Sarah Palin’s Insidious Whiteness

Sarah Palin's Alaska is an eight hour campaign commercial.


It’s almost official: Sarah Palin is going to run for president.

Yesterday, I watched the highly anticipated debut episode of “Sarah Palin’s Alaska.” According to The Wall Street Journal, approximately 4.96 million people watched the show. It was the most watched debut program in TLC history.

Palin’s new reality show is already offering us glimpses into how she intends to conduct her presidential campaign. She is going to run as an Andrew Jackson style populist candidate, a down home “woman of the people,” against an unpopular Barack Obama, who is going to be cast in the role of John Quincy Adams, a cerebral out of touch Washington elitist, a closet Federalist who struck a “corrupt bargain” with Wall Street.

The Palin campaign will be based on an implicit form of White identity politics. She isn’t running on the basis of her experience as Governor of Alaska. She isn’t running as the champion of some public policy cause like the flat tax. Nor is Palin the favorite of the GOP establishment. The whole basis of her appeal is her identification with Red America.

Sarah Palin wants to be the first president of Red America.

Her television show is an eight hour campaign pitch to White voters in the Red States. It is so obviously telegraphed that it is almost indisputable: driving an RV up to Mt. McKinley, fishing for salmon with the kids while watching brown bears fight, landing on a glacier, mountain climbing. In upcoming episodes, Sarah of Alaska will be shown on television dog sledding, camping out, kayaking, and shooting rifles.

Think Dubya at the ranch on steroids.

In the promo for the show, Palin says, “I’d rather be doing this than in some stuffy old political office” and “I’d rather be out here being free.” In other words, Palin is more comfortable in the outdoors than in the metropolitan areas where Barack Obama seems to thrive.

Palin’s children have unorthodox names like “Bristol,” “Piper,” “Track,” “Willow,” and “Trig.” There was a “McKinley” in the show who was also a Palin family member. The exaggerated whiteness here is on the same level of black women who give their children African ghetto names like La’Kisha, Mo’Nique, Latoya, and Da’Quonda.

The show is based on the way of life of Red America.

Blowing the Dog Whistle

The dog whistle is blown in “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” so hard to White voters that progressives are already freaking out about it. Salon has a new article called “The insidious message of “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” that psychoanalyzes her every move.

This is worth quoting at length:

“And when in the first episode, she just happens to observe, “I love watchin’ these mama bears; they’ve got a nature humankind could learn from,” that has nothing at all to do with her own political action committee ad of earlier this year entitled — what was it again? — Mama Grizzlies. Sure, TLC, I believe you. Because I’m just that stupid. Likewise, when the Palin family triumphant built a fence to protect themselves from a journalist who’s “writing an ugly book” next door, it wasn’t just an issue of privacy; it was, as Sarah declared, “a good example of what we need to do to secure our border.” Palin 2012 — Keeping America safe from Joe McGinniss.

Palin, in fact, is shutting down access and asking for papers with the zeal of an Arizona border patrol agent in the show’s first episode. . . .

“I love watching these mama bears,” Palin tells the TLC camera. “They’ve got a nature, yeah, that humankind could learn from. She’s trying to show her cubs, ‘Nobody’s gonna do it for ya. You get out there and do it yourself, guys.'”

Translation: Stop relying on government.”

The first episode was loaded with hints and suggestions of public policy positions. The fence scene suggested that Palin will champion building the border fence and defending Arizona-style laws with federal court appointments.

She has a child with down syndrome to endear her to the anti-abortion crowd. Palin has been bellicose enough in her rhetoric to appeal to the warhawks. She has endeared herself to the small government, low tax constituency in the Tea Party. There is also the enticement to her candidacy of becoming “the first woman president” that could eliminate the traditional Democratic advantage with White women.

With such public visibility and widespread appeal to the various factions inside the Republican Party, I have a hard time imagining anyone beating Palin in a race for the presidential nomination.

Palin for President

It is too early to start talking about the 2012 presidential race. We don’t know who the candidates will be or their positions on issues like immigration. A few of the other likely major candidates are already making moves. Newt Gingrich, Rick Perry, and Bobby Jindal have new books out. Tim Pawlenty and Mitt Romney make regular appearances on television. Haley Barbour, Rick Santorum, Mike Huckabee, and Jim DeMint could possibly run. There is already talk in some kosher con quarters of drafting Jeb Bush or Marco Rubio running as the Republican version of Barack Obama.

