Anti-Homosexuality groups now deemed “Hate Groups”

There is a recent development involving  the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC).

The SPLC has officially declared the Family Research Council and American Family Assocation as hate groups. (hyperlink from The Political Cesspool, James Edwards)

This strategic move can be observed as an objective and practical trend, for the Left.

Much to the surprise of politically correct social conservatives, they are on their way to becoming the new “racists.” I do not know Mr. Tony Perkins’s personal views on racial preservation and intellectual “racism.” But, many of his likely supporters despise White Preservationists (perhaps more than child molestors). Many anti-homosexual (and politically correct) social conservatives rabidly endorse today’s degenerate culture and social factors which will eventually send Whites to extinction. Some of the Religious Right in Georgia even support criminalizing abortion of non-White and half-White fetuses when a “racist motive” can be found-even while abortion of pure White babies is logically still legal. This proposal should not be opposed in the interest of demographic interest. But, the principle of racial double-standards is obviously present. The politically correct of the anti-abortion Religious Right are also “anti-racist.” They are happy to aid the Left on explicitly anti-White laws and apparently racial double-standards. 

I know abortion is an issue technically separate from homosexuality and gay marriage, but a large majority of the Religious Right oppose both and White “racism.” And, my analysis applies to the politically correct social conservatives-not those who support racial preservation and an end to racial discrimination. Now, the anti-White Left is “turning on” the “anti-racist” conservatives who have supported them since the end of the Civil Rights Movement. James Edwards of The Political Cesspool has done a great job explaining the irony happening to those who despise opponents of inter-racial marriage-whilst opposing same-sex (“gay”) marriage themselves.

Aggreeing there is a double-standard, here is Dan Savage:

Dan Savage on Homosexuality and the Effects of the Overton Window

Do not miss the message of this conversation. The bigger picture is the Overton Window. First, it was about legalizing miscegenation and making it socially acceptable. After its forced legalziation through Loving v. Virginia, it became “unacceptable” to want it illegal, but still okay to oppose it. Then, the Overton Window shifted further, and now you are socially forbidden to disapprove of any form of miscegenation. In a few social corners, it is even taboo to not miscegenate. The point is there is now no socially accepted excuse to oppose miscegenation. And, as Dan Savage advocates, the same process is being set for homosexuality. First went anti-miscegenation laws, then “strict” anti-divorce statues. And with current social and political trends, anti-homosexuality is now next.

And if there are any skeptics, here is a metioned excerpt (in a linked article)  from the hyperlinked Political Cesspool article:

As Beirich told me, there is no difference between the FRC and the KKK in the eyes of the SPLC now.


I asked her if a Republican choosing to address the FRC convention next year would be making the same choice as one who addressed an Aryan Nation rally.

“Yeah,” she told me. “What we’re saying is these [anti-gay] groups perpetrate hate — just like those [racist] organizations do.”

Remember, haters are haters.


  1. This is an incredible gaffe on their part.

    I have taken full advantage of it by going on every conservative website to beat the drum that the SPLC believes that the Bible is “hate speech” and that Christians are “bigots” driven by “hatred” and “intolerance.”

    Remember … in politics, the right thing is almost always done for the wrong reasons. In this case, the SPLC and NAACP have immolated their credibility in the eyes of White America. They can now publish “exposes” which no one outside of Rachel Maddow’s sphere of influence will take seriously.

    They have neutered themselves.

  2. Keep an eye on California’s Proposition 8 in the Federal Courts. If it is overturned, the Left may rush to the next part of the debate like they did post-Loving v. Virginia.

    I am not sure how this will turn out. With the way things are, it could follow the footsteps of miscegenation and divorce. Or, it could provide a spark of conservative opposition at the state level (and leave opportunities for future coalitions). What is certain, however, is polarization.

    I also believe the Left has acted too soon, with the SPLC announcement.

  3. The $PLC has jumped the shark! This is fantastic! This situation where conservative Christians are now “haters” needs to be repeated and mentioned everytime the $PLC is brought up in a conversation or mentioned in any format. This can be the millstone that can be hung forever around the $outhern “Povery” Law Center’s collective reptian neck.

  4. We might recognize the SPLC as the true voice of next week’s liberalism, but I don’t know that the average conservative knows anything about them. As thinking people, we may not realize how political activists can be entirely stuck in the GOP/Democrat game, having no idea that there are other players behind the scenes, or bigger issues than this or that wasteful government program.

  5. The actual causes of homosexuality are unknown. Is it genetic? Developmental? Environmental? Is it a psychological disorder or does it have some evolutionary significance? Your guess is as good as mine. There is probably more than one cause or factor involved. But I think it’s safe to say that most homos didn’t choose their sexual preference. Of course, they are responsible for their behavior the same as we are. That’s why most of us aren’t rapists.

