Waking Up in Wisconsin

Governor-elect Scott Walker of Wisconsin will sign Arizona-style immigration reform.


In the last two threads, we took a look at Texas and Iowa where the 2010 midterm elections has changed the game on immigration. In Texas, Republicans won a supermajority in the Texas House and Senate. In Iowa, Republicans elected a new restrictionist governor and captured control of the Iowa House. There is already a strong movement afoot in both states to pass Arizona-style immigration reform in the next legislative session.

Wisconsin would seem to be one of the most unlikely states to get embroiled in the national immigration debate. It is a Blue state with a healthy White majority, a Deep North progressive stronghold for generations, which shares a border with Canada, not Mexico. The threat posed to the indigenous White majority by Third World immigration isn’t nearly as great here as it is in the Southwest.

Earlier this year, Governor Jim Doyle of Wisconsin refused to join the Michigan-led effort to defend Arizona in the federal courts. As the midterm elections approached, Barack Obama held a massive rally at the University of Wisconsin in Madison to help turn out the youth vote for Democratic candidates. The polls were showing alarming signs of a Midwestern Meltdown fast approaching on election day.

On Nov. 2nd, the Red Revolution swept across Wisconsin like few other states in America. Among the casualties: U.S. Senator Russ Feingold, a Jewish progressive icon; the Wisconsin governorship, taken by Republican Scott Walker; 5 of 8 House seats (2 Republican pickups); and the Wisconsin House and Senate.

The election was particularly amusing to follow on Reddit Politics which gave Wisconsin voters a big shout out as the results were announced: FUCK YOU WISCONSIN! Progressive hero Russ Feingold loses re-election bid to climate change-denying Tea Party millionaire.

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Wisconsin and Immigration

With Republicans now in control of the Wisconsin governorship and state legislature, a total reversal of the Democratic status quo, patriotic immigration reform advocates now have a real shot at passing Arizona-style immigration laws in this unlikely state.

In Iowa, Democrats retained control of the Iowa Senate. In Texas, Governor Rick Perry has stated he opposes Arizona-style immigration reform in the past. But in Wisconsin, we will have a healthy Republican majority and an acquiescent new governor to work with.

Rep. Don Pridemore (R-Hartford) plans to introduce an Arizona-style immigration bill in January when the new Republican controlled Wisconsin state legislature convenes. “I want Wisconsin to be recognized as a state that will be on the side of Arizona.”

Pridemore’s bill would end sanctuary cities in Wisconsin. It would also give Wisconsin state police the authority to check the immigration status of those arrested “on the basis of reasonable suspicion” and turn over illegal aliens who cannot prove their citizenship to federal authorities for deportation. Under the new law, Wisconsin citizens would have the power to sue counties and municipalities like Madison for failing to enforce immigration law.

In July, a Rasmussen poll found that 56 percent of Wisconsin voters support bringing Arizona’s SB 1070 to their state. 55 percent of Wisconsin voters oppose the Justice department lawsuit against Arizona. 79 percent oppose giving driver’s licenses to illegal aliens; 74 percent support checking immigration status in routine arrests; 53 percent favor deporting illegals who are discovered in this manner.

As we saw in Mississippi, Utah, Texas, and Iowa, patriotic immigration reform is opposed in Wisconsin by all the usual suspects: Big Business, Big Labor, and Hispanic activist organizations. Christine Neumann-Ortiz, executive director of the Milwaukee based Hispanic organization “Voces de la Frontera”, has threatened legal challenges to any new restrictionist Wisconsin immigration law.

Final Thoughts

There are some in the White Nationalist movement who claim there isn’t any substantial difference between America’s two major political parties. In the George W. Bush years, this argument had a lot of merit. White Americans were given the bi-partisan shaft on immigration several times in a row. McCain-Kennedy was a bitter pill that we were almost forced to swallow.

But much has changed since then. At the state level, where elected officials are more responsive to their constituents, we have men and women like Don Pridemore (Wisconsin), Debbie Riddle (Texas), Rick Sandstrom (Utah), Steve King (Iowa), and Russell Pearce (Arizona) who are stepping up to the plate and going to bat for our interests.

Quite often, these smaller figures are overshadowed by the bigger sell outs like George W. Bush and Lindsey Graham who make all the headlines. In 2008, Virgil Goode was defeated in Virginia by Tom Perriello. In 2006, John Hostettler was beat in Indiana by Brad Ellsworth. We lost a lot of good people in Congress in the 2006 and 2008 election cycles.

