Do the people have the intelligence to seize power?

It is nearing election time and like clockwork the media is abuzz with commentary on what public opinion will mean at the ballot box.  Let me save everyone the speculation: none of it matters.  The Tea Party doesn’t matter.  The Social Democrats of Sweden don’t matter.  What matters is the people directly seizing political power.  At this point in time that is the only goal worth pursuing.  It is not as difficult as it sounds.  It just requires a group of people to be better organized than the government, an extremely easy task.  The real problem is psychological: not enough people have the leadership experience to do anything.

Get this: people would rather send a message of “good job” to somebody who does something that lives 3,000-5,000 miles away than actually go out in public themselves.  And people wonder why our situation is so dire.

These problems, as challenging as they appear are not unique to our present age.  The  nineteenth century revolutionists had just as many.  The industrial revolution however created conditions that led to huge revolutions across Europe in 1848.

Back then the representatives of the middle class took it upon themselves to temper down the flames of revolution that were being demanded by a militant working class conscious of what they wanted and who was responsible for their grievances.  These gentleman advocated for constitutional monarchy, some for liberal democracy, others for limited social and economic reforms.

The illiterate, roughhewn masses prepared themselves for a showdown with the State authorities across Europe for a battle that would rip across most metropolitan cities of continental Europe.  The reformers urged elections, politicians and philanthropy to saite the masses demands for conditions we take for granted today.

These revolutionaries, most of whom are nameless to us today, knew what they wanted and they encouraged their fellows to join them.  This displays not just a keen intelligence but courage.

Alexis de Tocqueville noted in his Recollections of the period that “society was cut in two: those who had nothing united in common envy, and those who had anything united in common terror.”

We all face terror for having the views that we do.  Terror of losing our jobs.  Terror of losing our friends.  Some of us have the terror of losing family members.

The Wikipedia article describing the revolutions of 1848 could be written about radical politics in 2010.  “But in 1848, the revolutionaries were idealistic and divided by the multiplicity of aims for which they fought — social, economic, liberal, and national. Conservative forces exploited these divisions, and revolutionaries suffered from mediocre leadership. Middle-class revolutionaries feared the lower classes, evidencing different ideas; counter-revolutions exploited the gaps. As some reforms were enacted and the economy improved, some revolutionaries were mollified.”

The following line describes exactly what would happen if the illegal immigrant problem was solved tomorrow using Operation Wetback tactics:

“When the Habsburgs lightened the burden of feudalism, many peasants were satisfied by the reforms and lost interest in further revolt; revolutions elsewhere met similar resolutions. International support likewise waned.”

In all seriousness recently, a friend of mine on Facebook wanted to see a group of Hispanic students whose parents came to America illegally arrested for comiting a Federal felony or hung.  What he failed to recognize that Federal law has already been grinding our people to nonexistence for 45 years.

I contend that all political forces that ally with the Constitutional government, whether directly by the frequently derided patriotards, or indirectly from liberal intimidation squads known as antifascists, better described as anti-white fascists, are counterrevolutionaries.
If these forces are counterrevolutionary it would be helpful to understand who the revolutionaries are.

First of all, it is not anyone that gives you a membership card for, or a patch in a clan.

It is not anyone, and I repeat, anyone, who advocates for our cause to get elected into office.  A revolutionary force, properly speaking, is one who advocates for directly seizing political power.  Anything short of that task is not revolutionary.  It may be sufficient for some to act as an educator.  It may be sufficient for others to share information and opinions.  It may be suitable to be a lobbyist.  But it is not revolutionary.

This brings me to the primary question of this article, if the people themselves are intelligent enough to seize political power themselves?

It will be useful to refer to Plato’s cave allegory.  It is the people that are living in a cave, hallowed ground that they think represents all of reality.  The revolutionary is the enlightened being that sees the shadows of power flickering across the cave for the illusions that they are.  Getting the stubborn cave dwellers out of their cave is challenging, Plato himself warns the aspiring revolutionary against doing so, the masses will kill to keep their comforting illusions.