A Jeb Bush presidential candidacy must be defeated at all costs. The last thing we need is a resurrection of the Bush dynasty. Similarly, Rubio and Jindal must be prevented from getting the nomination, or that will further the narrative that the GOP must sell out its White conservative base to remain viable.

There is nothing inspiring about Gingrich, Romney, Pawlenty, Barbour, Huckabee, or Santorum. Jim DeMint is loved in Tea Party circles, but he would face too much opposition in the primaries and he doesn’t have the charisma to become president. If Ron Paul has any plan to run again, I haven’t heard any buzz about it.

At this early date, Sarah Palin is the logical choice for the nomination. There isn’t a more polarizing figure on the national political stage. Something about Palin drives Blue America up the wall. She is easily the most despised figure among the political class in Washington.

At the same time, Red America loves Sarah Palin as a symbol and representative of White provincial life in the Heartland. They would lash out in anger at attacks upon their champion. A presidential race between Sarah Palin and Barack Obama would be the most divisive national election since Andrew Jackson and John Quincy Adams.

It would put White identity politics at the center of the national political conversation in a way that a showdown with other bland candidates like Mitt Romney would not. At the same time, the perception that Sarah Palin is running as the White candidate of Middle America would drive SWPL progressives to new hysterical heights of overreaction. It would draw out the most slanderous venom possible from non-White organizations like the NAACP and La Raza.

Elections are opportunities.

If Sarah Palin runs for president and wins the Republican nomination, the mainstream media will spend at least a year trashing and vilifying a cultural icon of Red America. If Palin manages to defeat Obama, they will spend at least five years doing it, and the resulting polarization will further damage and undermine their credibility with Whites in the Heartland.

Unless some other equally polarizing national figure emerges, the insidious whiteness of Sarah of the Provinces is our best shot at driving a hard wedge between Washington and Middle America.

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  1. Hunter Wallace says:
    Sarah Palin is a warmongering Zionist who is married to an Eskimo.

    Correct. His grandmother is a registered tribal member. If you had a grandmother that was a tribal member, would you feel confident calling yourself White?

    I don’t feel comfortable having someone like that represent White America, albeit her policies may be preferable to other candidates.

    Murphy says:
    If Sarah Palin wins the Republican nomination in 2012, White women nationwide would be well-advised to avoid any situation where they might find themselves alone in the presence of Blacks.

    White women should never be alone in the presence of blacks, period.

    It’s like that show Fatal Attractions. If you’re around wild animals there’s always a risk of attack. It’s not if it’s when.

    Recently there was an old White woman that rented a house to a black man. She managed this by herself, having the false impression that we live in a safe world and all people are equal and inherently good. When the black man couldnt pay the rent he killed her and poured acid on her body. He then used her credit card to pay his bills. When they found her body her skin was melted off.

    EuroMike says:
    The guy is a total narcissist in love with the voluminous elocutions of his most savant speech…. what an ass.

    That describes so many outspoken “White Nationalists,” especially on the internet. You see it in spades at VNN and MR. They’re usually surrounded by a gaggle of sycophants and other narcissists/sociopaths that form a cult-like group to protect their elevated sense of self and delusional world view.

    Dale Crisco says:
    So you’d prefer a man up there, Johnson? And one married to a “person” at that?

    Nice catch.

  2. LEW: the whole GOP establishment is lining up against [Palin]

    Rove has stated she cannot win a general election.

    Many say she hurt John MexiCain. (“Not that there’s anything wrong with that” 😀 …)

  3. I don’t think anyone decent could win the Presidency in the current conditions and even if they could they wouldn’t be able to achieve anything unless 60% of the political structure beneath them was on side as well.

    However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t indirect effects which could be beneficial to the good guys i.e us.

    1) The neocons need someone to lasso the tea party safely back into the corral. They need someone who is “one of them” and they need that someone to prove it by laying the implicit whiteness on with a shovel. This will hopefully drive the anti-whites crazy and lead to more polarization.

    2) I think Obama being a one-term president would a) drive black voters crazy b) lead to the Democrats giving up on the black bloc and focusing much more on hispanics and asians. The ongoing ethnic cleansing of blacks by hispanics should help this along. The benefit of this being more chaos.

  4. @Hal, Jackson etc. These are the mechanics.

    What Duke has to do, is get a friend of his with a CPA, or a tax attorney, or both to manage his campaign fund.

