1. Hunter,
    I posted a link to Mr. Covington’s Radio Free Northwest #39. I Think Mr. Covington produces an excellent radio program and I encourage all nationalists to read and distribute Mr. Covington’s Northwest Quartet novels. I am presenting this link “caveat emptor” and ask that folks not get all bogged down on 40 years of movement personality fights. Hunter let me know if you do not want me to post any NWF links.

  2. Powerful statement by Covington. Jeff Hughes joins Pym Fortun, Randy Weaver and his family, Theo van Gogh and many others murdered by the Jew-globalists and their ethnoid stooges over the past few years. Vengeance will be ours, we will repay.

  3. Is it true that my comment here yesterday was removed and put back up eight times? If so, why?

    Will Williams says:
    October 22, 2010 at 4:09 pm

    Jack Ryan: “I encourage all nationalists to read and distribute Mr. Covington’s Northwest Quartet novels. I am presenting this link “caveat emptor” and ask that folks not get all bogged down on 40 years of movement personality fights.”

    Who’s bogged down, Mr. Ryan?

    Folks can best find true documentation of Mr. Covington’s “40 years of movement personality fights” here: http://noncounterproductive.blogspot.com/

    Since Hunter Wallace is such a Covington fan, he might enjoy this ongoing discussion about him over at his alma mater the Phora Academy: http://www.thephora.net/forum/showthread.php?t=66243&page=10

  4. Here are Hunter’s new comment guidelines – please review. The comment section has improved dramatically since Hunter cleaned up the comment section. Remember lots of new people are checking out O.D., checking out WN, populism for the first time – we don’t want to turn them off with endless flaming, personal feuds dating back 20 years.

    Here are Hunters comment guidelines:

    1.) No Flaming – I’m sick of the comment threads degenerating into flame wars. Flames are now banned. If you want to criticize someone, that’s fine, but do so in a respectful and civil tone, and make sure your comment adds to the discussion, otherwise it could be deleted.

    2.) Off-Topic Comments – Please stick to the subject under discussion. Far too many threads are getting derailed by extraneous issues.

    3.) No Trolling – Do not troll others and bait them into reacting to you.

    4.) No Soap Operas – Do not come here to carry on a soap opera. I’m tired of dealing with these comments.

    5.) No Hobby Horse Riding – I’ve seen countless threads deteriorate into hobby horse riding. The most obvious examples are religious and subracial infighting. Most of the time the OP is irrelevant to these issues.

    6.) Use Common Sense – By that I mean keep your comments reasonable, civil, productive, and respectful. Stick to the high road. Make your point in an honorable way.

    7.) LOLs – I’m tired of seeing LOLs and the like in the comments. This detracts from the comments. Don’t use them.

    8.) Conspiracy Theories – There are any number of websites that cater to conspiracy theories. This isn’t one of them.

    These rules are only a temporary stop gap measure. When I find the time, I will flesh out a more comprehensive set of guidelines which will be permanently adopted. If everyone followed these few simple rules, the comments would quiet down and we can all return to business as usual.

    Spam Filter: if your comment does not appear immediately, that means it has been sucked up by the spam filter, or you don’t have a previously approved comment. I’m going to clean out the filter and install a new one this weekend. That should resolve the problem.

  5. Thank you Jack for those helpful guidelines.

    And thank goodness for the level head and thankless persistence of Mr. Robert Campbell for his guideline for keeping things honest — for protecting everybody from you, Jack, by removing your crooked, hair-trigger finger from the delete function.

    Last count I heard, my informative post (above) was removed 11 times by Covingtonista “Jack Ryan” before Robert finally saw to it that it stayed up.

    It is amazing that anyone reading Hadding Scott’s comprehensive exposure of Mr. Covington as the low-life he is here: http://noncounterproductive.blogspot.com/ , and then for that reader to dissemble everything he learned of this indefensible character to praise Covington reveals a serious disregard for truth.

    Telling the truth counts for a lot for our side. We’re the good guys; We don’t have to lie.

  6. I wouldn’t call it a comprehensive exposure or exposition. I deliberately focused on claims made in “A Brief History of the White Nationalist Movement” which Covington clearly wrote.

    Since I’ve found however that Covington has adapted at least one episode from his own life (his stay in Ireland) and attributed it to others (Duke and his stay in Russia), it has become justifiable to discuss Covington’s life and how it relates to the rest of what he wrote in that “history,” if I choose to go in that direction.

    I have stayed away from that kind of material so far for a couple of reasons. As it is, Covington is the one attacking people (anonymously) and I am just showing that he is the one doing it and that his claims generally lack credibility.

  7. I just want to add that the “Covington’s Northwest Quartet novels” are also not free of personal attacks.

    Those novels contain “historical fiction” as a background for Covington’s imaginary future scenarios, and Covington’s history doesn’t become any less crooked when it’s embedded in a novel.

