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It seems Luis Gutiérrez is flirting with the idea of making life easier for White Nationalists. He is so emotionally invested in getting the DREAM Act passed in the lame duck session of Congress that he is setting himself up for a Tim Wise meltdown.

Gutiérrez recently told Newsweek:

“He’s as close as the Latino community has to a Martin Luther King figure,” says Frank Sharry, founder of the pro-immigrant group America’s Voice. Yet Gutierrez’s tactics are controversial. While many admire his tenacity and credit him with keeping immigration reform alive, others, including members of the Obama administration, believe his confrontational style can be counterproductive. He sees things more simply. “I have only one loyalty,” he says, “and that’s to the immigrant community.” . . .

Peter Brimelow drew my attention to this on VDARE. Now the story is getting even better.

If Gutiérrez fails to get his way on the DREAM Act, which seems more than likely given Republican stonewalling over the Bush tax cuts, he is threatening to openly break with the Democrats and launch a direct action campaign modeled on the Civil Rights Movement.

But as Chicago congressman Luis Gutiérrez prepares for a rally at a church in Brooklyn a few weeks before the vote, the DREAM Act seems like the end of his interest in congressional gamesmanship rather than the start. Gutiérrez is one of several Hispanic leaders who have found themselves politically estranged from the president. Moreover, they are numbed by the legislative process that denied them a vote on immigration reform, much less a victory, when Democrats controlled both houses of Congress. “If we couldn’t do it when Democrats were nearly 260 in the House and 59 in the Senate, how do we propose to tell people we can do it now?” Gutiérrez tells me. “The opportunity to have gotten it done is gone.”

The DREAM Act, Gutiérrez says, is for now his final legislative maneuver. He’s finished waiting for the mythical 60th vote to materialize in the Senate. No, when the lame duck ends, Gutiérrez and his movement allies will ask for a divorce—from the Democratic Party, from the entire lawmaking process. To hear Gutiérrez tell it, Hispanic leaders are about to stage a full-tilt campaign of direct action, like the African-American civil-rights movement of the 1960s. There will be protests, marches, sit-ins—what César Chávez might have called going rogue. The movement will operate autonomously, no longer beholden to wavering Democrats, filibustering Republicans, and—perhaps most tantalizingly—no longer beholden to Barack Obama.

He is wildly misreading the mood of the country. White Americans are not in the generous mood they were in the 1960s. Most Whites now believe the country is in terminal decline. They will not respond in a positive way to Hispanic radicalism.

Historically speaking, America is characterized by brief periods of liberalization followed by long periods of retrenchment: the Revolution was followed by the Antebellum era, the Civil War and Reconstruction by Jim Crow, the Civil Rights Movement by Benign Neglect.

In each case, an existential threat posed by a White enemy played an important role in making Americans feel (temporarily) more inclusive: Britain in the Revolution, the Confederates in the Civil War, the Nazis and Soviets in WW2/Cold War.

Supporters of the DREAM Act have already tried every page in the MLK playbook. They have used mass rallies, sit ins, petitions, hunger strikes, boycotts, protests … every single one of these tactics has failed. They turned out hundreds of thousands on the National Mall earlier this year to no effect.

Escalating this type of nonsense is guaranteed to result in a spectacular backlash. MLK’s predecessors were not stupid. They were just working in unfavorable historical conditions.

At the height of Jim Crow, MLK’s tactics would have roused Whites to the point of rioting. It has been a long time since Whites rioted but it used to happen all the time.*

Is this it, Priest? The Pope’s New Army?

Bring it on, Luis.

* Don’t be pedantic. The point I am making is clear.

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  1. So I nominate Ron Unz and Luis Gutierrez as Co Anti-Whites of the Week. If what they say was implemented upon an African, Asian or Jewish country they would be playing house in jail at the Hague waiting for their crimes against humanity trial.

  2. icr: At some point we’ll need to declare war on Mexico, for a couple reasons.
    First, because they have attacked us, and we simply need to defend ourselves. Compel the Mexican government to re-ratify the treaty of 1848, in the most humiliating way: On their knees, in their underwear, at gunpoint. Our national dignity requires an act of complete submission from these primitives.
    More importantly, as a means to sort out the sheep and the goats. Any expression of pro-Mexican sentiment would be giving aid and comfort to the enemy during wartime, the Constitutional definition of treason. Whites who have gone Brown have made a choice. Just let them go south, and be rid of them.