This is why we should be careful about painting with too broad of a brush. There more constructive ways to channel our resentment against “system politicians” than by voting against anyone running on the Republican ticket.

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  1. You would think that Wisconsin would not be motivated by Mestizo immigrants.

    I left S/E Michigan to live in Houston for a year, and only recently returned. There was an influx of Mestizos before I left, establishment of Taquerías, and Mexican groceries, with obligatory money wire services.

    Anyways, my leaving and coming back from Houston wasn’t really relevant, but my time in Houston helped me to understand what is going on. This group now has an established Catholic church in my town of ~35k in S/E Michigan, and they are only growing.

    My experiences with them early on were negative, they walk around with red eyes and an in-your-face machismo. You cant even make eye contact with them without meaning business. I actually experienced less problems in Houston than I have here in Michigan, both before and after.

    I am tired of red-eyed Mestizos in Walmart and around town in an area that had NONE of them 10+ years ago.

    It is simple to prove that they were not here recently, and the red eyes alone scare normal folks away. What is up with that?

  2. Note, I am trying to use my real name. This is scary to do, but I guess I no longer care. I used to post under several other names (most not too popular).

  3. The reason you see this reaction to immigration in Wisconsin and Iowa, is both states share borders with Illinois. Think Chicago. Think largest collection of Hispanic invaders in the Midwest, if not the country.

  4. Jacob,

    I’d advise not to use your real name. Employers do google searches on your name when they do employment screening.

  5. Kievsky –

    Sorry to second-guess you here too (“ML”), but what kind of evidence, if any, is there that employers do actually google applicants? I’m not implying they don’t, and am convinced they do after many many years not being hired for no apparent reason, just wondering if you can point to anything concrete beyond my experience and the predictable business logic of it.

    Jacob –

    Your name is already out, so keep on, and mean business everywhere. Recommend carrying at least a collapsible baton. Mexicans aren’t like negroes, they will scrap hard to the last, singly or in group.

  6. K –

    I ask because I’m in school for an MBA. Fortunately, it’s far, far overseas, so fingers crossed that these folks are less likely to go peeking at my “footprint”. I dread waking up with 2.5 years sunk into this and still no chance of eluding Kwa.

  7. Milwaukee has a really nasty black ghetto, my mom is from there and when we visit it seems most of the working class whites she knew are racially aware of just how foul and dysfunctional blacks are. Madison might be like Berkeley with snow, but I always found Milwaukee to be just another rustbelt city. The Polish half of my family has pretty much all left Chicago and now live in southern Wisconsin and they are all just slightly to the right of Attila the Hun and still use the word “nigger.” Nobody in Chicago takes their weekend getaways in Illinois unless you want to see soybeans and dirt, everyone goes to the rolling hills and lakes of Wisconsin. As Chicago becomes a Black, Mexican, and Hindu monstrosity that taxes every last penny they can to fund the crooks and parasites, people start to consider fleeing to that nice green place they have fond memories from. Sort of like white flight from California to Boise, etc. If the scum in Chicago now has a permanent majority in the elections in Illinois, nearby places where whites still have political control like Wisconsin, Omaha, Indiana, Missouri, and Iowa start to look like reasonable places to send out resumes.

  8. The number one thing that turns up in Employer searches is all that silly “facebook-myspace” stuff juvenile delinquents seem obsessed with these days. I’d very strongly advise against using your real name in posting on the internet, but search engines like google have a hard time digging your name out of the quadrillions upon quadrillions of words in the text of webpages. They mostly look at the meta data and title tags in HTML coding that you don’t see displayed in your browser unless you right click on the page and choose “view source.” Then you’ll see all kinds of programming code that exists in the background.

  9. I hope everyone here has ordered Kyle Bristows White Apocalypse. That is our future if we dont act. I guess we have forgotten the alamo….they all died in vain? I pray to God not!

  10. Wisconson does not border on Canada. You could take a boat across Lake Superior, past Michigan and Minnesota (both of which do border on Canada) and get there that way, but we don’t usually think of that as a border.

  11. If we can turn the tables in Wisconsin, we can succeed anywhere in the Heartland: all the states west of Oregon, Washington, and California and north of Pennsylvania except for New Jersey, Maryland, and Delaware.

  12. @ Hunter

    Those mestizos are 99.5% Roman Catholics. That’s the facts. You worry about offending Roman Catholics—they need to be offended. Those are not White European Protestants invading across our border. A lot of people are starting to realize these facts.

