Hatewatch: Where Are You?

Heidi Beirich: Nothing to say about Uncle Tim?

Something I have been wondering: where is the “Hatewatch” on the Tim Wise story? The SPLC, which the media assures us is a “non-partisan watchdog” that fights so-called “hate groups,” monitors our websites.

This story has gone viral across the blogosphere and social networking services. There is no way it has escaped their attention. It has drawn so much attention that Tim Wise has been caught redhanded belatedly trying to edit the post.

Where is Mark Potok?

His friend Tim Wise, one of the “most prominent anti-racists” in America, is driven by a hatred of White America so intense, so pathological, that he fantasizes about death of elderly people (their hearts stopping) for watching Leave it to Beaver.

These are the people who lecture us about hate. Wally and Beaver are so subversive that even their memory must be eradicated in American culture! Yet we are the “extremists” here.

Heidi Beirich and Mark Potok are always demanding that conservatives condemn “hate” within their own ranks. Where are they now? That’s what I am wondering.

What do you suppose they would be saying if Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh had wrote “slam poetry” about their gleeful anticipation of the death of elderly black people? We all know the answer.

The SPLC seemingly has plenty of time to attack the “extremist ties” of the Tea Party and Andrew Breitbart for exposing Shirley Sherrod. What about their own extremist ties?

They don’t want to discuss that with us.

I have never seen any Tim Wise essays on the “white privilege” of Morris Dees who lives in this house in Montgomery. Wise seems content to enjoy his own “white privilege” by living in his own $579,000 McMansion in an affluent Nashville neighborhood while other people in Tennessee (the ones who professes to care so much about) live in crushing poverty.

His is an amazing life story: imagine touring America, getting paid $4,000 a pop on the White guilt university circuit, appearing on mainstream cable television, to browbeat White people mired in debt about their “privilege” while nursing the dream of young families losing their grandparents because they don’t share your leftwing political views.

But don’t worry: there are some White people capable of redemption, although he doesn’t explain who, in the New Order that Tim Wise envisions. Maybe the race traitor sonderkommandos of death panels for reactionary eldery White people?

C’mon, Hatewatch.

Chime in.

Update: DailyKos is sanitizing the Tim Wise article. Damage control effort underway.

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  1. You’re off by half on his house. He paid $579,000 for it in 2006.

    He was getting $4,000 plus expenses as of 2006. My guess is he’s getting even more now.

    That makes the crack about “all y’all rich folks” drinking champagne even funnier. Who is he talking about? The tiny percentage of humanity that can afford to drink Cristal every day? As someone stated elsewhere, he’s the typical SWPL. Resents the few who can afford to drink better than he can, and hates the rabble who can’t afford microbrews.

    Oh, and around here working class white folks are much more likely to drink Bud Light than PBR. Those who can’t afford Bud Light generally drink Busch or Miller.

  2. Hunter at others:

    I want to make a music video featuring Time Wise and other Lib/Min/Leftists who make extremely hateful comments about White Americans.
    I am going to include Time Wise, Susan Sontag – that Jew Harvard Professor who called for the death of the White race. Does anyone know of a web site that features Hate Speech against Whites where I can get lots of great quotes? I know of Amren.com, anybody know of other sites?

  3. Isn’t Pabst Blue Ribbon the favorite beer of the Beatnik progressive types because it’s featured in David Lynch Arthouse Movies? We had a queer where I worked who drank the stuff.

  4. If the only pertinent question is, “Is it good for the Jews?” then Wise has screwed the pooch on this one.

    He has brought unwanted scrutiny to Jewish meddling in Occidental affairs and, while I imagine there will be no punishment, it would seem his career will draw to a close. “We do not speak of it!” will be the only response to questions about him.

  5. Another Jew fires Goy media story:

    Phil Griffin fires Kieth Olbermann at MSNBC.

    Don’t be blinded by “politics” here, the only real politics is race.

    This could be an opportunity to unplug more whites from the Jewish Matrix.

  6. Wise should be read. He and his ilk exist to flatter leftists by pointing out that whites are more racist than they pretend to be. Thank God.

    Academic leftists aren’t pulling off a transparent con job, but a sophisticated ideology that pulls anyone who takes the defensive into the supporter camp. Understand it to combat it, and his work has useful info in its own right.