    Then get on the phone and start calling. I’m sure by now Duke has a list at least a few miles long.

    Duke could offer something like, if I don’t run, I will return your contribution minus the part that we have spent exploring running.

    It’s hard work. But, he could do it.

  5. I refuse to watch The Learning Channel anymore, ten years ago it used to be my favorite channel full of documentaries on Quantum Physics, the moons of Jupiter, the Big Bang, Geology, etc. Then seemingly overnight I flipped it on and instead it was nothing but trash like “Redecorating your house while you were away” and “Flip and Kate, knocked up times Eight!” To make it worse these days the cancer has spread to the Discovery Channel, History Channel, even the Science Channel, they’re all nothing but reality shows. The seemingly only decent show left is NOVA on PBS.

  6. Earl, campaign contributions to David Duke in the Internet age are even more problematic. They are public record. Put your name in a search engine, and anyone will see you gave money to Duke.

    I’d love a serious Duke campaign, but these are serious problems.

  7. Wandrin, the entire neocon establishment is against Palin, except Bill Kristol. The seems to me like evidence against the notion that the neocon’s are using her to corral the Tea Party. In fact, the neocons seem to want her our of the way, possibly to make room for someone else they perceive as more reliable for Israel’s interests. Romney, Gingrich, etc.

  8. @Hal

    I doubt anyone on Duke’s contributor list would care—anything else raised would be gravey.

    Plus, I’m sure there would be pacs formed or already setup, if someone was concerned about it—like if you were employed by a Jew, a spook or a trotskyite 🙂

  9. Greg Johnson wrote, “When you know that the game is crooked, you don’t keep playing, hoping they won’t take everything you have, or hoping they will make a few mistakes that favor you. You kick the table over and start a new game.”

    This suggests one area “Vanguardists” (the real ones, not the type that inhabit HW’s fevered imagination) can do real “change” work. This work is at the cultural-economic level, and is not involved with electoral politics. That work consists of influencing young people one is related to (high-trust) to begin developing a dual-track moral system: one for “us” (Whites) and one for “them” (anti-Whites of whatever flavor.

    So many young people have been hoodwinked to think the “system” is working in their interests … the “system” in this case being the legal/tax/economic system. It’s very hard for young Whites brought up within a context of honesty and honor … universalized to include every human they meet … to shift their mental gears to a more “particularist” mode where they have no problem “cheating”. They’ve been taught that when robbed by the “system”, they’re “cheating” if they manage to keep some of their property off the table and out of sight of the robbers!

    Kievsky has brought this idea up repeatedly: don’t be an employee, go into business yourself. I will add that one should choose a business where a lot of the transactions are in cash. If you don’t see why this is important, and expect me to spell it out for you, there’s not much I can do to help you. If you have younger relatives who are “just starting out”, SHOW them how this works, TEACH them how bookkeeping works and how “creative accounting” works. If you don’t know about these yourself … time to get busy.

    Teaching the young about a “dual track morality” will innoculate them from being victims of alien-controlled systems that “we” are forced to work under. Those systems are not going to disappear, but survival will demand understanding “work arounds” … and the MORALITY of this type of survival will help them understand that it’s not “cheating” to hide your gold watch from the train robbers.

  10. Who could you find more reliable than Sarah Palin? She wears an Israeli flag pin on her jacket at all times. If the neocon establishment is indeed against her, it’s nothing more than a ploy so as not to spook the voters and I get the impression the media demonizes this woman to get Middle America to line up behind her. You know what’s so typical about your article Hunter, like so many other articles on this woman is that no one talks about her politics and her views? NO ONE. People know she’s anti-abortion and pro-gun but beyond that it’s a mystery. I admit it’s painful to listen to her talk and I try to avoid listening to her but lots of conservative bloggers trash this woman as nothing more than a celebrity conservative. If she got the nomination there would be challengers from disgruntled conservatives running third party candidates against her. She doesn’t stand a chance of winning an election. I’ve said this before but the only way to win in 2012 is to field an anti-war, anti-immigration, end the Fed Constitutionalist and drain voters from the Democrat Party. This Bush in a skirt won’t cut it.

  11. This just in on Counter-Currents … “On Metapolitics” …

    “I think that many nationalists regard metapolitics with incomprehension, skepticism, and hostility because it is presented in terms they cannot visualize, comprehend, or practice:”

    This article may help some here to understand why “Vanguardists vs Mainstreamers” is a false dichotomy made of disordered conceptual containers. Emphasis on “may help …”. And I’m not holding my breath.

