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Barack Obama campaigns with Rep. Tom Perriello in Charlottesville. Yes, We Can becomes No, We Can't


Virginia is a state that was cracking down on immigration before it was cool.

As most Virginians know, Prince William County has been enforcing a tough Arizona-style immigration law since 2007. The law requires police officers to check the immigration status of anyone they have probable cause to believe to be in the county illegally. It was later revised to apply only to those who had been arrested.

A recent study by the University of Virginia argues that the policy was successful in reducing the Hispanic population (both legal and illegal) in the county. Previously, “Prince William County” had been a “hot spot” for immigration, but that is “no longer the case.” 76 percent of Prince William County residents say they are satisfied with the policy.

Any lessons to be learned here?

A Story About Charlottesville

Congressman Virgil Goode represented Charlottesville in Virginia’s Fifth Congressional District from 1997 to 2008. For years, Goode served honorably in Congress as Virginia’s fire eating equivalent of Tom Tancredo. He used his seat to repeatedly vote against “comprehensive immigration reform” and advance restrictionist immigration policies in the House. While he was in office, Goode sponsored legislation to militarize the U.S.-Mexican border.

In 2008, Virgil Goode (Republican) was defeated by Tom Perriello (Democrat), 50.1 percent to 49.9 percent. Perriello’s margin of victory was 727 votes. He was swept into office by the wave of Obamamania that buoyed student turnout on the UVA campus. Over the next two years, Perriello went on to become a darling of the “progressive” movement. Obama made a personal trip to Charlottesville on the eve of the midterms to campaign for his reelection:

“We always say we want integrity from our elected officials. And you know what, this is a test case right here in Charlottesville because this man has integrity. And in four days, you have the chance to say, yes, we can.”

The contrast between Virgil Goode and Tom Perriello was one of the major factors that caused me to reconsider my previous alienation from mainstream politics. Those who say there are no real substantial differences between “system politicians” frankly don’t know what they are talking about. There was an enormous difference between Goode and Perriello on multiculturalism and immigration policy.

Browse the Virgil Goode archive of Townhall columns. It should be sufficient to dispel the popular notion in White Nationalist circles that “elections don’t matter.” Goode’s loss was a major setback to advancing our cause in Congress and the Old Dominion.

Virginia Boomerangs – Going Blue

In the 2008 presidential election, Barack Obama carried the Old Dominion. It was the first time a Democrat had won Virginia since 1964. For a decade, Virginia was a Red State that was becoming a Blue State. Immigration to Northern Virginia from the Third World and the more liberal parts of America had dramatically increased the “Blue” population of SWPLs and Hispanics in the Washington suburbs.

Mark Warner, a Democrat, was elected Governor of Virginia in 2001. He was succeeded by Tim Kaine, another Democrat, in 2005. Kaine is now the DNC Chairman. Warner rode the Obamamania wave to became a Senator in 2008. Jim Webb, of course, was elected as a Senator in 2006. Heading into the 2010 midterm elections, Democrats controlled 6 out of 11 House seats in the Old Dominion.

Virginia’s state elections were held in 2009. In the 2009 election, Virginia had a Democratic Governor, the term limited Tim Kaine, and Republicans controlled the Virginia House. In the Virginia House of Delegates, Republicans had 54 delegates to the Democrats 44. In the Virginia Senate, Democrats had 22 seats to the Republicans 18. The Virginia Senate will hold its next election in November 2011.

Summary: As of 2009, the Democrats controlled the Virginia governorship (Kaine), 6 out of 11 House seats, both U.S. Senate seats (Warner and Webb), and the Virginia Senate by a narrow majority. Virginia had been trending so heavily Democratic that John Judis and Ruy Teixeira opened their book The Emerging Democratic Majority with the scene of Mark Warner’s election as Governor of Virginia in 2001.

Needless to say, aside from a few bright spots like Virgil Goode and Prince William County, it was a bad decade for restrictionist immigration reform in Virginia. Democratic control is synonymous with “Blue” hegemony.

Virginia Boomerangs – Going Red

Barack Obama delivered on his promise to bring “change” to the Old Dominion. It was just not the sort of “change” he anticipated. Within two years as President of the United States, Obama had become such a polarizing figure in Virginia that he not only destroyed a solid decade of incremental Democratic progress in the state, he also blew apart the Mark Warner coalition and succeeded in realigning Virginia state politics.