  7. HW, I think that you’re being unfair to Larry Auster, he’s definitely one of the good guys. I’d vote for him, and so would you. He’s been very critical of liberal Jews who aren’t nearly as genocidal and hateful as Tim Wise. I understand that Tim Wise’s father is Jewish but not his mother. Did he grow up Jewish? There are plenty of Aryan-Americans who are just as masochistic and neurotic. Tim Wise is just dutifully spouting the anti-White, multiculti party-line. I’m so happy that we keep getting confirmations that these people aren’t just ultra liberal, hyper moralistic kubaya types. In fact, many of them are just like Tim Wise: race-obsessed exterminationists. If I knew Tim’s address, I’d send him a thank you note for letting his subconscious surface in his latest outpourings. We now know that Tim Wise wants to kill us. In that sense, he’s the Alex Linder of the anti-racist Left. A mirror image. A reflection. Only his target happens to be different. However, while Linder is dismissed as a lunatic nobody, Tim Wise is feted on campuses and the MSM. That a person like that exists speaks volumes about the age we live in.

  8. Tim Wise’s friends and associates have always known about his views. If they deny him or disavow his words, they lie.

  9. @HW, re Olbermann. He’ll be back. Probably CNN. Or maybe broadcasting Brandeis University football games.

    This attempt by Daily Kos to “sanitize” TW’s Talmudic Song of Hate is the icing on the cake. Like those old Kremlin pix with the “disappearing Kommisar”. First there’s Stalin with 8 Politiburo members, then one gets purged, then the photo reappears in Pravda with dead guy missing, and so on. The left never changes. Because its core never changes: the Eternal Jew.

  10. Hilarity ensues on /r/politics:


    This is the kind of shit I lived through from 01-08. Welcome to the nightmare again.

    PS- FUCK YOU Jon Stewert. This is the bullshit double standard you ignored. Where’s your outrage and non stop coverage of this shit? I was a faithful watcher, but you can go to hell from now on.

    I agree. FUCK YOU JOHN STUART and your bullshit. You aren’t nearly as smart as I thought you were in 2008. Fucking sellout. We need some people to be biased, and have a little balls on the left. Trying to compromise with the LOONS =FUCKING COMPLETE FAILURE. There is no reason. Only first soundbites get heard, and they don’t even have to be true.

    How many times do you have to kick something in the guts before it learns that you don’t play fair? Ask a Democrat… they are good at taking a beating with a smile in their hearts and “compromise” on their lips. Get the lube and prepare for 2 more years of assfucking. If Dems couldn’t control shit with a majority, watch them get handled by BONER when they have less control. I’m moving to fucking Canada where my Goddamned health insurance doesn’t cost me $1350 a month out of pocket. This “Obamacare” that the Right is “so scared of” is a fucking joke. It’s nothing. Fuck. Sorry, just a bit of venting here.

  11. @nightowl: Blue Ribbon is a working man’s bear. There’s even an old country song by Johnny Russel titled “Rednecks, white socks and Blue Ribbon beer”.

  12. “he’s the typical SWPL”

    Not sure the typical SWPL went to Hebrew school. However despite that he may still be a typical SWPL i guess.

    What he couldn’t be is a jewish hyper-racist who uses fake anti-racism as a weapon aimed at bringing about the slow global genocide of white people through unlimited mass immigration. That would be too far fetched.

  13. Even here in the Pacific Northwest, Pabst Blue Ribbon has something of a cult following. It first appeared here several years ago during a massive strike by the major Canadian breweries, and there has been a steady supply in the liquor stores ever since.

    BTW, congratulations are long due Hunter et. al for your timely coverage and spot-on analysis regarding the election. As for this Tim Swine weasel, I plan to distribute the info far and wide here in Canucksville. The Jewish mask is coming off. Soon it may be time for the gloves to come off too.

  14. Everybody says there is this RACE problem. Everybody says this RACE problem will be solved when the third world pours into EVERY white country and ONLY into white countries.

    The Netherlands and Belgium are more crowded than Japan or Taiwan, but nobody says Japan or Taiwan will solve this RACE problem by bringing in millions of third worlders and quote assimilating unquote with them.

    Everybody says the final solution to this RACE problem is for EVERY white country and ONLY white countries to “assimilate,” i.e., intermarry, with all those non-whites.

    What if I said there was this RACE problem and this RACE problem would be solved only if hundreds of millions of non-blacks were brought into EVERY black country and ONLY into black countries?

    How long would it take anyone to realize I’m not talking about a RACE problem. I am talking about the final solution to the BLACK problem?

    And how long would it take any sane black man to notice this and what kind of psycho black man wouldn’t object to this?

    But if I tell that obvious truth about the ongoing program of genocide against my race, the white race, Liberals and respectable conservatives agree that I am a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

    They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-white.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

  15. Tim Wise is a fellow member of the tribe so supermodel Heidi and Marky Mark Potok can see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. Even if they did address the post by Timmy Wiseass they would remain silent on his Jewishness like Jonah Goldberg just did.

    Besides, fomenting hatred and murderous intent towards whites is protected speech and much ado about nothing. Even if it wasn’t we deserve it since we’re the cancer of human history so sayeth the Jewess hag Sontag. Haven’t we learned anything yet from the tolerant Jewish left?

