now (bought it new). I think it is the perfect motorcycle. Fast as a Ferrari, with the gas mileage of a hybrid. Goes anywhere –I used to live in Knoxville TN and rode in the mountains a lot on and off road with my previous XR. I conquered the dragon near smoky mountains national park many times on it and I always left my friends on their crotch-rockets and cruisers way way behind because the bike is so light and agile. Your female friends also fit nicely on it too.

    Anyway, I feel the same way about wisconsin. The Monroe trail is a white trail through white towns filled with white faces. You feel at home there. We are like dolphins and our people is our water. We cannot truly live without our people surrounding us. It’s who we are.

  8. Steve,

    Your on and off road Honda XR650L dual-sport riding in Wisconsin sounds excellent. I would like to try this sometime.

    As far as tying this activity in to White Nationalism – try to encourage the formation of clubs that just tend to be all White, like cruiser MC clubs. Encourage style, music – make it have a White youth “scene”. Go easy on the politics, but like the NASCAR nation, White identity politics will come through.

    Whites are natural bikers.


  9. British iron is the way to be. Real men don’t need real brakes. If it wasn’t built by a drunken Englishman, it can’t be any good. Why do you think that you never see a Honda CB 750 anymore? My Bonneville still cranks.

  10. Speaking of NASCAR, has anyone else seen their stupid “diversity” commercial? “The only border to entry into the sport is the finish line”…something like that. Makes me sick to watch it. I stopped going to races in the last few years because of this garbage. And also the football-crazed whites. This article mentions WI, but schools like Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, etc. all have to import thug savage negroes from LA or another urban hellhole in otherwise majority white states, pathetic. I personally think an all-white football league would be just as, if not more enjoyable to watch than the current system.

  11. Ted: I honestly don’t know how any sane White person tolerates all the diversity (White genocide) propaganda. Every other TV show, Movie, Song, Commercial, Billboard, Advertisement, School Text Book, Childrens Book, Company HR Department, University pushes our genocide and dispossession. I even stopped watching TV and listening to the radio years ago. I’d only watch maybe 1 jewywood movie a year, and I still felt bombarded by the propaganda. White girls always shown side-by-side with beasts on the highway billboards, in magazines and advertisements at the mall and grocery stores.

    Eventually I had to leave because a developing spasm in my index finger was becoming uncontrollable and right now the game is weaving velvet, not basketball. I often fantasize about basketball season kicking-off and settling a few scores.

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