    But still, as much as it creeps me out I really don’t begrudge homos their preferences. And why should I? They only comprise 2 to 3% of the population. Numerically, they are insignificant. And quite a few of them are nice enough. They just do weird stuff. As long as they’re discrete about it I don’t really care.

    The problem, however, is that many aren’t discrete about it. Sexual orientation aside, many engage in behaviors that would be considered degenerate even for heterosexuals. And that isn’t surprising. After all, how would most of us behave in a room full of willing women? Indeed, its normally the women who apply the brakes. Only with homos, there are no women so there are no brakes.

    Therefore, homos are responsible for the (dare I say it?) vanguard of social degeneracy. Moreover, some have politicized their sexual orientation and used it to push a radical agenda that goes well beyond their actual sexual behavior. To me THAT is the real problem.

    It really is a problem — and one without an easy solution. Now, this will probably throw many into a tizzy but the best option would be to reintegrate homosexuals back into WN. After all, many are white. Even if they don’t have children themselves they still have families with nieces, nephews, etc. They do have a genetic interest in the community.

    However, this is unlikely to have widespread appeal. There would probably be enough WN opposed to make it very uncomfortable for them. And that is the attitude that has driven so many of them into the arms of the radicals. Still, there are probably many who would support WN given the opportunity.

    Now, there is a fellow here who regularly gets heckled for being homo. And I don’t think most of the jokes are remotely funny — except for that one about “race, rimjobs and revolution”. That was a good one. But to be honest, I don’t know if the guy is homo and I don’t really care. In fact, the only problem I really see with homos is that there aren’t more of them on our side.

  6. Speaking of homosexuals, a queer who was dumped by his “drag queen” boyfriend is at the center of the “Wikileaks” scandal that is dominating the headlines right now.

    Ann Coulter has a good new column about the subject. I hadn’t heard this particular argument before. She argues that homosexuals are untrustworthy.

    I’ll see your Army translator and raise you one Bradley Manning.
    According to Bradley’s online chats, he was in “an awkward place” both “emotionally and psychologically.” So in a snit, he betrayed his country by orchestrating the greatest leak of classified intelligence in U.S. history.

    Isn’t that in the Army Code of Conduct? You must follow orders at all times. Exceptions will be made for servicemen in an awkward place. Now, who wants a hug? Waitress! Three more apple-tinis!”

    According to The New York Times, Bradley sought “moral support” from his “self-described drag queen” boyfriend. Alas, he still felt out of sorts. So why not sell out his country?

    In an online chat with a computer hacker, Bradley said he lifted the hundreds of thousands of classified documents by pretending to be listening to a CD labeled “Lady Gaga.” Then he acted as if he were singing along with her hit song “Telephone” while frantically downloading classified documents.

    I’m not a military man, but I think singing along to Lady Gaga would constitute “telling” under “don’t ask, don’t tell.”

    Do you have to actually wear a dress to be captured by the Army’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” dragnet?

    What constitutes being “openly” gay now? Bringing a spice rack to basic training? Attending morning drills decked out as a Cher impersonator? Following Anderson Cooper on Twitter? . . .

    Maybe there’s a reason gays have traditionally been kept out of the intelligence services, apart from the fact that closeted gay men are easy to blackmail. Gays have always been suspicious of that rationale and perhaps they’re right.

    The most damaging spies in British history were the Cambridge Five, also called “the “Magnificent Five”: Kim Philby, Guy Burgess, Anthony Blunt, Donald Maclean and John Cairncross. They were highly placed members of British intelligence, all secretly working for the KGB.

    The only one who wasn’t gay was Philby. Burgess and Blunt were flamboyantly gay. Indeed, the Russians set Burgess up with a boyfriend as soon as he defected to the Soviet Union.

    The Magnificent Five’s American compatriot Michael Straight was — ironically — bisexual, as was Whittaker Chambers, at least during the period that he was a spy. And of course, there’s David Brock.

    So many Soviet spies were gay that, according to intelligence reporter Phillip Knightley, the Comintern was referred to as “the Homintern.” (I would have called it the “Gay G.B.”)

    Bradley’s friends told the Times they suspected “his desperation for acceptance — or delusions of grandeur” may have prompted his document dump.

    Let’s check our “Gay Profile at a Glance” and … let’s see … desperate for acceptance … delusions of grandeur … yep, they’re both on the gay subset list! . . .

    Sounds like someone I had the misfortune of knowing.