  3. icr-

    Did you know the “nazi” leader speaking in your 2nd video was a jewish homosexual pedophile? Ironically, he was actually fairly sincere about it. He hated his father so much that he rejected judaism and became anti semitic. He recently wrote a series of books discussing some sort of occult history of Atlantis and America.


  4. I agree, Hispanic (or even black) radical activists are sorely mistaken if they think they will enjoy the same amount of success that MLK and the Civil Rights Movement did.

    There were a few reasons why the 1950s/60s movement enjoyed success.

    1) Whites were much more economically secure, which allowed them to be slightly more generous, as you’ve pointed out.

    2) Jim Crow discrimination was blatant, which made it easier for black activists to find a rallying point, and arouse the national conscience.

    3) Most importantly, Cold War politics necessitated the greater inclusion of blacks into public life. Due to the U.S. billing itself as the “leader of the free world,” discrimination against blacks would only provide ammo to enemies of the U.S.

    Of course, whites no longer enjoy such economic security, the Jim Crow days have been replaced by what Critical Race Theorists call “aversive racism,” which will hardly get whites to rally to anti-racist causes. Also, the Cold War days are over, and I don’t think your average white American cares what the Chinese think. Besides, you should see how China treats its own minorities.

    So no, the current conditions are not favorable for another Civil Rights Movement.

    I think one of the biggest mistakes that so many people on the left make is believing that history is linear. Whether it’s MLK or Tim Wise, they believe that history will slowly, but surely progress to a glorious and egalitarian end. They believe that history will always move forward in a progressive fashion, and that white conservatives are only fighting a losing battle.

    Well, any cursory glimpse of world history will show you that history is CYCLICAL, not linear.

    As European history shows, the Roman Empire was followed by the Dark Ages, which in turn was followed by the Renaissance and the age of exploration. The enlightenment was followed by the rise of nationalism, WWI, and Fascism. Fascism and WWII was followed by liberalism and Cultural Marxism in much of post-war Europe. And as we speak, the European right, be it the BNP or Sweden Democrats, is making a comeback.

    And as you’ve pointed out, Mr. Wallace, American history works in the same way. The American Revolution was followed by the antebellum period. Reconstruction was followed by Jim Crow, and the 60s/70s were followed by the Reagan days.

    So no, even just a simple glance at U.S. and world history demonstrates that it’s cyclical, and will likely not progress in linear fashion to that glorious egalitarian ending that Tim Wise so craves.

    Another huge mistake that leftists like Tim Wise make, as pointed out by Keith Preston over at Alternative Right, is that they believe their coalition of “victim groups” will remain eternally stable and united.

    The unity of “people of color” and other official victim groups is uneasy as it is. While they occasionally band together to stick it to whites, they don’t exactly love each other that much.

    When whites do indeed become the minority and these victim groups take over, they’ll immediately start squabbling among themselves and trying to take their own piece of the pie.

    People like Wise simply fail to understand how power politics and world history work.

    And as Preston pointed out, once the glorious rainbow coalition becomes fragmented and starts fighting each other, THAT’S when we’ll make our move.

    Of course, we should try to succeed now and not let ourselves become powerless minorities in the first place, but worst comes to worst, that’s our back-up plan.

  5. And as you’ve pointed out, Mr. Wallace, there was always an external enemy that gave white Americans more of an incentive to be liberal and generous.

    Somehow, I don’t think that China or so-called “Islamofascism” will have that same effect.

    Whites are mad right now, and in no mood to listen to other people’s grievances.

  6. The vanguard vs mainstream type argument applies to all groups.

    jews were/are smart, cohesive and stealth-capable enough to act as a vanguard inside the mainstream but most groups can’t do that.

    Initially hispanics only had the choice to sit inside the Democrats and play their allotted part in someone else’s game. As their numbers have increased their options have increased also.

    In places where they’re the majority they could start a third party which is allied to the Democrats nationally while sticking inside the Democrats in areas where they’re still currently a minority. As long as they stick to districts where they totally dominate and don’t split the anti-white vote anywhere the Democrats would have to go along with it. That way they don’t have to share power and loot in the areas where they dominate but still get the benefit of the anti-white coalition elsewhere. A similar thing is just starting to happen in Europe in areas where muslims are 70%+.

    Another option is starting to use more physical muscle and direct action a la Mr Gutirez. What’s certain is they’ll only carry on playing Tonto for as long as they need the Lone Rangers.

  7. “So no, the current conditions are not favorable for another Civil Rights Movement.”

    I think that’s true. However i think that means any hispanic equivalent would be much more of a veiled threat type movement than a Gandhi style movement.