    It would be interesting to hear what Guy/Girl White might have to say about this event. He’d probably claim that Wise is part German so his anti-white screed was really the German in him. That is, if he stops writing about ancient Chinese space ships.

  16. Probably at this point the anti-semites need not go into long diatribes of esoteric theory and hypothesis, just simply asking why said ubermensch is anti-white would be enough.

  17. Jack,

    Here are some observations. No song track on the version coming into my computer.

    Quote, “MSM – Mainstream Media [you need punctuation here]

    “Yeah, but there is lots of no good people …” [needs to be rephrased]

    It would be better if you took the time to explain who Tim Wise is. Just some random creep or an establishment figure?

    Deeper into the vid you have pictures of Jeremiah Wright with no text. You also have pictures of the black professor with no explanatory text.

    It is getting there. Kudos.

  18. “HW, I think that you’re being unfair to Larry Auster, he’s definitely one of the good guys.”

    I suppose it is unavoidable to conclude that those who affirm Auster only cares about White interests insofar as this supports Jewish interests, and attack him on that basis, begrudge him the fact that he supports Jewish interests. This is because (1) their hearts have been totally hardened against the Jews in a spirit of vengeance and/or (2) they do not believe any pursuit of Jewish interests on the part of Jews can be expressed without damage to White interests.

  19. Godan’s Own Paper says:
    November 6, 2010 at 6:20 pm
    Here are some observations. No song track on the version coming into my computer.
    Quote, “MSM – Mainstream Media [you need punctuation here]
    “Yeah, but there is lots of no good people …” [needs to be rephrased]
    It would be better if you took the time to explain who Tim Wise is. Just some random creep or an establishment figure?
    Deeper into the vid you have pictures of Jeremiah Wright with no text. You also have pictures of the black professor with no explanatory text.
    It is getting there. Kudos.”

    JR replies:

    Try these links – the music should now come through fine – different music as Youtube didn’t allow the Linda Rhonstadt song ‘You’re no good”.


  20. I’ve got 50 bucks says Barbara Billingsley Would off mopped the floor with ‘Heavyweight’ Heidi.

    And I’ve got double that says Barb would of starched Timmy Wise inside of three.

  21. @Hunter Wallace
    Larry Auster reminds me of Vince Vancier aka Chaim Ben Pesach of Jewish Task Force yet another version of JDL. They may mouth off against blacks from time to time, and God do they mouth off against Islam, but it is just another effort in the overall Tribal Warfare against the Whites. Just as AmRen’s censor bans any and all critiques of Jewish power and its effects upon Whites in America, or Europe for that matter. Yet you will STILL see Whites falling for it, the oldest routine and they STILL fall for it. However I do think the salient pointis Daily Kos doing an Orwellian cleansing of the Timmy Text.

    “What is Israel to do?…Israel has been building nuclear weapons for years…What would serve the Jew-hating world better in repayment for thousands of years of massacres but a nuclear winter?…The ultimate justice?” Professor David Perlmutter – The Los Angeles Times April 7, 2002

  22. Legal note: threats or wishes of violence or death that are general and not imminent are, regardless of how disgusting and evil they are (e.g. Tim Wise’s), Constitutionally protected free speech in the U.S. However threats of or conspiracies to commit imminent violence against specific person(s) are not so protected and have been criminally punished. Wanting to respond in kind to Wise is entirely laudable, but think before you post.

    On Auster, Tanstaafl has written a number of good critiques of his posts. Any fan of Auster should also be reading Tanstaafl’s critiques.

  23. Nice sentiment professor. Damn these bloodthirsty Jews make me sick. He doesn’t give a rat’s ass that those nukes would incinerate millions who never did a damn thing to the Jews. As long as millions of White men, women and children suffer a horrible death, that’s all he cares about. If you ever need to convince someone Jews are only using the slow race replacement by immigration method of genocide because they don’t currently have the power to use their preferred methods, you have a nice piece of evidence right there in that quote. Jews used their preferred methods right after the Bolshevik revolution and in the Ukraine. I’m think I’m going to start doing more to spread Solzhenitsyn’s writings. I wish we had more like Solzhenitsyn, men of great accomplishment, intellect and above all moral authority with no illusions about how Jews operate.

  24. JR, that’s a great video. You have captured the best bits from Wise’s rant. The quote from Thurgood Marshall is especially effective because that racist was judging the fate of millions of White children all over the country, forcing them on buses and forcing colleges to reject them in favor of less-qualified NAMs. That’s a more direct threat then the other scum whose hate-filled writings do not have the direct force of law.