The WARNING – IMMINENT DANGER siren went off in 2009 when Democrats suffered catastrophic losses in the Virginia state elections. The Democrats also lost the New Jersey gubernatorial election to Chris Christie that year. The results of those off year elections were spun by “progressives” as failures of local candidates (along with Martha Coakley in Massachusetts in January 2010) that were not a referendum on Barack Obama or progressive policies like amnesty and healthcare reform.

They are still saying that heading into 2011.

In 2009, Republican Bob McDonnell defeated Democrat Creigh Deeds to win the Virginia gubernatorial election with 58.6 percent of the vote; the highest vote total for any candidate since 1961, a landslide in terms of Virginia politics. In the Virginia House of Delegates, Republicans won 59 seats to the Democrats 39 (5 Democrats won by less than 1,000 votes). In the 1998 to 2000 session, Democrats had 50 seats to the Republicans 49, when they last controlled the chamber.

Next year, the Virginia Senate (now under Democratic control) will be up for grabs in state elections. The Republicans will have a shot at capturing unified control of the Virginia state government.


In the 2010 midterm elections, Republicans continued the rout. Virginia’s 11 House seats were all up for grabs. Of those, Republicans won 8 out of 11 seats, with three pickups in Southwest, Central, and Southern Virginia. Tom Perriello, Glenn Nye, and Rick Boucher lost. In Northern Virginia, Gerry Connelly squeaked out a victory in Fairfax County with less than 1 percent of the vote. His margin of victory was a mere 981 votes.

Negro Robert Scott held onto Virginia’s Third Congressional District. In 1990, the Justice Department forced the Virginia state legislature to gerrymander the Third District to create a House seat for “African Americans.” In the 2010 midterm elections, Scott won reelection with 97 percent of the vote. He didn’t have any Republican challenger. Like the 35 percent of Whites in Alabama 7 and the 37 percent of Whites in Georgia 5, the 36 percent of Whites in Virginia 3 are effectively denied political representation in Congress thanks to the NAACP and the “Civil Rights Movement.”

The most interesting race was Rick Boucher’s loss to Morgan Griffith in Southwest Virginia. Democrats have controlled that seat since 1983. They are unlikely to get it back anytime soon. Bush and McCain both carried that heavily White district.

The Red Revolution

Virginia is a microcosm of the “Red Revolution” that played out across the Heartland. More than a year ago, Sean Trende of RealClearPolitics wrote a prescient article about Virginia politics in response to the 2009 state elections: Can the Clinton Coalition Survive Obama?

A year later, we have our answer: Barack Obama has destroyed the Clinton Coalition that was the basis of the Democratic resurgence in Virginia state politics.

His polarizing presidency drove the last of the White Jacksonians in rural Virginia out of the Democratic Party. That happened in the “wave election” of 2008. With the brakes on the Democrats gone, Obama’s fiscal irresponsibility with the budget, national debt, stimulus, and healthcare alienated the deficit hawk White moderates in the Washington suburbs.

The collapse of the Obama cargo cult in Charlottesville sank Tom Perriello. Perriello, who defeated Virgil Goode by 727 votes in 2008, lost by more than 9,000 votes to Robert Hurt in 2010. In fact, the results of the 2010 midterms seems to reflect massive disillusionment with Barack Obama among the Millennial constituency. From North Carolina to New York to Ohio, low turnout among Millennials sank Democratic incumbents in the House across the country.

In Virginia, the Democratic Party has been torn down to its base of blacks, Hispanics, and SWPLs. The White vote is coalescing in the Republican Party. The GOP resurgence is entirely due to White flight from the Obama coalition and the success Bob McDonnell has enjoyed in repairing the reputation of the Republican Party on fiscal issues.

Virginia and Immigration

All this partisan quarterbacking and voter analysis is fascinating to political junkies. But what does it mean for White Nationalists?

(1) In August, Virginia’s Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli of Virginia issued a legal opinion that allows Virginia state police to ask people about their immigration status in routine stops.

In effect, Cuccinelli extended the Prince William County immigration law statewide by administrative fiat. Virginia now has a de facto Arizona-style immigration law.

