Our Enemies are Biting the Dust

Congratulations are in order for all those who worked so hard for our recent electoral successes in the South, Midwest and other places. Our people worked very hard in mainstream politics resulting in great victories.

So many of our terrible enemies, traitors and cowardly idiots were taken down this last year and we would like to make a special music video celebrating their demise.

Here are a few names of some bad political folks who have been taken down or passed on and please suggest some of your own favorite departed bad guys.

Ted Kennedy, Chris Cannon, Arlen Specter, Jack Kemp, Russ Feingold, Roy Barnes


  1. People like Ted Kennedy should have been taken down 30 years ago. The more this country progresses into the 21st century the more I’m convinced this nation is in terminal decline. All the signs are there. As late as the 1980s this country was loaning money to the rest of the world, unchallenged military power, led just about every major industry on the face of the Earth and had the most talented people of any other nation. Now we’re a bankrupt, debt ridden economic basketcase. An increasingly nonwhite borderline third world nation with a military that can no longer holds its own and a nation where achievement has been replaced with equality. Several states either have an outright nonwhite majority or will have in the next 20 years like CA, AZ, NM, NV, TX, MS, NJ, NY, DE, GA, MD, and HI. Call me pessimistic but I don’t see a political solution to what’s happening and tossing out people who were one small cog in the scheme of things is just too little too late.

  2. Notice that they are all Baby-boomers!

    Once they are ‘down for the count’ then the tougher Gen Xers (you know, the folks that brought us skin-heads and Black Metal) will come to the fore. There shall be a New Hardness.

    The Traditionalists (Evola, Guenon, Devi) all believed that things work in a ‘cycle of the ages’. One other insight is that the Ancient Romans also understood that there was a ‘cycle’ of the generations’ as well that works in conjunction with this. Once some of the more degenerate decadent generations die off, then healthier virile generations (raised watching Fight Clube and American History X) shall rise to renew Civilization.

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