  12. I guess they’re not being moderated. What caught my previous comment in the spam filter? The only thing I can think of is it had two hyperlinks in it.

  13. The struggle for the White Republic must take place on three levels:

    (1) Ideas/culture
    (2) Community organizing
    (3) The quest for actual political power

    The first two levels are metapolitical, because they are the necessary groundwork of political success. The third is politics proper.

    My metapolitical work focuses on level (1) but also includes level (2) by organizing networking events for nationalists.

    It is too early for the pursuit of actual political power. Duke’s one win will not soon be repeated. We need to make the metapolitical investment first.

    Note: What Hunter proposes here will not achieve real political power for White Nationalists. It is premised on letting mainstream politicians spend our money and direct our volunteer efforts in order to advance their message and their agenda, not ours.

  14. LEW
    “Wandrin, the entire neocon establishment is against Palin, except Bill Kristol.”

    I’d say they *were* totally against her and no doubt a lot of them still are but i think her Fox gig proves that at least some of them think she can be useful to them in rounding up tea partiers.

    “Does the “Dale Crisco” comment above mean…”

    ditto. the personal attacks cheapen things imo.

  15. I was wondering when you’d get around to pedalling Palin for 2012. I thought the comments about Rush Limbaugh and the critique of George Bush’s biography were new lows for this site but this breaks all expectations. What’s next? Newt Gingrich, the closet White Nationalist? Carl Rove? Nikki Haley? Hunter, Occidental Dissent is nothing but pure boobery to laugh at.

  16. Yeah, That was a lousy personal attack on GJ. Upon reflection, I’d say many of the responses here to GJ have not been fair or well reasoned, and I would have include some of my own in that. Some of my objections have been based real misunderstandings about what GJ is trying to accomplish with his work, while others were because I let stereotypes about radical WNs cloud my judgment. Essentially, I let ignorance get in the way of keeping an open mind to some off GJs ideas, like when I dismissed Evola the other day. I downloaded Men Among the Ruins over the weekend thinking I would read a few pages to get a feel for Evola and ended up reading just about all of it. Sometimes it takes a good helping of crow to learn a lesson. There is a lot more to Evola than his mystical/esoteric ideas.

  17. So, if one raises doubts about Sarah Palin based on hard facts you get branded a vanguardist and defeatist. Not only that but you are politically and philosophically akin to people at the Daily Kos and other left wing rags.

    The fact that Sarah Palin is a tabula rasa much like Jorge W. Bush should give any racially conscious white person pause. She’ll be very easy to manipulate on major issues and with advisors like Jew Randy Scheunemann that’s dangerous for us. The Jewish strategy is betting on both horses and Scheunemann is in place to ensure “mama grizzly” Sarah doesn’t stray too far off the reservation and threaten the Jewish agenda. And keeping the borders wide open is a priority with the Jewish community.

    There’s simply nothing in Sarah’s past to suggest she’ll take swift action on behalf of the beleaguered white majority if she were to win the presidency. Be wary of false prophets.

  18. Palin for President? The idea is completely laughable. What the hell has happened to our country? The article implies that “white male” is the death knell of any candidacy. And why can’t a candidate be “bland”? Does he have to be sexy and hip in order to be elected? There was a time when strong, principled, men of courage were considered America’s foundation; now they’re considered quaint and/or out of touch. Obama is certainly the worst thing that has happened to America but a Palin presidency would not be far behind. God help us if it comes to that.

  19. James Edwards from The Political Cesspool weighing in on ‘radical left wing feminist’ Palin:

    Sarah Palin thinks you’re a Neanderthal | JAMES EDWARDS

    We have a lot of commenters here who think people like Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck are “on our side”, and I should refrain from criticizing them. How they can believe that nonsense is beyond me. It’s hard, but I try to be patient with these folks. And I’m going to just keep pointing out what should be glaringly obvious. Like the fact that Sarah Palin, far from being a traditional conservative who supports traditional family values, is a radical left wing feminist. She believes the only reason women aren’t equally represented in CEO offices is because men hate women and have instituted policies to keep them down. She calls this “the glass ceiling”, a term invented by radical left wing feminists. She also says that anyone who thinks it’s best for young children if their Mom is at home with them, and not spending her day at a factory or office, is nothing but a Neanderthal.

    And, oh yeah, one of her top advisors is on George Soros’s payroll.