    The winner in Wisconsin, Ron Johnson is a Protestant.

    Btw, I’m understating the threat to North & South Carolina that the mesatizos/indinos/zambos pose to the people of the costal Carolinas. It really is getting scary to see mestizos in street clothes cruising the beaches—even in isolated areas. I try to be a good listener, and, a good observer, and do not exaggerate for effect.

  13. A story broke today that makes a good educational opportunity. A school in the Fresno, California, area, where conflicts between (mestizo) Hispanics and Whites are common, including gangs of White kids forming in response to gangs of Hispanic kids, has banned American flags displayed on clothes, bags, and the like. Apparently the White kids have been pissing off the Hispanic kids by plastering American flag patches and decals on their hats, bags, etc. as a symbol of their being White. So to try to combat the gang conflicts school officials banned these displays. This isn’t the first time this has happened, it also happened in the San Jose area last year and that’s just the instances I’ve happened to hear in the media.

    This kind of story utterly shocks the neocon-brainwashed conservatives, who wonder why the Flag is not being equally respected by Whites and Hispanics as a racially and ethnically universal symbol.

    We can subtly educated them on the issue, not by invoking the purposefully shocking prison-gang talk and swastikas of some radical WNs, but simply by sticking to reciting certain facts that neocons would prefer we forget:

    * The U.S. Flag was invented by a White, Betsy Ross
    * All the signers of the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution, which the Flag symbolizes, were White
    * Early laws restricted immigration to Whites, because the Founders thought of America as a White Republic.
    * Texas and American Whites fought long wars with Mexico, making the U.S. Flag inalterably a symbol of the “Anglos” (non-Hispanic Whites).

    Therefore, it’s perfectly natural that both White and Hispanic children who have learned a bit of history, and see it mirrored in the conflict at their own school, treat the Flag as a White symbol rather than as a racially or ethnically universal symbol. There’s no point in getting involved with an extended argument with neocons over this issue. Just socialize some already anti-immigration but otherwise still-brainwashed Whites and recite the fact that American Flags have been banned at several California schools, then relate it back to the facts about the U.S. founding and by the natural parallel children (as well as non-brainwashed adults, but there’s no need initially to talk about neocon brainwashing, that’s a later revelation) draw between the Mexican wars and their own racial gang conflicts.

    Another interesting thing the Flag bans suggest to me is that slowly but surely, California is seceding from the U.S. It would be helpful to our cause to hurry this process along — not by increasing immigration to California of course, but by observing and amplifying these instances of emergent nationalism and communicating them to the neocon-brainwashed Heartland which is usually quite oblivious to these issues. Also, Whites need to be educated that sending their children to Hispanic-heavy schools is a recipe for child abuse: bullying, gang violence, rapes, and much more. To the extent they can get away with it, White children and Hispanic children, much like White prisoners and prisoners of other races, naturally form segregated gangs and wage war against each other.

  14. jqhart: American conservatives tend to be flag nuts. Banning the flag ought make it clear to them that Hispanc-American is an oxymoron.
    And good for the White kids.

  15. Thanks Kievsky and others concerned about my use of my real name. I guess I am just looking for something more substantial to do than simply posting online under a pseudonym. Using a real name doesn’t really change much, I guess. I should look for a local organization in my area and see what I can do there to help.

    On a side note, it is amazing how fast google indexes new content online these days.

  16. “I should look for a local organization in my area and see what I can do there to help.”

    The way it worked in marxist circles was everything revolved around a network of left-wing book shops. There’d be little groups formed in the locality and they’d have meetings and argue and fight etc. Then afterwards they’d all head back into their own particular niche at work or in some political campaign or other cultural activity and push their ideas into the mainstream.

    WN sites can act as the equivalent of those book shops where the arguing and cross-fertilisation of ideas takes place. It’s then up to individuals to take the ideas they agree with and push them either in their physical locality or on non WN forums.

  17. @ Wandrin
    I am currently unaware of any organizations in my area, but I have made contact with some local individuals on a popular WN forum and a few more simply by chance face-to-face encounters. Perhaps a get together is in order. It takes a leap of faith to meet in-person with people that you first found online, but I am tired of feeling alone out here.

  18. @Jacob

    “I am currently unaware of any organizations in my area”

    That’s why i’d say get involved in whatever is available. Sooner or later you’ll bump into someone on the same wavelength who is doing the same thing.

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