(2) There are an estimated 300,000 illegal aliens in Virginia. As we saw in Phoenix Farce, Arizona has succeeded in driving out over 100,000 illegal aliens this year alone. In fact, somewhere in the ballpark of 300,000 illegal aliens have departed Arizona since it began its state level crackdown in 2007.

(3) The defeat of “comprehensive immigration reform” by the Republican backbenchers under the Bush administration had huge implications. If that amnesty had gone into effect, an enormous number of Hispanics in Virginia would have become newly minted Democratic voters, putting anti-White Democrats over the top in any number of races.

(4) Also in August, Gov. Bob McDonnell sent a letter to Janet Napolitano at the Department of Homeland Security asking the federal government to allow Virginia state troopers to enforce federal immigration law.

This eliminates any doubt that Governor McDonnell would sign an Arizona-style immigration law.

(4) Republican state lawmakers in the Virginia Assembly are gearing up to introduce Arizona-style immigration reform in January 2011. This is being opposed in “Blue” strongholds like Arlington and Alexandria.

Among the other laws being considered are bills that would end sanctuary cities, allow local law enforcement to enforce federal immigration law, and deny illegal aliens access to public services, in-state tuition, driver’s licenses, and government benefits.

(5) The major obstacle to passing an Arizona-style law is the Democrat controlled Virginia Senate. Fortunately, 2011 is an election year. Democratic state senators sweltering under a massively unpopular Barack Obama will have to vote on restrictionist reform while facing anti-amnesty Republican challengers in an election season.

(6) In March, the Virginia state legislature adopted the E-Verify system which Governor-elect Lincoln Chafee has promised to dismantle in Rhode Island.

(7) As Attorney General of Virginia, Bob McDonnell supported E-Verify, barred illegal aliens from receiving in-state tuition, driver’s licenses, and supported allowing Virginia state police to enforce federal immigration law.

(8) According to NumbersUSA, Senator Mark Warner is an F- and Senator Jim Webb is a D on immigration. What about Virginia’s Democratic House delegation? Glenn Nye and Rick Boucher (both defeated) got a B; Gerry Connelly gets a C; Tom Perriello (defeated) got a D+; Bobby Scott gets an F; James Moran gets an F-.

On the Republican side of the aisle, Eric Cantor gets a B, Frank Wolf a B+, Randy Forbes an A, and Robert Wittman and Robert Goodlette both get an A+. The incoming Republican freshmen Robert Hurt, Morgan Griffith, and Scott Rigel are votes for cutting legal immigration, opposing amnesty, building the border fence, and ending birthright citizenship. Strangely enough, Jew Eric Cantor is actually a member of Tancredo’s House Immigration Reform Caucus.

(9) The pickup of 3 House seats in Virginia helped put restrictionist hardliners like Steve King and Lamar Smith in charge of immigration policy on the House Judiciary Committee. Previously, Zoe Lofgren was the chairman of the House Immigration Subcommittee and used it to invite Stephen Colbert to testify on behalf of the AgJOBs bill.

Virginia and Vanguardists

Having lived in Virginia, I spent many months and traveled many miles evaluating the White Nationalist resistance in that state. I attended meetings of both “mainstreamer” and “vanguardist” groups: Klan, CofCC, Volksfront, Amren, etc.

I can say without any sense of exaggeration that the OD headquarters that I helped establish there was the closest thing Virginia had to an organized White Nationalist cell operating on a full time basis. Literally, we were the resistance in that state.

There is a small Maryland/Northern Virginia CofCC chapter in the DC area, Jared Taylor’s Amren operation, a Volksfront umbrella group, a few scattered Klan groups and some subculturalists living off the grid. I don’t know of any active League of the South chapters. If they exist, I could never locate them.

Oh yeah … and there is Trainspotter “spreading ideas” on the internet somewhere in the vicinity of Richmond.

I’ve spent a lot of time since returning to Alabama thinking about what went wrong in Virginia. Ultimately, I came to the conclusion that the White Nationalist movement was superfluous for White Virginians, a rhetorical label that alienated people on the internet are clinging to.

Think about it: if you want to end birthright citizenship, deport illegal aliens, militarize the border, deny public services to illegal aliens, cut legal immigration, make life uncomfortable for illegal aliens in countless ways like giving law enforcement the power to query their immigration status … well, that’s already the position of the White majority in Virginia and most of their elected officials.