The problem is, we as a race can’t afford living with illusions.

We as a people, must leave the cave and seize power in ways the system says it should not be seized.

If I can take the analogy further, if it proves impossible to convince the cave dwellers the wisdom of this, we must gather the few who do and close off the cave to its own devices.  We must form our own tribes beyond the reach of the cave dwellers.

Certainly the task will be difficult to do, but it is a necessary one.  We won’t be the first to have trod this ground.  Nor the last.

We don’t rely on the system to protect us.  We don’t call the cops to settle problems.  We organize our community in a way that is fit to our values, all the way to the line of departure: when the reformists will appeal for calm, they will appeal to a false view of history.  They will do everything to discourage and demoralize you from the one course of action that can make a difference in for our folk and that is why they are so dangerous.

The question you have to ask yourself is if you are able enough to seize power.  If we as a collective are not intelligent or courageous enough to stand up to the task, our future is doomed.


  1. I have criticized actions which are ineffective and counterproductive. The NSM knew going into Knoxville that marching in the streets with the swastika under the leadership of a known Satanist would only invite ridicule.

    The important observation to make here is that the NSM doesn’t care about the effectiveness of its actions. They don’t care that their actions repulse ordinary people in Tennessee from White Nationalism.

    Clearly, the NSM members care mostly about their own emotional fulfillment and self expression. Seen from this perspective, the Knoxville rally was nothing more than attention seekers using the streets as a stage for acting out their own fantasy world.

  2. That’s right all of you white slaves. If you don’t start lynching and tar and feathering your masters, you are dumb, lazy, and unenlightened.

    “…people would rather send a message of ‘good job’ to somebody who does something that lives 3,000-5,000 miles away than actually go out in public themselves.”

    Rise, all ye slothful souls, and throw thy computer into the fire.

    Listen, I know I am being a dick by mocking this essay, but it really is uninspiring and unhelpful. Why? Because we need very much to get away from this all or nothing, black or white, righteous purity testing. I agree that we need to put down the cum rag and cease in our network fantasizing, and start putting boots on the ground, but decisions to abandon resources and people need to be made out of wisdom, cleverness, and understanding (including manipulation). Most of those who should be allies are imprisoned by fear, and run on emotion over their stunted intellect. However, they can wield a club with as much proficiency as any Laptop Luftwaffe. In the modern security state, 1848 behavior will get you a 23 hr/day room at ADX Florence.

    Brainiacs need to be studying game theory, mind weaponization, the methods of how the current liberal regime gained power (thank you, Hunter for the Alinsky piece). This is good resource utilization. Each will choose their level of involvement, commensurate with the ability to understand and their potential. I think most here know where I am going.

    Currently, our PTB write-off and mock the red-staters as dummies (this is their coded language for heaping opprobrium in proportion to the deviation of the heresy from the liberal orthodoxy). This is part of the grand over-play that these folks are famous for and our conjuring up in spades today. Let’s not correct this error for them.


  3. 1.) I attended a CofCC Confederate flag rally in Columbia, South Carolina in June. I showed up at that protest because the organizer was a realist who had sense enough to work within the experience of his community. We are of the same view about the fantasists and talkers found on the internet.

    2.) I was at the Tax Day Tea Party on April 15 in Washington, DC. I also showed up at the Virginia and DC gun rallies a few weeks later. I’ve done many other things besides that I haven’t written about.

    3.) I’m hardly a cheerleader for the Republican Party. Now, I do think the Tea Party has the right idea: knocking off their enemies in the primaries, replacing them with their own people, pulling the political spectrum in their direction, creating momentum and getting apathetic people involved in the political process.

    What’s the alternative? Crying into your beer every Sunday night about the awfulness of the Jews? What does that accomplish? How does that threaten the status quo? How does that change anything?