    Come on, folks. Open your eyes, and quit telling yourself fairy tales.

  20. Correct. His grandmother is a registered tribal member. If you had a grandmother that was a tribal member, would you feel confident calling yourself White? I don’t feel comfortable having someone like that represent White America, albeit her policies may be preferable to other candidates.

    I think you are looking at this the wrong way. It is the constituency that matters, not the candidate. Sarah Palin running for president would maximize racial polarization.

    If Palin did win the presidency, a White woman would be president, not a negro communist. Michelle Obama would not be First Lady. There wouldn’t be two black kids in the White House.

    If Palin wins the nomination but fails to win the general election, her constituency gets to see their hero trashed for a year. Obama would be reelected and in a position to polarize the electorate for another four years.

  21. I’m not taking sides but Alex does have a point. What exactly are you selling on here because it doesn’t sound like White Nationalism?

  22. I hope when Ron Paul gets the nomination that he has enough sense not to give Sarah Palin a position in his cabinet. Maybe she could be the coffee girl?

  23. LEW writes That was a lousy personal attack on GJ.

    Naah. It was a great personal attack on GJ. He had it coming. He’s supposed to be the leader of a political party. So why is he coming here to heckle a kid in his 20s? A guy who makes “man boob” jokes is going to lead us to the promised land? I don’t think so. If he had come here and stated his case I would have listened. But to come here and insult others just showed me he didn’t have the chops. A skillful politician turns enemies into friends — not friends into enemies. Until I saw that I was actually considering them. But not anymore. No one is more disappointed than me.

  24. If Palin did win the presidency, a White woman would be president, not a negro communist. Michelle Obama would not be First Lady. There wouldn’t be two black kids in the White House.

    If Palin wins the nomination but fails to win the general election, her constituency gets to see their hero trashed for a year. Obama would be reelected and in a position to polarize the electorate for another four years.

    Well, if that’s the strategy we don’t even need Palin. Any White person will do, Newt Gingrich, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, John Kyle, etc., the possibilities are endless.

  25. RE: The GWB faction of neocons hate Sarah Palin

    Anyone who doubts it should keep an eye on David Frum’s Web site. Frum runs hit pieces on Palin almost daily by neocon hatchet men like Michael Gerson (ex GWB speech writer). At best, the neocons are divided on Palin. They are definitely not unified behind her — yet. That’s just not true, at least not for now.

  26. Everything is so carefully choreographed with this woman that it’s hard to gauge who really supports her and who doesn’t. I would bet money the neocons are salivating over the prospect of Palin getting the nomination.

  27. Sarah Palin is hated by the anti-racist Left, hated by at least some very prominent neoconservatives, and hated at the highest echelons of the GOP establishment.

    Erick Erickson said this:

    Here are the facts: there is a significant, though small contingent of heavily anti-Palin forces at the upper echelons of the Establishment GOP in Washington.

    A good number of them are actually Hill staffers already beginning to pick a side with 2012 campaigns and using press contacts to savage Palin. There is also a goodly portion of people within existing campaign infrastructures. Largely these hits are done at the staff level and sometimes without knowledge of the candidates themselves so they won’t have to dirty their hands.

    If you want to find out who some of the loudest anti-Palin voices are, in another year or so start checking for House and Senate staffers who have left to work on 2012 campaigns.

    Now that you have the facts, here is what you need to know about these same people: they largely despise the tea party movement. They loath Jim DeMint too, but view Palin as easier to pick on. They think the issues being advanced by small government types are ridiculous. They do not like Sarah Palin because they think (a) she is not very bright and (b) she is not ‘grounded’ in the ways of the political world of Washington.

    In reality, these people loath Sarah Palin because she is standing up to them, the policies these people have long advocated

  28. Fred, I don’t know the back-story here and don’t want to know. HW and GJ have been swapping insults for a few days now in between saying interesting things about WN. That particular comment was over the top and necessary IMO.

  29. I think Tancredo and Paul have a better shot of rising to cabinet level positions in a Palin administration. Imagine Tom Tancredo in charge of Homeland Security.

    Any of the Palin partisans: Show us that Palin is anywhere to the right of of McCain on Immigration. Any evidence at all.

  30. “fred” sez of Greg Johnson … “He’s supposed to be the leader of a political party.”

    Now you’ve caught the “strawman maker” disease that afflicts Hunter.