What’s the use of the White Nationalist movement? Every issue which we could conceivably use to bring Whites to the table (multiculturalism, immigration, foreign wars, free trade, monetary policy, affirmative action, etc.) is being responded to on some level by “system politicians.”

“The system” is far more permeable than most White Nationalists realize. As a Southern state with a heavy black population, there must be millions of pro-Confederate explicit Whites and an equal number of implicit Whites in Virginia, a constituency that cannot be excluded from representation. I don’t see any obstacles preventing us from reaching them with Alinsky-style community organizing methods.

Virginia and Mainstreamers

It is easy to see why the “vanguardists” are failing in Virginia: they are radically alienated from the White majority, reject participation in the political process, and lack any realistic plan (aside from fantasizing about The Collapse) to connect with a mass constituency and move their agenda forward.

What about the mainstreamers? They don’t seem to be that successful either.

The major failure of the “mainstreamers” lies in their assumption that White Nationalists are willing to organize. The sad reality of our situation is that the internet is overpopulated with rhetorical radicals who are unwilling to act on their beliefs. The carrot and stick of the middle class lifestyle combined with social ostracism and employment discrimination is sufficient to keep them bottled up on the internet.

The second failure is an unwillingness on the part of the “mainstreamers” to part with a rhetorical label. They water down the White Nationalist message. Marginally, this attracts a few more followers on the internet, but as with the vanguardists, the mainstreamers get their priorities wrong. Instead of focusing on organizing and seizing power, they emphasize the rhetorical content of their platform. In doing so, they fail in their objective to “mainstream” their agenda by falling afoul of the prevailing taboos, which deny them the necessary legitimacy to establish a political base in their communities.

The obvious solution: “dissolve” into the mainstream. As Greg Johnson would sarcastically put it, “shut up and blend in.”

In an area like Virginia’s Fifth Congressional District, which Virgil Goode once represented, a “mainstreamer” could successfully organize and/or campaign as a “Hard Right” conservative with hawkish views on subjects like multiculturalism, trade policy, and immigration. You could take the political platform of the Council of Conservative Citizens and openly spread the seeds of White Nationalism at the cost of a few minor rhetorical adjustments.

Is it worth it?

Of course it is worth the price. You aren’t reaching many people in your geographic area (much less a critical mass of them) by “spreading ideas” in the anonymity of the internet. Alternatively, you can dodge the prevailing taboos and openly campaign for critical parts of our agenda (like immigration reform) while positioning yourself as a respected leader in your community.

It won’t take “mainstreamers” long to catch on. You can walk into the Tea Party and say you really think we need to repeal the Immigration Act of 1965 in these terrible economic conditions. We also need to deport the millions of illegals already here because they are a fiscal burden and a culturally divisive force within their host communities.

As for affirmative action and disparate impact civil rights legislation, is it is an unnecessary and intolerable burden that big government has placed upon small businesses. Aid for Israel? America needs to cut foreign aid to help balance the budget.

Once you accept the fact that the right thing is almost always done for the wrong reasons, you will quickly see how fun this type of agitation can be. I only wish I had as much fun in the Old Dominion as I am now having in Alabama.

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  1. The big problem now is the GOP. Israel slurpin’ warhawks. Where did Mark Rubio go minutes after the election? (FYI – we can call them, ya know! 202.863.8500 GOP HQ in DC. “White people put you in office. STOP pandering to the Darkies – who did NOT vote GOP!!! (Use the verbiage you deem appropriate – but get that message out)

    Get into those Tea Parties folks! “NO foriegn aid! For ANY-ONE. WHY are we sending billions out of the USA – when Americans are losing their jobs, and homes? WHY??”

    When you hear the propoganda “Why Israekl is our very bestest pal and those who curse Israel blah blah blah” – it provides an excellent opp to challenge folks on what, precisely, Israel *does* for/to the USA. And that Arab Muslims never used to hate us. I’ts not about “freedom” – it’s about the FACT that the USA is the killing machine for the benefits of Israel, against Arabs. And that the name “Israel” is the true name of the Christian host – not the name stolen by a cult of milennial gangsters from Eastern Europe. See – opportunities for education abound.

    Tht’s the tack. Get your gluteus maximi out of your Yale Yacht Club club chairs, and talk to the Unawakened Proles. If you do want the chimerical White Homeland…it’s hard. You actually have to talk to other Whites people – who won’t admit they are White. But it works. Don’t be a slacker! Are Jews slackers?

