Tim Wise at Georgia Tech

Tim Wise to speak at "Diversity Week 2010" at Georgia Tech on eagerly awaiting the death of elderly Americans.

It looks like Tim Wise has a speaking engagement coming up at Georgia Tech in Atlanta:

“A keynote address by Tim Wise on Thursday, November 11 , 2010 at 7:30 PM at the College of Management LeCraw Auditorium. Tim Wise is among the most prominent anti-racist writers, speakers and educators in the United States.”

The invitation has been extended by “The Office of Diversity Programs” as part of “Diversity Week 2010.” Maybe someone could show up and ask Wise on camera why he yearns for the death of elderly people. We could put the video on YouTube. We could also print off his screed and pass out fliers.

Check out these gems from Tim Wise’s Facebook wall:

Kimberly Kimmi – I love this Tim! Love, love, love. My sentiments exactly. A dying empire. Let’s not encourage them to buy an island, displace and oppress more natives though. Isn’t how this began here, Africa, Hawaii, Australia? That must stop. But, we (Progressives) must unite and take them out!!! Good work as usual.

Erica Lynn Stafford – When you get ready to recite it, don’t forget to post the link to the video. I will most definitely share.

Shannon LaLa – damn it, Tim! genius!! i’m spreading this shit right now!!!

BriTonya D. Banks – Tim, you are a genius!!!! We need to start planning and start teaching the truth and not some glorified version of it. I hope America is ready to start hearing the TRUTH!!

Deborjha Blackwell – Tim!!! You went IN!!!! I could FEEL you FEELING this!!!! As they do in poetry venues in Baltimore, I am throwing pens at your feet!!! Dayam!!

Selah Eric Spruiell – Love it. Just what I needed.

Frothing at the mouth at the thought of dead elderly White people and Jews and non-Whites lording it over White children. Brought to you by one of “the most prominent anti-racist writers, speakers and educators in the United States.”

Stop The Hate!

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  1. “On the left and inside the multi-cult, there is a huge amount of psychological intensity among young White people.” – Wandrin

    “…right now, millennial generation SWPLs are a dejected and sad lot. …zero job opportunities…the weight of a massive amount of White guilt…” – Marcus Oswald Kayetan
    Don’t forget the massive amount of debt, student loans and the like.

    Luigi Barzini, an American/Italian journalist from the twenties to the seventies, wrote about how many of the wildest Germans he knew during the Weimar Republic were solid burghers and staunch Nazis by 1936. Perhaps, when hedonism and multi-culturalism fail to deliver on their promises, the psychological intensity of the millennial generation SWPLs will find healthier outlets. The liberal state has promised far more than it can ever deliver, and young Whites are finding that out. They’ll be feeling as betrayed as we do. We need to show them who betrayed them, and what they should do about it.

  2. @Discard,

    Yes, “idealists” are people whose brains are wired up to get fanatical about ideas, whatever those ideas might be, *but* those ideas and ideals have ultimately to be based on the idea of the commonweal, the greater good of the group. Even the multicult is ultimately based on this hence the need for increasing social control and suppression of the truth in the media as the big lie starts to crumble. And as you say, if those ideas palpably fail to deliver the promised greater good then eventually morale among the idealists starts to go down.

    I think most of the most fanatical white antifa would have been the most fanatical hitler youth if they’d been born in that time and place or witch burners or crusaders if they’d been born in those times. The idealist minority are like a defence mechanism, like white blood cells in the body, but to work properly the ideas that motivate them need to be based on the actual commonweal not designed solely for the benefit a hostile and hyper-racist minority group.

  3. @Discard
    I’m even more certain as i used to be one 🙂

    I also have a vague recollection of reading somewhere about NSDAP getting lots of recruits from communists who fought them in the street battles.

  4. Wandrin: The term was “beefsteak Nazis”: Brown on the outside, Red on the inside.
    I think it was the historian John Lukacs who wrote that the Nazis won the street battles because they had a stronger ideology. So do we.

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