  7. Good oberservations Fred. The main problem is the degenerate homesexual agenda and homo alignment with the diversity coalition. At least in principle and theory, some homos could be swayed away from this agenda. Like it or nor, some of our civilization’s greatest periods of high cultural achievement have correlated with a high incidence of male homosexuality (Camile Paglia’s insight). This was true in Athens and during the Renaissance. Apart from the agenda, homo behavior is close to last on my list of concerns.

    Notice also the SPLC singles out Christians only and does not mention Muslims or orthodox Jews. This is great wedge material. Mark Potok, Jew, declares Christians haters but not orthodox Jews and Muslims with similar views on homosexuality. Muslims execute homosexuals, and the penalty for homosexuality in the Torah is death yet the SPLC says nothing.

  8. No one has mentioned the very real corelation between gay men and pedophilia. How about the homo pair in Arkansas who kidnapped and sodomized a 13 year old boy to death? I don’t care what they shove in each other, but pedophilia simply can’t be permitted to go mainstream, ala NAMBLA. Homos are all about pushing the social envelope and courting death by sex. The movement to save and preserve our people is about life. The two are incompatible, like oil and water.

  9. EVERYONE who calls himself a conservative in Montana, Wyoming, Idaho is most likely packin’ heat. And there is nothing on earth more dangerous then a pissed off white man. Perverts are very likely to get themselves shot to doll-rags if they prey on kids here. Hell, they might get shot, or worse, if they presume to put a slimy hand on the wrong knee. It’s happened before, it can happen again.

    ‘Don’t ask, don’t tell’ is simply the only way a homo can survive and thrive in the intermountain west. I say encourage flaming behavior. We’ll soon find out how ‘tolerant’ our people really are. And I’m elated that the $PLC elected to further defame and polarize white rednecks from the SWPL mainstream. Now it’s up to us to reel those good ole boys in, and open their eyes.

  10. The jewish hate groups work by always attacking. If the orgs involved just defend and don’t attack back then they’ll eventually lose. Ideally they could just state the truth:

    “We consider the SPLC to be an anti-White and anti-Christian hate group.”

  11. For people who want to defend European culture, shunning all homosexuals is a terrible idea. In European culture, homosexuals have been part of the creators of culture. Homosexuals have been part of European societies government, literature, and the military. Homosexuals have also been part of what would be the called “the right” for along time. Pushing all homosexuals to the anti-European left is a terrible strategy. European and European-Amercian homosexuals can have an ethnic identity too. Many of them do not want to live in the left’s multi-cultural version of the West. Some homosexuals can be very helpful to those who want to preserve European societies.

  12. “For people who want to defend European culture, shunning all homosexuals is a terrible idea.”

    Homosexuals have played a huge part in the culture of critique second only to jews. However the long-term interests of homosexuals in general and white ones in particular don’t coincide with the multicult agenda. They may have thought it did when whites were still a large majority but they’ll gradually change their minds as they realise neither they nor pro-gay legislation can survive in majority non-white areas. The same argument applies to feminists.

    Politically therefore i’d say it makes sense to be less anti-homosexual than non-whites but how much less is debateable.

  13. Homosexuals are childish and often have poor political judgement. While going around beating up random poofs is a thuggish attitude, unbecoming of decent middle class white folks, there are certian roles in society that gays are generally unfit for such as those needing leadership. Let them revel in being hairdressers and florists and chit chatting with their female friends about fashion. Probably the only ones who would actively want to be in the military are bull dykes and that subculture you see in The Blue Oyster Bar in The Police Academy movies who wear the leather chaps and police hats. My brother had a childhood friend, a little jewish boy, who later we found out was having homosexual blow jobs with the son on Hillary Clinton’s High School best friend. Hillary actually showed up and gave a speech at our High School when the kid graduated and half the town was on lockdown from the Secret Service presence. The jewish boy my brother knew (he’s now in a Brokeback Marriage with an Irish-American chick) was mentally unstable and during college at parties he’d suddenly start bawling like a baby and all the fag hags would rush over to comfort him. He also suffered from a bout of anorexia. What kind of a man has anorexia? The son of Hillary’s friend is now an open queer in L.A.

  14. “No one has mentioned the very real corelation between gay men and pedophilia.”
    Yes indeed, and (speaking as one who has experience working in a mental hospital) there has been a move by the psychiatric community to attempt to normalize pedophilia as well:
    “The fiasco the Psychological Association was referring to had followed its own publication of a controversial study by Rind, et al. which concluded that man-boy, “consensual” sexual relationships were not necessarily harmful and might even be positive. The Rind study marked the first time, the APA said, that it had been called into the public arena to defend publication of a study.” The link to this is ;
    They are speaking of changes made to the Diagnostic Manual used in the field of psychiatry. This controversy had hit the media about 3 years ago and even got mentioned on Rush’s radio show (i.e.: ” the American Psychiatric Association wants to legalize pedophilia and declare it normal”- I am paraphrasing Rush from memory here, and please allow leeway for any inaccuracy due to the length of time elapsed from my having heard his statements, but that was the gist of it). It was not too many years ago that homosexuality was listed as a mental disorder in the APA’s DSM as well. The APA got itself into a lot of political hot water over this controversial issue and backpedalled on its stance, but rest assured that their stance has not really changed.