  2. Nightwolf, have you read any of the comments on that site you linked to? You’ve got numerous people on there cheerleading for Allen West, people agreeing with the article but saying we need to cut the military overseas to concentrate on the “war on terror” in Afghanistan and Iraq and people pushing West/Palin for 2012. Talk about subversion. Hunter, you could learn a few things from that site in your quest to neuter White Nationalism.

  3. Alex,

    Your version of White Nationalism (assuming you are not a leftist troll in crypto mode) is already neutered. In case you are wondering, the definition of neutered is completely ineffective.

    You come on the internet and blow off steam. Attack the handful of people who are pushing for tougher immigration laws. Advise people to sit out elections, remain powerless and marginalized, immersed in a fantasy world, make the perfect the enemy of the good, stifle any attempt to break out of the destructive cycle of apathy, addicted to a radical rhetoric that renders them incapable of communicating with their peers.

    It sure is interesting how much energy you expend advising people to DO NOTHING to change their circumstances. You can’t be motivated to vote or organize, but you will expend hours preaching cynicism and defeatism.

    Let’s suppose for a moment I worked for the SPLC. In my dream scenario, what would I have White Nationalists do? Pretty much everything you advise.

    For god’s sake, please don’t get off your ass and vote against Jew Feingold or Jew Specter. Please don’t vote against Barack Obama. Otherwise, the Left won’t get the opportunity to push through an amnesty, hate crimes laws, and pack the courts. Oh … and above all else … don’t vote for the candidates who are for ending birthright citizenship and legal immigration. Make it easier for the amnesty candidates to get their way.

    You are effectively working for our enemies. Whether consciously or unconsciously.

  4. There are no substantial differences between the two parties on the issues that matter to us most, because the leadership of both parties are tightly controlled by the same interests.

    Yes there are plenty of politicians who are better and who are different and who aren’t under party control, but they have to fight against not just the other party, but against their own party leadership.

    So yes it’s worth supporting local, state, and national politicians who are fighting for our issues, but these people don’t control either party yet. At the elite level, the people actually controlling things, there is no difference between parties. A grass roots revolution to overthrow them isn’t impossible, but it is not going to be easy, or simple, or quick.

  5. Lurker – grassroots is all we have.

    Who on Earth ever said anything is going to be easy? We know the Jews controls both parties.

    However – the Jew is beginning to do what the Jew always does – get out of control, go all Jewey Supremacist Mental –

    Let’s keep it really simple:

    Tea Parties. White taxpayers.( Heavily Jewed Up. What isn’t?) All ya need to talk aobut is Americans Losing Homes Jobs Why are We Sending BILLIONS Abroad?

    Ya don’t even need to Name the Jew. Let your subjects get there themselves. Be waiting when they “get there”. In the words of David Lane, “The only way out is thru the Jew”.

    I am listening to Rush’s show now. They re talking the tyrannical “airport security measures” – sicko patdowns. A caller just suggested that we, “…act like the Israelis! Do racial profiling! The Jews don’t do patdowns – they just look at a guy, and tell”

    The host Mzark Steyn literally sniffed at the concept of racial profiling, abnd hustled the caller off the air. OK. I don’t know who the caller was – but could he have been a more perfect candidate for spreading Jews Awareness, on the Jew Do This We Must Do That? No. He could not have. Start TALKING to the Proles.

  6. Good article, Hunter. Very astute evaluation of the political climate in VA.

    Oh, and yeah, four lokos are being taken off the shelves today!!!! Damn it!!!!

  7. “The host Mzark Steyn literally sniffed at the concept of racial profiling, abnd hustled the caller off the air.”
    It’s actually surprising that the caller managed to get that much past Mark Steyn (Stein?) since Rush’s show operates on a 15 second delay and all the show’s host has to do is hit the “delete” button. hang up on the caller and none of the caller’s message goes out. The control that the media has on this stuff is air tight for the most part.

  8. Oldtimer – the caller, on the Limbaugh/Steyn substitute host show, began his observations by talking about how great Israel is. He raved about how competent, impressive and professional the Israelis are. He then stuck in the sucker punch re: Israel’s racial profiling policies. Steyn was obviously unprepared for such a conversational turn.