  4. The economic situation currently is worse then it has ever been since 1947. I smell serious opportunity in the misery ahead to change our situation. If we end up with a Second Great Depression plus hyperinflation this should cause the White American public to seek some sort of new elite class (whether that class would end up being wholly or partially WN in the end is another issue).
    Lew Rockwell has a piece currently up by Gary North that shows that the Oligarchial Current Ruling Class knows their screwed on the economy:
    This situation is pretty different from a lot of post-1947 situations. After Reagan and Clinton clamped down on negro and Hispanic crime by imprisoning about 1% of the population as a whole, Middle Class Whites in Middle America really have come not to fear non-white crime like the abandoned underclass and working class whites do (for good reason). This economic situation will be difficult to escape. You can’t move to a suburb, exurb, or the country to escape economic collapse.
    If the public does prove too stupid or brainwashed to do anything in the emerging atmosphere or the Oligarchial Class is repeatly able to thwart any sort of reform and the masses are too frightened to offer serious physical resistance then I would consider White Americans to be hopeless. For the time being, I am very hopeful and I am always shocked by the defeatism that appears on so many Right/White sites. Even if these people have cursed themselves, there are still other white countries with sizeable white majorities. When multiculturalism actually takes North America and Western Europe to hell do you really think the Russians, Argentines, or Ukrainians are going to take in massive amounts of trash?

  5. Why do you feel the need to censor me? Tax Day Tea Parties and gun rallies are hardly White Nationalist activism. A word of advice. Don’t knock something until you’ve tried it. When it finally dawns on people that the Republican Party, the Tea Party and the “outsiders” they voted in betrayed them again like they have so many times in the past that’s when things will really take off.

  6. Rodger: Why do you feel the need to censor me?

    Probably because your nay-saying is redundant. HW is probably too nice to say it, so I will – you’re a troll and would be most comfortable at VNN. I’ve read your posts, before they were pulled, and your pessimism is ugly and unhelpful. I would suggest you learn something about the people you enjoy hectoring.

    But I’m sure you already have everything figured out, including that marvelous strategy that has won us so many followers. Good luck with that… Mike

  7. Rodger,

    I logged off last night after responding to you. You also misunderstand the purpose of activism. The job of the radical is not to organize other radicals. It is to insert himself into a community and lead moderates to the radical position.

  8. With all due respect, all of you have to be quite young. Please accept, from an old man, some advice you probably don’t want to hear. After more than a century and and a half of expecting the idiots to revolt, they will not. Haven’t you noticed how they become more “patriotic” the more they are shit on? Read Roman history, for God’s sake.

    There are two different paths. One path demands an organized and determined group of men. And they must know each other inside out. This is the least likely path, for obvious reasons.

    The other path is that taken by the Romans 1600 years ago, and the Russians post 1991. Individual flight.

    It would be a miracle if leaders arose to direct you on the first path. If they don’t, you are destined, absolutely, for the second path. Get used to it and plan from that perspective.

  9. Dear Mr. Rosenberg,

    You’re won’t be so pessimistic when my highly efficient tribal rainbow coalition seizes power!

  10. “Alfred Rosenberg” said “After more than a century and and a half of expecting the idiots to revolt, they will not.”
    What are you talking about? A century and half would be 1850-2010. American Southrons did rebel during this time. My Yankee ancestors can definately testify to this! The current degenerate Judaic Social Democratic/Kleptocratic Bankster system really didn’t rise in France until the turn of the 20th century and Germany until the Kaiser was beaten in World War I. Prior to that, most of the Western World was, more or less, in the White Man’s hands.
    During the 1850-2010 timeline, the Germans definately rebelled in the 1930s against this system. The American oligarchial class of Jews, Robber Barons, and Marxists is not invinsible. America only came on board with the current regime when the white working class and underclass unemployed were bribed by Roosevelt. The regime now is as militantly against this type of compromise with the hated whiteys as some of the people who insist that nothing short of a reconstituted Third Reich or an all “Nordish” country is acceptable.
    Also, Russia has, more or less, sucessfully thrown off its Jewish control. The Organizatshya today operates in Israel and other Commonwealth of Independant States countries. If someone had said in 1999 that Russia was hopelessly in the hands of Jewish gansters, I think many would have agreed. Nevertheless, Putin cleaverly posed as a Jewish tool and Golem and sucessfully drove them off. This is a hopefull state of affairs. Belarus has kept the enemy off its back since the end of communism and Hungary appears to be in the process of waking up. I don’t think anything is impossible given current circumstances. Also, I am extremely suspicious about the motives of those who seem to always tell us all is lost.