    “Did you know the “nazi” leader speaking in your 2nd video was a jewish homosexual pedophile?…He hated his father so much that he rejected judaism and became anti semitic.”

    The two things are possibly connected. A lot of the most extreme anti-whites i’ve known turned out to have had an abusive family background that led them to hate their own people.

  8. I remember Gutierrez from back in the 80s. He was a Chicago alderman who aligned himself with the faction of the down-low black mayor Harold Washington against the white faction of the remnants of the Daley machine that ultimately put Daley Jr. into power. The same Daley Jr. who for some reason is retiring–(health?? a comming FBI sting??)–and Rahm wants his job. (I bet Obama regrets following his media jew advisors, getting way in over his head with a lame-duck presidency when had he played his cards differently he could have ended up in his dream job–The Chicago Mayorship. Sure it isn’t the presidency, but it is pretty much for life, and has a lot less scrutiny.)

  9. Faced with the realization that the majority of Americans don’t want another amnesty, Hispanic advocates like Gutierrez might respond that most people didn’t support ending segregation in the south and so on. They’d say that the majority needs to be browbeaten and led by the nose to justice by a heroic band of activists. Civil Rights-era tactics are all they will have left once this lame duck session expires. There’s a certain amount of persuasiveness to this idea.

    Thing is, their cause is not just. There’s nothing “just” about an illegal invasion of millions of Mexicans created by cheap labor profiteers against the will of the majority of Americans. No one voted in favor of it. There’s never been a poll that showed that a majority wanted it.

    There’s no way to show that this invasion, transformation and hispanicization of the country was somehow necessary for any other reason so that a small elite could get rich off of it. There’s no way to tie this story into the “Story of America” in the same way that the Civil Rights struggles of the 50s and 60s lent itself to the story of America as the “land of equal rights” and so on. When they try the “but we’re a nation of immigrants” narrative, we reply, “okay, then don’t hop the fence – get in line with everyone else.” It doesn’t fly. They’ve got nothing.

    To put it another way, their cause has no legitimacy, they don’t have the moral high ground the way blacks did during the Civil Rights era. (Some might dispute whether blacks really did have the moral high ground – my reply is that they certainly won the propaganda war, at the very least.)

    So I think direct action-style tactics would be great news for white advocates and those who oppose amnesty. Rather than gradually changing public sentiment in their direction I think it would force the debate out into the open, polarize the country more, and compel people to take a side and to have a clear opinion about illegal immigration. It’s been too easy for people to bitch but do nothing about the invasion of Mexicans into their small towns – they need to have their hand forced to support new “attrition through enforcement”-style laws. Nasty, angry, spanish-speaking mobs of 4 foot tall orcish activists waving Mexicans flags and blaring Mexican oom-pah music can only help.

  10. I can’t wait for 2011 to get here … Gutiérrez leading Hispanics off a cliff with riots for amnesty … dozens of states passing Arizona-style immigration laws … the economy deteriorating further … Justice Department lawsuits against Georgia, Florida, and Alabama for following in the footsteps of Arizona.

  11. Did you know the “nazi” leader speaking in your 2nd video was a jewish homosexual pedophile?

    I’ve known that for many years. You can see a young David Axelrod (yes, the same one)interviewing Collin starting at 8:31. I think it’s very amusing.

  12. What’s not amusing is what happened to the SW Side of Chicago. The same thing of course happened to white neighborhoods in many cities throughout the US. What’s amazing about the Marquette Park case is -given no acceptable alternative-how many whites rallied to the banner of truly bizarre leadership. For example, Collin was able to win 13% of the vote in a four-man race in a city ward that was about one-third black.

    The only issue was racial ethnic cleansing of whites and Collin-although rumors were already circulating in the area about “homos” -was able to get about 25% of the white vote. And, despite the large number of Balts in Marquette Park-many of whom had escaped from the Soviets under the protection of the Wehrmacht and Waffen SS-I don’t think too many of the locals were concerned with questions about Collin’s ancestry. C’mon, the guy almost looks like a Der Sturmer caricature.

  13. Excellent comment, Jerry. I’ve despised Gutiérrez ever since I saw him claim on Rachel Maddow’s show that “we all need Maria to watch our kids.” I don’t and neither does anyone I know.

    I sincerely hope they double down on this nonsense. It would go a long way to wake up the unaware. My working class relatives and I are only too aware of the wage destruction caused by this invasion. The taboo against discussing it on the so-called left drove me to sites like this one.