    I don’t know if that fellow was sincere, in his admiration for Israel’s merciless racialism, or “one of our’s”, and slyly making digs (or both) – but the moment was wildly entertaining. As well as thought provoking, for me. I’m always looking for new ways to present information. This approach may work wonderfully, in my eternal Naming of Die Jude…..

  9. Denise- I hope he was “one of ours”, even if not we can still learn from his example and apply this technique to radio show call-ins. Call it “wolf in pro-Israel clothing”, if you like. Whatever works is fine since, after all misrepresentation and lying, deception in all its forms has served the Jews so well for thousands of years. I’m not saying “sink to their level”, but getting the truth out there is essential to White survival. One has to remember that the motto of their intelligence gathering agency is ” through deception shalt thou make war”. They are deadly since in their intent to wipe us out of existence and erase the memory of our kind from the earth.

  10. Israel is our ally at least in principle, now you can all whine and go off on jew hate, but trust me the jews live off of this internet hate. You want to freak out the ADL then tell them as a white person you want to emulate the zionist experience for whites (with our twists for sure).

    I’ve had a solid week of talk radio from local yokals to Limabaugh and its Israeli racial profiling this and racial profiling that, but without the word “racial.” So when it comes time to implement an Israeli like policy you can bet our anti-white helpers will be there to polarize the debate – too late though this genie is out of the bottle.

  11. “Israel is our ally at least in principle”
    -Are they fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq along side our soldiers? -No, we are doing their fighting for them, as always.
    Our people are suffering from unemployment and a depression. Are they offering help in any form? No, instead now that the dollar is essentially worthless they want their “financial aid” in the form of Euros, not dollars.
    They have spied on us and even sold our critical national security info to our enemies (i.e.: Jonathan Pollard).
    They have committed actual acts of war against us (USS Liberty).
    They are the world’s epicenter of the white slave (sex) trade.
    They are active in seeking organs for transplant without the consent of the donor (victim). Palestinians are frequent unwitting “donors”, as well as prison inmates in Israel. The organs go to Jews who travel to Israel to “benefit” from the magnanimous “generosity” of the uncompensated and unfortunate “donors”.
    They have taken our industry and transferred it to China and India (remember that Jews are an international alliance, Israel is simply the place they run to when they are about to be convicted of a crime).
    They have devalued our dollars to the point that they are worth no more than confetti (the Fed is mainly Jewish owned, and yes, it is a corporation with shareholders).
    They have stolen our weapons technology (the reason they have nuclear weapons).
    They give us nothing, and expect our lifeblood in return (the very definition of the word “parasite”).
    They are not even our friends, let alone our “allies”, even in “principle”.
    We have been and are being used. And we have been slated for extinction as a race- by these “allies”.
    ” trust me the jews live off of this internet hate.”
    Is that why they make every attempt to shut down what they term “hate sites” on the web? You have it backwards, my friend. The internet is probably the only thing that they fear now because they do not control it, but they are working on that and legislation has already been introduced to Congress to censor the web.

  12. Oldtimer – I think Simmons is hip to the Jew issue. I think that saying that White Nationalists want to emulate the Zionist example – for Whites – is BRILLIANT!

  13. Limbaugh’s guest hosts are some of the worst, most boring, guest radio hosts out there for any major show. ALL THEY TALK ABOUT IS ARAB TERRORISM, as if that is the only issue facing us. It’s almost ten years since 911, there is a black communist in the white house, the economy went down the tubes, yet all of these guest hosts are stuck on the topic of Islamic Terrorism for the whole three hours. A few weeks back, even before the Yemen toner cartrige stunt, with the midterm elections on everyone’s mind I got in the car and put on Limbaugh’s station, instead it was one of those neocon guest hosts stuck on Arab Terrorism like a broken record. I promptly changed the station.

  14. “Oldtimer – I think Simmons is hip to the Jew issue. I think that saying that White Nationalists want to emulate the Zionist example – for Whites – is BRILLIANT!”
    Guess I should have given his post more than a quick read-through, Denise. I mistook him for a pro-Israel troll. As to the WN’s emulating the Zionist example, well, in essence isn’t that what we all want? A “white homeland”? but yes, pitching it to the Zionists in this way would make for an interesting reaction from them, I’m sure.

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