  15. I learned from reading Liberty magazine (Yes, the libertarians) that about 40% of molesters are homos. I was surprised to see that confirmed by the Los Angeles Times, in an article about female child molestation. It seems that “…almost two thirds…” of molestees are girls. Which means that over one third are boys, and those boys aren’t being molested by women. Thirty or forty years of increasingly pro-homo propaganda from the Jew tube has got a lot of younger people believing that they’re just like us. Statistically speaking, it ain’t so.
    What this means is that homos are a group that bears watching by the healthier elements of society, which is how Whites have generally treated them. Our suspicion of them is justified, mindless hatred is not.

    BTW, the Progressive word in education is that men who screw boys aren’t really homos, they’re something else. They know all about horny fags, just like they know about Black dull-wittedness and Hispanic criminality, and are redefining their terms to evade reality.

  16. From what I’ve read homos do have a much higher rate of pedophilia. And homo activists have been behind the drive to have the age of consent lowered and pederasty normalized. That’s a serious issue that needs to be addressed. But the goal should be reducing / preventing abuse and not demonizing those who aren’t responsible. Even among homos pedophiles are a minority. And as a purely practical matter, it would be easier to tackle pedophilia if we won the support of the homos who weren’t.

  17. continued-

    It just occurred to me that homos have a very strong incentive to campaign against pedophilia and pederasty. The ones involved in that give the others a bad name. They could go a long way towards cleaning up their image if they took a leading role in combating such abuse. Perhaps that’s a wedge issue that could undermine the leftist coalition and be a win-win for everyone else.

  18. It just might be that homos are as unwilling to criticize pederasty as Blacks are to criticize irresponsibility, and for the same reason: it’s too close to home.

  19. The homosexual activists want society to regard anyone who refuses to let his 12 year old son “date” a 45 year old biker as a “bigot.” Most fundamentally, the homosexual agenda is about mainstreaming deviancy, normalizing perversion, and breaking down taboos on abhorrent behavior like pedophilia.

    And while we are on the subject of homosexuality in general, we should not forget that this coin has two sides; in addition to promoting male sodomy, this culture also heavily promotes lesbianism which is not doing anything to increase White birth rates either. The incidence of adult female/young male pedophilia also seems to be becoming more common, or at least more reported.

    This culture also pushes teen sex, bi-sexuality, miscegenation, androgyny, transsexualism, swinging and infidelity too, though to a lesser extent than standard homosexuality. I’d bet every one of those themes shows up on TV more often than depictions of sexually healthy relationships between White men and White women. Just the other day on a rerun of the show “Grey’s Anatomy” there was a unusual twist on the Jews’ miscegenation theme. Instead of the standard Black male/White female subplot, the episode featured an interracial gay couple, a Hispanic and an Asian from what I remember, using a Black teenage girl as a surrogate mother.

    There is no limit to how low Jews will take this culture if they can because Jews are some really sick fucks. The Jewish “philosopher” Peter Singer has actually made attempts to normalize bestiality.

    Singer argues that sexual activities between humans and animals that result in harm to the animal should remain illegal, but that “sex with animals does not always involve cruelty” and that “mutually satisfying activities” of a sexual nature may sometimes occur between humans and animals

    Singer’s parents were Viennese Jews who escaped the German annexation of Austria and fled to Australia in 1938.

  20. fred
    >The actual causes of homosexuality are unknown. Is it genetic? Developmental? Environmental? Is it a psychological disorder or does it have some evolutionary significance? Your guess is as good as mine.

    It is definitely biological, as they have a quality that appears slightly off, even when they are in the closet.

    TBH I don’t see homosexuals as having a long term future, with us at least, as normal parents do not want abnormal children and they will use genetic engineering to ensure they do not have them.

    >reintegrate homosexuals back into WN

    When were they ever integrated into WN?

  21. That article is a bit of a hit piece and their definition of fascist is pretty loose.

    However I do remember reading a post of Haman’s of PLE fame, where he mentioned the gay Nazi issue and he wanted to make PLE’s more female/family oriented, in order to discourage the wrong types from coming:

    See PLEs And The Public Images Of White Women

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