    One bit worth considering is that it’s confusing in a short video to introduce Wise’s claim that he’s white (especially when he spends the rest of the article addressing Whites as “you” instead of “we”). So the panel “thus guaranteeing that the folks of color, and even a decent size minority of us white folks…” does more to confuse than add to the effect of the video. A good way to clear this up could be, instead of having this panel, write on the introductory picture of Wise with his name, “Jewish activist Tim Wise” or similar.

    It might be a good to point out that Wise sells himself as an “anti-racist” and then throw in the great quote about “anti-racist” being a code word for anti-White. That communicates a great deal in one sentence.

    A smaller point, the panel after the Juan Williams panel suggests that he’s White. Removing the mention of Mr. Williams, or moving his name to the second panel _after_ the mention of Whites, would fix this.

    Finally, although we have very good reasons for writing “White” instead of “white”, it looks odd to a member of the general public who is not familiar with WN. So in those kinds of communications such as this video we should consider using the spelling the audience uses.

    The rest of the video and the whole thing in general is awesome. Good work, thanks.

  25. jqhart says: November 7, 2010 at 8:59 pm
    “JR, that’s a great video. You have captured the best bits from Wise’s rant. The quote from Thurgood Marshall is especially effective because that racist was judging the fate of millions of White children all over the country, forcing them on buses and forcing colleges to reject them in favor of less-qualified NAMs. That’s a more direct threat then the other scum whose hate-filled writings do not have the direct force of law.
    One bit worth considering is that it’s confusing”

    Thanks jqhart for the review of my video, glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the suggestions on things to change.
    Yes, I did think a bit about including Juan Williams as someone persecuted for saying negative things about NWs – in this case Muslim terrorists. I decided to include it because it was a current case and also because it shows that one can not criticize PC protected non Whites even in the case of some non White like Williams who has fallen out of favor by the controlled ant White MSM. Williams’ sin was working for FOX, getting a good paycheck from FOX and increasing FOX’s credibility as “fair and balanced”.
    I think that explaining the whole “Jews aren’t White” issue is too much for a short video, so I left it that Tim Wise is also “Jewish” so more and more Whites are going to get the idea that Jews look White, but are often extreme Leftist, anti White, either self hating Whites, but only hating some Whites – Conservatives, Christians, Republicans, White Southerners.
    For others here, please stop by and view my videos and leave some comments, anti made many comments.



  26. The following is an excerpt from my commentary on http://www.theoccidentalobserver.net/2010/11/tim-wise-hates-white-people/

    The reason organized Jewry like the self-designated “hate police” SPLC is kicking it into high gear and desperately deleting all-things-Tim Wise on youtube, DailyKos, and everywhere else is because they don’t want it known that Tim Wise (at least was in Aug 2007 and likely still is) in the employ of Big Jewry, The Simon Wiesenthal Center. I have often wondered why the content (as noted below – long deleted by American Renaissance) from Wise’s “Reflections On The Psychopathology Of Racist Thinking” has yet to be made available on the “Wayback time machine” when virtually all of the commentary on pieces posted on that date, the dates before and after have been made available. It is beyond creepy the power and control that they wield since that is in itself a creepy archive run by our Federal Leviathan of “all things on the internet.”

    ‘Wise(guy) Timmy wrote a despicable piece (amongst others) of propaganda on racial crime statistics in the aftermath of the Knoxville horror (see link) which ignited a firestorm. Wise(guy) Timmy had his clock throughly cleaned by the many capable posters who frequented the site, and made mincemeat out of his tortured logic and twisting of racial crime statistics.
    One of them (anonymous) lived in LA, and identified that Tim Wise worked out of the well-funded, humongous (apparently covers a whole city block to remind us of who holds the reigns of power in OUR country) Simon Wiesenthal Center, provided the physical address of this anti-American Espionage/Terrorist epicenter and gave elaborate details of Wise’s work days/hours (obviously in the hopes that someone would beat his well deserving Jewish ass) and even identified the very door of the mammoth building that hate-Whitey Wise entered and left from in the commission of his important “work.” You don’t “work” for this Zionist criminal entity/spy center unless you’re a bona fide Jew. The content of those extraordinary postings have since been deleted, and I tried to find the outstanding commentary from the link on the “Way Back” time machine website, but it has yet to be posted. Here is the article that proved his public undoing (at least on American

    Reflections On The Psychopathology Of Racist Thinking

    More news stories on Media Bias
    Tim Wise, Countercurrents.org, May 30, 2007

    Must See Outstanding Video (Please save before it can be deleted)
    History They Don’t Teach You in School – Part 2

  27. Tim Wise is a total hypocrite.

    Tim Wise lives at 4405 Westlawn Drive, Nashville TN, 37029.

    According to the Assessor of Property for Davidson County TN, Tim Wise’s house is worth $639,300.

    Tim Wise lives in Census tract 134, which is 97% white and ZERO PERCENT BLACK.

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