    I found this out when I browsed at Hill of the Ravens and found references to “the Pierce Cult” and a claim that Dr. Pierce had been exposed after his death as a Federal informant.

    Covington’s podcasts are likewise not entirely free of personal attacks. In recent weeks he has repeated the allegation that Matt Koehl was involved in the death of George Lincoln Rockwell, and he made a defamatory allusion to Will Williams.

    In sum, it is not reasonable to recommend Harold Covington’s works one moment and to complain about “40 years of movement personality fights” the next, since Covington is probably by far the most notable instigator of such troubles. Will Williams is correct to complain about it.

  8. Mr. Hadding.

    Yes, Mr. Covington has engaged in the past in ragging on other other White Nationalist activists, some criticism was justified, positive (Frank Colin), others just petty jealousies, petty ego negativity. But, just because Mr. Covington has fallen down in this way at times in the past, doesn’t mean others should do the same here and now – against Hunter or against me or even against Mr. Covington’s very good radio podcasts. We need to encourage positive, successful ways of writing, thinking and acting and not go down the road of negativity. All is not lost, lots of good things are breaking our way.

  9. Ragging? You are trivializing the offense. Covington has accused people of murders that never happened.

    You are also trying to pretend that it was some anomaly. Covington didn’t do his “ragging” in some phase of his distant past. The “Brief History” that recycles such stories invented by Covington in the early 1990s appeared in 2007 and has been promoted by Covington this year. We are talking about a roughly 30-year history of defamation of at least half a dozen major figures in White Nationalism.

    As for the quality of his podcasts, I will admit that they sound good, but I do not see the content as particularly beneficial. Some of it is destructive.

  10. Hadding says:
    November 16, 2010 at 9:05 pm
    Ragging? You are trivializing the offense. Covington has accused people of murders that never happened.
    As for the quality of his podcasts, I will admit that they sound good, but I do not see the content as particularly beneficial. Some of it is destructive.

    JR. Responds.
    I also notice a 5 to 6 second reference in a recent RFNW podcast speculating that there might have been some conspiracy in the death of George Lincoln Rockwell involving movement successors – frankly this was not good, very bad, and strange and led me to be concerned that at some time HAC might be losing it.
    Here is my edited version on HAC’s otherwise excellent commentary on who was George Lincoln Rockwell:


    In my edited version, there is no reference to this bizarre, slanderous conspiracy theory.
    Look, I am perfectly aware of the various weak spots, character flaws of Mr. Covington and other movement “leaders”, activists from the 1970s, 80s and 90s. I sure hope younger folks coming up now do much better.
    My point is that Mr. Covington was and is and excellent writer and is now a very good radio commentator and I would recommend RFNW to new people coming in from say mainstream Conservative politics who are realizing more and more that our nation has severe racial problems. I wish Mr. Covington had a good, strict editor who would watch over everything he writes or says and simply not publish slanderous, libelous attacks on others.
    This is another reason I have been editing out some comments on my posts – I just don’t think hostile, ad hominem attacks on others/Hunter/Me is good for O.D. – it just spreads a feeling of hostility, negativity, makes regular Whites want to run for exits.
    As for Mr. Covington and his Radio Free Northwest Podcasts – I’m not posting links to them here or promoting any of Mr. Covington’s books/work here anymore. That’s what was decided. If folks want to check out RFNW on their own, they should know where to find it.

  11. I dispute that Covington is “a very good radio commentator.”
    I could make a whole additional project out of what is wrong with Covington’s ideas and interpretations of events.

    Just one example: Northwest Migration. Covington calls Northwest Migration a “plan.” He says that nobody else has a plan.

    Is that really a plan? What is anybody going to do in the Northwest that can’t be done elsewhere? Here’s a bit of trivia for you: before Covington was found in contempt of court and had to leave North Carolina, he was advocating that everybody should move THERE. The ideal White homeland is just wherever Covington happens to be.

  12. Hadding – again, you are just being obsessed with past personalty/ego issues with Mr. Covington.
    For a new person with no exposure to White Nationalism, Radio Free NorthWest is a very good program. Just the music selections alone are excellent – can’t you and others see how we would want hundreds of thousands of regular Whites to consider listening to Radio Free Northwest instead of say – National Public Radio?
    And in all honesty, most American successful media personalities in radio, TV have huge egos and screw over others to get on top, make it, survive.
    O’Reily, Rush Limbaugh had/have huge egos – plus Liimbaugh once had a bad Jewish wife and was pushing Neo Con crap for a long time, leading his huge White audience to support the Iraq wars, dismiss Pat Buchanan’s America First, immigration restriction challenges to the Beltway GOP. We’ve written here about the corruptions, betrayals of White men like John McCain. So I am in no way trying to excuse Mr. Covington’s past mistake, character flaws.
    Again, I am not posting any more links to RFNW or Mr. Covington’s other works and I have always, ALWAYS presented disclaimers that Mr. Covington has “issues’ and has always gotten involved in destructive personal feuds, ad hominem attacks on others (he attacked me YESTERDAY) and Mr. Covington is not a good organizer, a good fund raiser and he’s not physically fit. That said, yes he is a very good writer and a good radio commentator. Young people here who want to become good, better writers, radio commentators might consider learning from his work.
    I have probably now written way, WAY MORE on the subject of Mr. Covington than I want to write in my whole life. All I wanted to do was to suggest some folks listen to one RFNW podcast.

