The Puppet Master: Glenn Beck on ZOG

Update: Part 2 of The Puppet Master is on right now.

Glenn Beck has been hyping a show of his called “The Puppet Master.” It turned out to be some pretty good stuff. I just watched the replay.

Beck exposes his audience of kosher conservatives to some pretty valuable concepts like the existence of a “shadow government” that rules through control of the airwaves, manipulation of financial markets, and campaign contributions to the Democratic Party.

As I expected, there are few disclaimers to fend off charges of “anti-Semitism.” The important point here though is that Beck exposed his audience of millions to what is essentially a Jewish conspiracy theory. He has made it easier for White Nationalists to talk about the Jewish Question.


“The Puppet Master” will continue tonight and tomorrow. I will be watching.

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  1. In evaluating Murdoch, pay attention to what the Inner Party (as Yggdrasil calls them) actually does, not what it says.

    Compare the Jewish media reaction to Murdoch buying into the USA media market (no reaction) to the Jewish reaction to Ted Turner’s attempt to buy his way in – complete, over the top, Jewish paranoia and over-reaction.

    Ted Turner’s politics are left wing One Worlder socialist; Murdoch is vaguely conservative. But Turner is a goy. Murdoch is either a crypto-Jew, or a gentile who is so well assimilated he might as well be a crypto-Jew, because elite Jews tolerate him when they won’t tolerate Ted Turner.

    That’s what matters; watch how they act, pay no attention to the surface political ideologies.

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