  11. I thought the rainbow coalition had already seized power or do you mean replacing the liberal Jews, gays and blacks with neocon Jews, Log Cabin Republicans and “conservative” blacks?

  12. “The other path is that taken by the Romans 1600 years ago, and the Russians post 1991. Individual flight.”

    Yes, I agree, we will have to run for our lives. Should we be laying plans now as to the final destination? Should it be somewhere within the US or abroad?

    Will we survive as a remnant somewhere, or completely disappear into the encroaching darkness, with only an occasional blue-eyed boy to prove we ever existed?

  13. If you are going to flee internally how about actually doing something other then acting like a scared rabbit. I recommend trying the Northwest and Mr. Covington’s group if someone seriously wants a place to retreat to.
    As a movement, we have got to stop this all is lost mentality. I seriously think enemy agents-the opposite of agent provocateurs-try to promote this mindset among us. Alex Kurtagic had an article about this at the Occidental Observer when he said we have got to stop acting like the sky is falling because it turns people away. Things may be dire but a little effort can go a long way. I think many of the older WNs became discouraged in the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s because they were trying to attract a following among decadence and prosperity. The low Americans didn’t care about the depravity around them so long as they were prosperous and left untouched by problems like non-white crime (which most of them were). Well, the prosperity is over now and finally we get our chance to see if our message can resonate when formerly middle class whites are offered a trip to the poor house, a la 1930s, by the current rulers.

  14. There probably are enemy agents and many suspicious looking White Nationalist websites out there as well. I think the real problem is the perception that we’re operating in an enemy manufactured pseudo White Nationalist environment where all things Republican are discussed and Sarah Palin is hailed as the queen neocon of White advocacy. Some of these forums seem nothing more than a get together by gay men to bash people like David Duke because they’re Christian or heterosexual or both.

  15. “If you are going to flee internally how about actually doing something other then acting like a scared rabbit.”

    Now that’s harsh.

    Having a contingency plan has nothing to do with fleeing lagomorphs. It’s sound thinking.

    Enemy agent? That’s libelous. Get a paranoia check-up asap.

    Also, forget the Northwest refuge; it’s now as infested with dark-skinned invaders as everywhere else.

  16. I am neither paranoid or libelous! I believe there are government agents, as well as SPLC/Anti types, that deliberately try to sow discouragement in our ranks in order to demoralize us and prevent us from acting.
    I really find genuine white racialists who believe that all is lost to be wasting our time by writing. If all is lost, why waste one’s time writing to a website? Unless one is not exactly what one claims to be.
    Also, Covington’s plan is not about fleeing northwest because it is all white (its not). Covington’s plan is for WNs to form communities of there own based on ethnonationalist/bionationalist political conviction in the fashion that ethnic groups form communities of their own. If such communities could be formed in the region then White advocacy might be able to gain some political clout. I suspect that Covington has a continency plan of sorts if the government harassed these communities.
    As for running, why do you need to know where any of the rest of us would go if you ran out of the country? If you won’t form communities with us in say the northwest why would you form communities with us somewhere else?

  17. “… why do you need to know where any of the rest of us would go if you ran out of the country?”

    The better to knock most of you blue-eyed devil crackas off on one fell swoop, of course.

    Yours truly,

    Enemy agent

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