  14. Never count chickens before they’re hatched….at the moment it looks like demicans/republicrats are cutting a deal over taxes and unemplyoment benefits: Bush tax cuts get retained for everyone, 98-weekers get paid to not work for yet another year. I’ll believe the “dream” act is dead when it begins to stink. Not until.

  15. It sounds like they’re using threats of violence as a pretense to force Congress to pass the Dream Act. Congress knows their constituents are in no mood for another amnesty and a few acts of murder and mayhem will give congress reps the cover they need to cave in. Basically telling angry Americans they had no choice but to pass it. Also the claim hispanics are going to distance themselves from Obama and the Democrats in my opinion is a transparent ruse so any blood spilled won’t be on their hands.

    But who knows what the real gameplan is. If spics are threatening to go on the warpath, take it seriously and keep your white kids out of school.

  16. Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich has a bold goal for the next decade: Overhaul the country’s immigration system so that every worker in the United States is legal.

    “We are not going to deport 11 million people,” Gingrich said Thursday as he kicked off his first forum on Latino issues. “There has to be some zone between deportation and amnesty.”

  17. Luis’ timing is horrible because whites who comprise the now 15% tax bracket come Jan. 1st will comprise the 28% tax bracket. This leads me to believe that millions of whites who comprise the class that actually makes this country works will not be in any mood to listen to the class that comprises the lawn maintenance sucking up the Earned Income Tax Credit class in combination with the Banker Class in sucking this country dry mode because they are special.

    I believe the GOP honchos want a few paychecks to reflect the Obama/Gutierrez tax hike upon the middle class as a perfect talking point for the next two years. These tax hikes might as well say, “We hate whitey” because they hit white middle class of just about any importance and income source, jobs, dividends, business cash flow and even the SWPL AMT crowd will take it in the pants.

    Never mind the Asian middle class who have yet to find a way to cheat like in the old country.

    Luis is our ally, I love Luis.

  18. Yes Denise even the politically correct WNs who have been trained by Mommy Professor have a hard time not calling people like Luis and his white anti-whites “anti-white.” All the hemming and hawing about useless ideology and PC speak of our day just does not tell the truth about Luis & Co.

    Luis is an anti-white, but no one will ask him if he is, instead we get PC debates.

  19. The problem is that the American South (plus California and many of the southwest desert states to some extent) are full of a bunch of fat and lazy entitled Whites who often refuse to do any constructive manual labor whatsoever, that’s why it’s being flooded with Hispanic immigrants who are displacing the Blacks in many places. When is the last time you worked as a landscaper, or in a slaughterhouse, a nanny, maid, garbageman, gardener, etc?

    The American South is by and large a hellhole of mismanagement full of severely corrupted elites. Even in the past it was horribly mismanaged by corrupt elites in league with the rotten British-Jewish Empire, with huge swathes of land eroded via overly intensive planting of cotton and other soil-depleting crops; add on to that deforestation (leading to semi-desertification of large portions of The South) and permanent loss of native topsoils, most of which now lie at in the Gulf of Mexico and ain’t coming back. With a lack of mass transit compared to the rest of the country, an interruption of gasoline supplies would bring the section to a standstill in a short matter of time.

    Just one state, Alabama, is the toxic waste dump of the USA with one of the highest Black populations in the nation (and it is also increasingly overrun by Hispanics too) with some of the worst educational and environmental records in the country.

    Luckily the landscape of The South can be repaired via careful management over time and the corrupt elites can be replaced by better ones.

  20. The problem is that the American South (plus California and many of the southwest desert states to some extent) are full of a bunch of fat and lazy entitled Whites who often refuse to do any constructive manual labor whatsoever

    That’s not true where manual labor pays well, for example electricians and plumbers do a lot of manual labor in the course of their work, and there’s no shortage of Whites there.

    But Whites won’t do heavy labor for third world wages. You can’t live a White life on those wages. Whites won’t cram 40 people in a home built for at most 10. Whites also usually pay taxes.

    Deport the invaders and wages will be forced up to the point where Whites can live on them.

  21. Kalki: I don’t know about Dixie, but I know something about the Southwest. These places were built by White men like my father and uncles, not by the once small number of Mexicans, the once smaller number of Orientals, or the once non-existent Blacks. Years ago I found that I could no longer support myself working a trade, so I learned a technical skill. I’m no longer skinny, but I’m not lazy, and neither are my friends. Too many Easterners think that it’s all Hollywood and ski resorts out here.

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