    Go ahead and fight your strawman … or

    You could open your eyes and see reality … or

    You are in actuality a disruption troll.

    What’s your point?

  31. RE: The GWB faction of neocons hate Sarah Palin

    Anyone who doubts it should keep an eye on David Frum’s Web site. Frum runs hit pieces on Palin almost daily by neocon hatchet men like Michael Gerson (ex GWB speech writer). At best, the neocons are divided on Palin. They are definitely not unified behind her — yet. That’s just not true, at least not for now.

    The neoCONS may be *behind her* more than they let on

    Soros Courts the Neocons | The Occidental Observer

    As reported in the Salon, George Soros has paid $150,000 to Randy Scheunemann, a neocon foreign policy figure. Scheunemann was McCain’s foreign policy adviser during the 2008 campaign and is now a top aide of Sarah Palin.

    Scheunemann is completely in line on Israel, as is Palin. The Jewish Journal noted that during the campaign, Scheunemann had led the attack on…

    I came across Scheunemann in writing an article on the neocons and Russia, where it emerged that he was paid hundreds of thousands of dollars by the government of Georgia to use his influence against Russia, a policy that coincided with Soros’ attitudes. Scheunemann was also President of the Committee for the Liberation of Iraq, sponsored by Bill Kristols’ Project for a New American Century.

    So Soros is much more than the patron saint of the left. Like AIPAC, it pays to play both sides of the aisle in American politics.

    Given the results of the last election, it wouldn’t be at all surprising to see other attempts by Soros and other sources of Jewish money to strengthen neocon forces within the Republican Party in an effort to manage the rising tide of White populist anger.

  32. “fred” … please tell us where you got the idea that Greg Johnson is “supposed to be the leader of a political party”.

    Which political party?

    What makes you think Mr. Johnson thinks he is (or “is supposed to be”) a leader of a political party?

    What have you been smoking?

  33. Sarah Palin is hated by the anti-racist Left, hated by at least some very prominent neoconservatives, and hated at the highest echelons of the GOP establishment.

    Let’s not forget the traditional right either. With all these factions against her who is really supporting her? The neocons, that’s who.

  34. Hail says: Any of the Palin partisans: Show us that Palin is anywhere to the right of of McCain on Immigration. Any evidence at all.

    There is little evidence other than her rhetoric and even that is mixed.

    * Supports a path to citizenship, but no amnesty for illegals. (Oct 2008)

    * Never supported Pat Buchanan for president. (Sep 2008)

    * Has not often expressed views on illegal immigration. (Aug 2008)

    * OpEd: Palin is sick to death of this immigration nonsense. (Mar 2008)

    * Address jointly with Canada the border security challenges. (Jan 2007)

    * Immigrants want more vocational training & senior assistance. (Oct 2006)

    * Took no action on Alaska’s “sanctuary cities”. (Sep 2006)

    * Tightened restrictions on illegal alien’s drivers licenses. (Sep 2006)

  35. Rodger,

    (1) If this website doesn’t “sound like” White Nationalism, it is because I am deliberately trying to be engaged, realistic, and practical, as opposed to an alienated rhetorical radical who just uses the internet to gripe about our racial decline. I am focused almost exclusively on the HOW question. This recent change of course reflects my diagnosis of the flaws of the movement.

    (2) Ron Paul isn’t going to win the Republican nomination. I voted for Ron Paul in the 2008 Republican primary. His recent actions (like supporting the boosters of the Ground Zero Mosque) show that he hasn’t learned anything about why he lost that race so badly.

    Notably, Rand Paul is the new Senator from Kentucky. Do you know why Rand Paul won a state that Ron Paul lost? It is because all those Red State Fascists (i.e., evangelical Christians) put him over the top.

    (3) David Frum is pulling for Mitt Romney.

  36. Hail,

    Unlike some of the commentators above, you raised a serious point. Palin doesn’t have much of a record on immigration. I said in the article above that we don’t know who the candidates are or what their positions on the issues will be.

    Palin is the creature of the conservative base. She doesn’t have any other base of support in the Republican Party. The conservative base is vehemently opposed to amnesty now. Just read Free Republic these days.

    As for Palin, we should take a “wait and see” attitude. If she comes out strongly in favor of the border fence and Arizona-style laws, as her reality show hinted that she would, then and only then will supporting her campaign make sense.

    At this early stage in the game, Palin is the logical choice because she is the most polarizing of the likely candidates and has all the right enemies.

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