  13. “For a new person with no exposure to White Nationalism, Radio Free NorthWest is a very good program.”

    No, it is not. Covington’s message is extremely negative and defeatist.

    For example, if you believe Covington, the only way that anybody presenting a pro-White message can escape being destroyed by the government is if he is a fraud.

  14. 1- hac is not losing it, he never had it. His brother told the splc that he was booted from us army for serious mental illness. Section 8 — or whatever they call it now. Get the dd 214 if you want to prove otherwise I’ll take his brothers word for it. Why are you following a madman? I’m nor talkin a little depression or PTSD from seeving as a supply clerk in Rhodesia I mean batshit crazy.
    2- people new to this get sucked in to hac’s foolishness and are sidetracked thinking about his fantastic scenarios instead of just doing the hard work local activism. This must be counteracted.
    3. Hac’s lies gave subverted lots of good things his targets tried to do. He discourages. He is the epitome of defeatism and negativity. Run off to Oregon? F&@k that I won’t give up what’s ours! Like the kind he attracts are ready to go play insurgent. Please! He couldn’t organize a campaign for dogcatcher let alone that.

  15. I would prefer that people not post any more gossip about Mr. Covington or anyone else.
    The comments section is spreading way too much negativity.
    If people don’t like the topic of the post, then just ignore it.
    After review, I will not be making any more posts with links to RFNW – others here know where to find it if they are interested.

  16. Who’s hiding behing a pseudonym, Mr. realVercingetorix?

    Jack Ryan wishes: “I would prefer that people not post any more gossip about Mr. Covington or anyone else. The comments section is spreading way too much negativity.”

    Jack, you would make an excellent mod over at Jamie Kelso’s “positive only,” entry-level, mainstream experiment, WhiteNewsNow. WNN doesn’t allow criticism of HAC, either — and no saying that Xianity is not grounded in reality. No! N0! No negativity.

    I don’t “gossip” about defendant Covington, Jack. I kick his sorry ass wherever someone like you hikes up and promotes his scam as being legitimate. I can’t whoop JOG anymore since there’s no National Alliance behind me, so I concentrate on fighting lies and liars within the “White Nationalist Movement.” Call it Internal Affairs. Telling the truth is effective when dealing with lies and pathological liars like your Mr. Covington. Nobody likes a liar. Well, a few do.

  17. Ah …

    WhiggerSwill and Hadding are back. I hadn’t noticed. We lost track of Hadding after he was forum arrested and executed for sycophancy at Radio Free Mississippi. While I was in Virginia, we all had a good laugh about that.

  18. While you were laughing, Hadding rolled up his sleeves and went about methodically debunking the “brief history of WN” smearsheet of your favorite “radio” personalities, Giles and Covington.

    Maybe you hadn’t noticed I’d returned because, like I wrote above, “Hunter,” it took eleven attempts, between me and Robert, just to get my post #4 — the one with the link to Hadding’s blog — to stay up in this thread. How many others had you not noticed because Jack filtered out their comments?

    What we’re having a good laugh about now is that, thanks solely to Robert Campbell, Mensa Jack can no longer delete our posts like your buddy ‘”H.Rock” used to do at your failed OD forum.

    We think it’s pretty funny that Covington’s NW Front “vanguardist” scam is removed from the OD blogroll and Hadding’s expose of Covington, Setting the Record Straight: “The Brief History of WN”, has been added.

    That’s a positive development.

  19. Just Googled “WhiggerSwill” out of curiosity and got 886 hits in 0.26 seconds. They all appear to be from either Xian Identity sites where Pastor Lindstadt hangs out, or various OD sites.

    Like this pearl of a Lindstadtism: “WhiggerSwill is essentially in league with the jews by claiming that Christian Identity is the same thing as jewdayo-whiggerdumb Crapture-Cultist baal-priestism.”

    So, would that make me a dread “vanguardist” and Lindstadt a “mainstreamer?”

    Lindstadt hates it when his name is spelled wrong because it cuts down on the number of hits when folks Google “Pastor Lindstadt.”

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